im gonna cry why can't we go back to the beginning

so kingswarlock really really needs a pirate au with pirate captain merlin with first mate gwen, where they kidnap arthur and morgana

but morgana is all like FINALLY IM OUT OF THAT SHITHOLE and becomes a member of the crew (master gunner), while arthur acts bratty and sulks

and merlin is just like have it your way and locks him up
can’t have him getting in the way of his crew
but eventually gives him a chance
and arthur turns out to help them fight when the ship is being overrun, being given a sword and it’s badass combat with merlin and arthur side-by-side

but as soon as it’s calmed down, arthur turns the blade on merlin, intending to get his freedom and merlin just shitgrins “can you really do it?” and arthur’s hand begins trembling. cause he can’t. he can’t do it god damn him.

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Loves True Power

A/N: Toldja I’d do it! A headcanon @artilleon and I made together after reading the chapter. :”D I also added my own headcanon I made as well. Enjoy! Based off chapter 504!  Also this is my interpretation as well about what I thought happened when Lucy was unconscious just saying!
Summary: He was vexed with rage. What can possibly quell him?
Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Happy, Zeref Dragneel, and Gray Fullbuster.
Pairing: Nalu

“Stay here and rest up. I’m going to look for Natsu!” Lucy announces with vigor in her voice as she clenches her hands into fists, heading to the stairs.

“We’ve got to stop him, no matter what!” Happy nods in agreement, sharing her strength.

With faces full of determination to save their friend, the two made way towards the battlefield, after bidding farewell to Evergreen, Brandish, and Porlyusica. Even in the far out distance Lucy and Happy can tell there is something intense going down.

“Lucy, is Natsu going to be okay?” Happy asks worry in his voice.

He is so worried for Natsu, especially after learning Natsu is actually E.N.D. Zeref’s strongest demon and brother.

Happy needs someone to tell him that everything is going to be all okay. He can barely cope enough as is, having seen his best friend in danger and now almost losing Lucy.

He can't bare it.

“I’m sure Natsu will, Happy.” Lucy begins.

“We just gotta get there and be there for him, he really needs us right now.” She smiled gently assuring Happy patting his head.

Lucy is actually worried herself, however, she has to be strong, not only for herself but for Happy as well.

“I just hate when he goes off on his own and doesn’t say anything.” She mutters under her breath slowing her pace.

Her eyes began to water and there is also a noticeable pain in her voice; she is scared to death about all of this, about Natsu. and especially the dark presence that resides in him.

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blackgirlalmighty  asked:

Blurb request: Harry when you get insecure cause you think everyone's prettier and better than you and worry you're not good enough for him

Oh my gosh Harry comforting his insecure girlfriend is so cute to me I love it so much stop.

(Also, to the other anon that requested something similar, here ya go!)

Harry knows how you get.  He knows you’ve always struggled to feel confident about yourself– you hair, your skin, your weight– even before he came into the picture.   So he saw it as his job to make sure you never felt that way again.  Every chance he gets, he tries his hardest to make sure you know you’re exactly what he wants.  He always lets you know that some of your biggest insecurities are some of his favorite things about you, whether its oddly shaped birthmark on your back or a bit of pudge on your tummy or even a few stretch marks here and there.  He loved them all.  And he made sure you knew it.

But today was just one of those days.  As you walked around your campus this morning, you couldn’t help but feel insecure.  It was hard to constantly be watched all the time.  Everyone knew you were Harry’s girlfriend, after all.  Everyone was always watching you to make sure you were doing something that qualified you as worthy of Harry. You could never “bum it” to class for fear of being called lazy.  You couldn’t ever fully enjoy a party with your friends, because one mistake later you’d be labeled a “sloppy drunk” and it would be everywhere that you were a crazy party girl.  Your grades were still confidential, thank God, but you still felt like you had some kind of standard to live up to.  If you didn’t have good grades and anyone found out about it, they would say you weren’t smart enough for Harry.

It didn’t make any sense to you.  Harry was the famous one, not you.  And it wasn’t that you were complaining at all.  You would never trade in anything about your relationship with him.  It was just that it got to be a bit overwhelming to be under constant scrutiny from other people just like you.

So now, as you walk to class, you can feel everyone’s judgmental eyes on you.  You nervously pull at your dress so that it doesn’t seem too short.  Your hand runs through your hair to make sure it’s all in place.  You run your tongue over your teeth to make sure there’s nothing wedged in them.  What are they looking at?

In reality, they aren’t judging you nearly as hard as you feel that they are.  Often times, you struggled with coming to that realization.  Sometimes, they just liked to look at you for the sole fact that you’re Harry’s girlfriend. You’re dating a celebrity.  They want to know how you managed to get him, and how you’ve kept him.  They want to be like you.

Today doesn’t feel like one of those days, though.  Today, you just want to skip the rest of your classes and go home.  You want to get in bed, pull the covers up over your head, and not return until this feeling of insignificance passes.

When you finally arrive at your class a few minutes early, you check your phone to see a message from Harry.  When you open it, its a picture of a lacy black bra and underwear set, and you immediately feel yourself blush.  You hope no one around you saw the picture as you type back

You didn’t…

What?  Just bought you a little something.  That’s all.  Can’t wait to see you in it tonight. ;)

You chew the inside of your lip nervously.  He wants to see you in that tonight.  What if it doesn’t fit?  It did look awful small.  Plus, you haven’t worked out in like, a week  Your tummy pudge is returning and it’s gonna stick right out.  

Class begins and you do your best to copy down the notes from the powerpoint but you absolutely cannot focus.  You just keep glancing down at the picture on your phone.  The set is gorgeous, and probably really expensive.  But it won’t look as good on you as it’s intended to, you’re sure.  Harry will be so disappointed in you…

So that night, when Harry’s being the sweetest, cheekiest, most charming little thing, you can’t help but feel knots in your stomach begin to form.  He knows something’s up immediately.  “Y/n.  What’s going on?”

“Nothing!” you say quickly, a bright smile lighting up your face.  “Nothing’s wrong.”

“I didn’t ask if anything was wrong… I just asked what’s going on.  Is something wrong?”

“Oh. No, no.  There’s nothing wrong.”

“Are you sure?”

“I promise you.  Relax, baby.”

He still seems a bit worried, but he settles back into his chair.  “Alright.  Well…” He grins slowly.  “How about we move this party upstairs?  You can get changed into that little something I bought, yeah?”

You feel like all your dinner is going to come right back up at his suggestion.  Still, he’s looking at you with his eyes so hopeful and his grin so… sexy.  And you give in.  “Okay.  Yeah.  I’ll be right back.”  You try to appear calm and collected as you stand and press a kiss to his lips before heading upstairs.  You pray that he doesn’t notice your nerves.  You figure as soon as you put on the lingerie, the nerves will disappear. 

But ten minutes later, as you’re staring at yourself in the mirror, you’re even more nervous.  You look at yourself, and you can’t help but want to cry.  You’re almost positive that this is not what Harry wanted to see when you came out of the bathroom.  You hate the way your thighs touch, and your tummy juts out a bit over the elastic waistband.  Granted, you had just eaten dinner.  Why couldn’t this have waited till later?

A knock on the door startles you out of your thoughts.  “Y/n?  Are you okay in there?”

“Uh, yeah! Yeah I’m fine.  I’ll be right out.”

“You sure?  You’ve been in there a while…”

You sigh.  You can’t tear your eyes away from your stomach.  “Yeah.  I’ll be out soon.”

Theres a brief pause before he adds.  “May I come in?”

“Um.. actually I kind of was thinking–”

But it’s too late.  The door is already open and there he is before you, looking confused.  His eyes immediately fill with lust, however, the moment he sees you.  He licks his lips.  “My god, y/n.  You look…”

You hold your breath waiting for the adjective he’s about to use.  Gross? Fat? Ugly?


Incredible?  He’s only saying that because he has to, and you can’t stop your eyes from filling up with tears.  “No, Harry.  I don’t.”

His eyebrows furrow together quickly.  “What?  Y/n–”

“I look disgusting.  I’m so sorry.  I feel so stupid in this.  I can’t believe–”

“What are you even talking about?”  Another pause as you turn your back.  “Hey.  Hey, look at me.  Please?  What’s going on?”

You sit on the edge of the tub and fold your arms across your stomach, looking down with tear filled eyes.  “Harry, you and I both know this looks awful on me.  This isn’t what you wanted to see when you bought this.  I look fat and ugly and… just… gross.”

“Y/n,” he says slowly, walking over to the tub and towering over you.  “I don’t know where on earth you got that stupid idea, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.”  You let out a wounded little sniff and he continues.  “This is exactly what I wanted to see when I bought this, or else I wouldn’t have bought it.”  He pauses.  “Well.  I mean.  I didn’t want to see you crying over it.  That’s not what I meant.”  You give him a half-hearted giggle.  “But you… your body… is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  I can’t believe you don’t know that.  I love every single bit of you.  Don’t you ever doubt that for a second.  Please look at me.”

You look up at him and are greeted with the warmest smile.  “Hey,” he says, reaching out a hand to help you to your feet.  “I love you.  So so much.  I love every single thing that you consider to be a flaw.  Because without those things, you wouldn’t be… well, you.  I sound like a cheesy lifetime movie.”  You fully laugh this time, and he smiles.  “There she is.”  He leans forward, kissing your forehead.  “I’m sorry that you felt that way, but please know that I love every single inch of you more than you could even imagine.”  He kisses your lips before continuing.  “And if you’d let me, I’d love to show you just how much I love your body.”

You giggle.  “Well now I’m even more gross.  I have, like, cry-face.”

He rolls his eyes.  “Will you stop with the ‘I’m gross’ thing?  Come on.  No more excuses.”  And with that, he pulls you into the bedroom.

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