im gonna cry


This is Obi-Wan Kenobi:

A phenomenal pilot who doesn’t like to fly. A devastating warrior who’d rather not fight. A negotiator without peer who frankly prefers to sit alone in a quiet cave and meditate.

Jedi Master. General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Member of the Jedi Council. He has become the hero of the next generation of Padawans; he is the Jedi their Masters hold up as a model. He is the being the Council assigns to their most important missions. He is modest, centered, and always kind.

He is the ultimate Jedi.

And he is proud to be Anakin Skywalker’s best friend.”

everytime u want to know what kind of person wu yifan is, remember he was probably hitting a low when recording exo’s showtime, yet he managed to be one of the best things on the show and he made us all happy with his antics. he’s a person u must protect at all costs.