im going to make a better one i promise

self care tips when you’re mentally ill

*brought to you by the wonderful @katherinee-wheel @oreocharm @superrr-nay and some lovely anons!*

  • remember it’s okay to not be okay
  • if you only have the spoons to wake up today and not to do much else, that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day.
  • eat or drink SOMETHING. It’s okay if it’s junk food or days old Chinese food or even a pack of oyster crackers and a cup of water. But please remember to put something into your body.
  • listen to music or watch videos in bed. It’s a low impact way to relax and unwind
  • put on my favorite classical or jazz record
  • daydream
  • play my fav video game (bioshock or spyro)
  • call my big sister or mom
  • say beep boop to myself quitely (I read it someplace, tried it, and it at least got me to smile a bit)
  • meditate and try to ‘feel’ everypart of my body
  • cuddle with my pooch
  • read my bible
  • read harry potter
  • read (Oh the places you will go)
  • sometimes bae will give me back messages and talk to me about randomly to get me out of my  mind
  • i usually love food, so i have a stash in my room in a drawer, so i might eat my fav snack
  • drink water or tea (depending on if i feel like making tea, bc i always have a water bottle in my room just in case i happen to choke on one of my snacks)
  • watch my fav youtubers (i like matthew santoro, markiplier, and threadbangers, just to name a few)
  • I’m a very rational and logical person, so in my mind, i know that ill be fine after a while but i just need to get through this one moment, so i make charts and graphs and i write down my thoughts as if i was having a conversation with another person, usually in two colors. On one side of the page will be my emotional side and on the other side will be my logical side, and by the time im done, i usually feel A LOT better; maybe not 100% but a lot better
  • also (last one i promise) i scream cry into my pillow, may sound weird… but it helps with any rage, anger, or frustration that you might have
  • a self care thing i like to do is send my datemate a long cute message because he gets so happy and it makes me feel a little bit better
  • Tips for self care : I listen to music. Go watch my dogs do whatever they’re doing. Watch a movie I like or TV series. Find new music. Go through Tumblr. Sleep
  • Self care tips: relocate. Even if it’s just from the bed to the couch. A change in scenery can help even a little bit 
  • Put on my favorite movie or read my favorite book I guess is an obvious one but it really helps 
  • My self care tips: - play a video game you’re good at / enjoy (important: give yourself the break and don’t feel guilty. feeling guilty won’t help) - listen to a podcast - take a nap - try to contact some friends and chat until you’re better 
  • Make a list of all the things you love about yourself
Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.14

                                         Part F O U R T E E N

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: this part is a lil spicy, so im sry if it kills ya heart ! but i swear itll get better, i promise it will ! im so happy you all enjoy it so much, it makes me smile so much! 100 notes please, loves xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                   I M A G I N E

Tokyo, 8:00 A.M. 

The boys remained silent once you asked about Nia. Michael became more pale than he already is as all the boys were quick to lose their appetites. That made your heart beat go faster. You couldn’t help but feel super nervous over their reactions. 

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Im sorry to all the trans teens who have such bad dysphoria they do unsafe things to look their gender

Im sorry to the ones who can’t look in a mirror because if they do they’ll break down in tears

Im sorry to the ones who are misgendered throughout the day

Im sorry to the ones with unsupportive parents

Im sorry to the ones with unsupportive friends

Im sorry to the ones who can’t come out

Im sorry to the ones who will probably never be able to afford a surgery

Im sorry to the ones who can’t afford things to make them look their gender

Im sorry to the ones forced to wear dresses, or baggy clothes, or whatever it is that isn’t you

Im sorry to all of my trans people going through something right now

But Im not sorry because you’re trans. Im sorry because of what you’re going through.

You are valid. You are your gender, whatever it may be. Your pronouns are valid, whether they be he or she or they or neopronouns. This is only for a little while I promise. Things WILL get better. Give it a bit of time, handsome transboys, beautiful transgirls, and glorious nonbinary pals.

Just a little bit longer


Nina said to Mitchell 2x01 after she found out she was changed: “I think this is about your conscience, you encouraged me and George. You told him to live a life. You loaded a gun and you fired it into a crowd.”

THEN NINA IN 2x03 to George: “You need to stop using the curse as an excuse not to live your life. You’re a wonderful man. You can make a go of things. Get a better job, get out in the world, even… find love again one day. I want you to promise me you’ll start to live your life now.



another one for the fic meme! [AO3]

#5. Firm Kiss

There’s very little that Annabeth hates more than feeling helpless. She’s never been happy to sit on the sidelines while her friends walk into battle. And here she is, rendered helpless as the person she cares most about fights all by himself.

Alright, he’s not completely by himself, there’s a satyr with him, but this does little to quell the worry in her heart.

“Why did he have to go?” she asks Chiron for the hundredth time.

She’s standing on the porch of the Big House, stance firm, arms crossed over her chest, scowl marking her face. Chiron sits next to her in his wheelchair and patiently explains to her, again, why it was Percy who left the camp to retrieve the lone demigod, unaware of his identity and hunted because of it, traipsing around Brooklyn.

“He’s perfectly capable of looking after himself.”

“I know that,” Annabeth snaps, unable to help herself.

Chiron’s voice remains level, reasonable despite her sharp tone. “He was here when we needed someone, Annabeth. There was no reason for it not to be him.”

You should have called me, she wants to say. I should have been here, she scolds herself.

“They should have been back by now,” she says instead.

Chiron murmurs vaguely in response.

Percy has fought without her many times before. He’s been fighting since he was twelve years old and at seventeen, he’s one of the best demigod fighters Camp Half Blood has seen. But that doesn’t mean Annabeth won’t worry about him. Because she’s seen his very best and worst. She’s seen his spiteful rage reduce him to a whirlwind of fury, only to be reclaimed to himself by her hands and her words. And she’s seen the aftermath of a battle, she’s seen him beaten to his knees, seen him drowning in a river with all hope torn away from him. She’s pulled him back to himself, both in the midst of battle, and out of it.

And now he’s out there without her.

Annabeth feels guilt creep into her chest, heavy and binding, with these thoughts. She hates that she doubts him, hates it with every part of her being. And she knows that she will not always be able to be there, but it’s been merely months since the war, since they dragged each other out of the swallowing darkness, and she doesn’t quite feel ready yet. Ready to trust that he will come back to her every time he leaves.

The other part of her simply misses him. She hadn’t woken up this morning expecting him to be gone and it opens up an old ache, a wound which never truly healed even after he returned to her. Those months had been spent with arms curled around her chest as if to hold it together, with bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep and relentless tears. She just wants him back, safe.

“Annabeth,” Chiron murmurs.

She looks up just in time to see three figures tripping over the boundary line next to Thalia’s tree. Peleus lifts his head and sniffs at them before tucking his head back under his wing and resuming his nap. Annabeth is frozen to the spot. They look fine. Percy’s figure, the tallest of the three, lopes easily down the hill. She watches as he touches the lid of his pen to his sword and it shrinks small enough to be tucked into his jeans pocket.

“Fetch some one from the Apollo cabin for me?” Chiron asks. Annabeth turns to him indignantly and he sighs. “Please, Annabeth. Nothing will happen in the sixty seconds it takes you to run over there and run back.”

She sends a glare his way before glancing again at Percy and his companions’ approaching figures, still too far away to make out any expressions or injuries, and turns her back on them to sprint down to the cabins. Chiron’s right, it takes her less than sixty seconds to run to the Apollo cabin, stick her head inside the door long enough to yell that someone needs to report to the medbay, and sprint back up to the big house.

She’s always been a fast runner.

The young demigod looks startled, his eyes are wide and staring as the satyr half-carries him past the porch of the big house towards the medbay. Annabeth spares them both a glance long enough to notice the bloody trickling down the young boy’s wrist from underneath his jacket sleeve and the bruising on the satyr’s face, and then her attention is drawn away, to Percy. He’s talking quietly to Chiron, rubbing a dark mark on his cheek and spreading it further across his skin. It looks like dirt, not blood, to Annabeth’s relief. He’s frowning until he looks up and meets her eyes, and then his expression morphs from surprise to relief, and then to guilt.

Annabeth surges forwards anyway, grabbing him by the shoulders, firm, wide shoulders, tense and there and alive. He’s alive. She wraps her arms around them and pulls him in close, feeling his breath rush out of him as their chests crash together. Percy’s arms come around her belatedly, and he rubs her back soothingly as if to say, it’s okay, I’m here. She loves him for that.

Annabeth withdraws from the circle of his arms and promptly whacks him on the shoulder.


“That’s for playing hero.”

He scowls at her, rubbing his shoulder and opening his mouth to say something to her. Annabeth grabs his cheeks between her palms and kisses him firmly on the mouth, stopping his words of complaint in their tracks. It’s all tense lips and clacking teeth and quiet moans and it’s over in a moment as they both gasp for breath, foreheads pressed together.

“That’s for being a hero,” she mumbles.

Percy’s answering smile helps her heart settle in her chest. His hands stroke her cheeks, smearing dirt there, and he dips his head to kiss her again, more gently this time.

“I won’t go without you again. Promise.”

It’s a promise she knows he won’t keep, can’t keep; one she knows she can’t expect him to keep, but it makes her feel better anyway. It reminds her of his words as he clutched onto her wrist underneath Rome, the only thing preventing her falling alone into the seemingly endless pit, We’re staying together. You’re not getting away from me. Never again.

And her answering promise, As long as we’re together.

today is my birthday and i feel so nice. i havent gotten anything and i know i wont get anything but thats okay, i know im loved by the people i care about and they would hug me if none of this were happening. im not going to let my family or my circumstances ruin my day. today is going to be amazing because i will make it so, even if everything looks like a dystopian wasteland lol. i hope everyone here has a good day, and remember to always keep your head up high even if the world around you turns into absolute shit, because one day youll get out of there and live a much better life doing what you love. that is definitely worth all of the suffering youve had to endure throughout all of these years and i promise that you wont regret your decision to keep on living and hoping that things will change, because they really will. i am so sure of it


// In which Justin makes Y/N feel insecure about her hair //


“Y/N, Let’s go!” Justin yelled at me for the umpteenth time.

“I told you I was fucking coming! Shut the fuck up before I decide to get my ass in back in bed!” I screamed back at Justin who had been working my last nerve all day.  

For the first time in forever, Justin and I have free schedules but instead spending the day with me, he decides to go to god knows what with Za. I let it go and spent the day relaxing, catching up on the real housewives, and doing my hair. I wasn’t until 9 o'clock when I was already in bed with my hair wrapped, that Justin came home and told me that we had something to do tonight. And on top of it all Justin is going to have the nerve to rush me to get ready? Hell no.

I took my time to shower and get dress then do my makeup. What took me the longest amount of time, was trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I spent the day washing, deep conditioning and bantu knotting my hair. My thick hair took me almost three hours to completely bantu and I’ll be damned if I take my hair down before it is completely dry. Normally when I knotted my hair, I would wear it in the protective style around the house and take it down the next day for a beautiful twist out but with my time limit, I wasn’t going to take it down so soon.

Going against my comfort zone, I decided that I would embrace my hair and wear it like it was. It wasn’t that I thought I didn’t look cute, it was that I wasn’t prepared for the backlash I would receive from the white media and Justin’s fans alike for wearing such an ‘ethnic’ hairstyle. Everyone was so cruel to black women already but it was even worst for me since, I was dating one of the most well known white celebrities of this generation.  

Shaking away my fears, I took pride in my blackness as I laid my baby hairs down and applied a bold matte lipstick to my thick lips. I shouldn’t be afraid to be black because with my curves, my lips, and my hair, everyone wanted my features. Feeling good about the situation, I pulled on my mustard colored crop top and matching wrap skirt with a high slit. The color looked so well on my brown skin that my mood did a complete 180 as I pulled on a pair of chunky black heels.

Content with my look, I packed my small clutch of the essentials I needed before heading down the curved staircase to meet Justin. Not in the living room like I expected, my heels clicked as I walked around the house looking for my impatient boyfriend. Not finding him anywhere inside, I went out in the garage to already see him sitting in one of his many expensive cars. I rolled my eyes at the sight of him. From yards away, I could see his jaw clenched as he typed quickly on the phone. Here we go again, another iconic Bieber attitude I’m going to have to put up with. I let out a sigh before opening the passenger door and taking a seat in his Ferrari. He barely glanced at me as he put the key in the ignition but once he caught sight of my hair, he was taken aback.

“You’re going out like that?” Justin asked rudely, staring at my hair. All the self confidence that I had built up moments ago had crumbled down at Justin’s negativity.

“Yes, do you have an issue with it?” I cocked my head to the side, daring him to test me. My confidence was on high to hide my hurt.

“I just thought you took so long because you were taking your hair down,” He grumbled before starting the car.

“Well, I wasn’t.”

“Are you going to go it on the way there? Because right now you sort of look like crazy eyes from Orange is the New Black with those balls on your head,” Justin joked at my expense, making my blood boil.

“No, you mean that I look like the only other black woman you can name who graciously rocks bantu knots. Don’t say shit about my hair when you appropriated MY culture with them grinch fingers you called 'dreads’. Jay, you don’t want to start this with me right now. You sure as hell know that I drag you, Kylie, Hailey and the rest of your pasty friends if they comment anything slightly negative about my hair,” I went off.

“Damn, you always in a fucking bad mood,” Justin huffed, not even acknowledging what I was saying to him.

“And you’re always the reason,” I scoffed before typing away at my phone, replying to any missed messages. We arrived at the club after sitting in fifteen minutes of silence.

Getting out the car, I didn’t wait on Justin to give his car keys to the valet as I walked up to the entrance. With other celebrities being here already, paparazzi was lined up at the entrance, waiting for their next victims. Justin jogged to catch up to me. He put a hand on my back trying to guide me inside but I quickly slapped his hand away.

“Trouble in paradise?” One of the paps asked, catching my attention.

“Yes, he’s horrible,” I called before stepping inside, Justin rolling his eyes behind me.

“You don’t need to let everyone know our business,” Justin whispered harshly into my ear so that I could hear him over the pounding music.

“Well, you don’t need to voice your opinions about stuff you know nothing about yet, here we are,” I countered.

“Look, I’m sorry. You look good, babe,” He tried to change my mood. He didn’t apologize until I had to say something to him, which means that his apology was not sincere. It was meant to just shut me up.

“Oh fuck off,” I laughed. Before walking up to the VIP the security guard pointed us in the direction of. I didn’t have to a say a word to the bouncer for him to open the barricade for Justin and I to walk through. Spotting Khalil and the rest of the group, I walked over and greeted my friends.

“Work, Miss Erykah Badu!” Za called once he saw my hair, making me laugh.

“I love your hair!” Kylie complimented followed by the rest of the group. Of coarse she loved my hair, she loved anything that was black.

“Thank you. At least y'all appreciate my hair,” I threw shade at Justin who was already rolling his eyes at me.

“Yo, what’s up with you two?” Fredo asked, noticing our annoyance with each other immediately.

“She’s pissed off, as usual,” Justin huffed before taking a seat on the other side of the booth when, there was easily enough space for him to sit beside me.

“Well was did you do to her?” Hailey laughed, already knowing it was his fault.

“He asked if I was going to 'do my hair’ when my hair was already done,” I explained.

“Broooo,” Za laughed at the misfortune.

“Never questioning a hair style is rule one to dating a black girl,” Khalil spoke wise words

“I think it applies to all girls,” Kendall’s all lives matter headass piped up as if she was relevant in the conversation.

“Like I said,” Khalil rolled his eyes at the white girl. “Don’t question a black girl’s hair it’s not worth it. It’s never worth it.”

“Yeah, sometimes Atifa’s hair look a mess but do I say anything? Hell no. I like getting my dick sucked,” Za spoke vulgarly about his girlfriend making her push him off of her.

“Well, I hope you weren’t expecting any head tonight,” Atifa crossed her arms in annoyance. It was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only girl have issues with the insensitivity of my boyfriend.

“Y/N, I told you I’m sorry,” Justin tried again. I ignored him and pulled Atifa with me onto the dance floor after taking two tequila shots.

I spent the whole night dancing with my friends and random strangers all while Justin stared me down from the sidelines. It wasn’t my fault that he fucked up so, I didn’t let his attitude ruin my night. I wasn’t until hours of dancing later and aching feet that I was ready to go home.

“Did you have fun tonight?” Justin asked before shoving his toothbrush in his mouth to complete his nightly hygiene routine. As soon as we got home we took showers and took care of our health. I nodded as I wipe off any remnants of make up clean off my face. Justin and I both cooled off by the end of the night from the soothing alcohol. In addition, I was exhausted from all the dancing I did and he was exhausted from being upset with me. The drive home was spent in comfortable silence as we awaited to get in our bed.

I washed my face at the same time as Justin before dealing with my hair. I was going to wrap it back up but frowned at the looseness of one of the knots in the back of my head. I sighed trying to fix it but the liquor in my system made me feel so fuzzy that I couldn’t pin the section of my hair back up properly.

“Do you want to me do it?” Justin asked after watching me struggle for a moment.

“You don’t know how,” I shook my head no as I made another failed attempt.

“Here, let me try. Just tell me what to do,” Justin muttered. I watched him through the reflection of the mirror as he carried out the instructions I called out. Four tries and six minutes later, Justin created a bantu knot on my head.

“I’m sorry for making you feel bad. I love you and your hair. Sometimes I just act like the ignorant little white boy I am and say fucked up shit. I’m sorry and I want you to know that I’d love you even if you were bald,” Justin snuggled into my neck and swayed me from side to side in a tender embrace.

“I love you even when you’re being and asshole,” I hummed before kissing his nose. Justin smiled at my words then pulled away to take my hand.

“Tomorrow you’re going to teach me everything I need to know about your hair,” Justin promised making me laugh while putting my bonnet on. Even if Justin fucks up, he tries to make it better and that’s what really matters in the end.

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Open when you are crying please? It's for my best friend I need one for Tuesday if possible. 💕💕


open when you’re crying

oh honey. I love you so much. I really wish I could take away all of the pain. I’ve never seen you cry, so I know that it must be bad if you are. I’ll go beat up whoever made you cry, ok, bud? I love you to pieces and I promise im here for you. if im the reason you’re crying you have full permission to throw a pie in my face. that’s the last thing that I EVER want to do to you. I am so proud to have you in my life and im so lucky to have you. you are God honestly one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. so wipe up those tears, and talk to somebody. I love you so much, and you deserve better than whatever’s making you cry.





This chapter of Hiiragi Cirque Ave. Freakshow  was soo good! You guys made me SO NERVOUS FOR YUU IN HIS APRESENTATION. I SWEAR, I WAS SWEATING IN ANTICIPATION. Yuu in fear of the people and my heart cheering for him like ‘’ GO ON BABY YOU CAN DO THIS’’  Im going to do fanarts to every chapter is2g (But I promise the next one will have better quality…)

SO I WILL BE WAITING OKAY @blueberrynedesu and @vixenfur (Dont make Yuu or Mika suffer anymore BC I WILL DRAW THIS TO YOU GUYS FEEL GUILTY)

Taurus Berkley

(art credit to me, I drew this up late last night. It’s not the best but it’s my best sooo)

Taurus aka Tauri and I have come a long way together; she has been in about a million different stories before we came to this one. She’s a trooper man. Anyway, here yah go:

Name: Taurus Berkley

Nickname: Tauri, Rus

Why did I pick this name?: Originally Tauri was supposed to have this long lost twin named Gemma (get it? Taurus . . Gemini?) but over time her story changed and her name just fits her and I love getting the Tauri (pronounced Tori) nickname from an unusual name and spelling.

Book and role?: Tauri is one of the protagonists of The Anomaly Series

Job: Tauri works for Adelaide Porter at her Home for Children as a primary caretaker and at The Haab’ Adelaide’s bar as a waitress/bartender/miscellaneous worker

Sexuality: She is extremely gay. Extremely, supremely gay. 

 Age: She’s around 18

Personality type: ESFJ

Character History: The Berkley family lived comfortably in the Shelves, the more affluent part of the country, Tauri’s whole life. In school she was well known but not particularly close to anyone. She’s in the peripheral of all her classmates memories; lingering along the edge of a party or sitting quietly in the back of a classroom. Tauri’s last year of schooling was very hard for her; while she was always aware of her sexuality she had never fallen for anyone like she did for her friend during senior year. Her very clearly has-a-boyfriend very ultra straight friend. It sucks. Also, she is a very curious young girl and wants to explore the world that has been hidden from her for her whole life. Unable to explore, trapped with her sucky feels Tauri decided to take a gap year rather than continue school. Tauri has one little sister named Mattisse aka Mattie and her parents are Hazel and Peter. Hazel is an energetic handful, like a soccer mom on steroids with a little bit of a hippy mixed in. Peter is calm cool and collected much like Tauri and little Mattie is 8 and an art prodigy (her name came to Hazel in a dream and now she’s convinced she’s psychic.)

Physical Description: Tauri has medium length brow hair that is almost always in a braid of some sort. She has grey-blue eyes and is slim and tall.She’s kind of gangly, her limbs seemingly too long for her to function. She has long bony fingers and is almost always in a flannel if she’s not out on the town.

Personality Description: Tauri is a calm soul, kind of like waves lapping at the sand. She is adventurous, adaptable, caring, charming(when she wants to be), aloof, impulsive, indulgent, and secretive. She is a free spirit and kind of aimless. Her ambitions are you be part of something; to have a large group of people, a family, of her own. Tauri is that quiet and unassuming girl that is always in the background but is low-key crazy and everyone knows it. She is kind of awkward in relationship and with people whom she likes having ignored that side of her for so long. She is selective when it comes to who she opens up completely to and it usually takes a while to earn her complete trust. 

Tauri is kind of odd; she likes being around people but participating in conversation with too many people completely exhausts her. She is willing to try almost anything once with only a few hard no’s. Meeting Halle was the best possible thing that could happen to Tauri. Halle brings out a version of Tauri that she couldn’t get out herself, she. Tauri is usually a doormat but very stubborn and proud so she won’t admit that. Adelaide and Halle don’t put up with any of it and expect only the best from Tauri and with people counting on her Tauri is willing to go against her deep-seeded ways.

(I’m sorry this is so choppy, I’m not good at describing anyone’s personalities even my own family members and friends, it’s a weird annoying quirk I have :/ )

Theme song: I’m Yours -Jason Mraz, Summer of 69 -Bryan Adams, 

Literal logline: Strong but smol bean with a mushy center who just wants to see the world and have a huge loving family but of course Halle and Reigan drag her into Huge Big Complicated Political Mess™


“My … Friends would never believe that I was here, well maybe that I was here but not what it’s like.”

“It’s nothing, seriously.” Halle leveled a glare at her that Adelaide would be proud of, “I just don’t think that last night was a good idea. I mean it was good and everything I … I just don’t think that I think of you like that, you’re more of a friend to me than anything else.  I mean we’ve only known each other for like a day but you’re really cool and I think we would be great friends, you’re a great person and I had a lot of fun I just don’t think this would work be-”

“Oh Bree, the people in the forest won’t get you, like I said Miss Adelaide, Mister Trick, and I are going to protect you.”

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Can you write one about, Open when your super angry?

Open When You’re Super Duper Angry

Honey, take a deep breath. I love you so much, and although you’re sexy when you’re angry, it’s not fun. so calm down, take a deep breath, and evaluate the situation. just calm down, and step back from whatever’s making you mad. call me if you need to, or if im whats makjng you mad, just remember that we all make mistakes. it’s going to be okay, I promise. I love you so much and I hope you’re in a much better mood soon. it’ll be okay.


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the sun may be harsh but just wait for the moon and seek comfort in her soft glow. i promise everything bad feels smaller in comparison to her gentle light.

It’s 11:33 p.m. in my country, and the moon is shining brightly💜 along with your words of comfort and the light from the moon itself, you make everything better already! Thank you💜💜💜 I love you☺️💜

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okay, okay i saw your freshman survival guide for college but can you do one for high school bc im sweating right now

Oh honey, it’s okay to be nervous but I promise you you’re going to love high school. Even on the tough days it’s 200% better than middle school. Some of these might be more pertinent to girls because that’s what I was back in the day, but hopefully I can help. 

Classes in high school are not as hard as middle school teachers make them out to be. they gradually get more challenging as you gradually become more skilled. If you get the chance to take honors or AP courses, do it! They’re more fun, have better people in them, and will help you get into college. 

Join some clubs or sports teams; having something non-academic to do with your head and your hands is A+ for mental health plus you’ll make solid friends in clubs pretty quickly. I myself swear by choir and theatre troupes, they’re ride or die and crazy fun and you can sometimes wriggle out of class to go build sets or travel to competitions. 

High school is a really underrated time or life to explore faith. Try to start thinking about what you believe about the universe and why, read up on some world religions or great thinkers, swing by some church services or atheist meetups or anything else you’re interested in. You teenage years as a great year to get your feet wet in religion and try different things. 

Also, not everyone around you is having sex, despite what TV and braggers on the school bus say. You do not have to have sex to be an adult or prove your love to someone. Sex doesn’t magically change you. But it’s basically just a personal decision with a lot of health and relationship-related responsibility attached to it. If you decide to wait for the right person, fuck anyone who tries to talk shit to you. If you have sex just for fun or with lots of different people, fuck anyone who talks shit. If you’re celibate for religious reasons or asexual, fuck anyone who talks shit. No matter what choice you make, love yourself for it and please be safe; there are so many options out there to prevent STDs and babies; if you’re mature enough to have sex, you’re mature enough to do it responsibly. No matter what, never have sex to make yourself feel better about yourself or make somebody else happy. 

On the subject of significant others; high school can be a great time to go on dates and maybe even fall in love, but heed my advice. If they cheat on you, leave them. If they make you feel anxious or scared, leave them. if you’re embarrassed by them, leave them. If they try to pressure you into sex, leave them. If you’ve been with them a while and feel obligated to stay even though you’re not having fun anymore, leave them. If they threaten to kill themselves if you leave them, I know it’s hard, but leave them. If they hit you, leave them and call the police. Also, if someone more than one or two years older than you takes an interest in you, I would highly advice you not to get romantically or sexually involved with them. It can work but it’s rare and usually it just opens the door for a lot of creepiness and unhappiness and controlling behavior. If someone outside of high school takes an interest in you, run.

Always wear chapstick and carry a bottle of water around with you every day to drink off and refill periodically. You need 8 hours of sleep so you can work hard and party at your optimum potential, so limit the all-night fanfic binges and Mario Kart tournaments. Don’t forget to eat fruits and vegetables.

Finally, and I cannot press this enough, be grateful for your parents and go easy on them. I know they’re frustrating and they don’t get it a lot of times, and seeing them as flawed humans is an important part of growing up, but they are trying their best just like you are. They love you and want what’s best for you and sometimes, yeah, you know better, but it doesn’t cost anything to say you’re sorry or that you love them or smile a little more. They’ll appreciate it, believe me. 

(Also, go to the school dances and for God’s sake dance. Skipping them in protest or showing up to stand around sullenly is not cool. You know whats cool? Free dances. You can’t go a nightclub for years yet. Enjoy what you have.)

Drew Imagine.

Requested? No

~im writing this because im having major drew feels right now~

  • its a daddy drew imagine
  • he has a son named Haiden Flynn Chadwick
  • Haiden is 1 and a half


“Baby boy what are you doing” Drew cooed as he held him in his arms backstage.

“you make a really good dad drewski, i can tell how much you love him” wes states.“HI bug, you're so cute.”

“yeah hes my boy, i don't know what i would do with out him, i love you buddy”  he says kissing his forehead. “we did great, didn't we babe two imperfect persons making something so perfect is unreal”

“yeah we did’ i say ’‘you're a great dad did you know that?”

“ i hope i am, im away all the time i just don't want him to forget who his dad is.” drew said kissing my cheek

“babe, he’s not going to forget who his dad, i promise you”

“do you wanna go outside and take a walk, buddy? im sure you dont want to be in here all day, Babe do you?” Drew says standing up being careful to not drop Haiden. 

“yeah i guess, but what about the fans babe?”

“We’ll be fine, Bug will be fine I got him”

“ alright”

How did i get so lucky to meet drew and then a little while after be blessed with Haiden? Life is beautiful and i don't know what i would do with out these two boys. Their my life, my soul, and my heart. Nothing will ever tear us apart, well i hope not.

“Shhhh bug its okay, shhh, daddy's here, im not leaving, just a little noise that's it, nothing is going to hurt you.”

“see you're a great dad, don't think differently”

As we got outside there were so many people crowding the entrance it was almost impossible to get out.

“Drew, maybe we shouldn't go outside” i say grabbing his hand. “there are so many people, Haiden is going to get scared.”

“Babe we have security i promise its going to be okay, ive got this do you want to go to the park or something?” he says squeezing my hand.

“alright, yeah we can go to he park bug will probably like that.”

we walked outside and i was being shouted at fans were being mean and kind but all i really cared about was Haiden getting hurt.

“Come on guys move back move back we have a baby you're going to hurt him if you don't move” the weird security guy screams.

“Hey emblems, i love you all but right now i really want to just go have  time with my family. Please move.” Drew says pleading handing me Haiden.

“You're baby is so cute drew, whats his name?” a fan says.

“His name is Haiden Flynn, he’s my bug.”  

Drew is the most amazing father in the whole entire world at only 21 he’s given us so much love and i want to give him one more thing.

“Drew i need to tell you something.”

“yeah babe what is it?”

“im pregnant agian.”

“seriously, that's great babe, but what if i cant be there for the baby, i mean im barley there for haiden.”

“drew you're a great dadeven if you're here or your there, the kids love you and i know how much you love haiden, what makes one more, were going to have a family and adding another little us isnt hat bad of an idea, i know where young but i want this and i hope you do to.”

“ i do babe i do, i love you.” he says kissing me.

~this is all over the place and utterly horrible but i needed to write it im starting a series, the rest will be better i promise.“

I just wanted to send a reminder to everyone today that you are all beautiful and deserve to smile! Even if you are going through though situations, smiling will make you feel 100 times better! Every single one of you are beautiful and deserve to be happy and have the world! Have a fabulous day everyone! I love you all! ❤️

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"I'm pregnant." with Luke!

27. I’m pregnant.

The little pink plus signs on the three sticks on your sink were burning holes in your eyes as you stared, you being unable to take your eyes off them. You had been feeling off the passed few weeks, puking pretty regularly, being tired and irritable all the time, weird cravings, peeing all the time. After your forth morning of waking up to run to the bathroom, you sat down and did the most logical thing you could think of, which was plugging all of your symptoms into Google. When every article that came up was about pregnancy, you rushed out to the store for a test, and come home with three.

And now here you were, three positives, panic flying through your body and a million thoughts running through your head.

Luke and you were always so careful, using condoms even with your birth control. As you sat and thought about when and how the hell could this have happened, it dawned on you. There were three weeks about two months back when you weren’t on your birth control because you just didn’t have the time to refill your prescription. It just so happened to coincide with the week that you visited Luke on tour, and with it being two months since you had seen him last, your first night together was full of ripped off clothing and desperate kisses and everything moved so fast, the condoms that you had made sure to buy and store in your suitcase not even passing through either of your minds.

Now Luke had been home for about a week, and you knew he’d be supportive of whatever you decided to do. But you were still so scared. There was a nagging voice in your head that kept reminding you about the band and his career and that he didn’t have time for a baby and this is the last thing he wanted. And before you knew it, you found yourself sobbing on the toilet.

The front door slammed closed downstairs, making you fly up and slam the bathroom door shut, sliding the lock closed. Heavy footsteps began bounding up the stairs, your name echoing down the hallway. Curling up in the corner of the bathroom, you watched the shadow of Luke’s feet from the crack under the door walk through the hallway for a few seconds before he finally stopped at the bathroom entrance. 

“Are you pooping?” He asked, and if you weren’t so distraught, you would’ve laughed.

“No,” you said and you cursed yourself for your croaked voice that made it obvious that you had been crying. Luke had heard your post tears voice many times before.

“What’s wrong?” He asked after a moment of silence. “Have you been crying?”

“I’m fine, Luke,” You said, turning your body away from the door as you wrapped your arms tightly around your stomach.

“No, you’re not,” he said, voice quieter this time that made tears rush down your face again. “Please let me in.”

“I’m fine, I’ll be fine,” you said with a clearly more disturbed and unconvincing voice.

“Let me in,” he said, more of a command than a request this time. When you didn’t answer, he called your name, fiddling with the door knob and pounding on the door. You sighed, standing up and walking over. You slowly unlocked the door, the pounding stopped just in time for you to open it to meet the eyes of your distraught boyfriend. You only had the door open a crack, enough for him to see you, your body hiding the pregnancy tests from view. He stared at you, his eyes taking in your features, like your tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes. You were looking down, finding it hard to bring yourself to look at him.

“What happened?” He asked in a soft voice as he pressed his palms into the sides of your head and wiped your tears away with his thumbs. 

You finally looked up, taking in the panic in his face. His eyes were wide and his lips were pressed together, making a firm line. You opened your mouth to speak but no words came out. This was it. Once it came out, once he knew the truth, your whole relationship would change. Whether he stayed or he walked out, it was all one big wild card.

“You can tell me,” he said, leaning down so he was eye level with you. You told Luke everything, from when you crazy thoughts to your darkest secrets. He knew it all, not one detail spared. The trust you two shared in your relationship was what made it different for both of you. So why was this so hard?

I’m pregnant,” You finally whispered, eyes widening as the words slipped off your tongue. Saying it out loud made it feel more real, more terrifying. You stared at him, your eyes jumping around his face as you waited for a reaction.

At first, he didn’t give one, your words processing as he remained expressionless. 

“Please say something,” you said after a minute of silence, wrapping your arms around your stomach again to stop your hands from shaking.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked, glancing down at your covered stomach before back up to you. You nodded, slipping from his hands as you opened the door wider and slowly backed up to reveal the tests still resting on the edge of the sink. He looked back and forth between you and them for a few seconds.

“And it’s mine for sure?” He asked, which made you roll your eyes.

“Of course it’s fucking yours!” You said, this being the loudest you had been since he came home. “You’re the only one I’ve been sleeping with for the passed two years.”

He was quiet, playing with his fingers as he watched you pace around the tiny bathroom. This wasn’t what you were prepared for. You were ready for panic, yelling, anxious questions and frantic phone calls. Luke was always the one to panic in situations, from the time you fell off the stage when goofing around after a show and broke your foot, to the day he accidentally sent his nudes to Jack instead of you. So you weren’t sure if he was genuinely not panicking or if he knew that you were panicking enough for the both of them so he decided not to show it.

“If you want to leave, you can,” You said. He furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at you.


“I’m giving you an out, if that’s what you want,” You said, stopping in your tracks and turning to face him. “I know you have a career and I don’t want you to think I’m coming in between that. I have no idea what I want to do with this baby yet but if you want out, you can go. I won’t be mad, I won’t come after you for child support if I keep it. This is your free pass. You don’t-” He stopped you, taking you in his arms and pressing you into his chest. You wrapped your arms into his torso, burying your face in his shirt and before you knew it, you were sobbing again.

“I’m not going anywhere,” He said, kissing the top of your head. “No matter what you decide to do, I’m 100 percent by your side.”

“I’m so scared,” You whispered as you looked up, your eyes meeting his ocean blues and you felt more tears drip down your cheeks. He held your head, leaning down and kissing you. It was quick, only lasting a few seconds, but you could feel most of your worries wash away when you parted.

“It’s okay,” he said softly, pulling his sleeves over his hands and gently dabbing at your cheeks. “We’ll figure it out, but it will always be me and you. Whether we do this or not, keep the baby or not, it will still be me and you.” You loudly sniffled, watching him as he pushed his sleeve back up and then looked back at you.

“Promise?” You asked, for no reason other than for the extra peace of mind. Luke was a man of his word. He never went back on his promises.

He smiled, pulling you into his arms again. You didn’t cry this time, instead you rested your head on his chest as you closed your eyes and listened to his heartbeat. His fingers were running up and down your back as his chin rested on the top of your head. He wasn’t waiting, wasn’t trying to make you sweat with anticipation, waiting for him to assure you that he wasn’t going anywhere. He was just trying to add to it, to make sure you knew that you were loved, not just by his words but but his actions as well. He lifted his head and leaned down, his lips just inches away from your ear as he wholeheartedly whispered,

“I promise.”