im going to take all my money here


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im watching osomatsu-kun ep 7 and getting a lot of karabita family feels 

like i imagine kara suggesting they get a baby and chibita being like dssfdj “EEEH IDIOT WE CANT GET A BABY?!?!?!?” but he still takes out a list of adoption clinics and they go meet a child and the ENTIRE TIME chibita is just listing all the reasons they shouldnt get a baby fdksjfklsfds

like they’re signing the adoption papers and chibita is going “and you’re not stable at your job and i dont get enough money from my oden stand- oh sorry, do I sign here too? right - and your brothers would be terrible uncles and”

I come home after a nice fucking day i assume everythings fine im tired then i find out my irresponsible fucking parents never noticed my dog got bit by our new dog his mouth is swollen im freaking out i wanna throw up i cant stop crying theyre saying we dont have enough money to take him to the vet please someone help hes my baby hes a sweet dog i love him to pieces and my heart is broken seeing him hurt and all the possibilitys of what can happen
My parents keep spending all this money on whatever bullshit they do and im stuck here im stuck and i pray every day that i can come home to him being ok i remind my family everyday to be responsible and they keep telling me its fine but yet again its not fine
Im going to clean his wounds and watch him tonight if they dont come through i’ll try to beg my grandmother and if she goes batshit crazy and senses God telling her im gay or something i might just beg anyone willing to help me on here i really dont want to have to do that just yet but if anyone ANYONE is willing to help let me give my dog whos like a son to me proper care i cant do much right now with my shitty situation with my family but i will slave away on drawing WHATEVER you want me to draw for like.. A month two months if i have too but i just cant lost him his mouth is swollen hes also been really violently itchy and i dont know why and i just cant take it he doesnt deserve to suffer just please please please im so sick stressing out over this i cant breath!!
I was already sick and feeling hopeless like this to help him hurts like Hell pleaseee