im going to have to make a text post about this song

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Name: brittney but i go by britt
Star sign: capricorn ♑️ ( pisces 🌙 )
Height: 5'4"
last thing I googled: goblin ep. 9
favor music artist: beyoncé aka my mom
song stuck in head: sense by kllo
last movie I watched: fences or carol i can’t remember
Last TV show I watched: the office
last book I read: a collection of poems from maya angelou
What I’m wearing right now: an oversized hoodie with fuzzy socks
When I created my blog: idk like around 2012…..or 2013
the kind of stuff I post: soft women, nature, and any thing else that makes me feel fuzzy & warm on the inside
Do I have any other blogs?: i did but i deleted it, im thinking about making some for my oc’s
Why did I choose my URL: i’m a soft sensitive person. shez-a-pisces
Fav color?: beige…..or rose gold
Average hours of sleep: sometimes nun, the most is 8 hrs
favorite characters : olivia bensen, princess tiana, michael scott, jim & pam, cookie lyon, sterling archer,
Dream job: to be a stylist for an upcoming artist that makes it big, lik i want to be there and help them make their ‘look’ and maintain whatever route they wanna go about it
Following: like 1,000 ppl
Dream I had: i was engaged to be married to my bad ass fiancé that loved me very much and bought me a big ass ring. i cooked for her, and she bought me every and anything i wanted. we loved each other soooo much, and she was the head of a fortune 500 company

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name: george
height: 5′6
hogwarts house: gryffindor (possible hufflepuff split)
SSBB character: fox mccloud (im a furry what can i say)
favourite character i would date: easy (kin) mode: elizabeth bennet // hard (non kin) mode: bodhi rook <3
favourite band or artist: joanna newsom & interpol are my Go To Guys forever and ever but i have a large and varied selection of faves B-) altho atm i can’t stop listening to one particular emo song and my 14 year old self is So Happy?
how many blogs do i follow: 529 and it’s probably too many. tbh i should go through and unfollow some (that large a number makes me. Stress)
what do i post about: this blog is personal rambles, memes, things i reblog that i think friends will like. kin blog is all my embarrassing kin stuff. fbawtft blog is all that stuff (but it’s thin on the ground atm and it’s like. jsut a more um. Even More Self Indulgent Blog than my kin blog tbh lmao)
aesthetic: (billie urs was so good wtf?) ok. like. soft well-worn woollen clothes. pastel gelatinous food. paintings in heavy gilt frames. flowers but not all flowers. abandoned gas stations. puffy fluff snow. boulders in fields. the smell of wood smoke, old leather and motor oil.

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general encouragement post.

(for the impatient people like me haha)

anything you will want to learn is not about talent.

this is important, i used to think that a lot especially with art or music but its not true, its all about practice. be it learning a language, a sport you want to be good at, art, music, writing, idk anything, its all just practice
ive always been the person with no kind of talents i never was good at anything from the first moment on which always gave me a lot of frustration because the people around me always seemed to be better at everything but im just someone who takes a lot of time and practice, so if you want to do something but you feel frustrated because you think youre hopeless and you will never be good at the thing you want to do:

1. youre not

2. the only thing youre lacking is patience

3. youre probably too perfectionist and have too high expectations of yourself, when you want to make music dont be like “im going to write a song” or when you want to draw “i want to make a finished artwork on A2 size” or these kind of goals, they dont work, they will only leave you frustrated because theyre high expectations which never work out because if one is a beginner it is essential to start small in order to have small successes one can be proud of.
instead say “i want to write a small melody” or “i will make a small sketch” or with learning a language “i will record myself saying a small greeting” or sth like that and add after all of those an “-and! it! doesnt!! have! to! be! perfect!

4. you will never be perfect, but with every attempt you make you are making progress, be proud of every tiny step you make

5. practice practice practice, you will have downfalls and feelings of i am shitty at this but thats okay because you know that you will get better because youre practicing and thats the key

6. dont! compare! yourself! to! others! i know how hard this is and its probably not avoidable but if you do that try to keep in mind that they have started out with where you are now too. no matter if people have talent and if they were good at things, you still have to practice if you want to reach a certain level, also you can be a lot prouder of yourself if you got where you wanted to when you worked hard towards it

7. it doesnt matter how old you are, i would always be so jealous of everyone who had done certain things from the day they were born as it seemed and i thought if i hadnt done music in my childhood i could never do it at all. thats not true, think of van gogh, he only actually started painting with the age of 27 and he is amazing. also what will you do with the rest of your life if you have already achieved everything you wanted with 20 haha

8. if you feel like you cant do it on your own, take lessons, dont be afraid to ask for help. pretty much every famous person or person being good at what they do that you can think of will have had lessons and professional help. and if you cant afford lessons, maybe ask someone you know who can help you, they will understand where you stand because theyve been there too and hopefully help you or the internet provides a lot of help too

9. dont give up and dont worry too much about giving up. you will keep practicing if you want to do it. maybe it also helps to have things that motivate you

10. sometimes it takes time to actually be ready to start practicing and pursueing something so if you feel like you just. cant. do it right now then have patience with yourself, if you wait, the time will come at some point, sometimes you need more self-development and changes in your life to get to a point where you realise that you can do this now and want to

11. things are usually simple. at the beginning it sometimes seems like the thing youre trying to understand is huge and abstract and youll never be able to understand because its way too difficult but think of school: when you were 6 years old anything the older kids did was so impressing and you would be like thats so difficult wow and when you get older you just slowly learn it and it becomes a normal thing

for languages, the better you get, the easier it is to find native speakers you can talk to at some point you will probably have native speaking friends and then you can talk to them and youll be super awesome haha have patience life will bring awesome things
i had one of my best friends in 7th grade tell me that i cant draw even though i had already been drawing for a long time at that point and it took me SO long to get where i am today so dont give up, everyone you look up to will have had a looooong way to climb