im gonna get yelled at because of this

I’m not a sociable person but here I am preparing to join tryouts for our ‘cheer’ team (tbh it’s just yells and simple choreo) because I’m that desperate for a 90 in PE lmao

I’m not really nervous or anything it just amazes me that I’ve come to such point of desperation

I can finally make a collage to showcase what I like so much about Gladnoct & Regclar  (ノ´ з `)ノ

And I can’t put it into words properly. They’re both raised so differently and I know it’s my own headcanon but I feel that Regis and Clarus already did have a mutual understanding and bond from a very young age because they’re raised very differently from Gladio and Noctis who still had a very rocky relationship when it came to being King and Shield mainly because of Noct’s ‘lack of understanding his duty’ to put it bland. Both pairings are complete opposites and i love it

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(1) i've got a good blurb idea, y/n and harry are best friends and they have like a super close loving relationship. like to cuddle and take naps together, but harry is dating kendall. and on his bday y/n spends all this money for a surprise party for him and she goes to his house to pick him up cause they had plans but when she gets there kendalls there and he's like im gonna do something with kendall instead. and you have to cancel the party and you get all mad. and then jeff calls him to +

(2) him to tell him what happened. and harry is so angry at himself and so upset. cause he loves her but always feels pressured to do stuff with kendall, his gf. so he goes over to y/ns house and she just goes off on him because it’s not the first time he’s cancelled on her to be with kendall. and except this time she had a big party planned for him. and she just YELLS at him relentlessly and he’s never seen her like this and he gets so mad at himself. and he feels so sorry and stupid.

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He went out with the intention to get rid of the Hatter once and for all… but that Cheshire cat is always watching, ready to pounce… and as per usual, Tyler has to take care of the aftermath of Ethan’s thoughtless behavior..

[more wonderland AU]    •   [if you have questions…]

Keeping a Promise // Caspar Lee

Word Count- 1492

Summary- aka the five times Caspar didn’t kiss you and the one time he did

A/n- this is by far my favorite imagine yet, it was so fun to write. hope you enjoy!

Being Josh’s little sister, you saw Caspar all the time. Whether you wanted to or not, he was just always around. You had a love hate relationship with the boy. You threw around insults like none other. Of course, you ended up falling for him. But he was oblivious, at least you thought he was.


The first time

You were 14. It was Josh’s 16th birthday party.

“Y/n, sweetheart.” Your mom asked.

“What’s up mama?” you replied, pulling out your headphones.

“Can you go get the ice cream from the garage?”

“Yeah,” you stood up, heading out the door. You went to the freezer, searching for the ice cream, not sure which ones your mom wanted you to grab. So you grabbed them all. While you were busy trying to stack the boxes strategically, Josh and Caspar walked in.

“Y/n! Hurry up! My friends will be here any minute!” Josh screamed, grabbing two things of ice cream. He darted out of the room, towards the kitchen.

“Wanna help?” you nodded towards the other ice cream.

“Nope.” He laughed turning around.

You took one step and toppled over.

“Ouch.” You mumbled, suddenly being pulled up.

“You okay?” Caspar whispered, two inches away from your face.

“Y-yeah.” You looked into his bright blue eyes.

He looked into your eyes, then at your lips, then back into your eyes, he moved half a centimeter closer.

‘CASPAR!” Josh yelled from the backyard, “C’mon!”

Caspar let go of your arms, that neither of you noticed he was holding. He grabbed some ice cream and left. You didn’t move until your mom came in yelling at you for letting the ice cream melt.


The second time

It was about a week and a half later. You slept in because it was a Saturday, why wouldn’t you? Once you finally got up, you reluctantly went downstairs. You loved your bed so much, but your tummy needed food. When you turned into the kitchen you were baffled by the sight. Caspar was sitting at the table eating cereal, shirtless.

“Mornin’.” He said, looking up from his phone.

“Hey,” you muttered, reaching for a bowl. You knew your shirt was going to rise up, and you didn’t stop it.

You suddenly felt a presence behind you.

“You really shouldn’t do that.” He whispered into your ear.

You turned, face to face with your brothers best friend, “Do what?” you asked innocently.

“Tease me.” You breathed, his face straight.

“What’s going on here?” Josh asked from the door.

Caspar immediately reached up for a bowl, “Just grabbing a bowl for Y/n.” he turned and went back to the table. Once again, leaving you flustered.


The third time

You were at school, sitting in the library. You were quietly working on your math homework, when he sat next to you.

“Hello,” he smiled.

“Can I help you?”

“Someone’s moody today.”

“Just curious as to why you’re here.”

“I need help.” He said, catching your attention.


“So you’re saying you’ll help me?”

“I never said that.”

“Okay well, no one can know so come here.”


“Come here.” He leaned forward, pulling you closer to him. He sat there for a good 15 seconds.

“Are you gonna tell me what you need?” you said, bored of the game he’s playing.

“I really want to kiss you,” he whispered. “But Josh is looking, so I’m pretending to tell you something.”

You immediately stood up and ran out of the library, flustered again.


The fourth time

You were at a Halloween party. Like any other party, you all decided to play a game. Seeing as Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever were overplayed, you lot decided to play Spin the Bottle.

“Alright, I’ll go first,” said a guy in the grade above you. It landed on someone who wasn’t his girlfriend. This led to lots of screaming, now 2 less people were playing.

Next was a very popular girl, it landed on Josh. You grimaced, watching your brother kiss her.

“Alright, your turn Casp,” Josh said, waiting for his friend to spin the bottle.

You clenched your fists, nervous. Did you want it to land on you?

Pro- you got to kiss Caspar

Con- only because of a game

Pro- you get to kiss Caspar

Con- your brother would see


Yes. You wanted it to land on you.

It must have been your lucky day, because the bottle came to a stop. Facing you. Your breath was caught in your throat. Suddenly you couldn’t breathe. But you played it cool. He smirked, scooting across the floor. You didn’t look at Josh, you knew it would ruin this moment. Caspar leaned in, you closed your eyes.

“IM GONNA KILL YOU!” you heard, jerking your eyes open. Everyone’s head turned to the noise.

There was a loud crash, a few bangs, and lots of yelling. Two boys in your brother’s grade were full on fighting.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Josh, pulling you out of the back door.


The fifth time

You were emotional. Josh was leaving. He was going to London. You didn’t want him to leave. You were sat in the living room, holding one of his sweatshirts.

“Oh, Y/n.” your brother sighed, “Come here.” He opened his eyes.

You bawled, “Why?”

“It’s a great opportunity.” He smiled, “I’m only a FaceTime call away. You’ll be fine.”

“I’m going to miss you so much,” you cried, sitting back down.

“You can keep my sweatshirt if you want,” he offered.

“I wasn’t going to ask for permission,” you giggled.

“C’mon Josh, we need to leave soon. Finish packing the car, I need to piss.” Caspar interrupted.

Josh left and Caspar was in front of you in seconds.

“Why are you crying love?’ he said sweetly.

“I don’t want him to leave.” You said quietly, not wanting Caspar to judge you.

“It’s not so bad, trust me. If you need to talk to someone, you can always talk to Theodora.” He cupped your face, looking straight into your eyes. “God you’re so beautiful.” He put his forehead against yours, you closed your eyes.

“Casp! You said you had to piss not take a shit! C’mon!” Josh yelled. You walked outside with Caspar. You hugged josh one more time. He got into the car, then you turned to Caspar hugging him as well.

“I’ll kiss you one day.” He whispered, then he was gone. And once again, you stood there, alone, flustered all because of the same blonde haired, blue eyed, South African who’s been making you feel this way since you were 12.



You woke up 3 minutes before your alarm went off. You decided to scroll through Tumblr before you had to get out of the bed. You were going to pick up Josh today. It had been way too long since he had been to South Africa. Two years in fact. You were so excited to see him, but when you saw him walk out of the terminal, you got more than you bargained for.

“JOSH!” you screamed, running up to your older brother. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

“Missed ya too sis.” He smiled.

“Oli? As in Oli White?” you asked, peering behind your brother.

“The one and only.” He laughed.

“It’s so nice to finally me you! I’ve only seen you in videos!’ you hugged him as well.

After you let go of Oli, you saw him. Two years had passed, and he was still gorgeous as ever.

“H-hey, Casp.” You smiled.

“Hi,” he sighed happily. “It’s been way to long.”

“Yeah it has.”

You pulled him into a hug, his arms wrapping around you tightly, “I’ve missed your touch.” He whispered. He let go of you, but you kept your arms around his neck.

“Do you remember the promise you made me the last time we hugged? “You asked, smiling.

“How could I forget?” he laughed.

“So? Are you gonna keep it.” You bit your lip.

His smile faded, “Josh is going to kill me,” he went to pull away, “Fuck it.”

He attached his lips to yours, you responded almost immediately. You’ve been wondering what he tasted like for the past 6 years. And it was better than you had imagined. He tasted of mint gum with a hint of alcohol. You loved it. You could taste that forever. He licked your lip, asking for permission. Which you gladly gave him.

“Okay that’s enough.” Josh said, “I’m allowing you to be with her, you could at least have the decency to not eat her face in front of me.” Josh threw Caspar’s bag at him.

You giggled mouthing a thank you to your brother who just smiled.

You clung to Caspar the rest of the day, you’ve been waiting 6 years, and you couldn’t wait any longer to be all over that boy.

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Black hat working as undercover boss would be so weird because he has like three employees one of which does all the work and he'd get recognised instantly when he starts yelling at flug

i like the idea where flug just instantly knows but plays along anyways while 5.0.5 and demencia are completely dumbfounded by his disguise and they dont realize until he actually reveals himself

2017 dylric things pt 2

-dylan has a spotify playlist for eric which keeps getting longer because every time he hears a song that reminds him of eric he’ll add it in

eric: *pointing his phone at dylan* “do it”
dylan: “im not gonna do it”
eric: “just do it”
dylan: *sighs* “hey guys im dylan and today i’ll be doing the fire challenge"

-eric would post dylan shooting his gun on his fucking snapchat story or something

-eric’s a reaper main on overwatch

-and when his team’s losing he gets so angry he turns on his mic to yell abuse at everyone

-dylan listens to twenty one pilots but only on the down low bc eric ROASTS him for it

eric: “come over and watch the new prison break episode with me tonight”
eric: “did you watch it without me dylan i thought we were watching it together if you even THINK of spoiling it think again because i will rip your fucking head off and-”

Authors note: Im new to writing fics! Also its 3AM i have absolutely nothing to do so im just gonna write a highschool AU with minicat h2ovanoss brohm etc etc all the ships!! But idk im new to this. Im also gonna reblog a lot of things so my friends dont see this because im gonna be v, embarrassed aajdjskdj anywho *deep breath* lets do this??????????????? ;; i want to fuckigndie (edit i feel so nervous im trying so hard)


Lets do this shit

Chapter 1?? First day of school (im already cringing)

Craig was woken up by a sudden alarm noise comeing from his phone, he sprang up with a jolt and hit his head off of the headboard on his bed. “SHIT” he yelled out a little too loudly in anger and turned off the annoying alarm while rubbing his head slightly.

“Fuckin, ugh school.. great..” he said with a sigh. “Goodbye wonderful un active summer time gaming” craig said in a sarcastic voice as he sat on the edge of the bed and stayed there for a minute or so before he sprung up and started to walk straight into the bathroom to take a shower, nearly bumping into every wall because of how tired he was.
(Lets just skip some of this getting ready jazz because detail is dumb)

Before craig was about to open the front door he received a phone call from one of his close friends evan, craig picked up the phone and layed it against his ear awnsering it. 
“Hey dude whats up?” Craig asked with a mildly excited tone in his voice.

“Craig lets meet up in homeroom alright? I have some new friends that i met during the summer that apparently goes to our school” evan said sounding excited.

seriously? You!? Having..f-friends!? That’s impossible!!“ Craig said to evan in a joking way as he chuckled to himself.

“Haha very funny craig but im serious you gotta meet them! They’re honestly the best and plus new friends are amazing? Like? Hanging around with the same person over and over again gets reeallllyyyyy boring after a while” joked evan.

“fucking rude” craig said while forcing seriousness into his voice. They both cracked up until craig realized that he really had to go, school started in 15 minutes and it was a 10 minute walk to get there, so he said his goodbye’s to evan and made his way to school.

Craig got there quite quickly, he checked his phone for the time. He had 5 minutes left until the school opened, strange that…he was extremely early today.

“Dude over here!” Said an unexpected beat out voice, and it turns out that it was evan.

“Jesus christ what did you do run 40 laps around the fucking school!?“ craig laughed at his own joke, but evan gave craig the stink eye of disapproval. “Fuck you” evan said angrily(not really) craig just laughed.

“Anywho back to what we’re both excited about! Those new friends? I guess? Are they here??” Craig asked evan. “They should be here soon, sometimes they’re pretty late in my opinion” evan said to craig proudly.

"Oh by the way i-” craig was cut off by the crowd of people running inside of the building and him getting pushed down, “looks like its time to start the first day of hell- i” craig said while getting up.

"Lets goooo!!!” They both yelled and stomped inside of the large building.

THIS CHAPTER WAS SHORT I KNOW!! BUT I PROMISE IT SHOULD GET LONGER :0 anyways i hope y'all enjoyed this piece of crap, also this is my (second?) piece of writing that I’ve done in a long time so take it! Feed yourself with it! No shipping yet but in the next chapter, there will be a little bit of it ;)


lol okay so this is the last comment im gonna make on my original post about the pearls being creepy but

-i never meant to imply the crewniverse are sexist

-i could have phrased it better than i did whoops

-im very tired of getting asks and comment notifications about it so can we let it die

-i turned off anon because of all the hate anons i was getting, calling me names and shit

-i still stand by my point that the pearls portrayal could have been done better.

maybe i was wrong about them being sexualized, but how about this. i’ll rephrase. they are GLAMORIZED. The way that pearls are shown in canon is seen to be “glamorous”.

not to say they didnt start out as a good, horrific plot point. the concept was good, but the execution was bad. 

Yellow Pearl, in her first appearance, was vaguely terrified of YD. there were like, two moments with this.

Blue Pearl’s first appearance was sort of interesting. They seemed to kill the creepy vibe though, which is another problem i have. They didn’t show her being scared of her diamond’s anger like YP did. Kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

And fast forward to now! I dont like how the pearls are portrayed even more. Yellow Pearl got downgraded to a creepy, obsessed with pleasing kissass. in the beginning, the narrative implied that no Pearl is happy with their situation. This is not the case with Yellow Pearl.

Blue pearl is more interesting. She doesn’t seem to show much emotion, even in her earlier episodes. She could be simply complacent or bored, or that could just be her personality. But at the same time… I don’t know enough about either of them to really place a good point. The narrative hasn’t given me enough evidence to keep going.

In summary, my point is, i don’t like how they’re portrayed. I dont like how this show, supposedly full of “Strong feminine characters”, has these two characters who are supposedly HAPPY with being enslaved / paraded around like dolls. I don’t think we should show these characters being happy with their situations, especially when young girls are very suspect to learning from what they see on TV (Monkey see, monkey do mentality). 

The point was, i did not want young girls such as my cousin to see such a thing and think it’s how you’re supposed to act because it’s not. 

witch au head canons

@catnippackets​ made the best au ever so here’s my fuckin mass of headcanons for it im dying 

  • anyone: texts pidge at a time before 10am
    • Pidge: responds with a string of emoji magic that hexes them for waking her up
    • Keith: NOT MY CANDLES
  • Keith has too many candles. He doesn’t need any more than he has. But is he buying bulk tapers that are on sale? Yes. Help him. HELP. HIM.
  • Lance’s closet is full of bottles of water he collects places. Most aren’t labeled, he just can tell when he picks them up. He never blesses them himself, he likes the ambient energy the water gives off from the places he bottles it.

[this is HELLA LONG]

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okay so today i was at an event and i saw one of those like hate-mongering hyper-christian old dudes with the signs that say shit like “GOD HATES x REPENT NOW. YOU ALL ARE GOING TO HELL” and you know, he had his little microphone and his little amp and was yelling at us all for sinning or some shit so naturally i ran up and grabbed the mic and yelled “I LOVE GOTH BITCHES” through his pa and the guy got really pissed and angrily snatched the mic out of my hand and as he did he like latched onto my thumb and just started like FUCKING it up and i was like “dude calm down you’re gonna like break my thumb” and he was like “yeah I’m gonna break your thumb” which took me by surprise because you would expect these guys to be all about turning the other cheek but no this old fuck was like legitimately pissed off that i yelled “I love goth bitches” in his mic and he was like actually trying to break my thumb. at that point I was able to break free and get away and luckily it didn’t escalate any further than that but the point that im trying to make here is that i love goth bitches

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Yes i do want more of nicky and matts friendship tysm

pls ok im gonna post this and probably cry at the same time but 


  • matt and nicky go grocery shopping together whenever they can 
    • it’s mostly so they can ride the cart down the aisles. 
    • bonus old meme: matt asks if nicky wants doritos, nicky rides the cart up to him while yelling “I’M ALWAYS A SLUT FOR DORITOS” 
    • vegetables? what r vegetables? 
  • they’ve both gone to concerts together before just because they could
  • matt comes to visit erik in germany sometimes, with or without dan
  • to expand on that: matt and erik get along GREAT 
    • (s/o @delphyc
    • they end up being gym bros lbr 
    • and they both love adrenaline rushes 
    • so whenever dan and matt come to visit it’s this big ordeal and they all go travel places right??? 
    • matt and erik climb mountains. bungee jump. zipline. climb cliffs 
    • one time, they even decided it was the perfect place to dive from 
    • so dan and nicky were just left there when matt and erik literally ran and dove off the cliff, like the idiots they are 
    • when they did, dan and nicky both yelled “THATS IT WE’RE GETTING A DIVORCE” at the same time 
  • matt goes to clubs with nicky when erik can’t and it’s beautiful 
    • one time they went and 20 guys hit on matt and nicky had to fend them off a drunk and bisexual matthew boyd to save matt from becoming a corpse when he went home to dan
  • nicky and matt have coffee dates too lbr 
    • they go to the library and get coffee then go tan in the grass and drink coffee or smoothies
    • sometimes they split a giant cookie or something
  • nicky’s arms are freckled and the first time matt notices he yells “FRECKLES” and it becomes his goal to poke every single one on nicky’s arm
  • also, i know i mentioned this earlier, but i feel like it deserves some elaboration….
  • whenever matt walks in on nicky and erik skyping he runs into the shot and yells “ERIK DID U KNOW UR BOYFRIEND IS GAY” 
    • nicky: “SHUT THE FUCK UP MATT” 
    • erik: “nicky? really? is he telling the truth? are you gay? why didn’t u ever tell me?” 
    • nicky: “i hAT E YOU BOTH”
    • erik: “that means he loves us, matt.” 
    • matt: “aw we love u too nicky!” 
    • nicky: “i’m serious. i hate u.” 
    • matt, squishing nicky’s face with one hand, leaning over nicky’s shoulder: “he’s so adorable, isn’t he, erik?” 
    • erik: “very.”
    • by now nicky’s frowning but blushing and matt’s grinning and he kisses nicky’s forehead and shoves his head 
    • erik: “no kissing, matt.” 
    • matt: “sorry, erik. he’s just so kissable. and gay.” 
    • erik: “only i can kiss him.” 
    • nicky: “well-”
    • and that’s how erik started to be a little jealous of matt, even tho he loved him still
  • look. matt and nicky are the purest bros to ever bro (aside from matt and neil. nothing can beat matt and neil. but matt and nicky are a close second.)
will write fics for money

i broke and displaced my toe, im uninsured, my mom’s playing doomsayer and insists on telling me I’m gonna lose my job if i don’t go into work, and that I can’t afford to pay a specialist to fix me, and dad’s yelled at me for being lazy because I’m trying to follow the doctor’s orders to stay off my foot. Shit kinda sucks right now. I have a bit in savings but don’t know yet if it’s gonna cover whatever costs there will be for my foot, plus I still need to get my wisdom teeth removed because they’ve been causing me mouth infections and I already know I still don’t have enough money for that, so I’m reblogging my commissions post with updated (cheaper) prices:


  • 300 to 1000 words - $5
  • 1000 to 1500 words - $10
  • 1500 to 2500 words - $15
  • 2500 to 4000 words - $20

My current main fandom is Overwatch, with top ships including McHanzo, Pharmettra, and Symbra, but I’ve also been in a bunch of other fandoms to varying degrees. For more information, see my full commissions page.

I’ve got some examples of my work in my writing tag and on my AO3 pages (my SFW one and my NSFW one). Thanks everyone who reblogs!

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OK so i'm a lesbian and i have these two lesbian friends who are married and have a 6 month old. i've known them since february and yesterday morning one of them texted me and it's a long ass story but basically she said they have an open marriage and she wants to DATE ME AND IM FREAKING OUT AND I THINK IM GONNA DO IT (mainly because i haven't had sex since march BUT THAT ISNT THE POINT) THIS IS SO WILD I CANT STOP YELLING ok end of story


GT Idea

So I work at a gas station and someone’s dog locked them out of their truck just a while ago.
Imagine that but with the tiny locking out the giant.

They could be grumpy or just teasing the tol, so they climb up the door and push down the lock all doors button. The window is open just a crack so the giant can hear them yelling “IM GONNA STEAL YOUR CAR VROOM VROOM” (but they know they can’t do anything).
After a minute or two of laughing the giant gets serious because they need to go, but the tiny isn’t strong enough to pull up the lock.
It ends with the giant getting help from someone else to break into the car, then driving home with a salty tol and a giggling smol.

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So I guess it's a crime if people want to ship Tenko and Himiko with a dude, since they're both gay for each other, but it's okay if you ship Saihara and Momota together even though they don't like each other that way? Let me tell you, if people want to ship Tenko with a dude and that pleases them, then let them. If they don't bother you, I don't get why you should hate them for it. There a lot of other shit ships out there, and if that's what really displeases you, then I don't know what to say

honestly tenko is canonically a lesbian and internally i will be disappointed if you ship her with a man but im not gonna like. actively witch hunt you. like im not gonna go up to taitofan and yell “HEY STOP WRITING PISS” because even tho i dont like piss myself clearly somebody does

im gonna keep shipping saimota and im gonna keep loving my lesbian daughter tenko chabashira until i go to the grave. you can do whatever ya want i cant stop ya but im just gonna sigh and not care unless it’s gay because i’m a fifteen year old and being gay is my one interesting trait

This is too fucking much my phone is going to die soon but I’m gonna go cry in the bathroom because this dumbass woman was yelling at me and being like “you don’t care about me enough!” First off this is the first time I have WVER talked to you, and sorry I don’t know exactly how to fucking respond to you! I don’t have any empathy and I have autism I literally DO not know what to say to your stupid fucking “I got bad grades :(” like ok I get beat and raped im Trans and gay and mixed but bust a nut I guess