im gonna be evil

“it’s okay! we can still take these chumps!
star and i haven’t even unleashed our secret weapon!

redraw of this!!!! vvvvv

theyre so cute im gonna cryy

Let’s be real, Arin and Dan meeting Alex and Ryland would just be a bragging competition about their Platonic Life Partners™


Some OTP holiday greetings for you all, Merry christmas to all of you trashbags.

(Also its the expression challange but cant link right now)


tfw your own daughter betrays you

(Au where sebastian has to leave union with his daughter and his new husband bc lily wants two dads)

As promised, I made a sketchdump for Joseb Doggos!
I’ve got some haunted jojo, supportive bfs, and seb beating the crap outta sentinel for you ;v;

I hope you enjoy <3 Feel free to send requests for these woofers! (also commissions are open! :3c )