im going to take all my money here

Im sick and i need your help

Im so sorry to take advantage of how many followers i have on this blog but i need help.

Im not asking for money dw.

Im sick. I know im sick but i dont know what i have. Doctors keep dismissing me or telling me to go to specialists that i cant afford.

I was hoping i could list my symptoms here and see if they resonate with anyone who can give me something to go to my doctor with.

First of all the things i know i have that have already been diagnosed.
- autism
- depression
- generalised anxiety disorder
- dyscalclia

Ok here we go. * = i experience this everyday. Everything else is at least once a week.

- Headaches* (10 years+)
- VERY bad back pain* (5 years)
- General body aches even when i do nothing* - Stomach cramps
- Very high body temp*
- Numbness/tingling in patches on my face
- Night sweats
- If i dont consume sugar regularly i get dizzy and can faint*
- Heart “cramps” (feels like a cramp but idk what it really is)
- Im loosing my peripheral vision in my right eye
- Shaky hands*

And just as a side note when i was 11 i got a concussion and got no medical treatment and ive had a brain scan last year and they found nothing.

Id love for as many people as possible to see this so i can get help. I feel like im dying. It feels like my body is giving up on me and im so scared. Thank you

that’s 18k bucks though,,, what if it gets to the point that i have to take the money out of my remaining college fund to pay for 2 damn treatments aHH

hey if you can tho,,, please keep me in ur thoughts as i gamble with the insurance company this week and probably the week after, im gonna have to fight tooth and nail for basically my life because this seems more difficult/impossible to figure out than the previous insurance issues

anyway uh,,, here’s a rp stamp for bob barker, hope y’all have a rad tuesday :’0

im watching osomatsu-kun ep 7 and getting a lot of karabita family feels 

like i imagine kara suggesting they get a baby and chibita being like dssfdj “EEEH IDIOT WE CANT GET A BABY?!?!?!?” but he still takes out a list of adoption clinics and they go meet a child and the ENTIRE TIME chibita is just listing all the reasons they shouldnt get a baby fdksjfklsfds

like they’re signing the adoption papers and chibita is going “and you’re not stable at your job and i dont get enough money from my oden stand- oh sorry, do I sign here too? right - and your brothers would be terrible uncles and”

i am a mentally ill teen with trauma, please help me save up towards leaving a toxic environment

hello my name is ns and i am 17 years old and genderqueer; i have various mental health issues (ask if you want details i guess), i had a nervous breakdown when i was 12 that forced me to leave school, i was neglected and emotionally abused as a child, and i need a place to recover from these things and begin to move on. the place i currently am is 100% not it. explicit (somewhat long-winded) details are at the end of the post but uh first things first

i cant have a paypal of my own but my boyfriend julian has very kindly given me use of his for this, it is and all he asks is that any money sent to it is noted as being for me (or i know how much it is exactly) so that he knows not to do anything with it. in case anyone wants to know: apart from being kind of poor there are reasons i wouldnt be able to save up money of my own right now long-term even if i had it, reasons included under the readmore, plus i really fucking resent asking for money for nothing but being in this environment that i am kills my drive for more or less everything and even if im not a bad writer commissions are honestly out of the question right now

sorry if this isnt written very well by the way i havent really done a post like this before and im winging it a little. but here we go

warning for #money, #gaslighting, #transphobia, #suicide, #alcohol, #unsanitary, #self-harm, #abandonment, #animal abuse, #trans fetishism, #abuse, #rape (has not happened to me, just discussion of it), #disordered eating + #weight talk, #school

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Who Is He? (JareLeto!Joker Imagine)

((IMPORTANT. I usually don’t do warnings but this one may be helpful. This imagine has physical violence and “strong” language))

—Oh great you are such a good mom, you know. Now you have a boyfriend that hits you and you bring him to the house where your daughter lives. Such a logical move mom, keep it like that.—I rolled my eyes and left her crying in the living room where she just told me her new abusive boyfriend would live with us.

I went to my room and took my bag, cigarettes and earbuds. I put some make up on, dark violet lips and walked to the door.

—Wh-Where are you going? —she was still sobbing.

—With my friends, fuck off. —I slammed the door and went down the stairs of the disgusting building where I live.


—So why don’t you just look through her things and find something? —one of my best boy friends asked me while we smoked sitting on a bench in the street.

—Dude I have asked her a million times who’s my dad or where he is. She is a total bitch and won’t say a word. I have already looked between her things and there is nothing I swear. I’m sure she probably doesn’t even know which penis left her pregnant, such a whore. —I inhaled from my marlboro after rambling on him.

—I don’t know Cassie, I think there has to be something. Isn’t there anywhere you can go and search or maybe I don’t know a doctor or something?

—Nah, not with the lack of information I have… It’s shit.

—Yeah… But anyway why do you insist so much? I mean have you ever thought about what would happen if you knew who he was?

—What the fuck are you talking about?

—Yeah like think about it. What if he has another family, which is very probable, or if he’s broke and homeless?

—More in broke than my mother? Yeah good luck with that.

—But still could be… Or what if he didn’t want you?


—Are you serious?

—No, I mean.. Fuck.. I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that. I just want you to open your eyes and see above all of this.

—Yeah anyway it doesn’t fucking matter cause I will never find my dad. Let’s go with the others they are waiting for us in the park.


After spending all day out with my friends I walked back to home. The neighborhood wasn’t so nice and you could easily see drug dealers or prostitutes in the corners. I was used to it so it didn’t bothered me that much. Yet I had to put up with all the cat calls and whistles.

Once unlocked the door I saw a man laying in the old sofa watching tv with a beer in his hand. He looked at me from head to toe before talking to me.

—So you are the kid.

—So you are the boyfriend. —I rolled my eyes and when I moved towards my room I heard my mom from the kitchen.

—Sweetie are you home?

A sigh escapes my lips. —Yes mother, I am in the house.

—Did you met Paul? —she came drying her hands in a towel.

I looked at the man and then at her. —Yeah, a pleasure. —sarcasm dripping from my voice.

My mom gave me a warning look and turned aroun to walk back in the kitchen.

—Do you want dinner?

—No I already had.

—How? I mean I don’t remember giving you money. Did some of your friend invite you?

—No I had some money left. Im truly enjoying the interrogatory but I’m gonna go to sleep if you don’t mind. Bye.

Bullshit. I wish I had any money at all. But in fact is not that easy. My mom barely had enough to maintain us. So through the years I had learned how to get a little amount of bills here and there. Of course is not honest to take money from stranger’s wallets or stealing watchs and selling them but I had to survive.


Some weeks had passed since Paul is living with us and three things happened. One, according to my mom’s words my attitude got worse, as long as her bad moods in my own opinion. Two, other thing that grew worse were the bruises on her skin and the fights with Paul in the apartment, not that I was much in these four walls anyway. And three, in one of her fights with Paul he grabbed her shirt and I saw a tattoo on my mother’s left shoulder. A tattoo I didn’t know she had. Actually I didn’t knew she had any tattoos.

One night after I saw it I waited for her to fall asleep, Paul was sleeping in the couch and I went silently to the bedroom. Affortunately she was sleeping on her right side facing the window, so it was easier for me to tug a little on her shirt and take a picture of the tattoo.

I walked back to my room and observed with attention the drawing. It was a heart with her initials a plus sign and a J in it. J… What the fuck… Could this be my father? There wasn’t much I could do with a initial so sooner or later I would have to confront my mother about this. If she never showed me this that means she definitely knows who my dad is and she doesn’t want me to know. But why? How bad could be? Maybe she was so hurt because of him she didn’t want to know about him ever again… I don’t know.

I thought a lot about it for a few weeks and prepared very good my words before talking to her. The same day I was going to ask her, hell broke loose. The door of the apartment suddenly opened and Paul stumbled in. He looked at us both and directed his index finger at my mom.

—You… You are… A total bitch hu? Can’t you stay with your legs closed?? Hu??! —then his finger pointed at me —Oh and your little daughter has your thing too, don’t you lil slut?

I frowned and my blood boiled. My mom could let him humilliate her all that she want but I won’t. At first I didn’t understand why he was saying that but then I remembered he saw me kissing a boy behind the building.

—The only slut here is your mother, bastard. —I couldn’t stop myself and my mom turned her head at me like a owl. I could see the fear in her eyes.

—What did you just say, kid? —He was obviosuly way too drunk to talk correctly and to walk straight. But not enough to be unable to get closer to us. To me.

—No, Paul. Please. She didn’t mean it. Please don’t touch my daughter, please. —my mother grabbed his arm but he pushed her and she fell to the ground, already sobbing.

—Shut the fuck up woman!

At first I couldn’t believe I was actually being beaten up by my mom’s boyfriend. At first I really tried to scape by any choice I had. At first I defended myself. But then… then it was too much. Then I couldn’t stand up anymore. Then I couldn’t breathe normally. Then I started to cry. I never cried. I was a strong girl who’s life had taught to stay up all the time.

When he was done with me he did the same to my mother. But I couldn’t go. I couldn’t help. I couldn’t do anything so I just closed my eyes and let the tears slip. Apparently I fell asleep because when I woke up I was in the same place. The woman who had given me my life was laying on the floor, still unconscious. The guy  wasn’t anywhere to be seen. I took a deep breathe and regretted it immediatly. Fuck it hurt. All my body hurt.

Part 2  Part 3

anonymous asked:

Hello im really a sucker for cliché fics (like admin rose hehe) so id like to ask admins' favourite cliche fics? (no angst please T_T)

Imma just dump my fave cliche fics here NO ANGST ALL FLUFF AWUE

ok so maybe a little angst huehue

- Admin Rose


hi im Delta im 17 im a trans mentally ill chicanx kid that literally has 4 bucks to his name

my mom keeps taking away my binder and im rly scared shes going to throw it away so i need another one asap :^) unfortunately i have no money again lol :^) and ive been trying to get a job but bc of my mental illnesses its practically impossible

so please for the love of all that is cute and cuddly commission me!! please please please ! ill draw practically anything or accept any price seriously!

ill put the info under a readmore so this post is easier to reblog but please!! read the info if u can and reblog this aaaaa im sorry i have to do this

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hi im gigi and im a kid who costs a lot of money!! i recently entered a group therapy program but my insurance doesn’t cover a lot of it so we’re out $150 every week i go!!!! im also going to take 5 ap tests later this year so i want to help my parents out as much as possible!! i cant get a job bc the therapy takes up all of my time after school so im opening up art commissions!!

heres what i can draw:

  • characters from visual media!!
  • ur ocs!!
  • pretty much whatever or whoever u want

heres what i cant and wont draw:

  • nsfw
  • gore
  • genderbends
  • complicated outfits, machinery and weapons

heres how it works:

  1. send an email to me at with what you want and any references you want me to use!!
  2. i send u a sketch and if u like it then u send money to my paypal!!
  3. once i get the money i finish everything up and send it to u!!

thank u for reading!! thats it

Hey guys hey guys I made a redbubble account and am starting to sell some of my designs (mostly for snk. My wings of freedom design is on their for iphone and samsung cases as well as stickers)

I would appreciate you guys checking it out and maybe???? helping me out a bit. Thanks lovelies!