im going to kms this took so long

Camping ft pocket!jungkook

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Genre: fluff, pocket!jungkook

Words: 920

This of course took way too long to do, I’m sorry, Btw, should I write a part two??

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kurodai rec list

since people wanted me to make one (bless) here are some of my favourite kurodai fics:

what costs the life (vampire!au and its my favourite kurodai fic hands down)

catch and release (in which daichi is a virgin and him and kuroo become fuck buddies and fall for each other and its great)

we move like the ocean (im so in love with this fic honestly)

go the distance (this made me emo at first but the ending is SO CUTE)

not until monday (asexual!kuroo and fake dating and i love it)

theres a policeman at the door (SINGLE DAD KUROO!!)

i wanna be official (another fake dating one ahh)

thats what i call entertainment (DELINQUENTS AU ITS LIT)

in my space (i wont let go of you) (this ones really emotional and sweet)

how do i love thee (im in love with the concept of it and its very cute)

i will always hold you close, but i will learn to let you go (AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER OF A SOULMATE AU)

and flowers bloom in his wake (magical gifts!au thats really beautifully written)