im gonna crazy

  • Bran: Sansa, I have something to tell you.
  • Sansa: What is it?
  • Bran: Jon is not... He's not our brother. He is Aunt Lyanna's son with Rhaegar. I saw it in a vision. You have to believe me. It's the truth!
  • Sansa: ...........
  • Bran: Sansa? Are you okay?
  • Sansa: So um... Jon is our cousin?
  • Bran: Yes. Sansa, you look funny. Are you sure you're okay?
  • Sansa: What, me? I'm fine. Just fine.
  • Bran: You don't look fine...
  • Sansa: I'm just shocked!
  • Bran: Okay, but you're just... you're smiling a whole lot. I thought you would be more upset.
  • Sansa: Oh, right. I'm very upset. I just, uh... have to go. For now. To be upset alone, you know?
  • Bran: Okay. Bye, Sans – and she's gone.

Nori stopping other dwarves from tearing Bard a new one

  • Sakura: Darling, they need me at the hospital, could you stay home and watch Sarada?
  • Sasuke: Hn, alright. I will postpone my training a bit.
  • Sakura: Okay, thank you very much. It'll be only a few hours. Bye princess, love you Sasuke-kun!
  • Sasuke: (holding Sarada, together waving goodbye to mama)
  • -a few moments later-
  • Sasuke: (thinking) What's this odd smell?
  • Sasuke: (sniffs Sarada's diaper) Oh no...
  • Sasuke: Sakura? Sakura! Come back!
  • Sarada: ?
  • Sasuke: ... I have only one hand!


Ok, like seriously, this au, I flipping love it. Its Tomsworld (created by rainy-draws) Like every character is swaped (edd and tom, matt and tord) I dont know why but I cant stop laughing when I see it. 

Anyways GO SEE ITTTT, heres the playlist  (click that btw)

can someone tell me why people are legit having meltdowns over not seeing isak and even they’re ok they’re living their life boo i swear


My final art homework of the year! BLESS UP !!!! We had to connect three different pieces somehow, and this is what I came up with. At the time of sketching and doing the line-art, I needed to vent. My plan was to do something with emotions anyway, so here’s the result.
In the end, I think it’s sort of cringey. Not really a specific reason why, but I was exhausted and needed to reach the deadline. I’m super proud of the coloring, though! Well, in the hair. But in general, I guess! It was my first time using legitmate art markers in like…just under a year. Yeah. AND I THINK IT’S PRETTY GOOD EYYY-

Ok where do i start?
All that rank drops? Unpredictable high rank? My babies got eliminated?Incredibly fast announcement? ikyk team didnt get what they deserve? All donghyun screen time despite the fact that hes eliminated? Fun game with silly faces? Make up time? Samuel sungwoon and woojin finally got what they deserve? Guanlin shocked attacked face? Team making? Daniel and lil woojin hugging? My boy yongguk didnt make it? Or overall abt thIS CURSED EPISODE????

Nope. Im gonna cry so bye.