im going to hell for it

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OH MY STAR You think Lapis will Leave Peridot? I mean The Trailer for the new SU seems to be telling us that. <; (

I do believe that she’ll leave for an X amount of time. :C
I really hope they explore a new side to Peridot, perhaps a heartbroken one? I also believe that the second Peridot is in trouble she’ll swoop in out of nowhere and help/save her. 

One things for sure, Rebecca is going to have people all over the world crying.

Bioware: Finally after five years we’ve made a new Mass Effect game!! and it’s the BIGGEST one yet!! There’s TONS of content and missions and characters that’ll keep you busy for-

me: *beats the the entire game in 4 days*


me: more

Bioware: b-but there isn’t any more we just-

me: MORE

Bioware: *crying* please that game took five years to-

me:  M O R E