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Long Time No See

Title: Long Time No See

Pairing: Charlie Puth x Reader

Author: Jude

Summary: Who knew Charlie would end up so famous before graduating? You sure as hell didn’t! You also didn’t know that he was coming back before the end of the year. But he probably forgot about you, right?

Word Count: 2.3k (proud but also sorry I don’t know when to stop)

A/N: I messed up with Charlie’s actual timeline and other crap, but I needed this for me so just go with it.

As kids, you and Charlie were friends. You weren’t super close, but friends nonetheless. He was a band nerd who didn’t really fit in with the ‘cool kids’. And you were just…you. Your friend group had a lot of people that weren’t all the same, unlike the popular group that were all carbon copies of each other.

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quotes that will always fuck me up

•"im in a cool boyband"
•"imagine if i stayed in bed that day"
•"we’re definitely gonna stay together. this isnt the last of one direction"
•"im just a little boy from bradford and now im smashing it"
•"there was a serious conversation about kicking zayn out of the band"
•"ill try but ill miss you too much liam"
•"do u think if one of us wasnt in the band, that the band would be this big?“
•"do you think we’ll still be mates?”
•"ill get u a house, mum. when im older"