im gonna cry if this doesnt get notes

BALTH IN A BATH: Kisses and… well who cares pedrazar is canon okay?

really shitty fanart because i need this to happen. badly. (please dont remove caption. and yes i know this is shit)

大成建設 「ベトナム・ノイバイ空港」篇(30秒)

hello all!! so as u can tell, i’ve decided to make a network! this network is for ppl who, despite loving 5sos, are not able to go to slfl! i know nobody actually reads this part, lol, so i’ll just get straight to the good stuff!

what u have to do:

-mbf me!!
-reblog this post!! likes only count for bookmarking!!
-fill out this sweet form
-must NOT be going to slfl
-must have kik :)))

what u will get:

-new friends to cry with over 5sos!!
-a sick groupchat
-ppl to tag in stuff!! (writing, selfies, art, etc)

increase ur chances!!

-tag things using #slfllosers (selfies, art, edits, writing, anything u want!)
-talk to me!! i promise i dont bite! (unless ur into that kinda stuff) 

i’ll be picking about 5-7 ppl once this gets a decent amount of notes!! good luck guys!