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I'm sorry but is this the right place to ask? Thank you for your amazing work. You have a lot of skill and patience. Do you have any fics where Derek smells that Stiles is turned on? I didn't find a tag.

we don’t have a tag for this but im just going to group it under the scent kink tag

Injury to sexy time by jensencanfricklemyfrackle (1/1 | 3,877 | NR)

Derek, is in Scotts bed. With Stiles. With arousal coming off Stiles in waves, lapping over Derek. What the hell was he supposed to do, ignore his growing arousal? Which is even more intense due to his werewolf senses.

Hell no! Derek was gonna be damned if he didn’t go after Stiles. Who obviously wanted him back.

Besitos by Alenacantfly (1/1 | 255 | G)

Derek sighed. “I can read Latin and some Greek. I am fluent in Spanish and I can hold a conversation in German.”

He caught a whiff of arousal from Stiles, but that was nothing new. There was always this underlying horniness under his scent and Derek tended to ignore it. Puberty, Derek still remembered it.

“Can you talk some?”, Stiles asked, his eyes shining.

The Thickening of Your Scent by LadyLade (1/1 | 1,219 | PG13)

At first, Derek only gets traces of him, a hint of cayenne in the halls. Then one day the freshman passes by him when Derek’s at his locker, and the burst of cayenne becomes gumbo, so potent that Derek nearly crumples his locker door. By the time Derek recovers, the freshman is already gone.


Your Touch Was a Claim, and Now You’re Mine by LadyLade (1/1 | 2,106 | R)

Now Derek is aware of the way Stiles is scritching his lower back, how Stiles is practically melting to fit against Derek. He’s aware of the way Stiles smells like Dial soap and boy, and when Derek tightens his arms Stiles emits more arousal, spicy like gumbo.

Too hot, hot damn. by LucifersHitman (1/1 | 1,194 | NC17)

PROMPT: Prompt please? Stiles accidentally walks in on Derek working out and get’s so turned on by watching the alpha’s muscled body, that Derek is able to smell his arousal and stops his work out to pound & knot his human mate against the nearest surface they can lay on.

Sleepover convo #14

Dallon: ah yes much good sleepover

Josh: did y’all get any chips

Ryan: not this again

Ryan: *sighs*

Ryan: i did have some cheese whiz in my bag but i left it there so its like dead cheese

Brendon: its dead

Brendon: like mcr

Josh: oH NO


Gerard: im just gonna go over to the corner



Dallon: u guys ok

*all swiftly turn to face dallon, the intro to I’m Not Okay begins*

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hey, im not forcing you or anything to answer this, i just want to know what happened to your hamilton art? i have nothing agaisnt you cause of your au's or anything. I just really like your style and art but idk if my phone is fucked up and i cant see it, thats all. Not asking u to post anything or answer this now, im just curious. Thanks. Have a good day/night, kiddo

im going to changed everything! MORE PRACTICE!!!!! >:D

but hey! before i stop in this fandom… i wanna thank  exadorlion who bring me to do hamilton genderbend on yt the non-stop one tbh. (love your art im a fan but im shy as hell to talk that you’re my inspiration, but woah…that is what i get..) 

anyways. i may do more on hamilstuff again soon or later to change everything!

Dear Fandom of Peaky Blinders.

@burgessinthestreets . Pls stop thinking you’re in some big gang and can call the big shots on all Peaky Blinders fics, imagines, gifs, and edits. It’s honestly off-putting from a reader’s perspective. This is literally all petty shit you’re getting yourselves into. Like… I’m sure you have a life outside of tumblr. Go fucking live it. Literally - LITERALLY - no other fandom has this problem. This is literal bullshit.

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here’s the animation project i did for illustration class! i know it’s not super impressive but given that i only had one weekend to complete it i’m pretty proud! i would be a lot happier with it if i’d had time to put more detail in her hair, and the collar of her sweater should move, but there’s no way in hell im going back unless my professor specifically tells me to OTZ

i have so much respect for people who do animation man the effort you gotta put in even for something simple like this is insane

Ashi’s “Skin”

Its my personal belief that Ashi was wearing a black bodysuit and was NOT covered in scar tissue. 

Having her scrub off the blackness, is obviously a symbol of rebirth. The flashback of her jumping into the coals, was just an associative memory with the color black and aku. 

Im pretty sure shes going to dislike black on principle now. 

Because if that bodysuit was actually scar tissue, theres too many logistics questions of how the hell that even worked. Unless it was some bullshit magic scar tissue that was a bodysuit but left her real skin unharmed, but theres no evidence of that, and its kinda dumb to make that leap in logic. 

hthey had a mardi gras celebration going on after good friday and after lent and after easter and it will still be going on for another week and i heard the song “mardi gras mambo” at least 4 times

i ate something called “jambalaya bites” which were shaped like mcnuggets and tasted like something but it wasnt jambalaya. i think there was crawfish meat in there but im really not sure

3 chicken strips cost $12

it was cold. no really it was cold in texas in late april and it was like hell freezing over

i saw 50 different groups of band and choir kids with matching trip tshirts

there were vuvuzelas blaring constantly

my bf stood in line for a drink refill for at least 30 minutes. i went to wait in line for a ride so i could hold a spot, got through the line, got to the front and decided to get out of line and check up on him, and found out he was still in line at the food stall and i stood next to him for another 15 minutes. when i left the first time, there were only like 8 or so people ahead of him. the girl behind the counter didnt know how to operate the register. i went through the line to the ride twice in the amount of time it took for him to get one refill

i got sunburn even though it was overcast

i feel like i spent 6+ hours in a place where the veil was dangerously thin to a chaos realm

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What has Leanne actually done that is so awful? I havent seen anything so im legitimately curious. Id also look myself but i stay the holy hell away from twitter. its a nightmare.

I mean, other than the fact that she’s actively denied how karamel is an inherently racist & homophobic ship, completely ignored karolsen in favour of karamel (which is VERY racist), this recently happened:

And people who say “she didn’t outright say it was SQ’ers” like come on guys. there’s only one other emma ship on the show right now, and no other killian ship. right now there’s only one main ship that isn’t going to happen in canon and we all know it’s SQ, who else could she be talking about? I’m sure leanne does get hate from SQ’ers but on this particular day most SQ’ers were actually just asking leanne about SQ because she was on the phone with LANA. and to call that hate is honestly kind of homophobic. and we all know that leanne hates SQ’ers. there’s bad apples in every part of the fandom, and she actively has always picked on them. I’ve seen horrible sq’ers and cs’ers, and yet she actively chooses to pretend the only hateful people in the fandom are sq’ers. that’s really gross and does have some homophobic tinges to it. And while I don’t care for SQ, it’s very obvious that Lana does and Leanne twisted Lana’s words around to make it seem like she hates SQ’ers when in reality she’s the only one who actively supports them and has their back. so it’s really gross. I have no time for racist & homophobic “journalists”. 

So update:
It’s currently 7:30am and Im still in my pjs and deciding whether to go to the doctors today or Thursday. Today i’ll hopefully get some medication and stop this constant hell but i’ll be late (possibly not go) to class OR i can go on Thursday and go to class today and suffer through hell for another three days. Let’s see what happens

Bioware: Finally after five years we’ve made a new Mass Effect game!! and it’s the BIGGEST one yet!! There’s TONS of content and missions and characters that’ll keep you busy for-

me: *beats the the entire game in 4 days*


me: more

Bioware: b-but there isn’t any more we just-

me: MORE

Bioware: *crying* please that game took five years to-

me:  M O R E