im going to publish a book

so ive somewhat abruptly taken a turn back into wanting to do children’s publishing illustrations - and im going to try to write a book? maybe?? at the very least i need to work on my portfolio a bunch, so im just gonna do some work!

this is lily!! she is a little demon kid!! i did this in acryla gouache, which is alright i guess… i might give watercolors a try as well, but most likely i’m gonna do a combo of pencil lines + digital colour. this was a fun experiment tho.

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i ship you with hyungwon bc i think you work so hard that he'd love being the one person to get you to snuggle in for a nap and just be really cute together! ahh! could i get a ship for got7, 17, and monsta x? im 23, 5'3", chubby, blue hair with an undercut a poet gave me in my bathtub on a whim, loud and touchy bc i love people a lot a lot a lot, funny and always cold so i hate the winter, a very expressive nose, love doggos the most, work in publishing (i edit books and design things!!!)

he is welcome to come and nap with me anytime :’’)

  • got7 - i was going to say jackson but getting your hair cut in a bathtub is such a bambam thing,,,,,,,,also bam hates the winter too,,,,,but tbh jackson would love you being touchy,,,,,,,
  • 17 - hoshi!!! he’d be like “we gotta get a pet dog” and you’d be like “yes”
  • monsta x - kihyun!!! he’d love that you have such an interesting job (and he’d also be like talk shit about the bad book w/me) and he’s a skinship lover so ^^ 

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my friend recently asked me to preview their second story and got all defensive when i started pointing out their plot holes that contradicted some scenes of their first story. i said if that book gets published, people are going to get confused but they ignored my advice. what should i do?

//I know it’s really frustrating, but I think you’ve done all you can do. You gave them your advice and they’re actively ignoring it. I’ve noticed that when a writer- or people in general- are corrected, their first instinct is to ignore the active flaw. “No one likes to be wrong” has never been more accurate in that situation.

I personally think that acknowledging giant story-breaking plot holes is kind of important and the first step to getting better as an author. Even famous writers of series, such as games, movies, comics, or books are quick to push away the plot holes when they’re pointed out. “Pff, that was on purpose” is what they’ll tell you, but chances are, 75% of the fan base sees right through it. 

Maybe link your friend to this post, because what I’m about to say might help?

It doesn’t make you a bad writer if you have plot holes. It does make you a bad writer if you’ve been told you have plot holes and your first instinct is to ignore it. How are you going to engage your readers if they’re confused all the time? Or upset? Or offended? ‘Cause I don’t think I’m alone when I get angry at my favorite writers that try to toss a bone in another direction, hoping I’ll chase it. I don’t think they mean it in a condescending way, but rather, they just don’t want to acknowledge that they have flaws like any other person does. 

Perhaps you’ve already written your entire story and you don’t want to have to go back and change anything, even if there’s a problem with the consistencies. However, I can tell you that if you take that extra time, it’ll be worth it. 

I’ll repeat this again; you’re not a bad writer if you get something wrong, but the way you react when you’re told you’re wrong is the most telling thing about you, as a person, and you, about your writing. 

I hope this helps!!

–i am in love with the weather.  god i love warmth. 

–watched all of the people vs oj simpson.  which is well done and enjoyable and had me thinking about marcia clark being a single mom through the whole thing.  and how childish oj simpson was. and how i felt the first time i heard the mark fuhrman tapes.  

–ummm…heard from an ex through a friend and it was all weird and gothic.  that time in my life when i supported other artists while they made their relatively shitty art.  and how the last time i heard from him he wanted me to support his new movie and i said no.  and it was at that moment that i thought, fuck you, im going to give all the love and support i have been given to others shitty art and support my own.  and now revolutionary mothering is out. i went on tour.  published two chapbooks.  book acceptance for two more books.  a fresh idea for a one woman show.  look how much i get done when i become my own fragile fuck boy. 

–theresa’s growing glowing independence 

–this weekend found a photographer who will do my artist/author shots in exchange for letting him use them in his show. 

–making new friends

–the receding snow on the ground


–rice and curry veggies

–a quick mind



–sparkling water

–fun time at the bar during the film festival.  

–getting to see a new arts space that has opened up downtown and a place where i could work on my one woman show

–liquid eyeliner

–dirty chai

–gym life

–leather boots

–fresh ideas

–heart socks

Let go of the old things,
to let new ones in.
Be happier,
be healthier
and enjoy what they bring.

Let them become memories
fond or faded past.
Let yourself enjoy new ones
‘cause things will never last.

One day your life will end too
and partly it is up to you,
to make it happy to recall
let go now friend, that will be all.
—  diary of a broken soul ( the book i’ll never publish)
6 x 5 Things

I stole this from @anelementofsurprise because why not c;

five things you’ll find in my bag (other than a wallet)

  • roughly a thousand receipts
  • some Carmex
  • so much change?? how do I have so much change??
  • a book
  • my phone

five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • my loft bed
  • a bajillion books (most of them unread)
  • clutter
  • my records/record player
  • my teacups!!

five things I wanna do w/ my life

  • write and publish a book
  • finish reading all the books that are on my shelves
  • get closer to Jesus
  • make a metric ton of friends
  • lose those extra 50lbs

five things I’m into right now

  • Peter Cushing *heart eyes emoji*
  • my current fic (Van Helsing/OC, it’s currently 35k words and I’m starting my first round of edits and planning my sequel)
  • my other current fic (Frankenstein/OC, the Trash Kids)
  • Rivers of London
  • I just bought one if Gin Wigmore’s albums and it’s faaab!

five things on my to-do list

  • timeline my fic/finish editing
  • finish Van Helsing’s family tree
  • finish my 2nd fic
  • plan my 3rd fic
  • plan the sequel to the first fic

(why are all these writing related??)

five things people may not know about me

  • I am 100% differnt irl, ok?? I’m rlly just a shy nerd.
  • My first proper crush was on Little Joe from Bonanza.
  • I almost got named Anne Shirley because my dad is a huge fangirl idek.
  • I have two cheap plastic rats that I bought for Halloween: one I painted gold (his name is Midas) and one that’s a skeleton (his name is Mortimer).
  • I work as a service clerk at a grocery store and boy howdy is it ever just as fun as it sounds.

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 -Oneirataxia- A person, with no gender, (gray is the name) is like super special and whatever they imagine becomes a reality and so they keep them away from other people

-Never Knew I Could Fly- Another person with no gender (Alex) finds that their immortal and tries to escape working like a slave for their abusive father and wanting to be free


Existing as a queer woman of color in the punk / hardcore world has been a goddamn nightmare most of my life but femme / girlpunks are my number one inspiration & motivation to move forward without hesitation or doubt 

Im so proud of my girls all over the world who play in bands, draw flyers, book shows, house n feed bands, and go watch their friends play the same songs every weekend without any recognition of their contributions to ‘the scene' 

I feel blessed to be friends with ladies in bands all over the world who inspire me every day :,) FIREWALKER is the best band with some of the best people I’ve ever known and I hope the world is ready for the NWOFDHC NEW WAVE OF FEMALE DOMINATED HC 

There are like 3 girls in ‘the scene’ out here in DC but I’m tryinna start a million bands (already doin 4) and publish a periodical zine and book-club starts next month so please HMU babies 

 Sicker than you XOXO

I don’t not support people pirating things like textbooks, they’re just so ridiculously laughably expensive.  it’s economics, if you raise your price past the tolerable level then people are definitely going to look for different ways of attaining their need.  i dont care about the publishing monopolies or the authors of the textbooks or the bookstores because they make way too much profit off of way too many poor kids.  rebelling against the state is the best way to force change. if everyone started pirating books or sharing them or just outright refused to buy them in a mass movement then that would force change.  and then there’s ebooks which should be $5 but are actually the exact same price as hardcovers just because the publishers can get away with that.  i don’t care if everything is going electronic but i need to be able to read a pdf without first giving my week’s salary to these tycoon bafoons. im going to punch a rock






I got a 3 work deal. They want The Wicker Throne, another book from me and some kind of novella. I get to work with Erin Stein!!!!!!!!!!



I am currently at work sitting there on the outside like:

but on the inside I am like:


IM GONNA GO IDK BURN SOMETHING, OR EAT AN ENTIRE CAKE, LEAP OUT A WINDOW idk idk  im not good at handling strong emotions 

but yes!


now everyone gets to read about queer kids with happy endings. <3

i feel like people forget how self-aware dan and phil are and how well they understand the phandom.

they have been completely silent since announcing everything and this is very deliberate. they knew how poorly some people were going to take this (like with the gaming channel and the merch shop) and since they most likely couldn’t just release the book now without warning (I don’t think publishers would appreciate that) to calm everyone, they are using the next best thing: time and space.

you don’t have to approve of what dan and phil are doing with their careers, but at least appreciate the fact that they do truly care about us and make no attempt to manipulate or deceive us. 

I’m sorry i need to talk about this, feel free to ignore me. 
Tabinof… oh Tabinof. If i see one more person getting pissy at Dan and Phil because of the release dates im going to fucking scream. 
Educate yourself before you start screaming at people. 
To publish a book in a different country you have to get a publisher willing to take it on. The ‘foreign publisher’ can chose when ever THEY want to publish your book. You can advise them to publish it the same time you have chosen to in your own country but they can deny that and chose when ever they want to publish it. It is rare that books will come out on the same day in every country especially if you have never released a book before as they are giving you a big chance. On top of that some and many American publishers will want to change the dialogue before release to make it more americanised and by the looks of it Dan and Phil didn’t want that to happen so their options for foreign publishing may have been harder to find.
So stop yelling at Dan and Phil for there being a delay, publishing a book is harder than you think, they are working hard. 

Also relating to Tatinof 
You cant seriously tell people not to post tatinof things it would be like telling people not to post playlistlive of Vidcon things. by the time it goes on world tour the content will change anyways as they will want to keep it up to date and relevant. 

Seriously this fandom.


My god, I would have not expected THIS much positive and encouraging feedback :’D I always forget just how many supportive followers and fans I have, thank you all SO MUCH for understanding and supporting me, you have NO IDEA what a relief this is for me! :’D^

Oh, thats VERY sweet of you, but dont worry, I’ve gained A LOT of inspiration and ideas from friends, family and nature itself for enough concepts for a full book! I only have to bring them to paper, and thats what takes its time :’D

Well, the thing is I have to be very careful about how much Im going to give away from my book and not to publish too much of its content, that could be VERY dangerous for its success due to risks of somebody stealing my ideas. Also Im not so sure how happy people would be about NON-pony content on their dashboards xD Tho if its this important to you guys, I surely can give an update every now and then on my process on the book plus an overview of current events and plans, like how GalaCon went for example (and of course previews of the posters).

However, there is ONE thing I can show you from the book already, the ONLY finished concept I published as a preview for the book to explain and announce the project properly. I uploaded it on my art-blog, you can FIND THE LINK HERE

Age 7: I’m gonna write a series like Harry Potter!

Age 10: I’m going to write a trilogy with lots of chapters and epilogues and maybe spinoffs

Age 13: I’m going to write poems and angsty short stories

Age 14: I’m going to publish an anthology

Age 15: Maybe I can publish a short story in a magazine or a newspaper or something?

Age 16: lol, I’ll never publish anything

Age 17: I’m going to write a short book, like Metamorphosis

Age 17: wait

Age 17: oh

Age 18: holy shit

today has been exhausting and involved a $300 bar tab, a department party at a mansion in the mountains, 2.5 hours straight of office hours meetings, totally losing my voice, and finding out that the big project i’ve been working on all year is going to get published in a book collection with a ton of established and exciting scholars whose work i love

it’s a lot