im gonna get one when im older

!!! a bunch of ocs that are connect bc they live in a treatment center/mental ward together!! 

here’s all of their names n sexualities/genders!!

the first pic (they’ll all be from left to right):

Derek- bigender, asexual heteroromantic 

Bella- cisgender girl, bisexual/romantic

Tom- trans guy, homosexual/romantic

the second pic:

Juniper- cisgender girl, pansexual/romantic, polyamory

Toby- trans guy, cetesexual aromantic (im just now realizing that this goes against his canon and he’s actually a gay boy i apologize)

Mary- cisgender girl, apothisexual aromantic

the third pic:

Sky- demigender, homosexual/romantic

Emily- demigirl, homosexual/romantic

Alex- genderfluid, quiosexual homoromantic

Robby- cisgender guy, asexual aromantic

the fourth pic (the little ones!! most of them discover these labels when they’re older s o):

Sarah- genderqueer, asexual homoromantic

Mike- cisgender guy, abrosexual biromantic

Rayne- cisgender girl, apothisexual panromantic

the fifth pic:

Ricky- nonbinary, asexual homoromantic

Julie- cisgender girl, greysexual panromantic

Jackson- genderfluid, greysexual aromantic

this is getting too long so im gonna wrap it up!! rbs > likes!! pls ask about them!!

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“You’re my new cellmate and you just offered to help me break out but only if I’ll sing ‘Breaking Free’ from High School Musical with you.” your chosen characters

This prompt really screams prinxiety and I love it. It also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Apologies 

Human au!

Breaking Free!


Warnings: mentions of violence, breaking out of jail, cursing.



“Angel, calm down”

“Logan, bro, you can get me out right?”

“I can. In fact, they’ll let you out tomorrow evening”

“…okay, yeah I can deal with that”

“Honestly what were you expecting An?”

“Probably punching him wasn’t the right answer… But come on! He deserved it!”

“You broke his nose and knocked out three of his teeth’s with a single punch, im really hoping he deserved it”

“He was annoying a group of girls”

“Okay, he did deserve it. Anyway I got him to not press charges, they’re keeping you here until I pay the bait and the bank is already closed so”

“Yeah, I know. Thank you Logan, explain to mom what happened?”

“Of course. I’ll pick you up tomorrow, do be careful”

“Will do”

Angel sighed, and finally turned around to stare at his new cellmate. The boy didn’t look all that dangerous… well, as long as he kept in his corner he was sure everything was going to be okay.


“Yeah?” Angel stared at him, outside he looked bored but inside he was a little worried. The other was in the cell when he got in after all

“Look, im gonna make you a proposition you can deny kid”

“You are like a year older than me but whatever. Shoot”

“I’ll help you break out of here, but only if you duet “Breaking Free” with me”

“Breaki- The one from High school Musical?”


“I mean, I get out tomorrow but if you wanted someone to sing with you could’ve asked me”

“My name is Roman; would you wish to Break Free with me?”

“My name is Angel, and please never say that phrase again”

Are we talking abt age now?

i actually dunno when older rpers started getting more cautious abt rping with minors tbh. (i guess they have their reasons? idk, im not gonna condemn ‘em though fdhfgh)

i started rping on here back when i was like… 14 or 15? (not on this this blog. i made this one when i was 18 or so) and like as long as u werent breaking laws, no one cared. I was the youngest in my lil’ circle of close rp partners (they’re in like their 20s. by now they might be 30 idk fdgfhg im forgetful so i cant remember their exact ages.)

aNYWAYS the point is we really didn’t think much abt the age difference at all. it wasnt a big deal. So that’s p much how i operate gdfhfh idc how old you are, s’long as u arent breaking any laws (or if u like broke the rule on tumblr’s age restriction. which is 13, i think? i might be a bit concerned gdfhfh)

im just speaking for myself, ofc. i wanted you youngsters out there to know you’re always welcome to talk and rp with me.

quotes that will always fuck me up

•"im in a cool boyband"
•"imagine if i stayed in bed that day"
•"we’re definitely gonna stay together. this isnt the last of one direction"
•"im just a little boy from bradford and now im smashing it"
•"there was a serious conversation about kicking zayn out of the band"
•"ill try but ill miss you too much liam"
•"do u think if one of us wasnt in the band, that the band would be this big?“
•"do you think we’ll still be mates?”
•"ill get u a house, mum. when im older"

Mikey is Appreciated and Loved! Like Seriously? ((Rant I guess))

Will no one talk about how Donnie thanked Mikey, and showed appreciation towards his baby brother?

((Yeah I know Im gonna get hate for this and get spammed with anons calling me a bitch and what not….))

Im kinda speechless at this point, when Mikey is appreciated you guys dont see that at all, or dont bother to notice because your to consumed into the older brothers actions.

Guess what guys? They are brothers. And they are teenagers, I’ve been around teen boys that are brothers, now this is my personal experience, so no I dont expect others to agree, and if i sound harsh to you guy then Im sorry, but lets talk here, teen boys ((most of them)) do not openly apologize, or admit to their wrong doings, even when they know that they did wrong, they wont admit it.

About how Turtles show their Appreciation

  • Raphael is the type to speak with body language, he does say sorry, in his own way, if you watch him with Mikey or  he usually tends to put one arm around Mikey or gives him a look of sincere, Mikey knows this, which is why Mikey lets it go. Because Mikey knows his brother is sorry.
  • With Leo, he is not as affectionate towards his brothers, so no he wont hug all over Mikey, or say a heartfelt apology, like Raph he speaks with actions and expressions, but he does admit when he’s wrong, we’ve seen him do so before, and honestly in this recent episode I really dont think Leo was harsh on Mikey at all, maybe when Donnie drank the stuff Mikey made, but that was his first reaction, Leo was freaked out at the time, but he didnt keep on saying that it was all Mikey’’s fault, that was mainly Raph and Donnie.

  • Now lets talk about Donnie, like faithfulwhispers said, Donnie had every right to be angry with Mikey, Mikey didnt listen to him, there for this time it was his fault, but lets get one thing straight. Donatello Hamato most of the time gives his baby brother the appreciation that he deserves, He told Mikey that his cure worked, that he owed him one, him being…well him was just that, he was being the sassy, smug, smartbutt we all know and love, he was showing his love towards Mikey in his own way, just like the other two. 

These four brothers love to give each other shit, I remember Mikey does the same thing to his three older brothers, but thats looked over because hes the baby right? Hes the cute one right? He could NEVER do anything wrong, right?

 I love Mikey to death, but Im not gonna deny that sometimes he does deserve to get yelled at, and sometimes he puts it on himself, there I said it, I am a Mikey fan, Donnie, Raph, and Leo fan, I will call them all out for their shit, They all can be little shits, Im not gonna deny it just because I like them. Sometimes I do dislike their actions, but we got to understand that they are teen boys, they will act like teen boys. And dont tell me not all teen boys act the way they do because that is BS, maybe not some, but MOST TEEN BOYS ACT THE WAY THESE FOUR DO.

But like Raph, Donnie, and Leo, Mikey knows how to stick up for himself, if he gets shit thrown at him, he will throw it right back, and wont hesitate to literally attack his brothers if they take things to far, cause we’ve seen Mikey attack his brothers..

So please stop it with the whole, Mikey is the baby of the family, he cant handle himself, or he gets no appreciation what so ever.

He does.

You know how I know this? Because Im the same way with my sister, I never actually say that I appreciate her and love her unless I have to, is that wrong? Probably, but that how I am, Im not affectionate, I give my boyfriend shit all the time, Im a sarcastic ass hole to everyone in my life, because thats how I show my love and appreciation to my friends and family. Just. Like. Raph. and Just. Like. Leo.

I am a bitch to people, but thats me, Do I mean to? Well, I dont really know how else to act around those who Im close to. I say whats on my mind. If im pissed off Im gonna show it, and literally it sends me to tears to say sorry, not cause I dont want to do it, put its hard for me to actually say sorry normally, I get very nervous, emotional and I tend not to look at people.

Im like this:

Which is why I know how Raph feels, Leo and Donnie not so much. But I definately know that I tend to be closely like Raph.

Anyways! ((Sorry got into myself, didnt mean to ^^;))

Raphael, Leo and Donnie are the same way ((Kind of haha, Leo and Donnie are not exactly like Raph and I))

Mikey knows this, which is why he lets it go, but like i said up above, he doesnt take their shit, he lets them know that he isnt playing around.

Just stop making Mikey sound defenseless, thats how you guys are sounding, and he isnt..

And stop making it sound like the brothers dont appreciate Mikey, because they do. Just because you guys wont see hugging or apologies doesnt mean they dont show that they care, love and appreciate their little brother.

Becuse Donatello just gave Mikey appreciations….and it still got looked over.

Like seriously….stop. I know opinions. I have mine just like you have yours.

Dont expect people to actually stop, I can hope, but thats just it. And no Im not trying to be a bitch, or argue, or change peoples opinions. Trust me I dont care to, Im just tired of seeing people complain about the same thing over and over again, its just like the love interests thing.

We get it, it sucks, now please build a bridge and get over it so you can move on with your life. -..-

see I told you Im naturally a bitch….Even when Im not trying to.

Anyways Ive done my damage.

As always, I love you guys to death no matter what, which is why Im not scared of telling you guys to chill out. <3 <3 <3

Wanna discuss it then go here

Wannna complain and hate on me, fine here

Just when you do, please be intelligent about your insults or comeback, I dont have time for infuriating comments

Have a cute Donnie gif as an apology for my bitchiness or harshness

Dont ever forget that I do love you guys with all my heart! :)