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Title: Constellation Connection
Character: Jason Dean

A/n: From now on, I’m gonna use this format because the gifs still aren’t working and having them show up at the end of the text really bothers me so this is the next best thing. (Side note: I know jackshit about making gifs so any that I use are not mine and are most likely from pintrest or google)

You didn’t know much about your new neighbors.

Just that you saw a boy who looked your age helping movers carrying boxes from the large moving van.

Your mother had invited him and his father over dinner a couple weeks after he moved in the house across the street. While the adults sat in the dining room while they drank and discussed business matters, the two of you moved outside so you could talk.

“This is quite the set up here,” J.D said, his hand gesturing to a tall bronze telescope situated in the lawn next to some maps and a small box. “I assume you’re into astronomy?”

You nodded. “Oh yes, very much so,” You sat down next to it and began adjusting the lenses so you got a clear view of the stars. “Sit down.”

J.D situated himself on the grass next you, watching your hands fiddle with the knobs while you focused the view. “This think looks ancient.” He said, referring to the style.

You hummed, not bothering to look up from the task at hand. “Yeah, I think it used to be my grandad’s.”

He continued to watch you for a few more moments until you pulled away from the eyepiece and motioned him to move to your spot.

“Okay, look in there,” You instructed, crouching so you could observe him over his shoulder.

“Aye aye, captain.” J.D said with a mock salute as he did as told, shutting one of his eyes and peering into the telescope. “It’s blurry.”

“Really? Well here, place your hands here,” You said, taking both of his hands and placing them on the knobs. “Try and focus it.”

J.D moved the knobs in every which directions, but he seemed to be making it worse with every turn.

His growing frustration must have been pretty clear to see because you decided to give him a hand. “Here, let me help.” You said softly, your fingers brushed against the back of his hands for a moment before you started fixing the focus for him.

“Better?” You asked once you let him look back into the eyepiece.

J.D could see the night sky perfectly, and a small smile formed on his face once he could make out the Big Dipper.

He looked over at you, and saw you still looking up at the sky. “Better.” He answered, noticing that you had turned your head to look at him with a smile of your own.

“Pretty great isn’t it?”

J.D nodded, his gaze had since left your eyes and was more preoccupied at staring at your lips as he began to lean closer to you. “Absolutely fantastic.”

All in an instant, you became very aware of how close his face was coming to yours and you panicked. You cleared your throat and turned away from him as you point to the sky.

“Uhm, that one right there is Cepheaus, it kinda looks like a house with a weird roof,” You moved your finger slightly over to the side. “And that one is…”

Your words trailed off whenever J.D’s hand reached and lightly grabbed onto your chin, turning you so your gazes were locked again.

“You know a lot about this stuff don’t you?”

You felt your face become very warm and you let out a nervous laugh before moving away from him again. “I’ll go get drinks!” You all but screamed as you jumped to your feet and ran into the house.

You closed the backdoor quickly and leaned against it, hiding your face in your hands when you realized how stupid you had made yourself look.

After your small pity party, you got the drinks and slowly made your way back outside.

J.D wasn’t sitting next to the telescope anymore, you looked around your backyard and saw him leaning against a large maple tree.

“Oh, there you are.” You said.

You were about to walk up to him when he turned around to face you, blowing smoke out his nostrils and giving you some sort of look you couldn’t quite read.

“Hey, thanks.” J.D said, taking a step and grabbing the drink out of your hand.

“That looked really cool, almost like something out of a movie.” You said as you tapped the top of your nose.

J.D looked down at the ground and smiled before meeting your gaze. “You’re real cute, you know that?”


requested: andre burakovsky imagine

       a/n: sorry this took so long! i had a writers block thing and had trouble writing. hope you enjoy this! always accepting requests

       warnings: one mention of anxiety.

**          **          **          **          **          **          

        it had been two weeks since you last spoke to burky. you had gotten in a terrible fight that led to him pushing you to the floor and you running out the door, and you hated to admit it, but you missed that boy so much. you had ignored the endless phone calls and text messages from him, trying to block out any memory of him at all. but you couldn’t handle you’re aching heart anymore. that’s when you decided you would go surprise him at his playoff game tonight.

it was game 6 against the leafs, and if the caps won this game then they would advance to the next round. you were so nervous to go see him. what if he had forgotten about you or didn’t want to see you? you were having doubts, but your heart told you to go with your gut. so you walked out the door with your number 65 jersey on and you’re stomach in knots.

when you got the arena you felt your heart pounding through your chest. you finally found your seat after grabbing a slice of pizza and spotted him. the boy whom you loved and had ran out on just a short two weeks ago was down there on the ice, no more than 50 feet away from you. you patiently stayed in your seat watching his every move, until it was time for puck drop.

he moved so swiftly with the puck, gliding past defenders like it was no problem. after what felt like years of cheering and screaming for the caps, the game finally ended with the caps getting a win, which meant they moved on to round 2. you were so happy for them, and burky of course, and couldn’t stop jumping up and down. when they started heading back to the locker room, you felt your anxiety skyrocket as you realized it was time to go see him.

you carefully made your way through the crowds and found the locker room exit. you sat quietly on your phone for a while, heart beating out of your chest once again. you continued taking deep breaths trying to calm yourself down. you weren’t sure how he would react to seeing you after you ran out without calling or texting him back after that huge fight. you’d just hoped he’d forgive you and you could move on. but with burky, you never know.

your confidence started to decrease as the whole team walked out, some saying hi to you, until there was no one else left. you sat on the bench for a few minutes, cursing at yourself for even showing up. you turned to walked around until you heard someone calling your name. you turned to see andre running out of the locker room toward you, his arms wide open.

“oh my god, i thought i would never see you again. you haven’t answered my calls or anything Y/N. w- what are you doing here?” he said, running out of breathe.

“i came here to surprise you. and to apologize for how i acted. i shouldn’t have just ran out on you. i should’ve called you back and tried to work it out because i miss you so much.” you’re emotions got the best of you as tears started to form in your eyes.

“don’t cry baby girl.” he said softly, putting his hands on your shoulders. you missed his gentle touch. “everything’s gonna be alright. i shouldn’t have said those things to you in the first place, im so sorry for what i said and i have regretted it everyday since then. i miss you.” he looked into your eyes and slowly leaned in, connecting his lips with yours. you pulled apart and you buried your neck in his chest.

“im so sorry. can you forgive me?” you said.

“im even more sorry. i will never lay another finger on you. im a terrible boyfriend and of course i forgive you im just so s-”

“i forgive you.” you said, interrupting his soon-to-be monologue.

he looked down at you and hugged you even tighter. “im never letting you slip away again. i love you.” he said, catching you by surprise. you had been dating for a while, but neither of you had told the other ‘i love you’. you two had never admitted it to each other before, and you couldn’t believe he finally said it. you met his gaze as you lightly ran your fingers through his hair.

“you love me?” you smiled, finding it hard to believe.

“always have. and what’s not there to love and adore? you’re beautiful, so smart, understanding, caring, and you just, understand me more than anyone. you’re always there. im just- im crazy about you.” he turned away, attempting to make sure you didn’t see him blushing.

“i love you too. a lot.” you reassured him. he instantly smiled, brightening up the whole room. he put his hands on your waist, picked you up in the air, and started spinning you around like a ballerina or ice dancer. it felt incredible to be with him again, and have him be so understanding of the situation. once he put you down, you interlocked fingers as he went to grab his hockey bag with his other hand.

“let’s go back home? i’ll cook your favorite meal.” he said, as if he’s trying to win you back over.

“if by 'cook’ you mean order chinese food, microwave it for 15 seconds, and pretend like you made it, then yes.” you laughed. you loved burky, but god was he a terrible cook. he stopped dead in his tracks and started staring at you. “what’s wrong?” you ask in utter confusion.

“you’re just- so beautiful. and ive missed your humor too.” he said. you started blushing, hoping he didn’t notice. you placed a small kiss on his nose and told him how much you missed him as well. with your fingers still intertwined, he squeezed your hand as you continued walking to the car.

you were so unbelievably happy to be back with burky. you were also secretly touched that he just won a playoff game that’s now sending them into the 2nd round, and all he could talk about was you.

“god im so lucky.” you said to him as you both entered the car, prepared to go home and enjoy burky’s delicious 'homemade’ meal.

A Call For Help

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Title: A Call For Help

Pairing: LaSalle x Reader

Word Count: 1,521

Warnings: pew pew, angst, fluff

A/N: This is part two to the fic earlier ( Think Again )! This was a request from @flufy07! I thought it would make a great part two! I hope you all enjoy! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3

A year later, you were on your way back home to your place after a hard day at work.  You moved out of your old apartment and into a small house.  After an incident involving your stalking and abusive ex, you decided that you didn’t want to live in your apartment anymore.  LaSalle helped you find a place you were comfortable with.  Thankfully, LaSalle found you one only a few days after it happened.  Even though the two of you were still dating, you didn’t want to burden LaSalle.

You heard your phone ring, but you let it go to voicemail.  You would listen to it when you got home.  You were sure that it was only your mom calling to check up on you.  Ever since the incident, she checked on you a few times a week.

As you pulled your car into the driveway, you unlocked your phone.  You took the keys out of your ignition, getting out of the car as you listened to the voicemail.  It wasn’t a number you recognized.  You stopped dead in your tracks as a familiar voice came through the speaker.  It was your ex, Mike Bowlan.  He was out of jail and hell bent on making you pay for putting him there.

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