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ok so im just getting back into the warriors series after reading the first Arc and part of the second Arc before getting fed up with how dumb literally every cat was and I'm going to start reading them again WITH the like special editions? Like Blue and Tall's books. But is there like a specific order I should read them in chronologically? Like do I need to finish the first arc to have no spoilers for Blue's story and Tall's story? Also how many other special editions are there and what order?

here’s the reading order i would recommend - (note this is just my opinion, obviously the best way to read them would be chronologically by release date)

The Prophecies Begin (into the wild - darkest hour)

Tallstar’s Revenge (super edition)

Yellowfang’s Secret (super edition)

Bluestar’s Prophecy (super edition)

The Rise of Scourge manga

Firestar’s Quest (super edition)

Cloudstar’s Journey (novella)

The New Prophecy (midnight - sunset)

Tigerstar & Sasha mangas

The Power of Three (the sight - sunrise)

Graystripe’s mangas

Leafpool’s Wish (novella)

Dawn of the Clans (sun trail - path of stars)

Moth Flights Vision (super edition)

Omen of the Stars (fourth apprentice - last hope)

Dovewing’s Silence (novella)

Hollyleaf’s Story (novella)

Crookedstar’s Promise (super edition)

Mapleshade’s Vengeance (novella)

Tigerclaw’s Fury (novella)

Goosefeather’s Curse (novella)

Bramblestar’s Storm (super edition)

Mistystar’s Omen (novella)

Skyclan’s Destiny (super edition)

A Vision of Shadows (apprentice’s quest - thunder & shadow)

Hawkwing’s Journey (super edition)

Legion S01E06 - Chapter 6

Aubrey Plaza’s super evil sequence of partying.

Spoiler Below?

Watching this TV show every week can get very confusing. I’m for certain that Lenny is just some figment created in David’s mind by that demon thing right? I could be wrong but im not complaining with scenes like this. Once the season ends I’ll just binge the whole thing from start to finish once again to get a exact taste of what exactly is going on. 


uhm so

here’s kinda what might happen in terms of this blog

a) never getting rid of it?? obvi for one, i dont think theres ever a point to deleting this blog bc i love being on here and posting!!! (had to get that outta the way lmao)

b) it hink i’m going to post more sims 2 again?? just as a queue filler

c) as of right now, i’m planning and shooting and editing 3 different stories that all are happening simultaneously which is why there are a lack of bunni’ posts. what started as purely gameplay with a yellow eyed monster has now become my life

c pt b) the stories include Bunnis backstory, Bunni/Calebs present timeline, and Caleb’s backstory

d) im working on some more CC rn, one set of posters that i have 2 first ask ppl permission to post but if that happens you’ll be seeing some reall royal paintings soon hehehehehehhhehehhdflsajf;ldk

Regarding the Nerve Endings update I promised for today…I was having a really hard time getting this chapter going after the bomb I dropped at the end of the last one.  I’d spent a stupid amount of time editing one page of garbage, getting nowhere.  Then I had this little interaction with my rl Victor this morning:

Me:  Everything I’m writing is so congested and awful.  I’ve spent 8 years on this one stupid page.

Him: Maybe you should just scrap the whole thing and start the chapter over again.

Me: WHAT?! Are you insane?!  I can’t do that!  No way no way, man, that would be the WORST.  NEVER.

Me, 2 minutes later: Alright I’m starting over.

Me, 10 minutes later: Okay this is 10,000 times better.

Him: I love you too.

Moral of the story: sometimes it’s better to just toss the damn thing.  Hopefully I’ll be able to write more fluidly now and get the chapter up by tomorrow.  If not, Tuesday.  I’m sure everyone will be reading the Rivals update anyway (including myself)

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Im in need of some help. Lately ive been fallin out of touch with the bannedstory community. I just dont wanna quit. I want to get to motivation to animate and make edits all over again but I havent been able to. So what I wanna ask is, what keeps /you/ motivated to continue on creating? What drives you?

That’s a hard one for me to answer, I usually just… Don’t do anything when I have no motivation. I guess what gets me started and keeps me going is feeling at least a little interest in what I’m working on, and then finding The Zone™. I’ve made entire scenes and MMVs in one day because I found The Zone.

If I’m not interested, I can’t get going. That’s usually why you’ll sometimes see huge gaps in my uploads (whether it be videos or art), because I just lose interest… In my case, it usually has to do with my health problems killing my energy, but overworking yourself can kill interest too.

I’m really not the best person to ask about this kinda stuff, sorry… I’m usually either hyper-focused or I don’t work on anything.

Omg I just saw your preview for dr. dreamy. I started reading but then I stopped cause I wanna brace myself for the full length one! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!! Please take your time to make it perfect! But then again I’m waiting patiently in anticipation. It’s so good love:))

ahh thank you so much, lovely!! i’m glad you’re excited! i’m going to get it out sometime before or on this coming thursday! edit: let’s make it saturday just to be safe!


Hello I love Mae Borowski and all of her dialogue has probably come out of my mouth at some point

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((It’s not exactly a hiatus but I can’t think of another name. You will NOT be seeing much activity out of me for this weekend or more except for one reply. Why? I’m really backed up on my drafts and am going to use the queue again. I want to get ALL my threads in there before I start publishing any but the one it demands a day. When I reach a thread that I have a high muse for, I will publish it them.

Edit: This applies for IMs as well. I will not be really responsive to them so it’s best if you leave me one message and that’s it. I also do not know how long with hiatus will last. It just depends on when my drafts are in my queue.

(Part of my edit)
you won’t belive this. i was about to make my edit and I noticed that my wifi button was orange instead blue wich is strange cuz i never turn off my wifi. i pressed the buttom and nothing happened. the buttum still orange,fuck all, i talked to someone who said i have to buy a cable or hard reset my botebook. obviously im going to buy all the shit to have internet via cable. fuck all. at least I started a little bit. so today will be all about columbine again and tomorrow my normal TJ Lane blog ♡ and random stuff about TCC but mostly TJ♡
whatever adios♡

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drarry au where social media exists and draco secretly runs a harry potter fan account and like photoshops flower crowns onto all of these pictures of him and writes drarry fiction with a draco fanblog that's actually secretly ran by harry

omg ok i see this and raise u Draco running an anti-Harry Potter blog that’s like… weirdly thorough?? and he gets anons like “mate y u do bother doing this for a bloke u supposedly hate so much” and he’d reply with these overly detailed answers about how it is his Duty to the Wizarding World to expose how much of a huge wanker Harry Potter is through carefully edited photos and conspiracy videos.

and every1 is like… ‘ok pudding cup u r very seriously embarrassing urself right now but its also pretty funny so we’re going to let you keep doing it.’ And Harry likes to reblog Draco’s hate posts to his own blog just to start internet fights with him and he always starts like “Ron lol look what im gonna do I’m gonna piss off Malfoy again” and Ron is like not looking up from his DS like “ur going to get mad like last time aren’t you” and Harry is like “NO” and then 40 minutes later he is RAVING MAD and challenging Draco to midnight duels and threatening to  report him to staff for SLANDER and Ron is like “we could have avoided this” and Harry is ignoring him and speed typing his reply while muttering under his breath the whole time

“Let’s have a chat,” Silena says with a wide, friendly smile. “Just us girls while our captains sort out their business.”

Piper tenses, her expression twisting into a scowl. “Reyna is not my captain." 

She spits the words so quickly and with so much eager venom that the bartender starts towards them, alarm on his face.

Silena motions him to relax with a raised hand. Her eyes do not waver from Piper’s face, but her voice softens. "Clarisse wasn’t my captain for a long time, either. When we first met, I could barely stand to be on the same island as her. Tell me, is it the same for you and Captain Ramirez-Arellano now?”

“I had hoped to find a way to get away from her on this island,” Piper tells her truthfully after a second’s pause, taking a sip of her ale. She licks at her lips, unable to meet Silena’s bright blue eyes. “But it appears I’ve run from one entrapment to another.”

Silena quickly covers her mouth with her hand and laughs, the sound high sweet and honest. A noble-lady’s laugh.

Admiration bubbles in Piper against her will at the graceful action. Is Silena of noble blood? If so, how would someone so clearly of higher birth find themselves working in such a tattered scrap of a tavern, serving drunks and weathered naval folk? Her admiration sours seconds later, as her thoughts turn to her own past. ‘How’, indeed. 

“You are no prisoner, Miss McLean.” Silena says, holding her own mug of ale like it was a delicate teacup. “You are my guest. You may leave if you wish, although I implore you to stay. I’d very much like to speak with you some more.”

“What’s someone like you doing in a place like this?” Piper blurts and she cringes right after. “You aren’t a barmaid any more than I’m a pirate.”

“’Someone like me’,” Silena repeats slowly, setting her mug on the wooden table without a sound. She leans forward, resting her chin on the top of her hand. Her eyes are lidded, her tone conspiratorial. “I’ll tell you my story, if you tell me yours.”

“I’ve been the prisoner of a pirate crew for the last 3 months.” Piper says, eyes flickering to the dirty windows and the bar patrons nursing their drinks. A nervous energy fills her at every word, half-expecting Reyna or her crewmen to come bursting in with their guns trained on her. “Before that I…I worked in a small-time smuggling ring. 

 “That’s not what I meant.” Silena replies. “And I hereby strike it from the record. Now, tell me your story.”

Piper schools her face and sits back, straightening her shoulders. “That is my story.”

“Before that.” Silena presses, moving to take another delicate sip of her ale. When Piper does not speak, Silena set her mug down and sighs, tucking a lock of dark hair behind her ear. “Unless you just appeared out of nowhere one day, clothed and fully learned in the arts of smuggling contraband?”

Piper shifts, fingers worrying at the ends of her sleeves. “I don’t—“

“While I’m not familiar with the name ‘McLean’, your posture is another matter. Your shoulders straightened just now, as you spoke to convince me of your lie. Not once have your elbows rested on the table either, even with your fidgeting, and you were able to pick up on the fact that I ‘do not act like I belong here’. I’ll ask you once more: where are you from–?“

“I can’t remember,” Piper whispers, harshly. She keeps her eyes on Silena, knowing that if she looks down—to the candles—she’ll see nothing but her home in flames. To the men around the bar—nothing but a single face, laughing as he guns her father down. To her left—the place Leo is always supposed to be—the place where he isn’t. She squeezes her eyes shut. “I just remember bits and pieces, okay? Little things—I just… I just hold on to them, okay? They’re all I have left.”

Silena’s smile is light, but her eyes serious. She folds her hands on the table and waits. 

While she tries to compose herself, Piper realizes with a heavy shame. On a ship of pirates she could run circles around its crew, but here, in front of this woman she could barely keep herself in the conversation, tripping and stumbling through every sentence.  How easily she lured Piper in here, sat her down, and extracted information out of her, like water from a gushing well. 

Piper bites her lip, trying to remember where exactly the door was without moving to look for it. 

“Everything that we speak about today, Piper, will stay in this tavern.” Silena says. “And while my word may not mean much to you, I swear on it.”

“Why? We’re technically on opposite sides.”

“’Technically’ I don’t work for Clarisse.” Silena winks. “Think of them more as…a series of labors of love.”

Piper thinks to the woman she’d seen earlier, brownish-red hair wild in the wind as she held a half-ton anchor above her head, her murderous expression locked onto Reyna and Piper. “Well…she does get your heart racing?”

Silena giggles into her hand. “She was so excited to learn that Reyna was in town, you know.”

“They know each other?”

“Oh, yes. From what Clarisse has told me, they go way back.”

“Funny.” Piper mutters, beginning to find her conversational footing again. “It didn’t seem that way when she was trying to kill us. Repeatedly.”

“She’s just very serious about her work.” Silena replies, but then tilts her head to the side, her hair sliding over her shoulder. She studies Piper for a few moments. “But that’s a story for another time. Tell me, does the name ‘Beauregard’ mean anything to you?”

Piper thinks for a moment, but ultimately shakes her head. No.

“My family comes from the mainland,” Silena starts, her eyes glittering in the candlelight. “From a long line of jewelry-makers…”

im going to bed. night. 

after a lot of wearing down and the situation just getting really bad in general a friend has convinced me to put a donate button on my page if you donate and message me about it id gladly doodle you something in thanks

for those who are unaware of my situation or dont know me ill give a few details, skip to the last part (will be bolded) for the immediate situation:

tl;dr: im disabled my mom is horrible to me and threatening me

my names ares im a mixed race poc, getting used to the fact im trans, and the most important thing about all this: im disabled i have a thing called stills disease because of it i have arthritis not just in my joints but in some of my internal organs and eyes and someones cold can land me in the hospital if i catch it

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