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*sigh* you have such nice hands. It's fun to imagine what they could do...🙈🙈

awwww yeah gurl.. these hands… these hands are getting ready to get diirrrrrrty….

 getting ready to…….. wash the car… mmmm… 

gonna make it all.. soapy and wet. Scrubbing… and lathering… and rinsing it down. Getting deep in every crack and crevice with my sponge.

mmm its sooooo dirty.. but soon… mmph.. these hands are gonna make sooo clean. Then.. I’m gonna use these hands.,… to pull out my big…. long… powerful…..hose and vacuum those floor boards sooooo good. Getting it all…the…way… under those seats… every little nook and cranny. hosing it down…. with… armor all…. 

Taking my time… working my fingers up in there… wiping down that dash.. and getting deep up in those wheel wells. unnnghh… soap and water everywhere. And I go a looooong time.. cuz that car… that car deserves all the attention these hands are about to give it. And give it reeaaaal good I am.. 

Then when its all done… im gonna wipe it down slow and easy, drying every single inch I can touch. awwwww yeaaaaaaaaa.

seriously though, my car is filthy. be back in a few hours.

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hihihi i love ur neighbor au SO MUCH the shownu had me dyiNG it's so accurate, and the spicy changkyun one BOI i died anyways can i possibly ask for the last of the series, a cute hyungwon one?? Thank u and bless u :')

the other members can be found here:
wonho / shownu / kihyun / minhyuk /changkyun / jooheon 

  • owns a one room apartment because it’s cheap and he doesn’t really need a kitchen,,,,when kihyun was helping him look at apartments hyungwon was just like “i need there to be room for a king sized bed.” and kihyun was like “oh but this place even has an extra closet it just costs a bit mo-” “kihyun,,,,,,,all i need is a place to sleep.”
  • has a full length mirror in the hallway and openly admits that he checks himself out in it. doesn’t openly admit that he’ll sometimes dance in front of it when he’s getting ready too 
  • his brother begged him to not put up the photo of him when he first enlisted in the army but hyungwon,,,,being the person he is,,,,hung that photo right up next to his nightstand 
  • but it’s cute,,,he hung up photos of his family alongside it because no matter what he misses them a lot
  • has a copy of every magazine he was a model in and keeps them in a stack on his bookshelf alongside a bunch of books on fashion and traveling,,,,,
  • every time his friends come over they pull out a magazine and tease hyungwon over his modeling but hyungwon’s like yall just mad because you’re not this beautiful 
  • his coffeemaker is the most expensive thing in his apartment 
  • has a mug that says ‘until this mug is empty, im not technically awake’,,,,it was a gift from minhyuk 
  • fashionable hyungwon only exists in the streets. when he’s at home it’s big old t-shirt, froggy pajama pants, and froggy slippers,,,,,,,,i like to think he also owns a froggy pillow just because hyungwon + frogs is a meme or whatever but it’s also super cute,,,,,,,
  • wears glasses around the building and people don’t recognize who he is until he takes them off and they’re like OH it’s the model from floor eleven!!! and hyungwon is like slinking his way back to the elevator with very un-model like posture LOL
  • you’ve known ever since he moved in because when he was trying to get all his boxes up to his apartment 
  • he was going at the most painstakingly slow speed,,,like literally one box at a time,,,,,and you felt bad watching this dude with his noodle arms try to move all by himself
  • so you offered to help and hyungwon had tried to say it was ok but then you’d lifted like three boxes and he was like you know what please do help me lol
  • and after you two were done you pointed at your door across the hall and you were like “im your neighbor, neighbors should help each other!! since i helped you today,,,,”
  • and you had looked him and down and hyugwon had tilted his head in confusion and you were like 
  • “since i helped you today, promise me if i ever need your help idk,,,,since you’re so tall,,,,,fixing a lightbulb or something,,,you’ll help me? deal?”
  • and you’d stuck your hand out and hyungwon,,,,although usually unwilling to sign himself up to doing something aside from taking a nap,,,,had shook your hand back 
  • and since then you’ve just you know,,,, been good neighbors to each other 
  • you always see each other in the evening when you’re coming back from work and hyungwon will already have his glasses on and his hair a mess and you always giggle because he seems like the opposite of a model and he’ll just shrug because doesn’t he actually look better this way?
  • and it’s just very casual and friendly and you say goodbye to each other as you go into your apartments
  • but one night hyungwon notices that you’re not there when he’s waiting for the elevator but he shrugs it off because??? maybe you have overtime or you’re out with friends
  • but when he’s home, already laying down reading his favorite webtoon e looks at the time and it’s like,,,,close to midnight
  • and just to make sure you’re ok,,,he gets up and goes to knock on your door
  • deciding that he’d rather just make up some excuse how he ran out of toilet paper and isn’t just you know,,,,worried
  • but then??? you don’t answer
  • and hyungwon tells himself that he’s not worried and he’s not panicking over you,,,his neighbor,,,,,,who he obviOUSLY hasn’t been fond of since you helped him out,,,,,like haha what no,,,,
  • and that’s totally not the reason he goes outside of the building in his slippers at like 1am just to see if you’re coming home really late,,,,like noooo he’s going to the corner store to get himself a really super late night snack
  • and as he’s coming out of the store, untouched ice-cream in hand he sees you
  • and you’re just walking really slowly, yawning against your palm because your boss made you stay to finish up documents that aren’t even a part of your job and you just,,,, really want some sleep
  • and when you look over you see hyungwon,,,,in his froggy slippers with ice-cream and you’re like “hey,,,,why are you up this late?” and hyungwon just snorts because he’s like i could ask you the same thing
  • and you stick your tongue out but you’re like my devil of a boss made me do work that’s not even mine can you bELIEVE IT
  • and hyungwon is still holding that ice-cream,,,,his heartbeat finally settling down at the sight of your face 
  • and you notice how he’s quietly just staring at you and you look down at his hand and you’re like “the ice-creams gonna melt???” and he’s like i don’t really care 
  • and you’re like cool can i have it???? and you grab it and unwrap it and hyungwon can’t help but smile to himself and you’re like eating, the glum look on your face gone
  • and you and hyungwon get into the elevator and you’re like “so seriously, why are you up right now? you told me once you could sleep for like 29 hours!!!” and hyungwon is like i wanted a late night snack and you’re like dude,,,,,im eating your late night snack c’mon tell me the real reason
  • and hyungwon adjusts his glasses with his hand and looks away and you’re like ???????? and he’s like “sorry,,,i was worried,,,i guess,,,”
  • and you almost choke on your icecream because wait,,,,
  • worried??????
  • about?????????? you????
  • hyungwon who could sleep through a thunderstorm, who forgot your first name for the first three months you knew each other, who as never told you he’s been worried about /anything/,,,,,,,,
  • hyungwon was worried about you?
  • and you get to your floor and you’re both silent but you’re like,,,,,well!!!don’t worry because im fine,,,,,,im gonna go sleep though~~ ok bye!!
  • and hyungwon sees you disappear inside without another word and he doesn’t really know what to think of it so he goes inside too
  • but you’re,,,,,,,standing in your hallway,,,,cheeks pink and you’re like wait,,,,does he,,,,,does he like me,,,,,,,,did he just not want to admit it,,,??
  • and in the morning you and hyungwon bump into each other and hyungwon is obviously acting awkward and you’re like “give me your phone” and he’s like huh
  • and you’re like “you said you were worried about me right, well here’s my number. just text me the next time you’re worried. plus,,,,,,,,i can text you if i ever get worried.”
  • and hyungwon’s looking at you in shock and you’re like ,,,,, getting a bit red and you’re like,,,,,,,heY we made a promise before about helping each other we can make the same promise about worrying too,,,,,that or you know,,,,,
  • and the door opens to the lobby but hyungwon doesn’t get out and neither do you and he’s like “,,,you know,,,what?” and you’re like,,,,,,you know,,,,,,how couples just worry about each other without a promise because you like the person so you worry oh god im rambling
  • and before you know it hyungwon leans in and presses his lips to yours and you’re like !!!!!!!! i guess,,,he agrees on the couple thing!!!!!!!!
  • but the doors close before either of you can get out and the elevator is going back up and you pull back and you’re like hYUNGWON im goinG TO be LATE for the bUS now,,,
  • and he shrugs and pulls you around the waist closer to him and he’s like more time for us to kiss-
  • and you’re like no no no you don’t get to kiss me since you made me late ):< 
  • hyungwon: :’( ok ill kiss you after we both comeback from work 

so i might be stepping out of line making this post but i feel it needs to be made so yolo i guess.

i know a lot of millenials have a sort of knee-jerk negative reaction towards abrahamic religions (really mostly christianity and judaism) and i understand. really, i get it. my dad is a pastor, and he used his religon to abuse, demean, and control me at every opportunity. he regularly tells my sisters that he’s “so sad im going to hell” and other sundry passive aggressive nonsense, so trust me i get it. i understand how a certain religion can be triggering to someone.

but there is a very important point here, and i really hope you understand this.

you cannot let it make you prejudiced, and, let me be clear here, im talking specifically about antisemitism.

i know exactly whats going on in your head, because for a long time it was what was going on in my head. you hear the word “judaism” and you have flashbacks to sunday school and the old testament and all the times you sat in a church and felt personally attacked, and you associate that with judaism and jewish people because most of the things that upset you were in the old testament. 

you can have your triggers, but you can’t let those triggers become an excuse to further marginalize a minority thats already attacked from literally every position of power there is. every major religion has leaders who are antisemitic, every country has a history of marginalizing jewish people, every person on the planet grows up in an inherently antisemitic world and has to unlearn that sort of toxic mindset.

and maybe this post should have been made by a jewish person, or somebody with more education on the subject than me but i think its really important that people don’t let their personal experiences with organized religion turn them into the kind of prejudiced person that hurt them in the first place. 

as a romni i have a shared tragedy with jewish people, so i feel like it was easier for me to step back and be like “woah, your thought process here is super toxic and you need to stop” but i feel like a lot of white christian-raised people don’t really have that touchstone and need somebody to be like “wake up, what you are doing is wrong”

i need someone who loves me so much that they’ll tell me how it is. they won’t sugar coat things or hide things to try and keep from hurting me when in reality it just hurts more in the long run. i need someone who will be real with me. all of the time. i need someone who will tell me when i hurt them and tell me when im overreacting and tell me when they mess up. i need someone who actually fucking communicates all of the time. im tired of being with people who tiptoe around every little thing, scared to tell me how it really is. all it does is bring us further apart when all you had to do is be real with me from the get go. just be real with me. be brutally honest. i can handle it.


FOOL-PROOF means you can send this to people anytime, anywhere, without using up enough mental capacity to make you chicken out.

and its only five days so you wont need to be awkward for too long.

some stuff that I totally made up//:

  • I’m so glad I found your blog (*´д`)~♥
  • ur a cool bean
  • (´,,•ω•,,)♡
  • *throws confetti at u* have a nice day
  • ヾ(●゜▽゜●)♡
  • (breaks into your window) hello i think your cool
  • _(:3 」∠ )_
  • ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)ノ
  • I really like your ___(insert content they post)____ ^^

i do not have much nice things to say okay, im new to being nice too

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asdkjfdh i just made a post about this but,

HI I’m Phii, an RCAD student and my intuos pro tablet is on it’s final legs! i can barely get it to work without wiggling the tablet cord closest to the port a whole bunch and putting it in weird positions and it stops working mid drawing and it’s just about fizzled out. I recently bought a new cord and i’ve tested it and it’s definitely the pad itself I’ve had this tablet for a good 4 or 5 years if i remember correctly? maybe more? but i literally don’t have any money to buy a new one (bc i use all the cash i get for food or supplies for my non digital media classes.) SO WHAT I WANNA DO IS BE -THE WORST- and ask for donations !

I’m hoping for at least $300 but going to try and shoot for $800

$300 means I can get the same tablet from amazon and hopefully live until my birthday or other to try and get a cintiq 13HD (I asked for one for christmas this passed year but my parents decided not to do christmas or presents this time around so,,, yeah;;)

OR $800 so I can get a cintiq 13HD now and hopefully never worry again ??? for several years at least

my paypal is so if you are capable of donating even a little bit, it’ll help me out tremendously! I’m going to try and get my tablet to work for as long as i can and maybe make some $25 adoptables/designs to sell and maybe offer some $10 sketch commissions or some YCH auctions that I’ll finish when i can get a more reliable tablet ghgh;; 

sorry this is such a wordwall but im desperate, half of my classes depend on my having a portable tablet and my personal work is done 95% on my tablet as well, and hopefully i can use a friend’s tablet in the mean time but i really need my own asdfg please n thank you;; 

I’ll be trying to open up a patreon as well sometime in the future so i don’t have to ever do this again and people will have more access to my work if they enjoy it so !! look forward to that if i can avert this crisis; 

THANK YOU !!!! aaa

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I remember you saying that one of your favorites hotmess aus was the laundry mat one where the person puts their clothes into the washer and it's full of blood, would you be willing to write it for my birthday today involving Minhyuk? You really don't have to since my birthday isn't that significant but I would just like to see how you'd interpret it for Minhyuk. Murderer, assassin, clumsy college student that ran into the door and got a nosebleed

you’re right, this is absolutely one of my favorites!! 
i wrote it for jun once before, but you know what it’s your birthday and you deserve this au if you want it!!! hope your birthday is stellar!!!~~

  • so it’s like 7 am and you’re at the laundromat because it’s empty, literally no one gets up this early to do chores, so you have the whole place to yourself which is good because tbh laundry can get kind of weird to do with 30 other people watching you fold your underwear
  • and plus you get to put on your headphones and dance around as badly as you want while you wait for your stuff to get washed
  • which is exactly what you do after getting everything in the washer
  • and you don’t notice the other person come in, shirt stained and soaked with blood, obviously disoriented and very v e r y much in pain
  • and you’re just ,,,,,,,,,dancing it the heck away. listening to monsta x because wow they’re really good???? why haven’t they won on music shows yet- anyway
  • this bloody person, who is trying to fish coins out of their pocket to no avail, sees you and is like “h-help,,,,,”
  • but your ears are blocked so you don’t even know he’s there
  • not until you suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder and you freeze in fear and your first instinct is whoever’s hand it belongs to must be a ghost because no one else is here and therefore the only plausible reaction is to punch this ghost
  • which is what you do, you land a swing right into the persons chest and when you do you realize no ghost,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can have a physical body so holY SHIT YOU JUST HIT SOMEONE
  • and when you turn around you see all the blood and your eyes almost fall out of your head you’re like “DID I DO THAT???”
  • and the bloody boy is in too much pain to answer and you’re like oh no oh no oh no and you quickly put your hand on his back to support him and move him to one of the benches and you’re like “wait here!!!” and you run to find a towel or something to help stop the bleeding but all there is is paper towels from the bathroom??? and you’re like this will have to do
  • and you get a whole wad of the it and run back and try to dab at the blood on this boy’s face and hands and you’re apologizing one hundred times you didn’t know hitting someone in the chest made them bleed so hard
  • but only when the person sort of regains their composure does he manage to give you a really weak smile and he’s like
  • “you,,,,,,didn’t make me bleed. i ,,,,,, got a really bad nosebleed on my morning run,,,,,,,,,and this was the first place i saw,,,,,,,,so,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like oH so my punch???? didn’t almost kill you
  • and he’s like no,,,,,,but it did hurt and you’re like sORRY
  • and he’s like “im minhyuk by the way,,,,,,” and you tell him your name too and you’re like “did you want to wash your shirt since it has blood on it??” and he nods and explains that he can’t really walk back into his building like this. his roommates will think he’s crazy
  • and you’re like “here let me wash it as an apology for punching you when you were already,,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,you know.”
  •  and he gives a small laugh but says he has some coins it’s fine but you’re like no no i have to do this
  • and you can’t believe it but you’re pulling a bloody shirt out of some cute boys arms in the middle of the morning like what is happening
  • but you get it in the washer and there’s blood everywhere and you’re like yikes
  • but then you see minhyuk is just sitting there. shirtless,,,,,,and you look away quickly when he catches your eye and you try to focus on the washer
  • but minhyuk is like “oh,,,,,by the way were you dancing when i came in?” and you’re like UH,,,,,kinda,,,,,,, but it’s embarrassing so forget it
  • and minhyuk is like “i like to dance too! what song were you listening to?”
  • and you get out your phone and sit back beside him and hand him an earphone and put the song back on
  • and you guys go through your playlist and when you look up it’s kind of silly to see him sitting there with paper towel stuck up his nose to make sure the bleeding doesn’t start again
  • but also your arm brushes against his bare skin and you get goosebumps because right right shirtless,,,,
  • but minhyuk doesn’t even seem to notice,he just scoots closer to you and says that he knows the dances to most of these songs
  • and once your laundry is done and so is minhyuk’s shirt
  • you put everything in the dryer, minhyuk insists on helping but you get shy about him seeing your laundry so you’re like just rest,,,,,,,
  • and minhyuk’s dries faster because it’s one shirt and when he slips it back on he thanks you for helping him out
  • and you’re like no problem!!! sorry for,,,,,,,punching you again but minhyuk just laughs - this time much louder and with more happiness behind it
  • and you notice how cute he looks when he laughs, and how he throws his whole head back like,,,,,,,how adorable
  • and he’s like “it’s ok, im used to it i live with 6 other guys!” and you’re like woah what 
  • and minhyuk nods and he’s like “i want to help you carry your laundry but i have to go because ive been gone for too long, but -”
  • and he motions to your phone and you hand it to him and he puts in his contact and gives it back like “but let’s meet up sometime! maybe we can go play dance dance revolution or something hehe” and you’re like h eY,,,,are you making fun of me
  • and minhyuk is grinning like no no i think your dancing was cute, i wanna see more
  • and you’re like sH,,,,,,,,,but he only nods and is like “text me when you’re free, we can go dancing or get something to eat. ill try not to get a nosebleed.” 
  • and you giggle at his joke as he flashes a peace sign and leaves
  • and you’re standing there with only the sound of the drying machine
  • well until you the woman who runs the place comes by and looks at the blood on the floor and is like “what have you been up to?” and you’re like I CAN EXPLAIN 

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time

Close to You // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: can you do a Jaehyun scenario song based with The Carpenters-Close to You.

words: 832

category: song fic + father!au

author note: my mom used to put this song on for us to fall asleep to when me and my sisters were childhood memories :’). It’s one of my favorite memories. because of that, I thought maybe father!jaehyun. also im not gonna apologize for his being short bc it’s rlly cute

- destinee

Originally posted by yoonohthings

pls bring back dark haired jae i’m begging

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Prince Jeno

Request: Prince jeno would be such a great au and I think you’d be great at writing it so that is my request

A/N: thank you for having such high hopes in me im sjdkdn

  • okay but im really bad at prince au’s and im shookt that y'all are actually requesting for more??
  • my second post of jeno for his birthday!
  • i hope i don’t ruin it with my bad writing oh my
  • okay i’ll try my best to make this as entertaining as possible
  • let’s go

  • so, your father works as a driver for the royal family

  • your mom, one of the cooks in the castle
  • and both of them are well loved by the family
  • and has been there ever since jeno was born
  • your mom even helped take care and look after jeno for a period of time because the king and queen trusts her that much
  • they even offered them to stay in the castle, together with you
  • and they had no choice but to agree
  • which is why you met jeno when y'all were like 5/6
  • he was already really attractive at that time
  • but your mom always told you, “he’s the prince!! remember to respect him”
  • which is why you tried not to have feelings for him
  • which failed in the end anyways
  • really kind and innocent!!
  • as a kid he loved playing so he’d always go up to you and play
  • you remember how he’d always knock on the room of your door
  • “y/n!! want to come play with me?”
  • “mother said that i can go the garden with you!”
  • “me?”
  • “yes! come on, let’s go”
  • and he already had his eyesmiles™ and cute little smile which always made you so happy
  • eventually y'all got closer, and became bestfriends
  • as you grew older you start to realise how wonderful it is because
  • you’re best friends with a prince???
  • such a good looking one to be exact??
  • but jeno has never seen himself as someone who is of ‘high authority’ just because of his status as a prince
  • so he’s really casual and laidback
  • you even forget that he’s the prince at times
  • except when he gets all serious and mature, during discussions involving the country
  • or when he needs to represent the queen at meetings or occasions
  • and it’s all when he looks most attractive
  • loves adventure a lot!!
  • so he drags you along to go visit the woods & forests or town
  • “sometimes it gets really hard being a prince, it’s tiring”
  • “aw jeno, i know. but everyone loves you though!!”
  • “haha yeah, but i need a break sometimes”
  • “-and i’m thankful for you, thank you for being my best friend ever since we were young”
  • “not a problem at all, my majesty”
  • “stop that haha”
  • “hope that made you feel better, i’m thankful for you too”
  • prince haechan and mark often comes over to hang out with y'all
  • and for some reason haechan would always tease the both of you
  • “hey y/n, ever thought of becoming the next princess?”
  • “perhaps.. princess lee?”
  • and you’re just blushing there, confused
  • “haechan, don’t tease her”
  • “aw someone’s protective”
  • and you turn over to see a blushing jeno too
  • until one day he drags you out for another exploring session
  • into a small little park/forest
  • and he takes a deep breath
  • “you know how haechan always says those things? it’s true”
  • “what-?”
  • “i mean, would you like to be my princess?”
  • “i’ve had feelings for you for a long time now”
  • and you’re literally shaking and too shocked and happy to say anything
  • “i like you too jeno but-”
  • “but?”
  • “idk if this will work out, i mean you’re such an important figure and im just-”
  • “don’t say that! i’m sure we’ll be happy”
  • “what’s more, father said he’d support us”
  • “you asked the king? oh my”
  • “yes!! hehe so, are we together now?”
  • “yes i can’t believe this”
  • and when y'all go back to the castle,
  • your parents are just shookt and speechless to say anything
  • but they’re happy for you too
  • same for the king and queen
  • they had always knew jeno had feelings for you
  • and they both love you a lot so!!
  • tries his best not to show too much skinship in front the guards and servants
  • but at times
  • he’d lowkey give you a peck on the cheek
  • and also slip his arm around your waist
  • probably loves riding on the horse with you,
  • going on small little rides down the town or around the castle- honestly he’s more like a friend than a prince?
  • he’s really kind-hearted and sweet too
  • which is why almost everybody loves him
  • one time he was in the town just waking around casually
  • he gave up his sweater for an old lady, and even offered to help her things
  • which gained quite a lot of attention because everyone’s all like
  • “look at how kind the prince is!!”
  • “prince jeno, thank you for your kindness”
  • “bless you, my child”
  • and all that
  • which is also one of the reasons why you love him
  • he’s just great as a person
  • i’ll stop here ahh
  • this is so short im sorry!!

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What is/are your favourite things/s about Gerard?

omg honestly the list is so long but okay. the fact that hes kind and lovely to people and hes always humble and never acts like hes better than others or like hes a big deal although he kinda is. the fact that hes genuine and believes in what he does. the fact that he never does whats expected of him but what he wants to do no matter what (bc some artists just get comfortable doing what they know their fans love and they end up never evolving past that and its kind of pretentious and frankly, lazy) the fact that he loves Lindsey and Bandit SO MUCH and its so pure and i love how dedicated he is to them. the fact that he has principles and values and morals and he doesnt go against them for money or fame or approval from anyone. the way he writes whether its music or comics or a blog entry or a tweet, i just love the way he has with words and i wish i could express myself that well. his sense of humor! the fact that he doesnt give a fuck really but at the same time he cares so much about whats important and the people who are important to him. the fact that hes so perceptive and can read you like a book (that used to intimidate me so much but i got over it). the fact that he fulfilled his dream and not just by writing comics and making music but by marrying the woman he loves and starting a family with her especially considering that back in 2004 he legit thought he was gonna die and even made peace with dying bc he didnt want to live anymore but he overcame all that and overcame so much more even after. the fact that he stayed positive for us fans esp after the MCR break-up bc he wanted us to keep going and see the band as something positive that would carry on forever through their legacy and he did so much to make sure we understood (and so many didnt and that makes me sad) even though he was having a really rough time before, during, and after. the fact that he learns from his mistakes. i like how weird he is. the fact that he constantly encourages us to be better but not in a ‘im so special’ way but in a ‘i accept my flaws but im not gonna let them stop me’ kinda way. i love that he appreciates everyone he works with and thanks them and acknowledges them constantly and introduces us fans to new creators.

im sure i could keep going but i have to make lunch so lol 

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today at school our teacher got mad at us so she made us write a bible verse ten times to punish us (i go to a christian school) so i just wrote a long paragraph about how much i love phil without knowing that we were gonna turn them in and she made me turn it in and I Am Afraid

im praying 4 u


AU where you don’t know your soulmate is your soulmate until they die


You never understood soulmates. Your parents explained that you couldn’t ever be sure if the person you date, marry, love, is even your soulmate. It sounded stupid to you. It wasn’t until you were older that they explained more, that it wasn’t until you lost your soulmate that you would feel the love and moments you could have spent together. 

This made you very wary of love, you didn’t want to devote your entire life to someone and have them not be your soulmate and you also didn’t want to have to be attached to someone to have them die on you. You thought you could just avoid your soulmate, maybe you didn’t even have one.

You heard stories of people never finding their soulmate which sounded like the best option in your mind, It wasn’t until 6th year at Hogwarts that you truly hated soulmates. You met a boy named Cassius. That boy stole your heart. You were positive you were soulmates, you were planning on getting married after school. 

Until a 7th year died from an accidental hex. Cassius felt the love and pain that could have been. You tried convincing him you could still be together but he left you. You cried all night cursing at no one. From that day you swore you would never fall in love again. 

You graduated and started a job at the ministry. Beast division. You had always had an interest in magical creatures, they kept you company in place of humans. You met an old friend, Newt Scamander. You were surprised when he said he was no longer in touch with Leta. The two of them were inseparable but once again, soulmates ruined another person. You both shared the hatred of Soulmates and became better friends. 

When he got the offer to write a book he asked you immediately to join him. Of course you accepted, he was quickly becoming your best friend. Your adventures were the best, always crazy and wild. Sometimes sitting in his case you would wonder what it would be like to find someone. The only things that stopped you was the thought of heartbreak. 

Unknowing to you, Newt fell hard for you. He would watch you and Cassius at school, laughing, and in love. He watched as you shut yourself from the world and he was determined to befriend you. He secretly hoped you were his soulmate but he could never be sure and he didn’t want to have to watch you die to find out. 

It’s been a few years since you started your adventure and you and Newt were in New York. It was, an interesting experience to say the least. You met and got arrested by a young Auror named Tina, met a no-maj, almost got killed by MACUSA and now you were trapped in a battle between Mr grave, who was some important Auror and an Obscurial. This was definitely not how you thought the day would go. 

“Y/N! Get out of here!” Newt yells at you. 

Graves fires a spell and Newt goes flying back. You apparate right in front of him and fire spells at Graves. Newt struggled to stand up and joined you in firing spells. 

“See Scamander, you can’t do much without me” you tease. 

You and Newt were getting tired and you couldn’t see and end to this fight. You could see Credence starting to form into black mist again. You left the fight and went to try to calm Credence. It was no use, he exploded into a big ball of destruction. You ducked to the ground to avoid getting hit. Tina came running in and started talking to Credence. 

“He’s listening to you Tina, keep talking” Newt says slowly to Tina. 

You slowly walk towards Credence. Whispering comforting things as Tina was coaxing him to calm down. You were almost able to touch him when Aurors filled the station. They fired at Credence, you could see the poor boy in pain. You glanced at Newt who was covering himself and smiled before rushing into to cover credence. 

You got hit with spell after spell, each more painful than the last. You look and see Credence, his face filled with relief. You still knew he had to disappear. You took out your wand and sent credence away. You collapsed and let your wand roll across the floor. Newt felt a pang in his chest. It’s like his heart was being torn into shreds. 

“Y/N! I-I think soulmate is dying” He yelled out to you. 

“Y/n?” Called out again. 

He stood up and saw you on the ground. 

“No no no no no” he murmured. he got up and scrambled to you. 

His heart getting heavier and heavier as he reached you. He was crying when he reached you. He searched for a pulse but couldn’t find one. His head filled with memories of you two. the love that could have been. His buried his face in your neck and held your cold hand in his hand. His heart filled with grief and sadness but also hatred. 

He hated soulmates. 

He hated that he never got to love and care for you. That you never got to know how much he loved you. Newt’s heart was shattered and the only one who could fix it was you. 

He finally understood why you hated soulmates so much. He brought his hand to your face and closed your eyes. He placed a shaky kiss on your lips and stood up and walked away. 

He clutched the Swooping evil venom in his coat and pulled it out. He looked at it and remembered what you told him a long time ago 

“It secretes venom that, when properly diluted, can be used to erase bad memories”

I have alot of fics im going to write soon but honestly, this was not the way I thought this would go but hey, Angst 5ever am I right

Taylor Swift Unreleased Song Trade

All night diner
Am I read for love
American boy
American girl
Baby don’t you break my heart slow
Barnyard Song
Being with my baby
Better off
Brand new world
Brought up that way
By the way
Can I go with you
Check out this view
Closest to a cowboy
Cross my heart
Dark blue Tennessee
Dark blue Tennessee (piano)
Diary of me
Didn’t they
Don’t hate me for loving you
Drive all night (south of knowing why)
Fall back on you
For you
Here you come again (cover)
Helplessly devoted to you
Hold on (feat Jack ingram)
Honey baby
I’d lie
I know what I want
Im every woman (cover)
I used to fly
In the pouring rain
Long time coming
Love for the little things
Look at you like that
Love they haven’t thought of yet
Lucky you
Made up you
Making up for lost love
Me and Brittany
My cure
My turn to be me
Need you now
Never mind
Never mind (country)
Never fade
One Thing (acoustic)
One Thing (studio)
One way ticket
Our last night (better than Ezra cover)
Perfect have I loved
Permanent marker
Point of view
Rain song
Same girl
Smokey black nights
Spinning around
Stupid boy
Sweet tea and God’s graces
Tell me (acoustic)
Tell Me (studio)
Ten dollars and a six pack
There’s your trouble (cover)
Thinking bout you
Thinking bout you
This here guitar
This is really happening
Till brad Pitt comes along
Under my head
We were happy
We were happy (piano)
What do you say
What to wear
Who I’ve always been
Writing Songs about you
You do
You don’t have to call
Your anything
Your face (acoustic)
Your face (studio)
Wait for me


A perfectly good heart
A place in this world
Beautiful eyes (acoustic)
Christmases when you were mine
Crazier (alt)
Cold as you
I heart ?
Picture to burn (acoustic)
Picture to burn (studio)
Shake it off
Sparks fly (original lyrics)
Teardrop on my guitar (for Dixie chicks)
Tim mcgraw
Tied together with a smile
The outside
Oh my my my
Our song
When you think Tim mcgraw (piano)

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Name: airen

Nickname: pudding

Gender: agender

Star Sign: taurus

Height: tolish

Sexual Orientation: idk ,but im ace

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Favourite Colour: peach !

Favourite Animal: red pandas, dogs, sheep uh this list will go on for a long time,,

Average Hours of Sleep: 9 i think :0

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 bc its way 2 hot in australia 

Cat or Dog Person: boDOGth

Favourite Fictional Characters: nitw main characters, pretty much every su character, ut main characters & a lot of anime ones :’>>

Favourite Bands/Singers: pogo, shura, miike snow, a lot of 80s ones 

Dream Trip: 2 SEE SNOW

Dream Job: idk :’0

When Was Your Blog Created?: 2015 ,but only started using it last year :0

Current Number of Followers: 15,900+

What Made You Decide to Go On Tumblr: uh …. I saw my brother using a tumblr & made an account 4 myself 2 create an mlp ask blog ;;;;; ahah

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Hey Xy! Im a huge fan of Lioden and a huge fan of your art. It's insane how much detail and dedication you put into your work. I'm also beyond excited for Evosaur. You probably can't talk about it or don't want to talk about it too much but I was wondering if by any chance you could give us any kind of update about the game and how it's going. And this is a long shot but last time you gave a time update you said sometime in 2017, can you be more specific at this time? Thanks for answering!

All I can say is that we’re sticking to 2017 alpha launch, that’s all I can estimate. Here, meanwhile enjoy this Dromaeosaurus lineart!

(Also I really appreciate, you’re way too kind!)

Im in my Feels Dammit

Ok but can we talk about Silver and Madi in bed? First, I have NEVER seen Silver so free. So relaxed. He was confident in that bed. He felt a full man in that bed. Thus them both blithely nakad. There are no secrets between them. He doesn’t even feel any certain way revealing his handicap to her ( the same man who can’t look weak in front of his men). Thats precious

I also appreciate showing a black woman how we look. Its rare seeing us fully nakad looking REAL and with such strength in who we are and our worth. Madi def knows her worth. She is completely in control of her destiny and she CHOOSES John as her King. She even hints to it by telling him he will make a great king ( and like, they’re married so he prob is…)

And John is basking in that support. And when she said she’d follow him…his FACE! That KISS. I’ve never seen passion from John. This type of vulnerability. Thats going to play a huge role in his ascendance to Long John Silver. That faith she has in him that he IS better, that he will be better than Flint. That he will succeed where his predecessor failed.

Madi is seen to really light that fire. His struggle to get back to her and THEIR people will make him who he is

And that moaning….next time Im lighting candles and using a magnifier

Dylan Klebold Birthday Profile: Part 2

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A profile of Dylan Bennet Klebold, born on September 11, from The Secret Language of Birthdays, by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. (Gif credit to @rebvodka-closet-admirers)


Those born on the 11th of the month are ruled by the number 2 (1+1=2), and by the Moon. Since those ruled by the number 2 often make good co-workers and partners, rather than leaders, this complements the orderly and conventional side of September 11 mentioned earlier. Imaginative and witty qualities are further enhanced in September 11 people by the influence of the Moon and of Mercury (which rules Virgo), and the former may also convey strongly reflective and passive tendencies. The number 11 lends a feeling for the physical plane (reinforcing the mental concentration and earthiness of Virgo).

“i think a lot. Think… Think… that’s all my life is, just shitloads of thinking… all the time… my mind never stops…” – Dylan Klebold


The 11th card of the Major Arcana is Justice, a serene seated woman holding the scales in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminds us of the order of the universe and that balance and harmony will be maintained in our lives as long as we continue on our path. The positive aspects of this card are integrity, fairness, honesty and discipline; the negative aspects are low initiative, impersonality, fear of innovation and grievances.

I hate this non-thinking stasis. Im stuck in humanity. maybe going “NBK” (gawd) w. eric is the way to break free. i hate this.” – Dylan Klebold


September 11 people are particularly prone to difficulties with eating and digestion. Some born on this day devote a great deal of time to figuring out what is the best diet to avoid stomach and intestinal difficulties. Finicky eaters, they can nonetheless gorge themselves on foods they like. In this regard they must take particular care with sugar and alcohol. Psychologically, September 11 people have a tremendous need to nurture, and expressions of love of all kinds, often toward pets and other friendly animals, will be of great importance to their mental well-being. Exercise may not come naturally to September 11 people, but they must remind themselves of its importance for their health. Gravitating toward a more sedentary lifestyle may prove debilitating.

“Later that month, he woke up in the middle of the night with terrible stomach pains. We were concerned enough to take him to the emergency room, where they ruled out appendicitis and everything else. Puzzled the doctors released him, and he appeared to recover completely. I would later learn that unexplained somatic symptoms, particularly abdominal pain, may be a marker for depression.” – Sue Klebold, A Mother’s Reckoning

“Dylan, sensitive like his mother, worried the cougars would eat his cats, Lucy and Rocky.” – Lynn Bartels and Carla Crowder, Fatal Friendship, Rocky Mountain News 


Don’t take yourself and your beliefs so seriously. Be more forgiving. Try to understand what makes others act the way they do. Being secretive may not be necessary. Develop your natural talents. Dare to fail.

“One of the traits that marked Dylan throughout his life was an exaggerated reluctance to risk embarrassment, something that intensified as he entered adolescence… Dylan did not laugh easily at his own foibles. He could be unforgiving of himself when he failed at anything, and he hated to look foolish.” – Sue Klebold, A Mother’s Reckoning


Laugh ‘til it hurts – cry ‘til you laugh