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Are Jamie and claire going to get a car in the boston story? Car junkie here, kind of dying to know what kind??

Anon from Mod Bonnie’s personal blog: is jamie going to get his driver license soon?

Flood my Mornings: Liberty and License 

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Some Sunday Morning (A crime close to home prompts a serious butting-of-heads between the Frasers)

September, 1950

“Oh, yes, I’m sure Cinderella is a darling film,” I said into the receiver, curling my finger absently around the cord, feeling the breeze tickling the backs of my knees, “but I’d really prefer not to have Bree go to the movies until she’s a bit older…. Glad you understand, thank you, Penelope, dear….and thank you for answering my call….No, no word yet, still waiting…. Hope to hear very shortly!….I’ll phone again as soon as we know…Yes, goodbye, dear.”

I hung up and and walked back to my shady bench from the pay phone, checking my wristwatch for what felt like the thousandth time that morning. Jamie and I had both taken off work for today’s mission, but at this rate—three bloody hours after we’ve arrived at the godforsaken DMV—I apparently needn’t have bothered.

“Come on, Jamie,” I murmured under my breath in the direction of the glass doors across the green, “give him what for.”

He’d failed the first time, two weeks ago. A travesty, too, for thanks to his quick memory and ease with academic learning, he’d gotten a perfect score on the written portion—a first for this district, the glowing proctor had said. His only mistake was to have the miserable poor luck to be assigned the most crotchety pedant known to mankind for the in-car examination. Jamie neglected to signal a left-hand turn once—ONCE—and the nasty gremlin had failed him on the spot. To make matters worse, the old grump had rambled on and on about it, tsking about ‘a man of Jamie’s age ought to know better,’ ‘Such carelessness!’ ‘A danger to himself and others!’ and perhaps most gallingly, ‘Dratted foreigners coming in and roaming about as they please, bringing in their Commie ideas!’ et cetera.     

“It’s alright, Sassenach, I’ll ken next time to be more fastidious wi’ the signals. It’s *no’ matter,* a nighean,” he’d said firmly, trying to calm down my ragings against the examiner, his relatives, and any animals unfortunate enough to be his pets. “I’ll almost certainly be assigned a different examiner next time, dinna fash.” 

But given the many hours he’d put into studying traffic laws and practicing on the road with Hank, the failure definitely rankled him, and I knew it. 

None daunted, we’d tried again today. Jamie had come out after his written exam and seemed confident in his performance, laughing easily with me as we shared a coffee and a Mallo Cup (his favorite modern treat to date), apparently ready to take on the world. Then, Lo and Be-bloody-hold, out had rung an oily, “James Fraser?”: the Gremlin, clipboard in hand, grinning with the macabre glee of an executioner. Jamie had swallowed his mouthful, kissed my cheek, and stridden forward to meet his foe with dark determination, Penelope’s keys clinking in his hand.

After the first hour of (im)patiently waiting, I’d gone outside to get away from the general stink of the Department of Motor Vehicles. My bookmark lay scarcely twenty pages into 1984, and I couldn’t have told a bloody thing about those twenty if my life depended on it. 

Another half-hour later, my nerves worn to shreds, I looked up at the opening double-doors for the millionth time to—at last!—see Jamie emerging, buttoning his suit jacket as he walked toward me. He saw me, I could tell, but he wasn’t meeting my eye, staying hidden under his hat, hands uncharacteristically shoved in his pockets.

Bollocks,” I hissed under my breath, rising from the bench under the tree, “Goddamn frigging bollocks….THAT EXECRABLE WRETCH!” I preemptively shouted as he walked up, head still bowed, reaching for my hand and kissing it soberly. 

Sassenach, hush, ye—”

“You wait right here, I’m going to give that little xenophobic vermin a piece of my–”

Sassenach,” Jamie said, voice steady and light, “will ye stop blethering and look down?”  

I spluttered for a moment, but did look down… to see a crisp Massachusetts driver’s license in my hand.

I swatted him with it. “So it’s YOU that’s the execrable wretch!” I scolded, laughing, in thoroughly relieved pique. Abandoning decorum, I jumped up and flung both arms around his neck, kissing his cheek exuberantly “Jamie, you DID pass—Congratulations, you utter ARSE!”

“Aye,” he laughed.“The sour wee mannie tried to dock me again for my four-way stop,” Jamie recounted, kissing my neck happily, “but I recited book-chapter-and-verse from the manual and proved that I did in fact have the right of way. He was fuming all the way back about how all Europeans are a threat to ‘Our Liberty’ but…he passed me.”

“Oh, well DONE, darling!” I cried, inspecting the license again as he set me back down.  I then stepped back to fix him with a gimlet eye. “SO…are you ready to have this out once and for all, then?”

He gave me the look right back, with interest. “Have you come to your senses since last night?”

My senses are right as rain; but I shan’t be swayed, if that’s what you mean.” 

“Shall we flip a coin for it, then?”

My coin,” I agreed, withdrawing one from my handbag and giving it to him, “you flip, I call….TAILS!” I cried as Jamie caught the coin and slapped it onto the back of his hand.

“Tis the moment of truth, Claire: give up now and walk away wi’ honor?”

“Never! Tails, you brute.”

Jamie unveiled the coin dramatically….then groaned.

“Ha-HAAA!” I crowed, “the ‘49, light-blue, four-door sedan it is!!! So there!”

“But the station wagon is so much more practicalSassenach!” he insisted for the dozenth time.

“We’ve made do without a car entirely to this point—I think we’ll manage. And before you ask, yes I’m dead-set on the blue. We’ve got quite enough red in our family as it is, thank you very much.”

He gave a dramatic sigh, but the corner of his mouth was twitching. “Fine, fair’s fair. But—” he held out his elbow to me in a courtly fashion, “—only if the lady will share a milkshake wi’ me before we give Mr. Ford our custom.”

I took the arm with equal grace. “That sounds perfectly reasonable. As long as it’s a chocolate milkshake, no malt.”

He snorted. “Is there any other kind?”

“Good chap!”

[next chapter]

Hit From Hell

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are requests still open? :D I would like to request for a Keisuke Shijo fluff/nsfw (*´꒳`*) he's from Liar! Office deception(: he's such a babe but there's currently no fanfic for him yet coz.. he's pretty new? If you haven't played the game yet, then I would like to request for a eisuke/ota fluff(*´꒳`*). Thank you! You're an amazing writer(: all the best💜

Hi anon! Unfortunately, I haven’t played Liar yet, so I chose to write some Eisuke fluff instead (I hope you don’t mind). Thank you for the compliment and I hope you like this ^^!

Title: tête-à-tête

Summary: Eisuke can’t keep his eyes to himself, while she makes a mistake that’d seemingly jeopardize her. It doesn’t.

Genre:  Fluff, Romance

Pairing:  MC/Eisuke

a/n: this fic is based on this post i made a while back lmao. i’m kinda proud of turning a shitpost into an actual fic :’) also, eisuke and mc are dorks.

@maidofstars @2bedroom-baddestbidderlove @bolt8826


“This is a pain,” Luke said, moping. “I came all the way here only to find out MC isn’t here yet.”

“You do know that you’re required to be here for auction meetings, right?” Eisuke sipped his coffee, not even bothering to hide his displeasure at his own tasteless brew.

“There’s no point in being here if I don’t get to see her magnificent collarbones today…”

“Aaand there he goes again,” Ota commented.

True enough, the penthouse wasn’t as lively as it ought to be with MC absent. Eisuke could feel his mood quickly dampening at the taste of coffee that wasn’t hers. He had half a mind to page her just to salvage his taste buds, but he had to restrain himself. She worked herself to the bone yesterday, and was feeling a bit guilty.

“Well, collarbones aside, MC really is cute, huh?” Baba added.

Eisuke felt a stinging pain in his mouth, only to realize he bit his tongue at Baba’s statement.

“Aw, come on, guys. Don’t look at me like that. Are you saying you all seriously haven’t thought that at least once?”

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hey so

yeah like i know nobody asked for this but I’m making a huge ass masterpost of all the Inuyasha fanfic that I’ve read and very much appreciate bc goDDAMN it is v hard to find ones that are written as well as these i mean 

i might as well make a fanfic series of all my fav stuff like why not?? but i know this might b annoying or whatevs feel free to block the tag “tia fanfic recs”

Originally posted by dylanobaeb


anyway its all beneath the cut bc dUDE this is too long

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      ( feel free to change pronouns & etc. as necessary ! )

what’s inside: 
  -  “down with the recipe, and bake from the heart.” 
  -  “everyone wants to know what’s inside.”
  -  “i feel more than words can say.” 
  -  “what a mess i’m making.” 
opening up:
  -  “i don’t know what i wish i had, but there’s no time now for thinking things like that.” 
  -  “sometimes home is where your ass ends up.” 
  -  “i like the way most of the days look exactly the same.” 
  -  “with days like these, we can only do the best we can.” 
  -  “some things never change.” 
the negative:
“how’d i ever get myself in this mess?”
  - “funny how one night can ruin your whole life!” 
  -  “just calm down, goddamnit!” 
  -  “maybe it’ll all be fine!” 

rest of show under read more !

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Hello, Operator?

a lot of people have been asking for a part two to my operator fic so i’ve gone ahead and i’ve written just that! im glad that you guys like that fic so much that you requested a part two! (its 2.6k words btw)

i apologize if there are any spelling/grammar mistakes i finished this at 10:55 pm and i’m sleepy and almost delusional! i still cant end smut fics right goddamn i need help on that…. (this is also very nsfw so i suggest you read this alone under ur duvet or something)

also, i’m slowly creeping up on 1k followers and i’m very excited/nervous/scared but thanks everyone who have stayed from the beginning to see my blog grow and grow! thank you all so much and i love you all very much!

[Contains: very very very dirty talk (you guys asked for it to be kinky so i tried my best), v light bdsm (only hands being tied up), a fuck ton of name calling (like a lot im not even kidding rn), just rough and kinky sex, begging/crying (dan begs so hard he cries), phil calls dan a bitch wowie!!!!]


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Can you please talk about how much you love Felicity Smoak, that girl needs some love. Why do you think she gets so much hate?


Does Felicity really get hate? I mean, I can guess she’s getting hate because she broke up with Oliver, huh? Well. Thank fuck I haven’t seen that on my dash.

Now. HOW CAN ONE EXPLAIN WHY ONE LOVES FELICITY SMOAK? I’m going to narrow this down to 10 things, okay? Big things, little things, random things, 10 things I love about Felicity Smoak.

  1. Because she’s smart. She’s a genius in anything computer related, be it software or hardware.
  2. Because she is a strong woman who’s not afraid to show her vulnerability. She’s the type of woman who cries while kicking ass.
  3. Because she has strong relationships with the men around her. She’s as protective of Digg as he is of her. When Barry fucked up like never before, he came to Felicity for advice (happened this season on The Flash). Curtis loves her so much, he made a brilliant piece of tech just for her, just to make her walk again. And Oliver… Beyond the love that is there, there is a deep embedded friendship, that Felicity will never leave behind, no matter what.
  4. Because she has strong relationships with the women around her. She loves Sara a lot‚ and she started loving her when Sara was dating Oliver. She loved Laurel a lot and helped her every time Laurel hit a low point. She loves Thea to the point when she takes her side, not Oliver’s.
  5. Because she started from the bottom and made her way up. This is true if you’re talking about her work life (from a random forgettable place in the IT department, to the overqualified secretary, to working in Applied Sciences and being so good at it that Palmer gave her the company), if you’re talking about her family life (she may be embarrassed by her mother, but she never refused Donna, and she may have a criminal as a father, but she turned out better than him), if you’re talking about her superhero life (it started because Oliver needed her help and now‚ he won’t be able to be the Green Arrow without her). 
  6. Because she’s not afraid to embrace her nerd. She’s a girly girl, constantly wearing pink lipstick and her hair perfectly styled and her heels clicking on the floor. But she’s a nerd and she’s not afraid to talk like it. 
  7. Because of the puns. Her puns are awful and I love them and the one in the last episode‚ when she called Oliver too green‚ that made me laugh for a full minute. 
  8. Because she never has and never will stand for Oliver’s shit. I mean for GODSSAKE‚ last episode she pointed out that Oliver taught Roy through verbal‚ emotional and physical abuse. When there was the whole William plotline (how’s that working out, by the way?), she told Oliver that he was making a mistake by keeping away from him (it’s a bit of a blur, I’ll admit, but I think that’s what happened, right?). She got on his case when he started killing again, she tells him when he’s an idiot. Lover or friend‚ she will always support Oliver as well as she can, but she will never stand for Oliver’s shit. 
  9. Because she had the strength to break up with Oliver. I’m sure people say she was selfish, but I don’t see it like that. I think she broke up with Oliver because it was the right thing for her to do, because she was at a moment in her life when she needed to be strong for herself. In the past four?five years‚ she always thought of Oliver’s happiness before her own happiness. I respect her for thinking of her mental and emotional health, because I don’t think a lot of women would have been capable of breaking up with the man they loved because it was better for them. 
  10. Because she is Overwatch, a hero in every matter that counts. Last season, she made a decision every superhero is faced with‚ sooner or later: she killed an entire city in order to save the world. And now she has to deal with that guilt.

I can’t stop now. Here are 15 extra reasons why I love Felicity Smoak.

  1. Because she’s hot and beautiful. 
  2. Because I’m still not over with that dress at the start of season 2. You know the one. The gray one with bright orange squares on the stomach. Hng.
  3. Because… remember that time she glared down at Ra’s Al Ghul? Or at Merlyn? When she metaphorically wiped the floor with them? That was fun.
  4. Because she always has such pretty nailpolish colors.
  5. Because I really do think her and Barry are some sort of soulmates.
  6. Because she’s a goofball that makes exploding noises to describe a bomb.
  7. Because… remember that time she tricked Deathstroke and saved the day?
  8. Because she loves the Arrow Cave so much, she’s still anxious when Barry wants to google something on one of the computers. 
  9. Because she keeps in touch with her religion. 
  10. Because she kicks ass with various lengthy objects that resemble a baseball bat.
  11. Because she has a goddamn Robin Hood poster in her living room.
  12. Because she made three superheroes fall in various degrees of love with her (Oliver‚ Barry‚ Ray) and I’m sure there could be more where that came from (Supergirl is going to admit she’s gay for Felicity Smoak‚ Nightwing would fall in love as soon as Felicity would say hack and don’t get me started on my Bruce Wayne headcanons). 
  13. Because she wore high heels when she was in the wheelchair. I can’t walk in heels to save my life, I respect a lady who does that on a daily basis.
  14. Because Felicity Smoak was there at the very beginning of the DC TV Justice League and they couldn’t have done it without her.
  15. Because I want to see her get to the point we saw in a possible future (in Legends of Tomorrow): a big ass office building with SMOAK written on it.

I challange you all to tell us 10 things you love about Felicity Smoak. Overwatch deserves our love, all day every day. 

kingdom by the sea

birthday present for dontgostakinmyheart​ (sorry this is late xandra!) who wanted a nerd/jock sterek with poe bc its her fave

Stiles knew when he was six that he would always love Derek. Derek was seven, and the coolest kid ever. Their moms were friends and they’d known each other for as long as Stiles could remember.

They were playing in the Hale’s backyard (it was so much bigger than Stiles’) when he tripped and fell, landing with a sharp pain in his wrist. Stiles burst into tears and Derek ran over, trying to comfort him. Stiles couldn’t move his wrist because it hurt too much, before Derek grabbed his other hand and the pain seemed to fade.

“It’s not that bad, see? Don’t cry, Stiles, please. It’s all better. ”

Stiles sniffs and nods and their moms are by their sides instantly. Derek lets go of his hand and the pain is there again, just not as strong. He gets picked up in his mom’s arms, and the next day Derek signs his cast.

“There, now everyone can see you’re my best friend,” Derek said with a smile as he finished scrawling the giant ‘K’ at the end of his name, before a love heart underneath.

Stiles tries not to smile when Derek kisses his cheek.

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A year in the life of... The Aftermath. (fix it fic)

Rory was awoken from a deep slumber by a frantic knocking sound at her door.. she looked over at her bedside table and the alarm clock telling her it was 4am, whoever this was was in for a very rude and frankly insulting awakening. she swung her legs down to the floor and padded sleepily to the door where the knocking fiend was.

Groggily she rubbed her eyes and pulled the door open ‘Logan?!’ she was very shocked to see the blonde was the culprit knocking on her door, ‘What are you doing here? I mean not that im not happy to see you but this is a huge surprise last time we talked it seemed kinda final and now you are standing here at 4am with no coffee or donuts to warrant the sleep interruption.. I think my feelings can be summed up by huh?’

Logan smiled slightly, sleepy Rory was always adorable, he ran his hands through his (already mussed up) hair, ‘Hi Ace. Mind if I come in? I umm have some big news and i wanted you to be the first to hear it.’ Rory took in Logans agitated ,but somehow still extremely handsome state, damn him, she moved aside he swept past her and stared at her, he seemed to be vibrating with energy he was burning a hole in Rory when he finally spoke

‘I’ve done it.’ Rory looked at Logan warily already feelimg the pull of the Huntzberger heir ‘Done what?’ Logan laughed, it sounded slighly manic but amazingly happy to Rorys ears. ‘I’ve left the bastard and his stupid company. Its done. I told him I was through with him, through with his fucking company and most importantly through with being his bitch.’

Rory sat down, shell shocked, 'WHAT?’ Logan laughed loudly 'I’m done Ace. It’s over I told him he could respect my decisions and let me have the life I want and deserve and be a goddamn dad for once in his sorry life or… he can walk away from me and I’ll walk away from him as his employee and as his son..’

Logan paused the emotion of the situation finally gettin to him ’ It won’t surprise you to hear he didnt choose me.’ Rory came out of the trance Logans words had put her in and pulled Logan into her arms, 'I’m so sorry Logan. I know hes never been that great of a dad but even I thought he was better than this… she held Logans face tenderly in her hands ’ YOU deserve better than this.’

Logan put his hands on top of Rorys. 'I know I do.. so do you. Thats sorta why I’m here…. He took a deep breath in gathering the courage to share everything hed kept inside for years.

'I’m sorry I’ve been such an ass, I thought if I never mentioned the proposal and the ultimatum we could just carry on like normal no strings.. but I dont want that, not with you, I want you just you, but if you cant give that to me I wont walk away this time.. I’m in. I swear I’m all in. I will stay in your life in whatever capacity you choose for me because… he paused eyes filling with emotion held in for 9 long years..

'I love you, Rory.. You Gimored me the moment we danced at Richard and Emilys wedding. That was the moment I knew we were something and when you kissed me I knew that you were it.. the one….. I love you Ace. I always have and I know now I always will and if you dont feel the same way then that ok because just being in your life is enough for me.’

Rory took a step back pure love filling her entire body at Logans declaration but anger soon followed 'What?! Are you serious? You have a fiancée Logan you cant just turn up at my house in the middle of the night and tell me you love me thats not fair! I mean of course I love you too I always have but life doesnt work out how we expect it to, sometimes life just flys up over you and does a gigantic crap on your head ’

Logan reached for Rory unable to hold in the amusement at her very Rory Gilmore rant 'A gigantic crap? is that Sylvia Plath or..?’ Rory glanced at Logan thoroughly not impressed 'What do you want me to say Logan? Sure lets try again maybe this time we won’t both totally suck at being adults!’

Logan smiled softly. ’ No I don’t want you to say that, not unless you mean it. Please understand me Rory when I say I am not here to give you an ultimatum. I know that was my mistake last time… Logan looked at Rory, total reverance in his eyes,

’ You are Rory Gilmore you dont need anyone certainly not a screw up like me you are completely amazing by yourself you astound me you make everything brighter. I just want a chance to be in your life in whatever way I can. I just needed you to know how I feel, how I’ve always felt. I owe you that. Plus I dont have a fiancée anymore. I’m done with that too, I mean that was a buisness deal and since I have no buisness anymore and I am no longer technically a Huntzberger I have no need for a sham of a marriage.’ Rory stared at Logan her face totally unreadable

'Don’t you think thats what you should have lead with?’ She had tears running down her face Logan couldn’t take it anymore he inched down to her height and softly kissed her lips cupping her face gently as if he was afraid she might shatter Rory brought her arms round his waist and held him tight as if any moment he might disappear and after what she was about to share she thought that was a real possiblity.

'Logan.. I have some news too, see I was getting this weird craving for apples and poptarts and coffee made me feel so sick and I kept crying at dog commercials I mean I always cry at dog commercials but like I was sobbing…. She stopped her tangent looking at Logans amused smirk and crinkled eyes she sealed it away in her mind to hold on to when a Logan shaped hole in her door was all that remained of the love of her life standing in front of her…

'OK deep breaths.. so anyway I went to see the doctor and he told me i was preg…’ she didnt get the words out before Logan lifted her up and swung her around then brought his mouth to hers for another sweet kiss… 'Logan!’ Rory tried again ’ Didnt you hear me im pregna…’ she was interrupted once again by Logan and his lips…

'Ok you need to let me get this out because this is going to change everything you just said to me you wont want to stick around when you realise i have a bun in the ov…. Logan kissed her again silencing her once more with his mouth.

'Ace!’ Dont you think me kissing you is a sign that im actually quite satisfied with this news no pro con list necessary?!’ Rory could feel the tears, this time they were happy ones.. the happiest she had ever cried, slowly sliding down her face. She allowed herself to hope that maybe this time things wouldn’t come crashing down maybe this time they would be happy,

'You mean you want this baby… our baby.’ Logan couldnt believe that after everything he had just said Rory still doubted his feelings for her he vowed if it took the rest of his life he would convince her he was there to stay..

'Rory there is nothing I want more than to be a good father to our baby and to be a family with you a proper family one like I never had and one that you deserve to have.’ With that he kissed her once more slowly and passionately as Rory began to try to lead Logan into her bedroom laughing as she kissed every visable bit of skin on his face and neck Logan pulled away slightly.. 'Rory I have a question… does Loreilei know about this?’ Rory nodded still a little preoccupied with Logan and now the buttons on his shirt. 'Ace a follow up question…. this time will you jump?’ Rory looked confused for a second before the words finally hit her and she smiled safe in the knowledge she was completely sure of this decision and had the perfect answer to a Logans question

'You jump I Jump Jack.’ and with that the happy couple shedded their clothing as they made their way to the bedroom giggling and smiling like thay hadnt in years They knew they had a lot to work through and a lot to discuss but hey.. marriage and a baby seemed like a great jumping off point.

thats all folks… its not great but its the best I could do… my gift is my fic and this ones for you Rogan/Sophie shippers! Sorry couldn’t resist… I’ll see myself out.

yumberry  asked:

I want the full story of the burglar now tbh. If you're okay with telling it, that is.

well technically i mostly dub this story as “the mystery man” story when i introduce it to other people i’ve told the story to, but yeah i can tell

this is a bit lengthy, im sorry, this is just how i tell the story irl too

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