im gonna beat off

red rescue team originalshipping au anyone???????? gijinkas?????? wha???

Humans are Weird: Siblings

So Siblings. If you have siblings, most likely you know how siblings act towards one another. Competitive, and Playfully Hostile.Most of the time. But just imagine how an Alien would react to the difference between how we treat our siblings from how we treat our friends or somebody.

Faul-iar: *Teasing Marie and is overall being a Dick*

Lana: Hey! Back the fuck off my sister!

Marie: Lana! *Hugs her*

Faul-iar: I see you doing this all the time!

Lana: Yeah, Im her older sister. Im allowed to annoy her and shit. You, however arent. And if I see you teasing her one more time, Im gonna fucking beat your ass.

Faul-iar:…Understood…. *Walks off and is now worrying his life might be in danger.*


aaaaaaaaaa i love cursed arm hassan so much.

His interlude is about kidnappers taking children, so mashu and the protag bring him in to use his abilities to track the kidnappers back to their base. I instantly love how he straight up offers them a chance to surrender, with the promise that no harm will come to them. He clearly means it. Hassan knows thats what the protagonist would want and acts accordingly. It really shows how he reads his master and their wants. All the awful stuff he did with zouken was just him following orders, and could easily be different under a better master.

The stuff with the kids being raised to be assassin’s, and how he gets pissed about it is super interesting? Like you’d think that’d be right up his alley (and he says as much himself) but instead he’s just like “mission accomplished. well, if you’ll excuse me master, im just gonna head off and beat the shit out of every kidnapper in rome.”

EDIT: i’ve been informed that my theorizing here was mistaken, and that chapter camelot reveals that cursed arm hassan was once a father. this would seem to explain his angry reaction to children being kidnapped. 

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shiro + stars!

headcanon me 

       the stars is actually one of the reasons why he even became a pilot in the first place! the universe, planets, stars and everything in the solar system amazes him! when he was younger, he saw books about the stars and the astronauts landing on the moon for the first time and his first thought? i want to be like them! sometimes though, he likes to take a breathier from it all, and star gazes or sleeps under them sometimes. the night sky is where he feels more at peace — he feels like his whole being is one and you can usually find him outside late at night. / @deshhi

Everyone die||everlyspersonalspace|| closed rp}}

Cole groaned softly rubbing his fingers through his hair sighing softly  he sat up looking around the room they’d taken up residence in.  Every day was drawing them closer to the technical D-day and they were no closer to finding the answers they needed and they’d have to uproot again soon.  Running his fingers through his hair again he let out a frustrated groan.  “This is not working!  We don’t know enough about this time, this is just,”  He sighed letting out a groan. 

“Im gonna go beat my head off a wall.”  He said with a sigh as he sat back again starring at the wall where they had everything taped up.  “Do you see anything, or should we pack up and move on?”   He asked finally looking over his shoulder to take in Ramse.  “How are you hanging in there?”  He asked.


listen linkle as a character is a neat concept but im never gonna get over the fact that her name is linkle. it seriously hinders my ability to take her seriously. and i want to. i want to take her seriously but her name is fucking linkle who, who decided this? who signed off on this decision? im gonna beat them up?