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Let’s start today by looking at the Sky Arena.

The entrance itself is quite interesting. It shares the abundant triangle design Homeworld is known for, so its safe to say it was built by them, and not the Crystal Gem rebels. But the thing I really want to focus on is the diamond symbols. 

As it is a Homeworld structure is has a symbol on it. But not the one we’ve been seeing lately.

This symbol changed (sometime after the war for Earth ended it seems), and when it did something important happened, as it wasn’t just a slight adjustment in design. While it kept the same pattern of using tiny colored versions of the shape inside itself, it’s missing the bottom pink. 

For now I have two thoughts of what they might represent. 

They might represent key planets under the power of Homeworld. And Earth was promising enough to gain a spot on their symbol. This theory doesn’t really stick well with me due to there being more evidence for the second one.

The second theory is that the symbol represents the people in power. Aka the Diamonds, whom have only been mentioned twice so far. Where I believe this theory holds ground is in the clothing design I obsessed over in season 1.

All of the currently known Homeworld Gems have a diamond on their “uniform”. I use the term uniform lightly because Lapis seems to be breaking the dress code a bit. And currently the most used diamond symbol would the yellow one. Possibly for the Yellow Diamond Jasper wished to report back to. Making it likely the color they wear represents which diamond they are under the power of.

I would have ended the post here if it weren’t for me having the luck to multitask while writing this. I was looking through key Pearl episodes to write a long post about her, and I came across this.

This means we have three instances of diamond symbols on clothing. And an example of the now gone pink symbol being used outside of architectural design. This one could lend more credibility to pink being a symbol for Earth instead of the symbol for a person. As Pearl is more loyal to the Earth and Rose’s ideas than Homeworld.


Subaru continues with his basic human decency and Kamui is betrayed to his very core.