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Sarah Lance is pansexual with a strong preference for girls. Her being pan is even mentioned in the show.

Nope, she´s bi

The difference between pan and bi is often not noticed because it´s tv and you´re not told the characters ideals but Sarah is attracted to both men and women and prefers women meanwhile pansexuals are attracted to all. But if you´re looking for pansexuals on tv:

Soso from Orange Is The New Black

Amy from Couple-ish

Clementine from Westworld

Ivan Beyonce from The L Word

Kala from Sense8

Sadie-Channel #5 ftom Scream Queens

La Fontaine from Carmilla (web series)

Freya from The Originals

Alexis from Famous In Love

Those are some i know of but it´s sad how there are barely pansexual characters on tv, but then again LGBTQ+ isn´t represented as much, doesn´t matter how many months they give us to celebrate ourselves.

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my heart feels heavy thinking abt it but i dunno my dudes !! i feel like jordan might just finally be done yknow. i’ve written this bab for 5 years & she’s developed & went through so much & i just ?? feel like she’s /done/. i’ve gone through the revamps, the blog moves, the story changes, all to keep her going just awhile longer but thinking about doing it all again is seeming more & more futile. & as a writer that both makes me happy & sad. happy bc look what I’ve created over this span of time !! i’m so proud of her it kinda makes legit tear up a little?? she’s been such a beacon of light in so many lives & i’m so fucking happy for that. sad bc well– i feel like i have no where else to take her. i feel like i’ve turned the very last page in her 5 year long adventure. that’s heavy. she’s been a mom. she’s been flesh eating monster. she’s been a space mechanic. she’s been a criminal. she’s been a tattoo artist. a college student. a witch. she’s been through about a dozen different apocalypses. she’s died a few times. she even cussed out robocop once … that was a good one. i know i’m always gonna have so many fond memories of her but i feel it y’know– i think she’s done. :/