im gonna get yelled at because of this

He went out with the intention to get rid of the Hatter once and for all… but that Cheshire cat is always watching, ready to pounce… and as per usual, Tyler has to take care of the aftermath of Ethan’s thoughtless behavior..

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(1) i've got a good blurb idea, y/n and harry are best friends and they have like a super close loving relationship. like to cuddle and take naps together, but harry is dating kendall. and on his bday y/n spends all this money for a surprise party for him and she goes to his house to pick him up cause they had plans but when she gets there kendalls there and he's like im gonna do something with kendall instead. and you have to cancel the party and you get all mad. and then jeff calls him to +

(2) him to tell him what happened. and harry is so angry at himself and so upset. cause he loves her but always feels pressured to do stuff with kendall, his gf. so he goes over to y/ns house and she just goes off on him because it’s not the first time he’s cancelled on her to be with kendall. and except this time she had a big party planned for him. and she just YELLS at him relentlessly and he’s never seen her like this and he gets so mad at himself. and he feels so sorry and stupid.

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GT Idea

So I work at a gas station and someone’s dog locked them out of their truck just a while ago.
Imagine that but with the tiny locking out the giant.

They could be grumpy or just teasing the tol, so they climb up the door and push down the lock all doors button. The window is open just a crack so the giant can hear them yelling “IM GONNA STEAL YOUR CAR VROOM VROOM” (but they know they can’t do anything).
After a minute or two of laughing the giant gets serious because they need to go, but the tiny isn’t strong enough to pull up the lock.
It ends with the giant getting help from someone else to break into the car, then driving home with a salty tol and a giggling smol.

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my friend said that my parents sound verbally abusive but they give me almost anything i want really. my mom used to yell at me for no reason, now when i get in trouble she'll yell at me for almost an hour, they're always commenting on my weight, and some other stuff. its gotten to a point where my other friend suggested cps or running away. i had a breakdown bc it was so stressful. i found out my mom is gonna try to get diet pills for me but im a minor. does this sound bad to you?

verbal abuse, shouting, emotional abuse, weight

this sounds very bad. and buying you stuff is a very common thing abusers do because they think buying you material goods makes up for not showing love to you in actual healthy ways.

and it’s really bad to give diet pills to a minor and it’s unnecessary to comment on your weight. mothers should not enforce harmful societal standards to their kids!

Think You Knew Me

“Alex I cant believe your making me go to damn school! Whats the fucken point! Im 19 yearsold!” I yelled at my brother. “ Because you decided to skip senior year at your old school in vegas and didnt get your diploma” “So what the fuck do I need a diploma for Alex …I know everything they can teach me already ten fold plus im in a gang we both know im not gonna get a job as some damn lawyer and im probly gonna skip 90 percent of the time!” I crossed my tattooed arms.  “Look Jason I know your not into this but I have an alternative motive….The 8s have a few of their members who go to Pierce High……I figured you could find us a way to get inside information hopefully so we can cause their deadly downfall”.  Throwing this thought around in my head for a second I chewed on my lip for a second “Fine but I cant promise you that I wont get suspended or even expelled in the next week”. “I know” my brother shrugged “ Thats why Ryan and Chaz have been enrolled with you”. Taking his silence as a sign for me to get out I turned on my heels and headed down staries god my brother could be such a dick sometimes I swear hes lucky I havent shot his ass. He shoukd be more greatful if it hadnt been for me this gang would have fallen and theyd all be in jail right now. He so owes me after this. Taking my keys off th hook I pulled a cigarette out of my pack and headed for my 1989 dodge charger fully restored in black. She was my baby my lucky car. Shed won so many races my bank account was set for life. Shed ran from so many cops her color had changed 12 times since I bought her six years ago. She was the only thing I felt at ease with other then my gun. See I have an itchy finger. I domt really like people they piss me off very easily. And The ones who dont I like to fuck regularly and then put a bullet in their brains. The only thing I do t due is hurt pregnant women. Thats the one thing we live by in our house. My names Jason Drew McCann. Im wanted in 62 states and 12 countries. And Yes I said 62 states because our government is hiding a few things like the kiniving bastards they are as usual. And My brother Amd I gladly defy them but they havent caught me so hey what the hell. ————————————————————-

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💙~ nct-dork

jhakfajdklfj oh god ty @nct-dork

  1. i live and breathe memes ask any of my mutuals.
  2. i have so many written stories in my drafts that i could post but iM tOO SCaRED lOL IM A PWUSSY
  3. i cant say motherfucker out loud it makes me uncomfortable so i say fothermucker and everyone will always coo at me like “aw our smol lil baby venus cant sweeeeeeear how precious”
  4. but nah no look i may be smol but i cAN HIt. 
  5. i have a really bad temper and i yell a lot oop
  6. i have line backer shoulders yuck thanks mom ya binch
  7. i cant have lights on in my room for more than an hour or else i get shaky and fidgety 
  8. i also cant have my room be any warmer than like 35 degrees fahrenheit or else i sweat and cry
  9. i cry easily about like everything because i always feel like anything i think say or do is WRONG like even if im like “man i look aye okay today im gonna feel good :)” i have like trump screaming “WRONG” in my head 
  10. im a witch lol bye 

im never gonna get over the fact that because im butch as fuck and fixed a toilet pump once i became the dirty job/handy man at my job and as a result fix almost everything that breaks and everyone just assumes i know all this repair/mechanic/electrical stuff but i’m really just scraping by on shit i’ve picked up from books and winging it the other 70% of the time like being visibly queer is Getting Me Places


scout: oh my god bro!! hey!! are you ok what the hell happened??
leo: jesus christ dude im fine get off
scout: yeah? youre fine? good because what the FUCK why did you just run off like that do you have ANY idea how worried we were you coulda gotten killed or something idk what kinda freaks there are in the woods around here you could at LEAST have answered my calls and –

leo got home safe! his dads had to go to work but scout decided to take a day off. he was gonna search for leo but now he can spend the entire day yelling at him instead

but srsly it just makes me really happy when people i look up to like, know i exist because its like “WOAH HEY AAAH”

And then you just like, don’t stop smiling and ur day/night is a little brighter because someone you like to see around saw you and was like thumbs up

hell yeah

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@ the previous anon im not even getting started on it but my dude,,son,,,,,pal,its bad its really bad. Dont search for it either. Trust me on this

Yeah listen the amount of nonsense in this fandom about Shiro… you don’t wanna get started on it but it’s ugly. I’ve had to block people because they kept reblogging my meta and adding nasty tags like ‘i’m still gonna drag shiro cos i hate him’ and stuff like that. I’ve blocked so many posts about how Shiro deserves to get yelled at. It’s ugly.

god that poor guy, bawling his eyes out because he couldn’t get any sleep, if i see that piece of shit who yelled at us again im gonna fuckin. UUGGGHHHH. you can’t just do that to human beings lmfao

i don’t really want to start writing serious stuff because I know I’m just gonna write the “edgy 14 yr old stuff” and boring unoriginal plotlines everyone complains about but also I don’t know how to write well… I just don’t want to get yelled at or made fun of so why start 

honestly idk where this stigma comes from that people against pedophilic/incestuous ships only yell at people and bully them comes from because like. if someone has genuine questions, i dont mind trying to help. it’s when people instantly start arguing with me and trying to come at me sideways while trying to explain why i find this stuff disturbing when i get angry.

i know im just one person but still, im not gonna yell at people bc they have questions. i remember when i was younger still finding out about this stuff and being shocked.

*in bed w bae*

bae: what are u thinking about

me: brendon urie. is he sleeping enough? eating enough? drinking enough? he performs a lot he needs to stay hydrated, and what about his backflips??? are they safe?? is he safe?? im in a constant state of worry because of him, what if he hurts himself???? does he realise whats safe and not??? is he okay???? can sarah stop him when he gets too extreme?? why is zack not carrying around a mattress to put under him wherever he goes just in case

So my director and I went to see a production of rent tonight

and I loved it because the cast was fucking hilarious

at one point, during over the moon, all the actors comes running out to sit in the audience with everyone

and fucking Roger







Naruhina is just that couple

That gives me so much life to see on my dash.

Like I’m not even gonna lie, Naruto and Hinata make me so proud and so giddy to see them together because I know Naruto won’t ever get yelled at or hit and reprimanded in the same way he does by sakura. ( I love their friendship and the dynamics, but it puzzles me that people  say Sasusaku was an abusive relationship when clearly, we have instances when Sakura knocks Naruto out fresh from an injury if not, for no reason in every episode.) All humor considered, we tend to overlook that because of their bond and because they are genuinely good characters that fall under the cliches of satire and entertainment.

And though I feel as though Hinata will not be too submissive, or stay quiet and actually tell Naruto if something bothers her and or reprimand him in her own ways, It’s undeniable that it’s hard to envision her doing so. and You know why? Because Hinata would love Naruto’s silliness. She loves his quirkiness, his idiocy, his outbursts and stupid comments. She takes it as it is. That’s why if she ever reprimanded him, it would probably be over an injury, not getting enough sleep because of his work, eating more or something really minimal but full of grandeur because it would show she cares about him.

Hinata is to Naruto like Minato is to Kushina.

She doesn’t necessarily have to shadow the role of Naruto’s mother to fit some kind of popular metaphorical idea about soulmates, lovers, and their preferences. But if one were to truly look at it, Hinata is the calm to Naruto’s storm. She offers a kind of sensibility Naruto dotes on and finds irresistible because some boys who act as kids or clowns all of their life, end up growing up not because they have a seemingly mature woman by their side, but because they have an equally inexperienced lover that needs them to be there for them and assume a place of responsibility, maturity and even protection. Hinata makes naruto want TO STEP UP.

Unfortunately, for a great part of the Manga, Sakura treated Naruto like a JOKE. (And excuse me for I have to say this regardless of my love for Sakura herself) But it was as if she rarely expected him to do something right, to succeed or to be as mature as her. In any instance sakura directed herself to Naruto, it seemed condescending. Some people find this cute, for it makes Sakura look like she’s “baiting” Naruto with half-lidded eyes and her all-knowingly smirk of triumph at making a snarky remark. But in fact, if you saw someone doing this to somebody else in real life, you’d find it horrible because it is essentially very mean.

How was Naruto supposed to grow up, be mature and be the best he could be around a girl whom essentially would put him down for everything he said or did? It’s not that he just magically became an adult after becoming Hokage, and having children. Being a parent and having a job of high position doesn’t make you an adult…at least not immediately. In the end, he was able to mature, because Hinata did(and still continues to do) what nobody else is able to: BELIEVE IN HIM.