im gonna get one when im older

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I haven't even gotten past episode 25 of one piece...

ok im not gonna lie the east blue saga is kinda hard to get through if youre watching for the first time with the older animation and plot not being that great n shit

but when they enter the grand line (episode 62) it really starts to kick off and its GREAT

the animation slowly gets better and the adventure and plot is incredible and you just fall in love with all the main characters and soundtrack im just so in love with it all

the anime is pretty fast paced during the east blue saga but then it’ll be more stretched out and longer arcs and there is SO MUCH background lore and secrets and its amazing to just notice and think about them and wonder whats going on and how it might effect the series later 

aaaa i cant force you but holy shit i love this series so much and you should give it another try sometime

quotes that will always fuck me up

•"im in a cool boyband"
•"imagine if i stayed in bed that day"
•"we’re definitely gonna stay together. this isnt the last of one direction"
•"im just a little boy from bradford and now im smashing it"
•"there was a serious conversation about kicking zayn out of the band"
•"ill try but ill miss you too much liam"
•"do u think if one of us wasnt in the band, that the band would be this big?“
•"do you think we’ll still be mates?”
•"ill get u a house, mum. when im older"