im going to make fool of myself

“how did you leave your house w/out your glasses???” listen buddy my eyesight starts to get blurry about 15 meters away from me and idk what kinda house you live in but nothing is more than 5 meters away from me where I live, so I’m fine making breakfast and stuff cos Ive fooled myself into forgetting I can’t see properly, it’s only when I go outside and think ‘what tf am I lookin @ here’ that I remember

whats wronf with me. i just put dill in my tuna pasta salad. i had to rinse the noodles and i have lost my appetite. im going to die and it will be because ive failed so often cooking so many times lately. i made salsa and it was too sweet why? because i used red onions. fucking idiot fool. it was edible though. 

i made one inedible meal my whole life and that was an egg wrap with hotsauce except every component had a substitute. i used processed cheese. i used ham instead of bacon. i had no hotsauce. i took one bite and threw it in the garbage and hated myself. ok i pride myself on my ability to make edible food but the failures lately are wild and powerful

I met with my trainer today. And we went over a strict meal plan. He said I need to lose 10 pounds. So RIP.

I am training 5 days a week now. By myself for 2 of those days. 3 with him.

I am coming in tomorrow to do leg day by myself. So he told me to find him when I get there and he’ll go over what im supposed to do that day and leave me to it.
I am super frickin nervous and anxious about that cause what if i cant find him? What if i have no idea what to do and i make a fool of myself? What if i do everything wrong since he won’t be there to guide me step by step? I have never done leg day before and i dont wanna do it by myself. I am suoer anxiety filled right now. Someone help me

Any tips for somebody just getting into Fairy Kei or Decora?

SO. Im working on building up my accessory stash, and im actually working on making charms and things :) 

I’m super excited, but I was curious if anyone had any tips? Like, especially for a plus sized person trying to get into it? I mean, it doesn’t seem to be as uptight about rules and all that as Lolita, but like…. Are there rules/guidelines? I don’t want to go making a fool of myself :S I just wanna have fun being all colourful and pretty and pastel and fun? Anyone know good places for clothes that aren’t too expensive? I’ve pretty much got the accessories part covered, and I have a wig stash already… BUT YEAH! :D Any tips? 

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so someone suggested I narrate one of my stories and I thought we all deserve a laugh it being April Fools and all (here i am making a fool of myself, you’re welcome) so here you go buddies 

haylsey concept

halsey still only being an underground star and and hayley taking her to a big after party for the Grammies or VMA’s or something so she can talk to major labels and shit so while hayley is like “ashley, here’s this guy from fueled by I want you to talk to-” she can’t get her girlfriend’s attention she’s just staring across the room at something and hayley soon realizes it’s fuckin brendon urie brendon is here and she should’ve fuckin known and after a while hayley is like “babe just go talk to him” and halsey is like “no no you don’t understand im gonna make a fool of myself” and hayley is only a little jealous