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Yo could you share some of your headcanons for the deh kiddos :O ?! I'm really curious!!

*cracks knuckles* HEADCANONS UNDER THE CUT (these are generally feel-good and going off of a Connor Lived And Everything Gets Better AU set of ten [+ one extra] headcanons for the kids where they’re all friends)

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

i feel like i’m severely going to regret taking this much on but fuck it, YOLO, im dead inside :))))

in honor of Ladynoir July i’m going to desperately try and do one multi-chapter for every week of the month! so that means this first week i’m going to be using Days 1-7 to make a multi-chapter, and so on and so forth until the month is over. we……..will see how that goes lol

but in the meantime enjoy the first story!

[Day 2: Banter]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 1: Patience

“Ah, my lovely Lady, bless our good fortune that I may be able to accompany you home on such a cold Autumn’s night. Perchance the stars may be able to lead us back to your marble palace before dawn.”

Ladybug threw her head back and cackled. “You’re such an idiot, what are you even saying?”

Chat Noir scoffed. “Such a sharp tongue, my Lady. Whatever would your father say? Although, I suppose I could lock this secret away between the two of us should you permit me to seal it with a friendly kiss.”

Ladybug stuck her tongue out. “I’ll seal it with my foot up your nose if you’d like.”

“So not only does that sound impossible, but that sounds like a sinus infection waiting to happen,” he replied. “Do you know where your feet have been? I could catch a disease.”

“The depths of your dramatics are truly unfathomable,” Ladybug deadpanned.

“You know, my best friend tells me the same thing,” Chat Noir wondered. “I was thinking of getting involved in acting. I played a detective once. I was pretty good.”

“You should play a knight or something,” Ladybug suggested. “You know, really play up the whole needless chivalry and romantic waxing that you’re so good at. I mean, you’re getting practice for it right now.”

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Push and Pull| Five

Originally posted by wangpxppy

[song inspiration: JK & JM cover - We Don’t Talk Anymore]

|Chapter One| |Chapter Two| |Chapter Three| |Chapter Four| |Chapter Five| |Chapter Six|

pairing: Jimin x oc x Jaebum
genre: humor, angst, itty bitty fluff
word count: 2.8k
a/n: Isolde spent three years with Jimin after meeting him by chance in a dance studio. He was perfect and he loved her, she thought he was the one she’d spend the rest of her life with. That all crumbles when he decides he wants to please his parents and leave her so he can be with someone like him. Isolde is plummeted into turmoil and leaves her job as a choreographer to move back home to the states. A mutual friend named Im Jaebum reaches out to console her, lift her back up from her fragile state. It’s a push and pull tug between what she thought she had and what she could have.

Three and a half months had passed since I came back home to California to live with my mom and two younger sisters. The first two weeks, I spent most of that in my childhood bed crying, ignoring Jimin’s text and calls. After I avoided all of his attempts to contact me, he eventually gave up and I quit getting them. I didn’t get out of my bed for anything but showers and water in those two weeks. Mom supported me for as long as she could, but eventually made me get out of my cocoon, telling me life wouldn’t stop for me. She was right, I couldn’t be in bed and mope around forever, though that’s all I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

The first thing I did was go to the place my love for dance started and got my job back. My old boss, Reese, hired me back on the spot with no questions asked. She had taught me from the time I was five up until I was eighteen, when she made me a teacher at her academy. To be honest, she was probably my favorite person in the world, besides my own mother. She had told me once that dancing came from the heart, not from the head. It didn’t matter how good you were, if you didn’t let your heart lead you, there was no point in doing it. She was amazing, all around and I found myself feeling happy to be back somewhere so familiar to me. 

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my 1300+ band au of utter bs
  • Oikawa is the lead singer of a popular band
  • Iwaizumi is the best of the best security men who gets charged with Oikawa while Aobajousai performs in Japan
  • After Aobajousai leaves Japan, Iwaizumi is hired on to work as Oikawa’s personal bodyguard
  • Makki and Mattsun are the dual lead guitarists whom everyone ships
  • Yahaba is their bass player
  • Kyoutani plays drums
  • Everyone ships them despite their protests and claims about hating each other 
  • They’re the couple fans make theories about and freak out about when seen interacting
  • Kunimi is backup guitarist and Kindaichi is backup bass but Oikawa has had them both take the lead in some songs
  • Watari is the guy who picks up objects thrown onto the stage but he’s also known for taking over as drums whenever Kyoutani can’t
  • Aobajousai is known as a flashy band with deep meaningful lyrics while also keeping an upbeat tone to their music
  • They work with someone who writes a lot of their songs but when they write their own music it’s sappy and deep and their fans love it
  • Kageyama is the new lead singer to a up and coming band no one’s really heard of before but it’s gaining fans and popularity quickly
  • Everyone knows that Kageyama, Oikawa, Kunimi, and Kindaichi went to the same school to train their talents and that there’s a bad past between them
  • Kageyama has a scary look that makes a lot of people think Karasuno is a band with rap music but his voice is really smooth and flowy
  • Hinata is the energetic bass player
  • He started playing when he saw a rock band called ‘Little Giant’
  • Suga used to be the lead singer but stepped down when Kageyama joined their band
  • He plays pianist now but only really plays during their softer songs and he comes onto stage first so he can play cheery little tunes while the other members get introduced
  • Daichi is the head bodyguard that everyone knows is dating Suga
  • Ennoshita, Narita, and Kinoshita are also bodyguards
  • Ennoshita is Daichi’s right hand man and is generally charged with watching over Tanaka and Noya
  • Noya and Tanaka are the guitarists who always end up either jumping into the crowd or encouraging a mosh pit
  • Tsukishima is the salty lead guitarist with overwhelming talent who refuses to take pictures with the fans
  • Yamaguchi, on the other hand, always takes pictures with fans andis super cute and everyone loves him
  • Yamaguchi is backup guitarist who sorta hides in Tsukishima’s shadow but is slowly becoming more open to being in the spotlight
  • He’s taken the spot as lead guitarist before
  • Kiyoko is their manager that organises all their events
  • Yachi is a first time manager who is super nervous
  • Kyoutani once scared her because Yahaba tried flirting with her at one of the music awards
  • Ukai is their agent
  • He comes from a family that’s known for once being the agent of the popular band ‘Little Giant’
  • Takeda is their advisor who’s never worked with a band before but he tries his best and uses deep lines that they work into their songs sometimes
  • They write songs together
  • Nekoma is a popular band who produces loud music with deep messages and they win a lot of competitions with their messages
  • They’re known for seemingly never tiring, always belting out lyric after lyric no matter how many songs they’ve already performed that night
  • Kuroo is their lead singer with ridiculous hair and a ridiculously sexy low voice that kills their fans
  • He’s also known to be a nerd who, while still in school, was in college prep classes
  • Kenma plays bass and is talented but is often mistaken for a backup or replacement because of his lack of energy and aura
  • Yaku is lead guitarist and has punched someone during a show for calling him short
  • That person was Lev
  • Lev is the backup guitarist who wants to become the lead but “LEV YOU CAN’T BE THE LEAD IF YOU CAN’T PLAY A 12 STRING!”
  • Yamamoto is their drummer who always throws his sticks into the crowd at the end of a show
  • a lot of nekoma’s expenses go into buying him new sticks
  • Shibayama is a replacement guitarist who came in for Yaku when he sprained his wrist
  • Fukunaga plays electric guitar and can shred really good
  • Kai plays the keyboard with a dignified talent until they get to certain songs where he becomes a keyboard god
  • Fukurodani is a rock band with loud music and lyrics that don’t really make sense but they still somehow get thousands of preorders for all of their albums within 3 days
  • Akaashi is their really pretty lead guitarists who has at least one solo in every album
  • Konoha can play any instrument and can take over as lead singer whenever it’s necessary
  • He’s really popular amongst the fans but will glare at anyone who calls him a jack of all  trades (specifically their drummer- Komi)
  • Bokuto is Fukurodani’s voice with a seemingly soothing voice despite their main music production being rock
  • Shiratorizawa’s music has a pop music feel
  • Their drummer is really stoic and never really shows emotions
  • Oikawa, who’s music is always deep and and meaningful, hates how popular Shiratorizawa is despite their most popular member being so stone faced
  • They used to have an old singer with a talent for singing notes in a really melodic way and being really pretty
  • They replaced him with a singer no one had heard of before but his voice is good and fits their genre so no one complains much
  • They do still get the odd email or two requesting Semi be put back in as lead singer because Shirabu can’t hold his high notes for as long
  • Tendou plays electric guitar and is known for inputting random riffs into the chorus but it always works so they don’t make him stop
  • Goshiki plays bass but he really wants to play drums and show just how good he is but he’s only played drums twice for them during a live show
  • Date Tech beat Karasuno at the last music awards
  • Their voice overall isn’t outstanding but their abilities with instruments is astounding
  • Moniwa was their lead singer but he left the band to go to university
  • Futakuchi, who used to be their lead guitarist, stepped up as lead singer and kept his position as guitarist
  • Aone is their drummer with a stone expression unless he feels like the opposing team proposes a challenge
  • Then he starts flipping drum sticks and rocking drum solos and owning the stage
  • Koganegawa is their electric guitarist who messes some songs but Date Tech is well versed enough that they can amend his mistakes without someone noticing
  • Sakunami, their keyboard player, is usually the one to cover his fumble with a pretty tune
  • Johzenji is another popular band
  • They’re known for their energy and not planning out their shows beforehand
  • All their members are extremely well versed in all positions, not just their own
  • So during some shows their guitarist and bass will switch or their drummer and electric
  • Terushima is their lead singer
  • There’s always rumours about whatever new celebrity he's’s sleeping with but he’s just a dork who was really smart in high school and was in class 7
  • One of their most popular albums was their fourth and the cover is a monochrome tongue with a silver ball piercing on it
  • No one really understood why until it got revealed during an interview that Terushima had a tongue ring
  • Terushima crowd surfs at least once at every concert
  • Kuroo accidently dropped that he and Terushima slept together before by mentioning how much he loved prince albert piercings like the one Terushima has
  • Whenever Terushima gets asked about both the piercing and sleeping with Kuroo he just winks and smirks
  • Nohebi and Nekoma have a well known rivalry
  • They will often release albums on the same day to compete to see who gets the most sales in the first day
  • Kuroo and Daishou are rumoured to have been childhood friends before something spilt them up
  • Neither have confirmed this rumour
  • At awards they’re always insulting each other on the red carpet
  • Kuguri is their electric guitarist most of the time but he recently stepped in as bass player and gained himself a fandom
  • Numai, their usual bass, broke his thumb and sat out a few shows
  • He plans on leaving the band to attend university soon despite loving the band and all its members
  • He was really happy to see that Kuguri could get fired up and frustrated seeing as it would be him replacing Numai as bass 

feel free to add on with anything really or message me and tell me im going insane and should just get off the internet

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How do you handle being single ? Im single and im always ditched by everyone thats in relationships and i feel like even tho im only 19 , i feel like im suppose to be in a longterm relationship, having kids , gettinf married cause thats what my friends aRe doing but im just working and are in school ! Please help ! Im starting to feel depressed !

HOLD UP!!!! 

You are under zero obligation to be getting married, having kids, or even being in a long term relationship for that matter.  Especially at the age of 19! 
To be honest with you, I’m a relationship-type girl.  I’ve been in and out of relationships since I was 15, with mere months being the longest duration of being single.  This is the first time in my life that I am single and not on the road to getting serious with anyone, and it takes some getting used to! I can totally relate to it seeming like everyone around you is in a serious relationship, but that does not mean you have to be.  
You, my friend, are a killer person all by your damn self.  Getting into a relationship just because everyone else seems to be would be a shame.  Be your own significant other, take yourself out, have netflix marathons, read new books, get healthy and fit, travel, work your ass off, put on face masks at night and dance around your house, stop letting your focus be on absence of someone in your life, and let it be on the presence of yourself.  Learn how to be not only comfortable, but happy in your own company.  Let yourself feel whole on your own so that one day, maybe soon, maybe a far time from now, when someone comes along, you’ll be confident and ready because you’ll know you don’t need this person in your life, but rather you want them in your life! 
There is so much pressure on all these unrealistic “relationship goals” all over the internet and in our everyday lives.  And while I am beyond happy for anyone who has found someone who fills their heart and makes them happy (no couple shaming here), I think we can be just as happy and our hearts be just as full on our own, with our friends, with our families, or our little fur babies.  But especially on our own.  Learn to love this single phase of your life and soak up every opportunity and second of it, because one day life will pass you by, and you don’t want to look back and regret not taking in every phase of it, or rushing into something you didn’t want or weren’t ready for solely to fill the void of being alone.  Try new hobbies, make new friends, travel around, sit down and really ask yourself what YOU want out of this one life you get, and start going for it.   Set your goals, work hard to get there, have some fun along the way, and let the right people gravitate toward you and your life!  You’ll be so happy when they do, and just as happy every day leading up to them.

Good luck love <3 
Singles unite!  

The Boy In Apartment 3B

Summary: Prompt- the heat is out in person a’s apartment and the land lord shoves em in person b’s room next door for the night. Idk I think it’d be cute.

Genre: So much fluff, slight AU 

Warnings: implied homophobia 

Word Count: 2k 

A/N: this was such a cute prompt and really fun to write so thank you anon. I hope you like it… all feedback is appreciated pls (also, i know how horrible the title is and im v sorry) 

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I'm Glad I Wished For You
So I was going to put the one that I posted yesterday today, but then I saw a video, some of you might’ve seen it, but the video where WetsJet delivered presents, and I just had the ultimate inspiration so, this happened!  (*if you want to look up the video it’s called WestJet Christmas Miracle)
Sorry, but Solkat is my nature, I had to guys. Happy Holidays and a Happy Christmas!You guys are all amazing and I hope you have a nice cheery day and wake up to read this ridiculously Christmas themed-not-really-planned-story and laugh about it (or get feelings), I love you all and yeah, I hope your day is totally top!

And if you’re feeling lonely, I honestly have nothing better to do so you are absolutely welcome to message me on here and I will talk to you however long time will allow me!

He was tired of being at the airport.

Karkat knew it would be crowded, especially since it was the holiday rush, but he just wanted to get on his flight and leave to go visit his family, then get back home and return to his stereotypical teen-turning-adult college life of living off ramen noodles and playing video games until he had to go to class again. Of course with the rare events of parties and the horrible job he had to work a majority of weekdays.

He could feel people staring at him, unsurprisingly. With his naturally pitch black hair and face piercings, he stuck out like a sore thumb. His earbuds, even though they were blasting music at the highest volume, just barely shut out the noise of the other people frantically running to their planes or hastily gathering up children.

His flight wasn’t set to leave for another hour and a half, but he had gotten here two hours ago because he knew he was going to take awhile to go through all the security because of his piercings: a nose ring and stud plus a stud on his lip, so he got there extra early.

The only thing keeping him from not throwing himself under a taxi was his boyfriend.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any of your own sam headcanons that are more in the tone of his character?

i’ve never really been one for making headcanons myself, i’ve never written them for anyone, not even sully. i prefer other people’s sully headcanons.

i just know that some of the ones i’ve seen for sam have been so insanely out of character.

i found a list so i’ll do my best to work from that and give this a good old try.

feel free to disagree as these are my opinions. im not gonna hate on you for thinking im wrong.

this is my official: “i don’t hate sam drake” post. kay? kay. 

Sam Drake headcanons that are vaguely in character and not at all weird:

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Taking a break...?

Hiatus, I guess? At least until I’m feeling more like myself. May take a couple days, weeks, or even longer. I’m not sure. I may just completely regret everything and just delete this later —

But eh…I just haven’t been feeling like myself this past week, so I think I should just take myself off the internet for a while. I don’t think it’s been being a good influence on me recently.

Also, my current dosage of my medication hasn’t been working, and I’m not sure if I can increase it another time. I may have to see my doctor again to find another solution. But right now I just…feel miserable. Not having very good thoughts and I’ve been having…rough nights. I don’t want to burden anyone with what I’m going through, so I’ll be taking a break from everything and just try and focus on school.

I’ll be putting things in my queue for a little while, so hopefully that’ll keep my blog active until I feel happy enough to come back. I may try and draw some digital art or make some other stuff and post them from time to time, but other than that I won’t be talking much. I want this blog to remain as normal as it can be, without my dumb ramblings. Sorry, I just don’t want to bother any of you, so I think it’s just best that I distance myself from everything for a while. Even skype…probably.

Hope you all understand, and I wish you all nothing but the best and happiness. ♥︎

Semi-customizeable adoptables!

These are semi-customizeable, meaning they will be colored + have horns added AFTER payment is made, based on blood color, symbol and/or lusus of buyer’s choice. (Note: All designs can be “modded” into humans/elves/other humanoid oc’s instead of fantrolls as long as it’s nothing too complicated - ask if unsure. Note2: Ofc seadweller-fins can be added to any design.)

BATCH 3. (Earlier batches: #1, #2) - COMPLETED BATCH 3!

  1. @glowtrolls - Finished version!
  2. @astiicot - Finished version! (+ talksprite)
  3. @gurotrolls - Finished version!
  4. @augusttrolls - Finished version!
  5. @letotrolls - Finished version!

Info/Rules/Prices under the cut!

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I'm just gonna say it.

wrote this on word about 5 minutes ago just to get these things out of my head and decided id share it with you guys because my friends and i have been wanting to spread awareness on these subjects…

Why is it that love has become such a cliché? It seems ridiculous to me, the thought that we literally wore out the true meaning of love and happiness with things like facebook statuses, instagram, key chains and other merchandise, etc. We seem to have forgotten that we all strive for love in fear that we will be lonely without it. What we cant seem to grasp is that loneliness is all bullshit. It is just like fear. It isnt real and when it seems real, there is a reason for it; he wasn’t the right guy and he needed to be freed from your life in order for it to be okay for you to run into the new guy at your favorite coffee shop who is right and wrong for you in all the right ways. Sometimes bad things need to happen in order for us to be pushed over the edge to our breaking points so that we may have the fresh strength to rebuild without being anchored down by the sadnesses of things we cant control. You must come to terms with the fact that there is no evil. We create our own demons. Evil is what you make it.  We’ve forgotten that we are all human and we all suffer. Life is suffering but suffering is caused by attachment and attachment can be overcome.

Society has built up this huge lie makes us believe that if we aren’t physically beautiful then we aren’t good enough, but honestly how could that be true? If we were meant to all look skinny and tall with blue eyes a small nose and pillow lips it would be boring and tasteless, of course we all long to be perfect but that version of perfection doesn’t exist- its mostly photoshop and the fact that big brands prefer basic simply “perfect” looking people with symmetrical faces and chiseled bodies to portray their brand. That’s the way the world is. That’s f**ked but its reality. The good thing is that not all of us have to be models or actors/actresses. We can be whatever we want. There is beauty in all things. Explore the world, travel, find yourself, find others like you and let them know how thankful you are for them and how beautiful they are.

I see all the negativity on the internet and it makes me sick because I know that every one of those people are only expressing the way they feel about themselves. The way life works- “you are what you eat.” by that I mean whoever you surround yourself with, whatever you associate with, and think about will become your reality. The Law of Attraction. Whatever you put out will come back to you. So why not put out love instead of all this disgusting wasteful negative energy? We are literally killing each other from the inside out all because we have no Idea how much effect our words really have on people. Its so much easier to go out of your way to tell someone they’re beautiful than it is to talk badly about them and by doing so you cause a chain reaction with that kindness. When you give a stranger a compliment- you have absolutely nothing to gain from that person that makes it so much more sincere, and they will pay it forward.

We need to start inspiring people to just be themselves. Be real. So many people in this world have turned into copies of others when what they don’t understand is that nothing is set in stone. and clothes, cars, and jewelry don’t make you cool. those are material things and can easily be lost. prevent suffering by not getting attached to things. the only thing you control is yourself and the way you act. Its all about what’s inside that really counts. 

There are billions of people in this world. Some are rich and some are poor. Some tall and some short. Some are skinny and some are curvy, some are white, some are brown, and some are black but really what does that all matter? “im matter your matter what does it matter?” Why is it that a lot of us use these words, amongst others, in harmful ways to put each other down and make people feel less than us? That’s wrong. And something that really affected me for a while was the fact that many think it doesn’t hurt to be called too skinny or told that you need to be fed. Most skinny people just have fast metabolisms. I literally eat so much food and I cant gain weight. Im 5’10” and weigh 123 pounds. That’s just the way my parents are. But these things should NOT define a person and who they are. So why do they? Social media. Yes- social media is a place where all of us can come together and get to know one another and inspire and share ideas and experiences. BUT the other part of social media are people who are either 9 or younger and shouldn’t have access to internet, people who verbally attack others to make themselves feel better, people who promote anorexia and bulimia, and people who attack those with the disease saying they crave attention blah blah blah. Of course they do. But they need to find a way out of that within themselves and I can only imagine how heavy of a  thing that is to go through. The last thing those people need is you telling them all the things they already know and think about daily. The same thoughts that got them in that situation to begin with.

Yes- we are all human, but we were all raised differently. We all have similar and different experiences and viewpoints based on those experiences and the way we let them affect us/the way we reacted. Therefore we all react to things differently. Based on our memories of the way they went in the past. But nothing is permanent. Life is constantly changing. You may not have the power to change the things you wish you could but you can let them change the way you will react to similar situations in the future. Some of us feel things more than others and some of us less. This is life. None of us are bad people we have just lost our way. I really cant stress this enough- every single one of us is so beautiful. If you need to be reminded of this just look down at your two hands. We are works of art. Pure beauty. Some of us come in different shapes, sizes, heights, and some of us are even born with no arms or no legs. That right there is very heavy to think about because really what IS NORMAL? Is there even such thing? I highly doubt it. Life is infinite. There are infinite possibilities and ways it could go. The way yours goes is up to you. Never live your life for anyone else. Always give love and compassion to those who are open to receive it. Let your light and pray that others see your light and don’t become envious or intimidated but will only want to shine theirs too.

Why would we want to make this world any worse than it’s already become? Lets start taking action to fix it. My friends and I are going to help change the world and if you want to help then what I need you to do is very simple.

Be HAPPY. You deserve it. We all do. If you are capable of reading this then you are already more fortunate than most of us. The thought of that alone should be enough to get you up every morning with a smile on your face. Life is such a hard ass and throws so many curve balls at us but it’s all about how we react to those things! We are all going to suffer so why not realize that and stop fearing it. We need to be strong and ready to take on those challenges when they arrive. Support and love one another. We need to take care of the world we were given.

Remember- nothing is permanent. If you are depressed your living in the past, if you’re content your living in the now and if you’re anxious you’re living in the future. All we have is this moment.

Nostalgia is a dirty liar that insists things were better than they were and leaves you staring at that old photo wishing you had walked the extra mile. Stop wishing and regretting and realize that that was not as good as it gets. It gets better! So much better, but ALSO so much worse. That’s LIFE. Drawing a cage around an infinite life full of possibilities is ignorant. BE CRAZY. Sing whenever you feel like it and dance if you must! Expand your interests. Never tell yourself you aren’t good enough or that you can’t do something because there are others- who once put themselves down like you-who have achieved their goals. Some of those people might even APPEAR to be less qualified than you. The only difference is that they believe in themselves, even if no one else does. Why cant you then? You can. Life is good and life is bad life is sunny and life is cloudy but both of those things help us and the flowers and the trees grow. Lets start planting more trees. They are seriously so beautiful not to mention they produce the oxygen we breathe.

There is beauty in all things. Don’t let those things become normal to you. Remind yourself every day just how extra-ordinary life is and appreciate it. When you see a butterfly or a ray of sun through a silhouetted tree, or a new baby and a first time mother with love and life in her eyes so bright that she could have been born long side her daughter. These little things are so amazing and so effortlessly beautiful that they should always remind us we are too.

Pick up the trash that rolls past you when you walk down the sidewalk to get home. Little things like this will show others that it’s still “COOL” to show appreciation for the world. Since being “cool” really is all that a majority of us have been raised to care about.

Being raised in Hawaii taught me a lot about life, love, family, respect, and so much more. I’ve for only been living for 17 years but inside it feels like much longer. Im often told that im lucky to see things the way that I do and to have the ability to piece them together in a way that makes sense to me and others. I may write a book but for now I hope that this helps you all. I was sad for so long and so at times could be so bitter and mean to the ones I love most. But after seeing my grandpa survive cancer and the loss of his right leg, and my grandma lose all the cartilage in her nose and the ability to correctly breathe through her nose without a mouthpiece to redirect the air flow due to radiation and chemotherapy with love in their eyes and smiles on their faces- it really showed me true strength. I am so thankful for the horrible and amazing life changing experiences/people I have met. They really are the ones that inspire me to say these simple things that no one ever says. Without them I would not be the same

Hey, I know this is long but please read it!

People think that I like Dan and Phil because they’re two cute British guys with fringe. But it’s so much more than that.

When I was in eighth grade I had no friends. I cut myself almost daily and thoughts of suicide and death crossed my mind every night as I lay in bed listening to my parents shout about me and my siblings and each other.

To block them out I turned to Netflix and tumblr. I finally found a place where I could just be me. I could voice my opinions freely and block people out with my newfound paradise.

But soon I ran out of shows and became bored. I started cutting again when my mom moved out and my dad called me a “twisted teenager who manipulates situations to go my way and all I do is cause him and my mom to fight.” I felt so guilty because I thought it was all my fault.

Then one day I followed a fan account who posted something about how they hoped that Phil looks at himself in the mirror every morning and says “beautiphil”. It made me laugh so I asked them who Phil was.

The first video I ever saw of him was Dan and Phil- Internet Confessions, and to be honest I wasn’t too sure about them. For one, it was a wired first video, two, I really wasn’t expecting British accents, and three I couldn’t tell them apart.

Next I watched all the pinof’s (this was back when I was semi-innocent so Dan really scared me) and I subscribed to Phil. He made me feel so happy! It took me about two days to realize that Dan also was a youtuber and them I subscribed to him too.

I didn’t really watch any of their recent videos for like two weeks and I mostly watched the Super Amazing Project and the Pinofs over and over again, so it was very surprising to me when I realized that Dan was actually taller than Phil now and they had shorter hair.

While I was on one of my stalking sprees I found an account of a person who had met Phil in 2011 or something like that. The person basically said that they had told Phil that they used to cut themselves but had stopped because of him and had been waiting to say to his face that he had truly helped them. They went on to say that Phil then hugged them and told them that they were to important and beautiful to harm themselves and asked them to stop, even if it was just for him.

I instantly started crying. I had known that Phil was a genuinely nice person but I had never guessed that he cared so much about hid fans.

Slowly I started to stop cutting. it’s not like I just stopped, it gets very addicting. But I was cutting less and less. I had replaced my thoughts of suicide with the mental image of Dan facedown in their hallway or Phil laughing while trying to film. The urge to slice open my thighs was also quickly taken over by the feeling that I really, really, really needed to draw cat whiskers on my face.

One day I thought “you know what! Why am I keeping this to myself???” So I told my mom that I watched these two youtuber a lot and if for my birthday, instead of being creative she could just go to

For some reason she told my dad about it and he decided to look up Dan and Phil. Bad decision dad. What he found was a phan account.

Now a lot of phan accounts are okay-ish for your parents to see but this one was a crazy phan shipper (not that all phan shippers are crazy) who posted smut vines. This would probably be a good time to mention that my dad is homophobic. Put that on top of what he thought was actually Dan and Phil doing the frick-frack and he got extremely angry.

Long story short, I got yelled at for two hours about bad life choices and stuff like that.

Anyway, I had started to cut again and would just lie there for hours on my bed listening to music. Then one night I got a notification about a video on dans channel. And guess what it was!

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire trailer! When I realized that there was going to be a tour it didn’t really affect me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go but I was extremely exited about tabinof. I ordered it the next morning.

Over the summer I kind of faded away from Dan and Phil. People kept telling me not to watch them because they acted too gay and Dan swore too much. idk why they thought that Dan and Phil were the people infecting me with their gay-ness tho when I literally said Q and Slay every five seconds and always had Don’t Wait stuck in my head and sang the SuperFruit goodbye every time someone left the room. At first it made me really angry but you know what? They can have their opinions and I can have mine.

Then when school started again I re-watched their videos and instantly regretted not doing so during the summer.
As a joke I asked my mom “hey can I go to California to see Dan and Phil if they go there?”

Now, you have to understand something, I was completely joking. My family is barely scraping by money-wise and we live in Alaska. Also I had assumed since my dad hated them so would my mom.

“Sure, but you have to buy your own ticket to go to the actual thing. That actually works out well since I was planning on letting you go to California soon anyway. Just make sure you do t have to miss school.”

I swear it took my entire willpower to not scream. And I don’t mean scream like a preppy girl does when she gets asked out by the guy she likes, I mean full on banshee. If I had screamed the windows on my school would have exploded and I probably would have been launched into space.
But instead I just kind of looked at her like she had killed me.

Now I know that I’m probably not going to go to tatinof. I’m probably never going to get to tell Phil that it’s because of him that I haven’t cut or burned myself in over four months. I’m probably not going to get to finally hug him after all this time. I’ll probably never get to tell Dan that his laugh was the only thing that could actually drown out the sound of my parents screaming at each other. Im probably only going to ever see tatinof through a screen. But that’s okay.

Just the slightest hope that I might get to see them one day and get proof that the guy who saved me from myself when everyone else in my life failed actually exists, that’s enough to keep me from cutting.

That’s actually why I wrote this. Today is one of the worst times I’ve wanted to cut. I can seen the razor from where I’m sitting. But the chance that I might see Phil one day and tell him it’s because of him that I didn’t, that’s enough.

Thanks for reading this. It means a lot to me.

Please help me get Dan or Phil to see this!
-Katie/ @overly-stressed-phan-trash
@amazingphil @danisnotonfire


These are from the official TATINOF recording, so no screaming to jumble up their words. IDK if someone did this already, but I did it for myself and said oh heck it I’ll just put it here too. *means spoken*



Whenever I’m alone, or if I’m feeling gray

there’s one place I can go, to brighten up my day.

it makes me want to sing, that’s how the show should end

but wouldn’t it be good if I… could sing it with a friend

*Dan: Woah woah wait what?! Phil, I think you should have asked before putting me on the spot like this.*


Okay fine whatever I’ll join in too



I might go outside and feel more alive

but without twitter where would I be


I guess I’d be fit and stop posting shi– *phil: RUBBISH!*

but tumblr’s a part of me



so many websites and so little time

plus one or two you should avoid


just don’t stop watching youtube, or we’ll be unemployed



The internet is here, the internet is great.

When you’ve got lot’s of followers who needs a real mate.

It might be antisocial, but these days that is fine.

*Dan: cause life is so much better when you spend it all online*


*Phil: a place where you can be yourself no matter if your geeky*

*Dan: find friends who share your hobbies, even if they’re freaky*

*Phil: where every question in your head is answered in an instant*

*Dan: who cares if you procrastinate your one shot at existence*



The internet is here,

the internet is great.

When you’ve got lot’s of followers

who needs a real mate.

without the internet

we never would have met. (IM CRYING)

*Phil: we’d never be here on a stage, doing things we might regret!*




*Phil: who cares if you’re a loser, and everybody knows it*

*Dan: or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses*

*Phil: even if your chances of getting tan are slim*

*Dan: or if you live vicariously through the life of a sim*

*Dil: chelte zomo!*



The internet is here,

the internet is great.

When you’ve got lot’s of followers

who needs a real mate.

It might be antisocial

but these days that is fine.


Cause life is so much better,

life is so much better,

life. is. so. much. better.

When you spend





nvrmindidc  asked:

im sorry bc i just dicovered this but whose micheal and gavin and tell me everything and everyone

Phew, that’s a big question. “Everything and everyone”, huh? Well, I’ll try and give a rundown.

Michael and Gavin are two parts of a group called Achievement Hunter which is an offset group of the internet content production company, Roosterteeth. (We could get into RT as well, but there are only so many hours in a day.) They, along with their coworkers, create hilarious Let’s Play videos, along with guides to help you get achievements and other video game related media.

Essentially, Achievement Hunter is a group of people who record and edit funny gaming videos for the internet, and they’re damn good at it. 

If you want to blindly take the plunge and check them out, you can do so on their youtube channel {here}

If you want more grounded places to start, it’s always recommended that you check out AH’s Minecraft Let’s Play series, which is probably the number one reason they sprung to almost absurd levels of popularity. There are a lot, lot, lot of them, and they’re all funny. Start with one. You don’t have to go in serial order, but it helps. 

If MC’s not your thing, you can also check out their GTA IV, V, or Cloudberry Kingdom LP’s, all of which are well regarded hilarious.

These are just their most popular videos though. There are gems hidden all over in the hundreds of hours worth of content they’ve created.

Okay, that’s nice. But who the hell are these people?

(Intro to the AH members and video recs under the cut)

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#60.3 Breaking Off The Engagement [Louis]

Part 1


One more time. Just one more. This is it.

Her orgasm comes and I join in, letting my head fall forward as I catch my breath. Her breath is hot against my face, her chest rising and falling as I concentrate.

I can’t keep doing this. I roll over and fall onto my back, just lying there next to her.

“That was amazing.” She smirks and lays herself across my chest. I just stare at the ceiling, already regretting this again. “I have to go.”

She slowly draws circles on my chest and laughs. “I know, [Y/N]’s going to kill me if she sees im not in her room.”

I pull myself from beneath her and begin to put my clothes back on. “You ready for tomorrow?” With my back turned towards her, my mouth tightens and I wait to answer. “Yes, I am.” I can hear her getting up and walking towards me. “You know you can always back out.” Her hand is on my back now, moving up and down. Turning towards her, I catch her hand tightly and push her back. “No.”

She shakes her head and sits back on the bed of my best man. “This is the last time Jen. I mean it.” She purses her lips and looks at her nails, being the snotty bitch she is. “That’s what you said last time.” Shaking my head, I head towards the door.

Your POV

My eyes are wide awake and my brain is running wild. I can’t believe tomorrow is finally here. I’m getting married and I can’t get over the excitement. I look down at my papers and reread everything, making sure it’s perfect. My eyes turn towards the door when I hear it open.

Jen steps in, heels in her hand and her hair a mess. “Have a good night with your mysterious man?”

She gasps, her hand landing over her heart as she begins to laugh lightly. I guess I scared her. She begins to nod her head. “Yes, yes I did.” Throwing her shoes down, she walks over to me and sits down next to me. “What are you doing up? You need to be resting for your big day tomorrow.” I smile at her, thanking God for giving me the best friend in the world. “I couldn’t stop thinking about everything. I just want to make sure everything is perfect. I don’t want any problems tomorrow.” I begin to flip through my papers and her hand stops me.

“[Y/N], go to bed hun.” She pulls me up from the couch and takes the papers from my hands. Walking me over to my bed, she pulls the covers back and pats the bed. I climb in and cover myself. “When am I going to get to meet this boy that gives you so much great sex?”

She’s been seeing this so-called man for over a year and I’ve never got to meet him, only hearing about him in her sex-crazed wild stories. She looks to the ground and smiles. “You’ll see him tomorrow I promise.” I return her smile and lay down. “Finally jeez.”

“Go to sleep. Tomorrow you marry your prince. Good night [Y/N].”

“Good night Jen. Thank you for everything.” My eyes close and I can hear her closing the connecting door. I’m too excited to sleep but force myself to calm down. Tomorrow will be here when I wake up and I’ll finally be married to Lou.

A/N: I’m getting my internet finally!! Hope you guys enjoy this. Part 2?