im gonna crazy

honestly if i was in charge of writing the screenplays for the cap trilogy, i literally wouldn’t be happy to call civil war the end of my story? like after i’d worked so damn hard to create interesting, well thought out, personal and intimate and yet still intense and impactful screenplays for the beginning and middle of my story, i would be so angry with myself if i then rounded the story off with what was essentially a filler chapter full of plot holes, an overload of characters, minimal character development and a disconnect from the rest of the story. idk, i just feel like i’d need another film to finish that story, because i wouldn’t be able to happily sit back and say that the story was done currently


…is what i want to say, but i’m scared of getting a backlash //”atheists should go burn in hell” etc “they’re bad people” this actually was directed to me irl b4 haha so i tend to be quiet
well not all religious people r like that–i know there’s some very nice people, and im grateful–they are precious! <3 

as for this post, im ready to get salt anyway

uh yeah to add to the eah blogs thing, apple gets to a point where she’s constantly reblogging from closetedlesbianopinions without reading the url, like they’re just relatable teen girls opinions (: smash cut to darling at home chewing on her keyboard cause she can’t believe her crush is this dense

also internet dappling meetcute au where apple comments a dissertation on a swordlesbianopinions post about how they’re really being heterophobic and darling tells her to shut up, straighty