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You don't know how much I missed your so beautiful writings, and this story that you will probably never continue, can I request a fluffy Jikook HC, feel free. ~

hi beautiful, this is a suuuuuper late reply (got this for that jikook party i did….) I’m so so sorry :(  I’m not sure which story you are referring to? if u are reading this (like….two months later) tell me :D

anyways, here ya’ go with some fluffy jikook :3

//the best part of dating someone who works with u is that u can spend a lot of time together. 

//countless hours together in the practice room, trying to perfection their choreography but that end up in them messing around to a random song, giggling and laughing at each other (sneaky soft kisses two because why the hell not?)

//backstage on music shows in which Jungkook is cranky and tired and jimin senses it, sits next to him on the couch and massages his shoulders, soft fingers tickling the little hairs of jungkook’s nape or nails softly scratching his scalp, and mumbles sweet nothing onto his ear. it’s enough for jungkook to relax, crack a teeny tiny smile, eyes full of love at jimin’s beautiful smile.

//touring around the globe is always stressful; they get homesick and so so damn tired but the fans’ cheerful screams and smiles is what give them the strength to keep going. For jimin, is also jungkook’s presence at his side.
sneaky fond stares when they are on stage, delicate brush of fingers when passing each other, watching the other perform during a solo, whispered ‘you are doing good today babe’ or ‘i love having you by my side’

//having a room for just the two of them is perfection. not that they mind living with the other in a tiny apartment, but sharing space with five other people and try to find a little bit of time for them is hard. so when they are on tour the others know it’s going to be jungkook and jimin rooming together, no questions.
cuddling on bed with just their underwear, watching some anime on jungkook’s laptop; massaging each other or having a bubble bath together, the bathtub sometimes a bit too tiny to fit the both of them but they make it work. jimin’s not gonna complain for having jungkook’s warm chest pressed against his back nor his arms hugging him tightly.


hey guys! ik i just came back kjdnfksj but im gonna take a little break from tumblr :( ill be on kkt and instagram if anyone wants to contact me (message me for them 💘) and my Twitter is @iluvshiro. i wanna recharge for a short bit and do the things i miss🚶 ily all tho, thanks for putting up with me. i’ll be back soon 💞💓💐

Untitled Modern!Javid AU (P.2)

It had been three days since Davey met Jack in the supermarket. Three days since the two of them exchanged phone numbers. Three days since Jack promised to text him what time he’d come over. Three days since Jack texted him saying he’d be over Friday. Three days ago was Tuesday. In case you haven’t gotten the hint, Jack was coming over to Davey’s house today, and Davey was in a state of panic. Sure, Jack was just coming over to play with Les. He wasn’t even going to be there for him, just his younger brother. That didn’t mean Davey wasn’t nervous. You see, ever since he first met Jack, he’s had a bit of a crush on the guy. He didn’t really even know him that well, he just knew that he preferred blue shoes over red ones and biked places instead of driving. He knew that his laugh sounded sweet and melodic, and that his eyes were the deepest shade of brown he’d ever seen. He knew that this boy had complete control over his thoughts and there was nothing he could do about it.

Davey splashed water in his face and let out a shaky breath. Drying off his face, he stepped out of the bathroom into his bedroom. He quickly changed into his nicest pair of pants and a blue button-up. Jack may not be coming here for him, but that doesn’t mean he can’t dress up nicely. Fixing his hair slightly, he walked down the hallway into the livingroom. Les was already sitting on the couch, watching reruns of Looney Toons. Les looked up from the television towards Davey before cracking a grin. Davey furrowed his brows. “What? Do I look funny?” he asked, checking his outfit for anything that might be messy. Les giggled at this. “You never dress up, Davey. Ever. Does this have somethin’ to do with the fact that Jack’s comin’ over?” Davey scoffed, brushing off his shirt. “‘Course not, I was just figurin’ it’d be nice to dress nicely today. Just- randomly, y’know?”

Les rolled his eyes. “Yeah, sure, a’ight. I believe you.” Davey plopped down next to him on the couch, setting his feet on the coffee table. Les mirrored his actions. “So, what do you and Jack plan on doin’ today?” he asked, looking over at Les. Les just shrugged and changed the channel. “I dunno. I got some new colored pencils, so maybe we could draw somethin’.” he said. Davey let out a small hum. “D’ya think Jack can draw?” Davey asked. Les glared at his older brother. “Why’re you askin’ me? Why don’t you ask Jack? I’m not the one who’s always textin’ him.” Davey’s face heated up. “I’m not always textin’ him! I only text him when it concerns you or about when he’s comin’ over.”

“Yeah, sure ya do.” Les said, sarcasm evident in his voice. Davey huffed and got up from his position on the couch, heading into the kitchen. He got out the ingredients he needed to make breakfast. “He’s supposed to be here at nine thirty-five, it’s about nine right now. That gives me enough time to make pancakes, right?” he asked to no one in particular. “Should I make Jack breakfast, too? I mean he might not’ve eaten anything this morning, so…” Davey decided to make an extra pancake for Jack just in case. He switched on the radio, it automatically turning to his favorite station. ‘Young Volcanoes’ by Fall Out Boy was on, and Davey smiled cheerfully. He hummed along to the tune, swinging his hips as he made breakfast. He was too preoccupied with his little morning ritual that he didn’t notice Jack sneak into the kitchen. Satisfied with the way the pancakes came out, Davey turn to put them on the plates, spotting Jack out of the corner of his eye. He immediately straightened up and cleared his throat. “Oh, hey, Jack! You’re here early.” he said, Jack chuckled. “I mean, you told me to be here at nine thirty-five, and, last I checked, it was nine thirty-six. Nine thirty-seven, now, actually.” Davey looked towards the clock and saw that he was, in fact, right.

“Oh.” he said, dumbfounded. They stood in a semi-awkward silence for a few seconds before Davey’s train of thought finally came back. He smiled up at Jack, gesturing to the pancakes in the pan. “Well, you’re here just in time for breakfast. Did you have anything to eat before hand?” Jack laughed a little awkwardly. “I didn’t, actually. I don’t want you to have to make more, though-” Davey waved him off. “I wouldn’t be making anything new. I already, y’know, made pancakes for you… In case you didn’t have breakfast.” He smiled at Jack, hoping he didn’t seem extremely awkward. Jack, however, smiled back. “Thanks, Davey.” At that moment, Les walked into the room. “Oh, heya, Jack! I didn’t here you come in. When’d ya get here?” Jack ruffled Les’s hair, before responding, “Two minutes ago. Just thought I’d apologize to David here for being a few minutes late.

Les looked at Davey and grinned. “I’m sure that made Davey pretty happy. You comin’ to see him first, I mean.” Jack raised an eyebrow at Les, before looking at Davey. “Oh? Why’s that?” Before Les could say anything, Davey cleared his throat and put the pancakes on plates, shoving them towards both Jack and Les. “You guys should go sit at the table and eat before the pancakes get cold. I’ll be right there.” Jack nodded and Les shrugged, both heading towards the dining room. Davey let out the breath he had been holding and headed towards the fridge, grabbing the bottle of syrup and three forks, bringing them to the table. The three of them eat their pancakes in a much more comfortable silence than before, Les occasionally asking Jack questions about himself.

“What’s your favorite color?”


“Are you from Brooklyn?”

“God, no. I’m from Manhattan.”

“Do you go to school?”

“Yeah, I’m in college.”

“What do you study?”

“I’m an art major.”

“So you draw?”

“Sometimes, but I like painting more.”

Les looked at Davey, smirking. “You got your answer.” he mouthed, and Davey looked down at the table. Of course he was an art major. A boy that pretty is considered a masterpiece on his own. Jack and Les kept talking for another twenty minutes, Davey occasionally chiming in, before Davey’s phone rang. Looking down at the caller ID, he saw that it was his friend Racetrack. He excused himself from the table, walking back into the kitchen to answer it. “Hello?” he asked. A few seconds of silence, before Race’s cheery voice spoke. “Heya, Dave. How’s your mornin’ been so far?” Davey shrugged, even though he knew Race couldn’t see him. “It’s been pretty good. Les’s friend Jack is over so-” Before he can finish his sentence, Race cuts him off. “Wait, Jack as in met-at-the-grocery-store-Jack? Like, pretty boy Jack Kelly? The same Jack Kelly that you told me was the most perfect boy you’ve ever met? That one?” Davey’s face turned beat red. “I- well- um- yeah. That Jack.”

“Why’s he over?”

“Les wanted to hang out with ‘im. That’s all.”

“Uh huh, sure.” Race said, though he didn’t sound like he believed him. “Well, anywho. I called to ask if you’d come over and help me plan a party for Spot. His birthday’s in a few days an’ I wanna do somethin’ special for ‘im, ya know?” Davey hummed in acknowledgement. He knew that Race and Spot were dating, since he was the one who helped the two of them get together. “I don’t see why not.” he said, and he heard Race yell a loud whoop through the phone. He chuckled at his friend’s enthusiasm. “A’ight, you think you could come over in a few minutes? I don’t wanna effect your time with pretty boy Jack Kelly, but Spot’ll be home in about three hours, and you’re the most organized person I know.”

“Of course. I’ll head out in five minutes, I just have to grab my coat and tell the boys where I’ll be.” Racetrack and Davey said their goodbyes and hung up. Davey stretched and sighed. He headed back into the dining room, noticing that Jack and Les were no longer there. Must be in the living room, he thought. He was, in fact, correct. Jack and Les were crouched near the coffee table, each with colored pencils in hand, staring thoughtfully at their papers. Jack looked up from his paper, smiling at Davey. “Hey, Davey. Did you get everything settled with whoever called?” he asked as Davey crouched down on the opposite side of the coffee table. “Hmm? Oh, yeah. It was my friend Racetrack.” he said, studying Jack’s drawing. It was a landscape portrait of some desert area, sand everywhere, small patches of grass popping up occasionally. He’d have to ask Jack where it was later. “He asked if I could come over in a few minutes to help him plan his boyfriend’s birthday.” Les looked up from his paper, too. “It’s almost Spot’s birthday? Tell him I said happy almost birthday!” Davey chuckled. “I will.”

Jack still sat there, kind of dumbfounded. “What in the hell?” Davey looked at Jack questioningly. “Whaddaya mean?” Jack, still dumbfounded, “The hell kinda name’s Racetrack?” Davey laughed. “I dunno. That’s just what we call ‘im.” Jack huffed, still a bit confused. “Whateva. Anyways, ain’t you goin’ to visit him?” Davey’s eyes widened and he shot up from his crouched position. “That’s right!” He grabbed his coat and his cap, rushing towards the door. Before he grabbed the handle, though, he paused. “Hey, uh, Jack?” he called out. “Yeah?” was Jack’s reply. “I know it’s a lot to ask, but do you think you could watch Les while I’m gone? I’m gonna do my best to be back soon.”

“Sure, that’s totally fine. Les and I’ll be fine by ourselves. We’ll make lunch for when you get back, yeah?” Davey smiled softly. “Sounds good to me, Jackie.” And with that, he headed out for Racetrack Higgins’ house.

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If they ask for Momo to model I will cry. Now if they ask Momo to model together with He Tian surely I will die

i’d honestly be very surprised if they didn’t ask guan shan to model for the photoshoot after these panels


by now we all learned that with old xian everything is possible, so im not going to bet on this, but i am still pretty confident that we’re gonna get guan shan being a model!!

i didn’t consider the possibility of them asking he tian to model with him, but it’s really interesting, and i would definitely love to see them having to do that together and having so much sexual tension that everyone in the room can feel it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

but also!! i love the idea of guan shan wearing some fancy clothes and looking handsome as hell, and he tian being in a corner watching him like:

also please consider guan shan having to model with someone else and he tian getting jealous 👀

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Brook-chan! Could you tell us a joke please? (ps.: do you have a post telling what species every sh is?)

B:Of course it’s mine too, but in a different format.

((okay, im actually working on official profiles post time skip for these guys so uh, youre gonna have to wait a bit.and settle for this old post [x]))

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i come on tumblr only to see the bullshit that rian said ; this is what my black ass gets for attaching myself to the one they seem hellbent on sidelining :/

ok well ya know what though… i just read @diversehighfantasys reply to an ask where they told us finn stans to be a bit more confident so im gonna do as they said and help spread some hope to you. 

realistically - it would be a HUGE feat to sideline finn and although in promo lucasfilm does this just fine the BTS tells a different story. 

Finn will be very important in TLJ. He’s going on a mission into the FO, he has children gazing up at him with hero worship, he is going to reunite with Rey, he pilots, he has what looks like a strategy meeting in the resistance, etc/etc. They can TRY to sideline him but the plot for TLJ that we can piece together from the BTS shots tell us how unlikely and hard that will be. SO…. let’s get a bit more confident. Fuck rian johnsons throw away comments on kyle and rey. 

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Hey! Love the art! Widowtracer is, in my opinion, one of the best things ever! All I wanted to ask was where did you learn how to draw and how long did it take to master your craft?

Aw buddy….I am no where near being a master of my craft at all. XD in fact every time I’m trying to draw an idea, I think “idk what im am I gonna pull this off??” And hope that something close to it takes shape after hours of figuring it out. >w< tbh it keeps me up at night that I’m still so far from where I wanna be…but doing my best rn to get a bit closer at least! I’d love to draw professionally for a living but I still got a lot of git-gud-ing to do..

I learned how to draw by doodling on my own growing up…and then I studied with several teachers for a few years. ^^

     ‘ last night i randomly woke up at 3am to a weird knocking sound and i’m… not saying i’m being haunted but i’m definitely implying it, ophelia stated, feeling a shiver run down her spine at the recollection of what happened the night before. so… what do ya’ say ? wanna be the shane to my ryan & go ghost hunting together ? i bet it would be great for views. ’ 

Bully (JB)

Request: Can I get a scenario where Jaebum is the school’s bully who is in love with you. He decides to ask you out on a date randomly and he turns out to be a lot sweeter than you expected.

Length: 2,153 words (yikes! Got carried away hehe)

Happy New Year’s Eve guys! Hope you’re having a great one! When I was writing this, it felt like it was starting out to be a fanfic with how long it ended up being hahaha. Also, my wifi was been spotty so while I have been writing the scenarios, I can’t post any or put them in the queue :-( But alas, it is temporarily back! Hope you guys like this one!!

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Just Like That


(Chapter 1)

Pairing: Natan

Rating: Mature (for later chapters)

Summary: Lucifer and Natalie were childhood sweethearts until he left for college, leaving Natalie behind. Years later, in their search for their place in the world, they find something they didn’t know they were still looking for.

A/N: This is an AU I lost control of and now this is happening and I don’t write multi-chaptered things but I’ve been postponing posting this for months so here we are. Huge thanks to @leafno, @cosmicallybrownie, and @kohiiandmilk for all the help planning, detailing, and encouraging me to get this done. 

“I don’t know who’s gonna kiss you when I’m gone so I’m gonna love you now, like it’s all I have.”

The Abidan family, with the pastoral head of the house and his hoard of Bibically named children, had moved into the house next to Natalie’s just before she entered kindergarten. While the thought of new kids had excited her, she was disheartened when she’d first met them.

The oldest, Michael, was snobby and rude and she had taken an instant disliking to him. Gabriel was quiet, and preferred to sit and practice his writing in his journal instead of playing. The two girls were only babies, and as cute as they were, they couldn’t climb trees or braid flower crowns with her.

It was only after that she met the middle child, Lucifer. Named for the devil and with a temperament to match, she had watched, bemused, as he had grumbled and griped at his father with an expression much too disgruntled for a boy of only six.

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can’t it be me instead? chpt 7

chpt 1, chpt 2, chpt 3, chpt 4, chpt 5, chpt 6, chpt 8, chpt 9

summary; the love of your life, Rocky, get’s a girlfriend suddenly and it feels like your world is falling apart. With the help of Moonbin, you try to win him back, but in the end you’re not sure if that’s what you want.

a.n. im gonna work on a couple things tonight and tomorrow instead of doing homework yayay

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~Note from Kay~

Hey guys sorry im not feeling too hot right now and I reeeallly need a nap. My replies are sucking a bit, and I want to give you guys the best, so I’m gonna go offline for a little while. Thank you!

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ok wow. im blown away by the response for the tinder au??? IM??? SO EMOTIONAL RN GUYS??? 

thank you all for loving petty genius yuuri katsuki who makes science shitposts and gets into super pedantic fights on the internet. i do believe yuuri is that gUY who makes a study for the EXPRESS PURPOSE OF PROVING SOMEONE WRONG. (like. he’s not even THAT interested in this field but you ARE WRONG AND HERE’S WHY.)

apologies for my slow replies to comments!! im…im gonna reply to all of them just…a bit slowly bc my internet is wonky

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Hey hun, im gonna give you a bit of advice related to the shit you're getting. Don't. Reply. To. The. Hate. Anons. You're only going to feed the fire. If you know what you're doing is right then it doesn't matter what they say. As they say: don't feed the troll.

Mm ok, but I had said this before, he just said what he thought, he didn’t look like a hater, or so I think .. anyway I don’t really care. Until he gives me his reasons, I will go forward.. :)

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Clexa - Lexa accidentally sends Clarke a nude, or semi nude and gets majorly embarrasses because they're best friends.

“ow, what the fuck clarke?” octavia plucks a surprisingly solid piece of popcorn from their hair. “did you just spit this at me?” they flick it back to her and are just about ready to start an all out war with their own bowl when they see clarke’s face. “clarke?”

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pearlouettes replied to your post:  “i wanna do doodles for ppl :,0 if youd like something drawn send it…”

oooomg if u wanna could u draw…………..(grossular………..) the Tiddygem™……..

i love this pretty tiddy !!  it was so much fun to draw her,,  so sorry that its a bit messy !