im gonna get screen shots of everyone in there

ninjago liveblog. its happening

i actually watched the pilot episode(s?) of the Masters of Spinjitsu show a few days ago, which was a few days after watching the Ninjago movie, so some of it is fading in my mind, but quick thoughts just to start off this liveblog:

  • i was really sad in the movie that we didnt get a whole lot of character development for like. the entire rest of the team besides lloyd. so the show initially being ABOUT the entire rest of the team besides lloyd (tho i see he’s gonna show up pretty soon so) makes me satisfied
  • zane was like immediately my favorite in the movie so i tried really hard to give literally anyone else a shot at fave in this series, and then he was on screen for like five minutes and no im sorry zane is my favorite
  • but also like i really love everyone?? jay is an inventor thats awesome?? cole has my favorite element and is awesome but also afraid of dragons specifically they’re just really good
  • and then like. kai’s your generic cool sword protag thats cool too you have a sister and i want her to have more screentime so youre automatically not boring
  • (i’m leaving them room to develop further ok)
  • im also…… bored of the fact that jay’s apparently the flirtyboy. im bored of flirtyboy characters just in general couldn’t him being an overexcited chatterbox inventor have been enough
  • nya just like tolerating him though like gosh why does it take her so long to become a ninja too i already adore her
  • there were several……… downright hilarious moments just in the pilots, and i wish i could find a gifsblog for this show why cant i find a gifsblog?? if theres a gifsblog somewhere hmu
  • thats it for the pilots im gonna finally start watching the actual show now bye