im gonna do more of these eventually

here’s a long list of random prompts

-”hey dude? can you do me a favor and show me where i asked”
-”….spiders. of course it’s spiders.”
-”how the hell do you find anything in this place?”
-”what the hell is in your pants?”
-”you want me to go get what now
-”there’s no way in hell im working with HIM”
-”so you’re telling me, that out of all of our options right now, that is the plan you wanna go with?”
-”im sorry, what was it you said about vehicular manslaughter?”
-”it’s not stealing if he deserves it”
-”im sorry do you wanna repeat that
-”im not drinking that”
-”for the hundredth time, no
-”now is NOT the time for a selfie!”
-”that’s sick. how could anyone do that” “(just did That)….”
-”is planetary genocide really the answer here?”
-”yeah, about that…”
-”im sorry, but that’s pretty fucking cool”
-”that was the weirdest, scariest, most awesome experience of my life”
-”do i have to?”
-”i’ll wear whatever i want, thank you.”
-”dude are you okay? you look like you’ve got the plague”
-”this is fine, right? it’s probably fine”
-”how was I supposed to know that?!”
-”I didn’t know that was flammable..”
-”you’re kidding, right?”
-”we started at the bottom and somehow we’ve managed to sink even lower”
-”who the hell are you
-”this is a bad idea. this is absolutely a bad idea”
-”guys, maybe we shouldn’t go to this incredibly dangerous place- and you’re already gone.”
-”you can’t expect me to forgive you”
-”maybe i can’t hide, but i can sure as hell run”
-”you can’t just waltz back into my life like nothing happened!”
-”get out
-”is that blood?”
-”do i even want to know what happened?”
-”how the hell did you think that was a good idea?”
-”shut up, Satan”
-”i got my masters for this…”
-”im not supposed to be here
-”you can torture me all you want, i’ll never talk”
-”you’ll have to get through me first”
-”it’s my job to die for you. stop interfering with my work”
-”yes, im his guardian, unfortunately” 
-”well, you see, what had happened was-”
-”what the hell is that noise
-”you’ll never take me alive”
-”that’s the dumbest shit ive ever heard. let’s do it.”
-”i can’t believe you did that”
-”it’s a long story that involves a lot of blood, a couple squirrels, and one hell of a headache”
-”its dangerous” “but it’s so cute
-”have i ever told you how much I hate your guts?”
-”you ruined me.”
-”you’ll pay for that”
-”you can take everything, my possessions, my life, but please, dont take her
-”i’ll come back for you, i promise”
-”hate is such a strong word, i prefer extreme dislike
-”stop pretending to be a hero”
-”I may be a villain, but even i have standards”
-”forget the goddamn mission!
-”Im not doing this for you, im doing it for me.”
-”stay out of this
-”the devil is an asshole”
-”you got a problem with that?”
-”if you hurt them, so help me-
-”what is your damage
-”first of all, ow
-”…i forgot what i came here for”
-”are you sure it’s safe?”
-”thanks, i have anxiety”
-”sorry, but im not on the menu tonight”
-”you threatened who
-”if i wasnt incredibly happy to see you i’d kick your ass”
-”you owe me for that”
-”fuck off ghost!”
-”what kind of horror movie shit is this?”
-”oh, paranormal activity. my favorite
-”we were so goddamn close!”
-”permission to speak freely? that’s fucking stupid.”
-”how come everytime I turn around, you’re blowing something up?”
-”where did you get that
-”don’t look at that!”
-”who gave you permission to be here?”
-”hypothetically speaking-”
-”shut up you fucking nerd”
-”okay- who invited the bear?”
-”you won’t be laughing soon”
-”jeez, talk about a weird hobby”
-”dont you find that just a little suspicious?”
-”you won’t have to worry anymore”
-”i’ll take care of it, once and for all”
-”is there anything you wouldn’t do for money?”
-”fuck your eyebrows”
-”you’ve been playing this game for how long
-”could’ve went a bit smoother, but it still worked”
-”hey, we’re alive right?”
-”you didn’t bring me along for just my good looks”
-”how are you so confident about everything?”
-”oh yeah? if like to see you do better”
-”that’s not how this works! that’s not how any of this works!”
-”why are there so many dogs” “why not”
-”first of all, you ignored my dog in a bee costume, so fuck you. second of all-”
-”are you flirting with me?”
-”why do i find that hard to believe?”
-”why must i suffer”

so a while ago @zerachielamora was saying someone should do this and i said i would but then i never did ???? 

sorry the text is a lil small

anyway tag yourself im the daughter

(bonus: i was originally going to draw these but i realized it was way too time consuming and wouldn’t be very good anyway but heres What Could Have Been)


Things I love: personality swaps & hatoful boyfriend. So here i present… hatoswap. yeah


i was supposed to finish this yesterday but i have works to do i was like planning to drag this boy on this post but i held back the temptation yall:

  • but seriously vernon is shy like very
  • and even tho you guys are dating he’d be super shy around u
  • but he’d get use to it and actually starts showing his true self :,)
  • but you wouldnt know he is a vampire so it might take him long to actually said it to you he’s gonna be nervous abt it dude like “what if she leaves???????? what am i gonna do without her”
  • when you found out it wouldnt be from him but from somebody else and youd be kind of upset and he’s aN ABSOLUTE MESS LIKE “I’M SO STUPIDim sorry i had to
  • he’d apologize many times but eventually youd say that its ok and he doesnt have to hide anything from you no more you love him no matter what he thinks its cheesy but cant help but think its cute when youre saying it
  • ok lets get to vampire!vernon
  • “do u want a taste” offering his drink and then a few seconds later remembering that you dont drink that and apologize aGain
  • sees puppy on the street and begging for you to buy one with him with hiM
  • going to the pet store together hand in hand and instead of going to the puppy section he’d get distracted by the bunnies
  • “are we buying puppy or bunny”
  • “will you look at this white one tho, its so cute”
  • ended up buying a puppy its all ok guys
  • making scary faces to the puppy with his sharp teeths and the puppy ended up hating him
  • “why does he hate me he’s supposed to be my best bud”
  • “thats practically ur fault”
  • halloween with vernon?????
  • “i dont think we should be going anywhere” but on the inside he’s like YES LETS GO OUT AND BE ALL CUTE AND ASK CANDY FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE BC WHO DOESNT LOVE CANDY
  • you’d force him to go with you and he would thank you for that bc he really wants to go but is too shy
  • you both get in your onesie and just like that run from house to house
  • but the point tho would he bite you? im not sure abt this guys maybe he will maybe he will not this boy is??
  • maybe he will but when that day come he’s gonna ask like 10000000x if its fine before he actually bites you =w=
  • kissing vampire!vernon though yall he’s so shy would be all pink if you kiss him on the cheek idk how red he’d turn if you kiss him on the lips
  • sURprisingly he’d be the one kissing you and it would be just perfectwtf like he doesnt even look like he’s nervous and its so nice why
  • but will turn all pink and stuttered
  • “i -i-i”
  • cut him with a kiss ;;;-;;;
  • and it may lead to making out maybe………tehehehheheheh ITS GONNA BE HOT YET CUTE AND GIGGLY
  • and kissing vernon sounds rly nice and all and you’d accidentally bite his lip too hard that it draws blood he would hiss and pull away
  • and he;s like all chill and “lets continue” this boy bc he cares about you more than that little wound on his lips not like he cares bc you btiing his lip is freaking hot bye i knew he is thinking like that
  • but dont forget vernon is also a sweet little boy who’s gonna hold your hand and smile while doing so and he’d play with your hair when youre sleeping next to him carefully not wanting you to wake up and caught him
  • he’d secretly talk about his feelings towards you when youre asleep he’d make sure youre actually asleep bc he’s gon be super embarrassed if youre awake
  • “i…….love you”
  • “and idk what id do without you”
  • “and that was so cheesy omg im sorry but i seriously wouldnt know what id do without you im probably gonna lose my sanity”
  • gives u forehead kiss before he goes to sleep ;_;
  • also a reminder: !!!making out with vernon though!!!


arin and dan are fooling around on the couch and arins being a major tool and keeps stopping to press on dannys bladder and it eventually devolves into a full-on tickle sesh. and dans doing that adorable giggle-snort thing and hes breathless with laughter and his cheeks are flushed, and he keeps saying things like, “arin, stop, im gonna piss myself!!” but arin doesnt stop, and he keeps egging him on and teasing and saying, “ohh, come on, twenty more seconds and ill let you go.” and dan loses it before then, of course, and he squirms a little under arins weight while he floods his jeans. just when he thinks his stream is finally dying out (jesus christmas, he really had to go), he notices hes still incredibly warm and wet and starts wondering if he somehow grew a second bladder in the last couple of minutes when he notices the wet patch spreading over arins crotch. and hes like “dude, youre peeing on me,” and arin just retorts, “well, you peed on me first.” and dan doesnt mind, not really, and pulls arin down for a lazy, deep kiss and starts grinding his hips up into arins.

when theyre both finished, theyre absolutely filthy, covered in piss and jizz and whatnot, and dan kinda glances around at their surroundings and says, “we have /got/ to get a new couch.”


lms if u cried a bit

so remember how i said i wanted to do more original comic shenanigans

yeah i’m gonna do that. im satisfying that urge via dumb theater kids engaging in shenanigans, often shakespeare, sometimes paranormal, hopefully amusing (and sometimes featuring weird anecdotes of theater stories from my own high school theater career)

it’s gonna be called “all the world’s a stage” and for now it’s just gonna be on my blog here but if it gets enough of a good reception after the first couple i’ll transfer it to its own blog? (but still reblog it to my main cos im vain like that)

if you were ever at any point in your life a part of the bush upper school theater, this one goes out to you, and probably will poke fun at you or something you did, but i mean it in the most loving way i can

Notice how Stefan says “I like you” — he doesn’t go right ahead and tell her he’s in love with her. He wants to save that for when Caroline is Caroline. He thought that by at least telling her his feelings aren’t just friendly anymore, he’d trigger something inside of her and she’d snap back to reality, but it’s gonna take more than that. AHHH IM SO EXCITED FOR RIPPER STEROLINE but I have a theory Caroline will be the one to bring Stefan back. I mean, ripper Caroline is crazy, but she’s smart, unlike ripper Stefan. Ripper Stefan will do things without thinking twice about the repercussions, but Caroline proved that she thinks things through before going ahead and doing them. Ripper Stefan will obviously cross the line and that will trigger Caroline’s feelings and concern for him — she knows it’s not really who Stefan is, and she’ll be the one to eventually tell him that and they’ll share a passionate kiss and just gaze into eachother’s eyes and UGH IM HURTING MYSELF ILL STOP NOW


there are 1000 other posts saying this but im gonna say it anyway.

you don’t need to lose weight but if you’re looking to, starving yourself is never a good or realistic way to do it. never. it provides extremely temporary results with terrible side effects and an awful and depressing mindset. if you want to lose weight please eat enough and go for walks and hikes or something if exercise isn’t something you enjoy. results will eventually come and be more permanent.
you can spend months losing weight thru starvation and gain it all back plus some in two days because your metabolism is fucked up from you not feeding your body. your hair will fall out. your body will hurt all the time. you’ll never have energy for anything. your social life will suffer. you will suffer.

i know you’re sitting there thinking “well i’m just gonna lose 5 lbs and then i’ll be done, that won’t happen to me” but it can and it will and no matter how much you lose it will never be enough. please please please listen when i say it is not worth it. you need to eat.

RM- Voice (trans)

I didn’t have a dream
I am as my lyrics were
the functions and equations didn’t give me an answer
they all eventually turned to suns,
the sunlight hiding the stars behind it
It kills me everyday
the grade numbers printed on papers were meaningless
I just wanted to succeed
I live by the words others are bored of
I thought my happiness comes together with it
but I was never happy sitting at the study table, 
my exercise books were left empty without my mother knowing
my identity lies between the drum bases
different than receiving my report card, I could breath
I was never at ease even with 1st place,
should I have the eagerness others had
rather than living my only life sighing
I chose the path that allows me to breath
they pointed fingers at me, the shallow people around me

my dream is letting others hear my voice
with whatever image I had, with my music and lyrics
I don’t know how you feel when you hear this
I don’t mind you cursing at me, you’ll still search for me in the end
even after 7 years, I’m still using a 50k won mic ($45)
forever alone in the corner of the room making mixtapes 

Some say I’m fake, alright I’ll agree to my dark pasts
I can say excuses but I wont, those things wont happen again
Yeah I be real, the only thing I’m serious for now
the pedals I’ve stepped on for 7 years are finally being oiled

You can’t kill. Come take it if you do wanna piece of me
I’ll tell it though my songs, nothing more than that
If you really think you ready to fly with my power
This is what R is about fella the time is now

I increase the volume of my voice silently
to identify it, to connect to myself
I increase the volume of my voice again,
to identify it, to connect to myself

I increase the volume of my voice silently
to identify it, to connect to myself
I increase the volume of my voice again, 
to identify it, to connect to myself

I was supposed to wait till 100 watchers but… I couldn’t wait! Love me some rainbow quartz <3 

This is my first speedpaint, and I’m pretty content with how it turned out. This started off as a screen cap redraw, but it ended up looking a little more different than I expected. It was a learning process, so sorry for any glitches/issues.


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So I just reblogged a collaborative effort between a bunch  of Sonic fans to sing a song together.

So I kind of want to do that but with an RVB or RWBY song. Gonna have some more info later but this is a thing Im thinking of doing. Likely songs include Half Life, Good Fight,  Its Time to Say Goodbye, or Gold. We shall see.

But if this works I want to do multiple and just show of hands (NOT ASKS. JUST REBLOGS/LIKES) who is interested?