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*whipsers* im new in the voltron fandom and im really confused. who is Mothman?

Alrighty Anon, so this is a question I see asked/reflected in a LOT of the tags whenever I post Meithman, and as a result, I’ve actually been meaning to make a post to explain it as best I can for those folks! SO I GUESS THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO ACTUALLY DO IT!

The “who” is just as important, however, as the “why,” and to be frank, the “why” isn’t super clear to me, and when I go digging deeper, I feel like Tumblr isn’t actually showing all the results when I search for the truth! (CONSPIRACY!)  So my information is a) not 100% certain, and b) I can’t back it up to give credit where credit is due to whoever made the first, shall we say, “connections” in building this piece of fandom lore, such as it is. I’d love to know as much as anyone!

AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE, no longer with deep-digging stripes required, by semi-popular demand!

So first off, is the answer to your ACTUAL question: WHO IS MOTHMAN?

Essentially, Mothman can perhaps best be summed up as an urban legend/cryptid with no actual canon connection to the Voltron show. That’s right, you’re not crazy, you didn’t miss something glaringly obvious! (OR DID YOU.)

[An artist’s interpretation.]

From the Wikipedia article on Mothman, “In West Virginia folklore, the Mothman is a legendary creature reportedly seen in the Point Pleasant area from November 12, 1966, to December 15, 1967. The first newspaper report was published in the Point Pleasant Register dated November 16, 1966, titled “Couples See Man-Sized Bird … Creature … Something”. The national press soon picked up the reports and helped spread the story across the country.“

[What a fantastic headline!]

There were various Mothman sightings back around ‘66-’67 or so, etc, etc, and while many of those sightings are suspected of being hoaxes or misattributions of perfectly normal phenomena (as well as tricksters), the sightings were also sometimes said to precede catastrophic events, etc., leading to the additional conspiracy theory of the of a prophetic element, popularized in John A. Keel’s 1975 book, “The Mothman Prophecies,” made into a movie in 2002. (One such “linked” disaster being the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which included the very real, very tragic loss of many lives.) IIRC some conspiracy theory-type TV shows postulated that Mothman kind of “came” to the town and revealed itself as something of a warning that something bad was about to happen, while others believed Mothman somehow caused the disasters. (Ah, good old conspiracy theory TV…)

Now, with all this unrelated-to-Voltron stuff in mind, the next logical question you might be asking would, of course, be: WHY MOTHMAN?

And it’s a great one! And I’ll be honest, I probably know about as well as you do - my own assumptions are merely that: assumptions. Like most people, I saw the art/tags/head-canons and went, “…What…?” I kind of pieced together what I assume is the reasoning for how it came to be on my own - so my explanation could be spot on, or it could be way off - but I’ve seen similar opinions reflected elsewhere, so I’m fairly confident that my best guess is at least somewhat relevant to why this all came together.

[Keith reveals his chef d’oeuvre at Gallery Desert Shack, June 10th, 2016.]

Honestly, it largely comes down to Keith’s S1E1 living situation and preoccupations. Living alone in a shack in the desert, tracking conspiracies on a cork board, linked together with COLOURED FLIPPIN’ YARN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! (And tied in weensy bows! uwu)

So, from there, if you narrow down conspiracy theorist!Keith a bit and you come to him searching, specifically, for the Blue Lion, which, on its own, basically sounds like a cryptid (cryptids, of course, being creatures who cannot be/have not been proven or disproven by science. Well-known examples include the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc.).  After all, a blue lion sounds about as likely as Bigfoot, right?

[Collective groan]

Conspiracy theorist!Keith, not too surprisingly, is often paired with conspiracy theorist!Pidge, who similarly was preoccupied with the conviction that there were aliens puttering about, having a good old chin-wag about something called Voltron, and that said aliens were, in some way, possibly connected to the disappearance of the Kerberos crew, etc.

So. Conspiracy Theorist!Keith begets General Cryptid-Seeking!Keith. You follow?

(Somewhat unrelated, but while you’re here - along a similar vein, Lance, whilst skeptical of all of this, latches on later to the idea that the Castle-Ship is haunted, which, when you float them all together, makes for a really fun paranormal investigation team AU! I like to think Hunk would be really into gemology, Allura would have some possible psychic ability, and Coran would be in charge of setting up the technical experiments & baseline tests,  while Shiro would be the resident skeptic with a dark past/experience he refuses to admit was real. GOOD TIMES! But nobody asked about my random AU head-canons…)


So then, why exactly did anyone arrive at focusing on Mothman specifically? I’m… not really sure. D: It’s something I’d lovet to know; I’ve tried to look into it, but, as I said, Tumblr doesn’t want me to know. Maybe because Mothman toes the line between being considered a cryptid and an alien? (There are UFO theories as well as cryptid theories regarding Mothy.) Idk.  I’m pretty sure someone (I don’t know who, I’d source if I knew for certain) just kind of latched onto cryptid-seeking Keith, it evolved specifically towards a fascination with Mothman in particular, and then before you know it, other people followed suit, and then there were posts and art about Mothman’s fantastic abs, and it escalated. (Or maybe it didn’t really escalate. I don’t actually see a lot of Meithman content these days… What a loss…)

There is this line: “It’s like something… some energy was telling me to search. […] Each [carving] tells a slightly different story about a blue lion… but they all share clues, leading to some event, some arrival happening last night.”

This could be a reason as to why Mothman might have been the cryptid of focus - the prophecy connection. But I feel like this is perhaps grasping…? It could have been that someone just kinda said, “Mothman,” and it stuck. (Or, as with the Meithman valentine I posted the other day, MAYBE IT’S A MOTH-TO-A-FLAME ATTRACTION JOKE? A+ if so. If not, I feel blessed anyway. What a perfect OTP.)

I also like to think this lil’ carving of Voltron’s silhouette could be said to vaaaaguely resemble Mothman. At least in so far as it also does not really resemble Voltron either. Let’s be real though; it could also be a very distinguished looking Kaltenecker.

Anyway, fast-forward a bit through the random conception of this, and Keith pining for Mothman is suddenly a… thing… understood and accepted (well, accepted, anyway) by a large segment of the fandom, VERY MUCH NOT UNDERSTOOD by another segment, and for other people, whichever side of it they’re on, it just confuses them anyway. The fandom, therefore, is suddenly left with the pairing that, by and large, seems to be colloquially accepted as “Meithman” (though I have also seen “Meith,” “Keithman,” and “help how tf do I tag this?”).


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, so thanks for asking, Anon! I hope this has been enlightening and entertaining, if not precisely helpful!

She Doesn’t Like Roses

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Request: Angsty+fluffy hank mccoy imagine please?

Pairing: Hank McCoy x reader

Summary: Hank isn’t one to get easily jealous, but the sight of his girlfriend being flirted with makes it a lot harder to keep his cool.

Word Count: 1,229

Genre: angst, fluff

Notes:  implied sexy time. Also, I love my baby hank. To pure, so sweet.

Hank wasn’t someone who got jealous easily, or ever really. He had prided himself on being a very calm and collected guy and that’s what really attracted you to him in the first place. In a world filled with angry macho men, Hank was like he diamond in the rough. A sweet, kind man who just wanted to love you instead of proving to the world that he could have whatever he wanted. Like the gentleman he was, he took you out on various dates before actually asking you to be his girlfriend, he really got to know you before you jumped into a relationship.You two have been dating for two years now and you still can make him blush with a kiss to the cheek, you two were easily the cutest couple in the mansion, right next to Erik and Charles of course.

Tonight, you were going out for a date night together, and like always Hank was running a bit late. He had a nasty habit of getting overzealous with a new project and forgetting that time does actually move on. You understood, there was many times you got so caught up in grading papers that you forgot about something the two of you planned in advance. You were putting the finishing touches on your outfit when Hank ran into the room looking dishevel and surprised,

“Y/n, I’m sorry, I got distracted again. I didn’t see the time” he said as he rushes into his closet to put on his outfit.

“No worries, I figured as much. I will be waiting downstairs for you!” you say as you slide on a pair of heels and walk out of the room.

For being one of the smartest men you knew, he could really be absent minded. You weren’t angry at him in the slightest, you actually found it quite endearing how wrapped up he could get in his work. As you walk down the stairs to the foyer where you were planning on waiting for Hank, you notice someone was already there. It was just passed curfew so you knew it couldn’t be a student. When you got closer, you saw that this man was a new mutant that had moved into the mansion.

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Try Me (Part 2)

Notes: So here is part two!! Violence, and graphic smut (bear with me still getting used to writing it). Enjoy!

Tags (Hope I did this right): @banieldryan, @buckysteetime @dipdies @trashybuchananbarnes If I missed anyone Im sorry!!! Im new to this, just let me know!

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Hi Ad, I've been a big fan of you and your art for a long time, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'd love to become a professional artist when I'm older, but everyone (including myself) thinks my art looks terrible. I'm conflicted and I wonder if it's worth the effort. What should I do?

give up. just give up, right now.

look at that, its me, a person whose opinion you respect. and im telling you to give the fuck up. your art looks terrible, so why would anyone care, right?

are you still there? did you take my advice in yet? no? good.

life is unfair. from even before the moment were born, some are getting royally fucked over by life while others are already being set a nice little path to glory.
some people are born with talent, and some are not. looks like you werent born with the talent to draw. 

so right now, there are hundreds, thousands of people out there who have the same experience as you, yet draw a shit ton of times better than you. too bad.

should it let you stop you though? should someones opinion change the value of your art? well, if you really want to be an artist, then the answer should always be: FUCK NO.

you werent born with natural talent for art. guess who wasnt either? me.
since i was a little kid, ive always had shit hand coordination, ive always been really clumsy and hopeless. my drawings looked like the other kids’, if not worse. so why am where i am right now?

almost 15 years ago i started playing piano. it took my teachers 4 years to realize i could barely decipher music sheets, and since then i can still barely read them. i havent had a teacher in 7 years. but im still playing. it takes me hundreds of hours to get a song right, and then the moment i try to learn a new song im back to square one. its very frustrating.

now, for someone whos been playing piano for 15 years, im as awful as can be. but for someone who just plays piano in general? im ok! yeah, sure, there are tons of people ahead of me, but who cares? my playing sounds good enough.

ive progressed a lot in drawing along the years as well. go ahead, look at my art tag chronologically, jump to random pages, youll see how things changed.

change. my art changes. it evolves. it grows, because i give it time to change. because i keep drawing. had i listened to people telling me to give up, none of this wouldve happened. this blog wouldnt exist, i wouldnt be in animation school, and my art would be nowhere to be found. 

so many possibilities, crushed in a single instant by a reckless decision.

do you want to be an artist? do you really want to be an artist? then dont give up. dont let anyone talk you into it.
keep creating. keep learning. make yourself a better person. 

and honestly, who gives a shit if your art still looks bad in 3 years. at least itll be worth something. itll be worth more than anything an artist who was naturally born with talent couldve ever made. 

now get to work, and prove everyone who was trashing your art wrong.

first and foremost thank you to my girl quinn for this edit. i wish i had talent. anyways i finally hit 1k and so this only felt appropriate. thank u to everyone for following me even when my url was bonedaddystrome. here we go.

i have so many favs on here i truly don’t know how i narrowed it down to this many people!! i probably forgot a bunch of people too so please don’t be offended!! here we go now for real:

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now for the good stuff:

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ABC of me

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A - Age: 20

B - Biggest Fear: welp, so many. Failure probably, like trying so hard at something and still coming up with nothing. It messes me up. Also, being useless/unneeded I guess. Oh and spiders, those little frickers need to stay back. I’ll respect your creepy space if you respect mine thanks.

C - Current time: 7:50

D - Drink you last had: Water

E - Everyday starts with: Me frantically trying to turn off my alarm before falling back into bed,telling myself I can sleep for 5 more minutes 

F - Favorite Song: I’ve been listening to Ainsi Bas La Vida by Indila for hours so I guess that for now 

G - Ghosts, are they real?: hmm I suppose, but not the stereotypical kind we see in movies 

H - Hometown: ******* 

I - In love with: lots of stuff; people, art, songs, stories, places..

J - Jealous of: people who can just do stuff without overthinking. They just frickin do it without obsessing over all the what if’s or the possibilities that it could go horribly wrong. I wanna be like that and kick hesitation in the face. Also those who can art in less then a couple of hours..just HOW 

K - Killed Someone: nope

L - Last time you cried: Last week I think, I was reading or watching something that was sad and it just happened.

M - Middle Name:*****

N - Number of Siblings: 2 younger siblings, brother and sister

O - One Wish: I’d wish for more wishes 

P - Person you last called/text: My Mum 

Q - Question you’re always asked: “Are you [insert random ethnicity here]?”. I’ve gotten so many

R - Reason to smile: currently, a random vine completion video 

S - Song You Last sang: I don’t really sing, but I think the last time was when I was waking up my little sister singing yelling “Morning Report” from lion king as I dragged her out of bed. 

T - Time you woke up: 7:30

U - Underwear color: the colour of nope

V - Vacation Destination: so many places. I wanna revisit Cali again, London would be cool to, Paris, would love to visit Dubai and India to see friends, and Egypt cuz the last time I went I got super sick, so that ruined the trip

W - Worst Habit: biting my nails and sticking out my tongue when I’m concentrating.

X - X-rays: does dental x-rays count 

Y - Your favorite foods: spaghetti!! 

Z - Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius   

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early morning walk

if you wanna be my lover, you gotta act like a normal person and then maybe be my friend. this was written before The Lovers update, and I like it too much to get rid of it, so here’s some trash 

It was a hot day in Vesuvia and a long walk from the Palace to Roah’s little corner of the world.

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I’ll just be honest with you here…. I don’t care :’D I’m sorry but I’m going to use you as an example here of something that’s been bothering me for a while. And I know I’m definitely not the only one who feels this way.

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What Variety Shows Wanna One Should Be In

1. Their own variety shows
You know, that kind of variety show where they show us their dorm and how they choose their room & roommate, play games, do weird and funny mission, go to amusement park, go karaoke, go bungee jumping or other extreme sports, go to sauna, be a kindergarten teacher for a day, etc. I just want to see them being them and have a great time.

2. Weekly Idol
It was like a must for an idol to appear in this show, right? i can just imagine them do the 2x dance & random play dance, them show us their individual embarrassing talents, and ofc one of them being playfully bully by doni coni.

3. Running Man
Aa i really want them to be in running man! I want to see how good they are in games especially the rip name tag game, annd i wanna see who’s innocent and who likes to play dirty (i bet seongwoo is one of them who play dirty and probably going to make alliance with kyungsoo then betray him in the end😂)

4. After School Club
It’s really nice to watch after school club because its one of the platform where idols can interact with fans. The idols can feel that they are being loved and supported by so many people, and the fans can finally recognized by their idols (whether in the form of their twitter, fanart, cover dance, or even their face&voice) and ask them bunch of questions.

5. I can see your voice
I already watched it so many times but its still hard for me to figure out who’s skilled and who’s deaf tone. I really want so see them struggling! *evil laugh, but hope they can choose the skilled one in the end and sing a beautiful song together.

6. Return of Superman
OMG can you imagine Wanna One’s special episode where they separate into 4 groups of 3,3,3 and 2 and they have to babysit the kids for a day and do some kind of surprise for the kids’ dads?!! It’s going to be sooo much fun and cuteness!! The first group (jaehwan, minhyun, sungwoon) is going to babysit seungjae & lohee, the second group (jisung, woojin, daehwi) will be with seola sua daebak, the third group (jihoon, guanlin, baejin) will be with yijun & william, and the last group (ongniel) will be with the mischievous twins!!

7. We Got Married
It’s not possible for all of them to be in we got married, right? So i want it to be minhyun or daniel. I don’t know i just see them as a really sweet guys with sweet talks maaybe can be little cheesy but it’s okay i can handle cheesyness.

8. Wanna One vs I.O.I variety show
I’m so excited just thinking about it. They will do bunch of games, the winner of each game will got points. Then they have to accumulate their points to determine who’s the real winner. The winner will got the prize and the loser will have to do whatever the winner told them. After the show ends im pretty sure there will be some new ships sailing 😂

9. Their own webdrama
Just like the other idol group, i want them to have their own webdrama. High school’s friendship with a little romance theme will be great i think.

10. other variety shows
-Idol battle likes
-yang and nam show
-star show 360
-hello counselor
-king of masked singer
-snl korea
-yu huiyeol’s sketchbook
-crime scene

Writing Tips: Appealing to Young Adults



: can you name some stories that you can image and want to read, like what books will interest teens or young adults? i want write a short story but im bad at thinking about the plot.

Sometimes a writer will already know exactly who their target audience is, but will have no idea how to win them over! Hopefully, these tips will help you better relate/hook your teenage audience. 
(To answer your personal question of what books I like, I like anything from John Green to J.K. Rowling to Ray Bradbury to F. Scott Fitzgerald. I love pieces with unique style, interesting voice, and deep meanings. My favorite books are “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green, “everyday” by David Levithan, and of course, many many others. Short story-wise, my favorites are often done by Kurt Vonnegut, my ultimate favorite from him being “Harrison Bergeron.” ) 1. Think about what books you like(d as a teen). 

A surefire way to get a teen’s thoughts on novels without having to initiate much conversation/ get results quickly is to merely ask yourself. What were you into as a teen? Were you all romance, or did you prefer adventures? Did you like a little bit of everything? Use this to help guide you into the appropriate genre. It’s a surefire way to get at least one opinion. 

2. Find out what teenagers like. 

You already have a tumblr, which is perfect, because if you look at the right tags or follow the right people, you will almost instantly “find the book-lover.” You’ll see fandoms arise. You’ll see quotes from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”  and “Looking for Alaska.” You’ll watch as people freak about books such as “Divergent” and “The Fault in Our Stars” become movies. Sometimes, you’ll even see fandoms form. The Hunger Game fandom is certainly present, and the “Potterheads" even after all this time still love the Harry Potter series with all their heart. Of course, you could always ask other teens what their favorite books are, and try to find similarities between each other’s interests. I would also ask what they dislike, so you can avoid that in your writing.  My ultimate suggestion would be for you to read more contemporary, popular work. Soak up the style, see the genres, fall in love with the characters. In order to truly find out what other people like, you need to truly understand what those things are. 

3. Avoid the cliche; Don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

Even if your idea seems a little weird, I would still recommend you go for it. Overdone ideas could easily bore an audience, and books with interesting concepts are usually the "blockbusters” to begin with. “Harry Potter,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Divergent” all were incredibly original books with a young adult following. Afterwards, you could get a couple of close friends (ideally young adults) to read your stories (vary it up if possible–guys and girls) . See what they say. Listen to their thoughts. They are your editors and beta testers at the same time: Their opinion’s important. This doesn’t mean you have to follow every idea or suggestion, but keep in mind that a second opinion is always useful.

4. Some Psychology knowledge and plot arcs.

This may be really crazy to consider, but the teenage mind is hacking and deleting information in your brain everyday–and at this stage in one’s life, it is almost completely in the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for decision-making, emotion analysis, and great parts of one’s personality. You may have/do feel that as a teenager, no one understands/understood you. This is why. The teenage brain (especially the younger half of them) cannot understand and recognize some emotions as well as an adult can. ( This is probably part of the reason why you had that teacher in high school that you swore hated you. ) Along with this, the brain is structurally egocentric at this stage–there is a feeling of invincibility, possibility and adventure at this stage in life. 

While all this may sound incredibly random and useless, start to think about famous young adult novels, especially in their quotes and plot arcs. In “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” there is the line “We were infinite.” In most of John Green’s novels, there is a certain adventure–both emotional and physically–that the main characters take to reach the end of the book. Many young adult books are in the first person. Chances are, the main character will be trying to find themselves–just as their readers are. There is a method to that madness. 

5. A note on short stories.

Short stories are essentially short novels. They have the same idea: beginning, middle, end. They both have characters and conflict. Only, due to their usual couple thousand word length (as opposed to tens of thousands), word choice and voice are important as ever. Don’t try to steer the plot in too many directions–but do try to leave room to keep your audience guessing. It can be hard, writing shorter pieces, but editing and cutting lines can always shine up a rough draft.

I hope you found this helpful! If you want any more clarification, please don’t be afraid to ask! ~Ashley
A Cosplayers Guide to Shopping at Joann's

**Okay I’m going to start this with a disclaimer that I’m using solely personal experience to create this guide. What I do works for me, idk if it is your style or if its something you can do based on your location. I’d also like to say that I work for Joann Fabrics and in this guide I’m going to point out some mistakes I often see by customers and tell you how to avoid them in order to save yourself as much money as you possibly can. 

Know Your Store

Alright lil homie, in case youre like any angry middle aged women shopping at Joanns, I’d just like you to know that ALL Joann’s vary by location. My local Joanns is  very small store, so we don’t carry as much as a larger store would. Understand that if you cant find something at your store, you can special order it or go to another store. 

Get to Know the Workers

Believe it or not, most of the workers at Joanns sew (at least to some extent). I know for a fact that there are three cosplayers that work at my local Joanns. Other than them, there are two seamstresses as well. If you have a question about fabric or construction, ask someone who is at the cutting counter, assuming they’re not busy. Usually, the workers at the cutting counter sew, and will be able to help you. The workers at Joanns just want to help you as best they can, so don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. Also, try to see if you can find someone wearing a maroon apron, because it is literally their job to help you find what you need and help you with any questions you might have. 


Sign up for the mailing list. Sign up for the emails. Sign up for the texts. Download the app. Are you a student? Sign up for the Student Discount card. Are you a teacher? Sign up for the Teacher Discount card. Hell, apply for a job there and get that Employee Discount too. Before you know it, you will be drowning in more coupons than you will know what to do with. The mailing ads are sent out every sale (about every two weeks). Emails are sent every couple of days. Texts aren’t as often, but will have great coupons. 

Read the Ad

Here’s this current sale’s ad:

I’m using this page and a personal experience as an example. 

This page may seem super simple and straight forward, but if you don’t look carefully while you’re reviewing your ad, you might miss something really useful. For example, I skimmed the ad when I first got it, noticed a few things I needed that were on sale, and closed the ad. I did not see the ad for the pattern sale, and nearly missed the sale ($1.99 is an amazing sale omg). Keep an eye out for pattern sales, too, because you can’t use coupons on them!

Okay, so I needed to buy four yards of a bottomweight fabric. As the ad above says, Fashion bottomweights are on sale for 40% off. Does that mean ALL bottomweights are on sale? NO. Only Fashion are. This is where people often make mistakes when trying to use coupons. Fashion is a brand (collection? idk what really but its a type). My local Joann’s carries two brands of bottomweights, Fashion and See and Sew. The bottomweight I wanted, which I had seen the last time I was shopping, was See and Sew, which is not on sale. 

“But that’s not on sale!!"  the novice shopper cries "I thought you were going to tell us how to save money!!!”

It’s not on sale. Which is better. Because it’s not on sale, I can use a coupon on it! Almost all of Joann’s coupons are for regularly priced items. Luckily for me, going on right now is an event called Coupon Commotion, in which Joann’s gives out a metric shitton of 50% off coupons in their ads. Remember how i said to sign up for everything? Well, because I receive both the mailer and the emails, I had EIGHT 50% off coupons going into the store. However, when it’s not Coupon Commotion, there is usually a 50% of fabric coupon every now and then in the mailer.

Back to the bottomweight I bought. I needed four yards of it, and regularly priced at $9.99/yrd, that comes to $39.96 for just that fabric. I, however, still needed four more fabrics, and there’s no way I’m paying with my firstborn child in order to cosplay. BUT, since I have a 50% off coupon, bam! That fabric comes to $19.98 total. Not too shabby, huh?

Never Pay Full Price For Anything

This is my motto whenever I go shopping. Hoard your coupons. watch the sales. Know what you gotta get and how much. 

“But I don’t wanna give out my personal information!!” cries the young cosplayer

No worries, homie. I understand. If you go to Joann’s website, you get print coupons right off the site! And they’re the same exact coupons that you would get through the emails. 

Just go to Joann’s website, and click the coupons link and the very top on the right hand side of the page. 

Pay! Attention! To! Your! Coupons! Some coupons are online only or are not for something you’re buying. There was a 50% off notions wall items a while back, and it ONLY took off of notions wall items. However, people still tried using it (whether knowing or not). A handy guide for you to know whether or not the coupon you received from email or the site is for online only, is that an online only coupon will literally say “ONLINE ONLY” on the top of the coupon. They also will not have a barcode.

As you can see, the 15% off total purchase and free shipping coupons are online only. 

Also, watch for when your coupons expire! Cashiers cannot take expired coupons; the computer cannot read them.

Wait For Sales

“But you just told us not to!!” cries the confused cosplayer. 

Yes, buy regular priced with a coupon IF the coupon is better than the sale. Last sale, the bottomweight I wanted was 30% off. I knew that was not enough to get me to buy it, so I waited. Shopping at Joann’s can sometimes be a gamble. You have to be patient and watch the sales. This is also why you should start your cosplays months ahead of time so that you can plan for the best sales possible. Some sales will be better than the coupon. Right now, fleece is on crazy sale, Blizzard and Microfiber are both 50% off, and Anit-Pill is 60% off. During big holiday sales, some things are on insane sales. During Labor Day weekend, tons of fabrics were 50% off on sale. 


Patterns are tricky. Most cosplayers need patterns at some point in their cosplaying life, but they are hella expensive. $18.75 for tissue paper with some guidelines on it? Ugh. Crack open the piggy bank now. 

There are, however, some good things about patterns. Major patterns companies like Simplicity and McCall’s both produce costume patterns for characters from many series, including Disney, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, etc, as well as other costume patterns for strange things that cosplays might need. 

However, you can’t use coupons on patterns. Why? Because patterns are ALWAYS on sale, usually 30-40% off. But thats still $11 a pattern, and who wants to pay that? Not me. So unless you desperately need a pattern asap, what you gotta do is wait for pattern sales. Pattern sales are amazing because you can stock up on all the patterns you’ll need for whatever the hell you might make. 

Patterns usually go on sale around Halloween, but its always different for each brand. McCall’s go on sale this week 3 for $5, and last week Simplicity was on sale for $1.99 each. Every now and then, there will be a $0.99 pattern sale for (insert company), and those are the best. They don’t happen often, though. 

Be a Good Customer

Believe it or not, employees remember faces. They remember if you caused them trouble. They remember if you were rude to them. On the flipside, they remember if you were courteous and thankful. They remember the smile on the face of someone they helped. Just be nice to them. They are overworked, especially during Halloween season.

Always have your coupons ready before checkout. Please don’t be that customer who walks up, gets all their stuff rung up, and then asks “so what coupons do you have?”. Cashiers aren’t allowed to give you coupons during certain sales, and saying “But you gave me coupons LAST time” isn’t going to make them break the rules for you. Also don’t be that person who, upon hearing the total, pulls out their phone and asks the cashier where to find coupons. It’s your job as the customer to know how much you’re going to pay, and it’s not their fault as the cashier when it’s more than you wanted.

Also, if there’s something you picked up, but decided you don’t want anymore, DO NOT just leave it somewhere in the store. Just bring it to the cashier, and they will put it away. It’s so much easier for them to put it away than to collect all the random mismatched thing throughout the store and then put them away.  

Black Friday

Black Friday sales are at Joanns too. The sales last all weekend and change every day. And if you have nowhere else to be that weekend, I suggest stocking up on stuff you need. I went there last year and spent maybe $60 on nearly $150 worth of stuff. I’m not sure what the sales will be like this year, but it might be a good idea to watch for when that comes out. Last year, there was a coupon for 25% off your total purchase, which is amazing, especially when you’re buying eighteen yards of fabric. However, this will not be the time to ask employees questions about construction and things about your costume, because they will be overworked and stressed out.

“But isn’t it their job to help me?” the novice shopper asks.

In the grand scheme of things, yes, that is part of their job. However, Black Friday is a stressful time for everybody involved, and literally every employee that store has will be working that weekend. It’s not bad to ask employees questions like “Where’s the elastic?” or “do you carry brocades?” that weekend, but it might be a good idea to wait until a less busy day to ask something like “hey how do i make this thing”. You don’t want to hold up the cutting counter on the busiest day of the year and upset not only customers but also employees. 

**I hope this little guide can help some of you out there. This is all I can think to add right now, so I might add later on. If anyone else has anything, feel free to add! And if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask about something! ignore the copious amounts of spelling mistakes this took a long time to write and also take a shot every time i say ‘however’

My follower 500 1000 ( from my old account) its be a wonderful experience I’ve had on here. I’ve made many supportive friends on here.

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ask-xion-the-memoria : As promised, you are here first.. again! Its bee fun rping with you as Kefka and Caius. I adore your Xion and love seeing her on my dash (I track your blog o 3 o). Anyone I really should thank you and valiantbearer  for getting me back into roleplaying again. If I did not see you guys on my dash at that time, I really would not be here.

lazuliss  : Your  probably my major go to person when I need some constructed criticism on my style of rp, hell you have help me shape my muse into what it is: be it writing and portrayal, so you have my undying thanks for all your support. I can see why you are so popular among so many rpers, you deserve their praise You having unparalleled talents and its quite amazing how likeable you are, your literally the ambassador of ff13. I’m quite honored to call you my waifu 

temperedwings : I’ve know you roughly the beginning of my return back to rp. You have been very supportive of my work and I, for yourself. You text me all the time! and no it does not bother me one bit lol for I feel guilty being preoccupied to text at times. You literally remind me of your muse. I know you have many other muses but don’t over do it with all your muses waifu. P.S. I do ship Noh x Nene

cosmopolitanwarrior: Hi friend! :D I have known you for so long now. Ever since i started to rp as Caius.

flashbang-x : I remember when we first rped  together, it had been so long ago that I still have it under my old tag. Months later, here you are as one of the most popular Renos to ever come into creation. My friend you have truly become an icon to some many rpers. You even caught me off guard as well, though I did get worried seeing you had over 66 threads…..yeah do take it easy I’d hate to see you burn out lol. Though its been awesome to get to know you though we don’t talk much, I enjoy seeing you on my dash.

valiantbearer  / imitationheart : Both you guys are amazing to have know, It was fun to watch you guys interact with some many people - even Xion. It did tempt me to joining the KH verse to rp.

neoicebreaker :  We talk about everything it seems, and it’s been awesome to talk to you on skype. I noticed we have a similar mindset as well. I think your art is fantastic, and I cant wait to see more of it.

elbokorojo :  Your random antics always make me laugh, even when you spread chaos on the field ms. rabbit. You are indeed a force to be reckoned with :T . I think you are well known in the community as the “Red Chaos”. Its awesome to see your art when you show it and your stream are awesome to be in :3 keep up the good work!

fangoftheyun : fang-goo, it has been great to know you and talk to you time to time on skype. I’ve had fun seeing your interact with other muses and reading some of your rps.  

iceybrand | sxfaia : Heyo llama buddy, its been actually good to know you. Ah yes, you were there for my insomnia days back then. I think your a awesome person to talk to even you game the title LOL king, yes I am aware of that xD , I think your a sweetheart really who rps a fabulous shiva and OC. 

the-white-archeress :  Mama Rosa, its always fantastic to talk to you when we can. I find it funny how determined you are to beat a boss in FF15 ARR. quite adorable im glad to have known you.

avaliantqueen : Ah garnet mun, I have known you for quite sometime now lol. I noticed your rps have definitely changed in style. I find that amazing how passionate you are to rp, even in your real life. I know you have ran into some bad luck, but I doesn’t seem to have slowed you down. So im  glad your do just fine and that you are considered a role model to so many you have much strength in character. I guess kinda like a Erza scarlet from Fairy Tale

zanarkandsongstress | xyojimbo  cosmos-warrior |: The old grumpy waifu, no i kid. I think your a fabulous rper  on all your accounts presay. I do appreciate the honest feedback you offer me on my work , yes possible one of the things like about you o w o. I do believe you ought to be a bit more popular idk why, but I just feel you should cause you are very very very supportive, I do really love those status banners you made for me  p.s. I credit you for them! o  w o and you owe me a promo banner but no rush lol. We dont talk much possibly because I feel like bore you or irritate you in some way :T but that’s just me mate or maybe your just super busy :T.  Any just letting you know  I lu *Caius.exe has stopped, would you like to wait* you and  that i’m honored to have you as waifu :T

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shadowturbine: My babu <3 nuff said :T 

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anonymous asked:

i dont mean to sound rude, i love you to bits, youre a really ace person, but i cant quite comprehend how you can ship real, like physically, mentally concious people together... i just find it endlessly gross and repulsive that you can mentally force two people together - its just wrong and creepy to me :/

(sorry this is long/not under the cut - i just want people to read this and maybe give me their own opinions?? let’s talk about this. might as well also note that i got this ask aaages ago so apologises for repeating stuff i’ve said in previous posts in my tag)

Thanks for the kind words about me, I’m really flattered/glad to hear you see me that way!
But yeah, in all seriousness, I guess an explanation is needed as I don’t want anyone to assume things or just make wrong judgements when I say ‘I ship *insert irl ship name*’.

Of course, I totally understand where you are coming from because at first glance, seeing me focus a lot of my time/thoughts in two random irl people (and their relationship) can seem a little…odd… [even writing that sort of makes me concerned] but please, like don’t let your first glance be your last!

Allow me to explain to you in this unnecessarily long reply about phan (the ship name for Dan and Phil off YouTube) as this is the irl ship you probably see me talk about the most, and really take “seriously”. I’m pretty sure people who ship other irl people share these feelings too.

First and foremost, despite what I may say about phan in a romantic/sexual/whatever-something-that-isn’t-platonic context, I want both Dan and Phil to be happy in real life. Whether that is together as a couple, not together, with other people or with platonic relationships in their lives… whatever the outcome [whether they ever wish to share it or not - they are not obligated to and I respect that], I just hope they are happy

I may ship them and of course, as ridiculous/soppy as this may sound, it would literally bring me to tears if they actually were together - not because ‘oh my god!!! my ship is canon!!!!’ but just because what that would mean for gay people like me……….. but as they are real conscious people, physically, mentally, [do you think i don’t know this?] it is not about my happiness, hopes, dreams or fantasies.

It’s about them.

It’s about respecting them [and whatever relationship they’ve shared with us willingly so far (mostly platonic and possibly romantic/sexual in the early stages of their relationship in 2009).

and for that reason above, I try to refrain from:

  • mentioning phan directly to them irl/online (i.e. on twitter where they are most active)
  • tagging their usernames on heavily romantic/sexual phan-related posts as they supposedly check their tags regularly
  • bleeping out their names to limit the chances of them seeing me gush about phan
  • keep it to myself/in a private convo

unless they joke/talk about it themselves (which they’ve been doing a lot recently) bc i find them doing so opens a discussion for me(and others) to share my(and their) thoughts too. I talk about how I think they perceive all the shipping stuff nowadays here.

and, in relation to their relationship, it’s about empathising with them.

Whatever you want to call it, when you boil down the reasons why I ship them or how I can possibly ship them or what I gain from shipping them, it is because of empathy and/or relating to them.

I can feel this indescribable amount of happiness when I see them together - happy with each other. happy because of each other.

I can relate to that extremely so with the friendships/relationships I have[/have had/] personally, I can imagine what it is like to be either one or both of them and I can to some degree, for however long a video of theirs is, experience the happiness they experience in that moment too. Heck, seeing them have such chemistry makes me think - ‘maybe i could have that with someone [else] one day?!’

In addition to this and in regards to solely Dan and Phil, these are two people I have admired for the same 6 years that they’ve known each other for. I’ve seen them grow up (/mature) together happily despite any drama or disputes that may have happened between the two [off camera, i mean] or between us [the phandom] and them (i.e. the v-day video drama). 

The fact that I’m not the only one who feels this way is also wonderful as it means that Dan and Phil’s relationship has in a way sparked this entire world which runs on happiness.

And you know what the best part about all of it is, from a shipper’s or viewer’s perspective? I don’t have to ‘mentally force’ this to happen and I don’t have to force Dan and Phil to be this way [not that I would anyway, because, again, respect before wants] and neither does anyone else!

Their relationship is so natural and real.
That’s why I like it. It’s more than what a fictional couple could ever because it’s real life. You don’t have to write fanfiction or anything when it comes to the two of them because what they share with us is just them.

Of course, in regards to Dan and Phil again, at the beginning they did have to put in effort and time to actually meet in person, [and they also did have their struggles too of course] but once they started spending time together all their interactions is something they didn’t have to force or fake or anything. They are a perfect example of harmony in the form of a relationship - they have their differences and separately they are just as great but when put together it makes something that feels like it was meant to be that way. It was a random but at the same time natural occurrence of love [platonic or not] and seeing that makes me happy.

So tell me now, anon, is it really that ‘gross’ of me to enjoy the moments these two have together?

Is that really ‘disgusting’ and ‘repulsive’ to find joy, inspiration and beauty in what I’ve seen develop over all these years?

When it comes to the sexual side of shipping the two, I can understand how that can be ‘gross’ but hey, the way I see it it’s just sort of a way in which people project their own sexual interests on other things they have interests in. Some people may not necessarily be sexually attracted to Dan and Phil, but they are interested in sexual stuff and sexual stuff involving them, and expressing/venting their own sexual interests onto the ideas they have of them.

What needs to be understood is that these fantasies are…just that - a fantasy, an idea, a could be. Not a must or should be or a definite - and the phandom understands that (or at least I hope they do).

I hope that clears up a few things. This has been sitting in my drafts for a while so sorry if it’s a bit unorganised and I probably didn’t mention everything but tldr; please understand that when I say ‘I ship them’ and those people happen to be a real life pairing - it does not mean it [my fantasies of what their relationship could be] must happen or is happening.

Saying ‘I ship them’ simply means I enjoy/emphasise with what is presented to me - two people happy together - and I like the idea of applying other ways, not solely platonically, that happiness could be explored.

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for someone who wants to start journaling? :) like any prompts, supplies you'll need, or ways to stay consistent?

ive had this question so many times  - dont get me wrong, i love answering it and feel so lucky that people come to me for advice - that im thinking of making a special journal page on my blog with tips and advice!!


-consider what type of journal you’d like. i do a lot of drawing so i prefer thick paper. get a good quality journal, the investment is worth it

-markers like copics and promarkers may be expensive but they give the best results

-keep things!! receipts, cinema tickets, postcards, notes you pass in class, letters you receive; everything looks good pasted into a journal

-get nice pens for writing and pencils for drawing if u want them

-i have a massive envelope i use to keep things ive collected for putting into my journal, so it might be a good idea to do that. im such a hoarder

prompts and inspiration:

-personally, i let random things inspire me. some of my pages are very themed and some are filled with random, unrelated things. i would always advise people not too be too strict on maintaining a single aesthetic, and let each page stand for itself

-i think a journal should really give an insight into ur life, ur tastes, ur interests and hobbies. write in what songs ur listening to, what movies ur watching, etc etc.

-if ur really struggling with stuff to put in, start with a page of doodles and thoughts and songs inspired by or related to ur favourite movie. write in ur hopes for the year and do some doodles about that. nothing is too irrelevant or too silly.

-everytime i cant think of anything to do, i go here which randomly generates a face for u to draw!! its so much fun

-as i said before, paste in as many things as possible

-check out peoples journal tags on tumblr. i dont have one coz im too lazy. let other people’s work inspire u!!

other tips:

-some days im really uninspired though, so i dont push myself. it should be enjoyable.

-write down nice things people say to you, or doodle cute things u see. it’s a work in progress, allow yourself to be constantly open to inspiration

-consistency isnt as important as making it fun and bright. dont beat urself up if a page isnt perfect. 

-u will develop ur own style in time

-message me if u have any more specific questions