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Names (Minghao Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Minghao x Reader

Type: Soulmate AU

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You and your soulmate are connected by writing - whatever you write on your skin shows up on your soulmate, including tattoos…

  • ever since you were little, you had the habit of drawing on yourself when you were bored
  • you would draw anything from flowers to trees to designs, sometimes it was just a simple written reminder for your to-do list
  • as soon as you turned 18, you noticed that your drawings and reminders would fade into your skin once you were finished with them
  • you were confused: had you suddenly become some kinda mutant that absorbed whatever you drew?
  • a few minutes later, new writing came up on your hand, this time in another language
  • you made an attempt to translate what the writing said thanks internet and you found it roughly translated to “who is this?” in Chinese
  • you translated your response and wrote back as best as you could before going back to the internet for answers
  • turns out, soulmates can communicate with each other through writing on their skin
  • however, one caveat is that you could not reveal your names to each other, otherwise you would never meet
  • time passed, and the two of you got to know each other as best as you could without knowing each other’s names, learning each other’s hobbies, interests, and lifestyles
  • every now and again you would continue to doodle on your hands and arms, and Minghao would smile, watching the drawings appear on him
  • to return the favor, he would send you something cute or inspirational to cheer you up
  • you were a pain in the ass for the stylists because they were constantly having to cover up the various drawings that appeared on him, but he couldn’t care less
  • you were his soulmate, and he wore all of your works with pride, and the same when for you, despite not knowing each other’s names
  • you continued to write as much as you could, even though he became more and more busy with his music
  • so, you had recently gotten into this music group called Seventeen plot progression my friends
  • you had noticed that one of the members, Minghao, seemed a lot like your soulmate
  • one day, you felt a sharp poking feeling on the back of your left shoulder
  • you had one of your friends look to see that a beautiful infinity symbol had appeared where you felt the poking: your soulmate had gotten a tattoo
  • a few days later, the same friend ran wildly up to you, shoving their phone into your face which showed a picture of Minghao, the same tattoo on his shoulder
  • that’s when the idea popped into your head: maybe Minghao was actually your soulmate yes he is (Y/N)
  • Minghao and Jun were doing a V Live since the new comeback was coming up soon, so you decided to experiment by doodling on your hand
  • you watched as Minghao’s eyes lit up, watching as the design appeared on his hand, showing it to the camera for everyone to see. Sure enough, it was exactly what you had drawn
  • he then reached for a pen, and started to write on his hand
  • a few moments later, the words “i missed you” appeared on your hand where the design used to be
  • you responded with “i missed you too” and waited for a bit, watching Minghao as he beamed brightly
  • you took a risk and told him that you were coming to Seoul for a holiday, letting him know what day you would be arriving
  • you could see him start to get giddy, and you watched as he wrote something down on a piece of paper aka the day you were arriving
  • the day came when you would arrive in Seoul, and Minghao anxiously awaited the moment he could leave to go and find you
  • when he was finally done with his schedule, he immediately wrote on his arm “i’m on my way”
  • you were on the plane as you watched the words appear on your arm, knowing that your soulmate was waiting for you when you arrived
  • you had just arrived in Seoul, and you were waiting at the baggage claim when you pulled out the pen, writing “baggage claim” on your arm
  • you could hear someone sprinting in your direction, seeing a boy searching frantically through the crowd for someone YOU
  • you wrote on the palm of your hand “im here” and held it up in the air for him to see
  • Minghao watched as the words appeared on his hand, and he looked up to see you, the same words on your hand
  • he smiled, ran over, and pulled you into his arms
  • “we meet at last” he whispered in your ear
  • you pulled back a bit and admitted “i think its about time we got to know each other’s names, don’t you?”
  • “I think you’re right,” he chuckled. “Minghao”
  • “(Y/N), official carat and your soulmate,” you introduced
  • “I knew you were watching”, he laughed, bringing you back into his arms, never wanting to let you go
  • you retrieved you bags and he carried them for you like a gentleman and the two of you walked out of the airport arm in arm
  • nothing in the world could stop you now, now that you had your soulmate with you

(A/N: this was definitely not my best. Hopefully it makes sense)


I did what I had to do.

aka @letsallbecalmchaps said that sf!paps was the hottest skeleton and she’s super wrong so enjoy this uf!paps body appreciation post.

Day 17 + 18 + 19: favourite part of school, what’s in your pencil bag, school outfit | 8.27/28/29.2017 | 30 Day Back to School Challenge by @universi-tea

Day 17: obviously when school’s out for HOLIDAY (even if it’s a 1-day holiday) coz oh well school is just really stressful

Day 18: highlighters, post-its, pens, automatic pencils, scissors, correction tape, ruler (you name it) and yes i brought tht muji pencil case 3 years ago so probably it’s extinic already and don’t ask me where can i buy it ok

Day 19: im not going to talk about it in here because we wear hideous school uniform every single day which also goes with rules that most forigners may find ridiculous (i dunno) so if you wanna know ask (message) me privately

My Granny's Dream

She dreamt that she was planting flowers in her yard.. her neighbor was an old angry farmer who would walk outside everyday, only to find kids playing on his lawn.. He would tap a pen on a clipboard that he carried out with him and he’d say, “IM GONNA KILL YOU KIDS!! GO AWAY!!”.. one day the police came to his house and they shot him. My granny stood outside, also tapping a pen on a clipboard, and exclaimed: “YOU KILLED THE FARMER!!”.. I have no idea why she dreamt this??

Pen Pal (Part 1)


Request from Anon: This one is a little hard to convey but reader writing letters to Ethan in high school (as like a pen pal thing) even though they’ve never met and writing extra ones that she’s never sent but years later he finds these letters in an old box / drawer / bag (because goodwill sucks at cleaning shit out) and is determined to find this girl after he recognizes the address as his old p.p. And realized these letters were to him. Basic fluff tbh

Author’s Note: Sorry, I have to split it up into 2 parts. But here’s the first installment!!

Freshman year, you were given a name and an address of someone you had never met before. A pen pal; a requirement for English that year, and an idea you didn’t find yourself too fond of. Talking to strangers was something your parents warned you about. You guess that more so applied to men with white vans, or chat room users with IM names like ilovethebabez, but still. What was the point of this assignment? 

Not one to argue, however, you took down the information given to you- Ethan Nestor, with an address somewhere in Maine.  You lived across the country in sunny Los Angeles. What were you going to have in common with this kid?

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Okay so I saw that you do some things traditional and somethings digital. But like do you do the sketch traditional then add colour in like photoshop? If so how do you do that?

OKAY, im not sure how well im going to be able to explain this, but here we go:

most of my art is drawn in pencil on regular printer paper, using various graphite.

i mainly work in paint tool sai! i find it has the best line quality and is best at handling pen pressure. i only use photoshop for details, effects, and other final rendering things, but sometimes i dont use it at all. all of the following can be done in most basic art programs.

the first thing i do is scan using paint, because its easiest and i dont like suffering with other programs. here are my scanning settings:

take that with a grain of salt, im sure there are better settings and different scanners, but the goal im trying to reach is making all the white pure white, and the pencil as dark as possible without losing line quality.

ANYWAY, this is what the scan looks like. often times (because drawing on paper is h4rd) i will edit the sketch and do a lot of resizing and touch ups. i first set the scan layer to multiply, which will let me color underneath:

the next thing i do is put down a flat color. this is what ill lock all the other colors onto to make it easier when coloring. it can be any color, i usually use a brighter one so i can see it:

at this point, i lay down all my colors, putting each on a different layer. all of the color layers should be locked onto the flat color using the clipping group option:

and thats it, thats how i get ‘er done! for shading, i just create another layer at the top of the clipping groups, select a color, and set it to multiply. 

i hope this ramble was of SOME use–i dont do anything super fancy! 

ID #25678

Name: Siobhan
Age: 17, 18 soon
Country: England


I’m Siobhan (it’s Irish, pronounced shiv-on) but I prefer the nickname Bonny (or Bon like the bonbon sweets haha). I’ll be 18 in August but I love making friends of all ages! I’m super hyper and excited and have no chill most of the time but, I’m also good at listening and I know when to cool down.

I was born in South Africa and moved to England in like 2008. I love travelling and I love learning, I really want to experience as many different cultures as I possibly can.

I like writing but I really love media and photography, if you wanna discuss a film (lit any film!! i’m a film buff i’ve watched so many and if I haven’t then I will just so I can discuss bc I’m like that). Lmao my writing skillz are fairly adequate, wouldn’t say they’re the best but I have been praised for it before. Although… my grammar sucks btw.

I am a white girl who has a whole lotta love in her, (#pan af) ((Gimme those cooking utensils oh yes)) who supports people for who they are!!

So like if you want someone random to talk to you can come to me okay.
I LOVE NEW FRIENDS, but I am kinda clingy… but like if you want me as a new friend expect like memes and cute animal pictures and me going missing for like four hours bc I fell asleep or I forgot my phone died or I’m in a bad mood and I don’t wanna disturb anyone else but ehh… I do try :) AND ALSO rants about literally nothing and everything (at the same time ayy)

Im into a lot of stuff but I always like finding new things :)

Preferences: Nope :)


So…. its the New Year soon and with all the lives and pictures that BTS keeps releasing my poor berth feels like its about to explode and one of the reasons, is also the one and only Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster of BTS.

Hence let’s appreciate the life out of this amazing young man.

Lets appreciate this extremely hard working human being who literally gives his blood, sweat and tears to us ARMYs without asking for anything but love in return.

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Lets appreciate a man whose prime focus is music.

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A man whose prime focus is to express is feelings and beliefs and to hopefully resonate with other people.

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Lets appreciate the man who wrks and trains so hard in everything, even in the subjects he is not good nor loves such as dance.

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Lets appreciate his beautiful leadership and his relationship with his members.

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Here we witness the hilarious relationship between Namjoon and Kookie. Kookie is the maknae so he is expected to be all cute and Namjoon is expected to be all strict with him. Instead, we always witness the bond between those two that includes Jungkook being in awe of his hyung and Namjoon teaching him different things, all while being very funny. 

May I also mention how Kookie asked Namjoon to help him with his solo song and even cried? And how Namjoon said that when Jungkookie cried, he too wanted to cry? Is that not beautiful?

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Next we have the relationship between V and Namjoon. Like Kookie, V is always starstruck by Namjoon, which isn’t surprising as Namjoon is a very inspiring figure. Namjoon always makes sure to take car of V, particularly as V has a tendency of getting into misunderstandings either due to his constant mispronunciation of his own language( though I too also always do mistakes with my own) or with his actions. 

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Jimin and Namjoon are definitely special, and that just escalates when they are together. After all, Jimin in many occasions cams that he is a very manly man, yet there are so many times when Namjoon is worried about the poor child because of just how clumsy he is(seeing that Namjoon is the God of Destrustion he definitely can sympathise with Jimin). They are also very emotionally supportive of each other, comforting each other.

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Hoseok and Namjoon are the epic 94 line, making them same age friends. The two are extremely supportive of each other and the respect they have for each other is through the roof. Hoseok always tries to make sure that his leader feels comfortable and happy, even at the expense of his own happiness perhaps. In fact, Namjoon himself had said that he wishes that Hoseok understands that its ok to be sad and that he dent have to be strong for them. This shows that Namjoon understand his members and their emotions extremely well.

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Next is Suga and Namjoon. So…. apparently these two used to b awkward with each other. Funny right? One would expect them to be BFF from the gecko seeing as they are in the same group. However, seems like they have their quarrels. And seeing as Korea is huge on the ‘listen to your elders even if its less than a year older’ rule, it must be difficult for Suga to always accept that he is commanded by his dongsaengs and when he retaliates it must be difficult for Namjoon to have to say ‘No hung, Im the leader.’. yet, it seems like they have found a happy medium as they work to produce amazing albums.(although now their friendship is in danger due to Jimin asking Namjoon to help him with his part in Tony Montana, on which he collaborated with Suga… ok so maybe not)

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Lastly, Jin and Namjoon. Probably one of the greatest things about Jin is that he allows the members to make fun of him and play with him despite him being the oldest. Namjoon, however, never goes to far. He takes care of his hying and his hung of him and together they make sure to take care of all their ‘kids’. They have known each other for long and thus although Namjoon admitted that he at first did not understand Jin as a person, they love each other and guide each other.

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Antis, you say that he is a bad leader.

You say that he doesn’t care about his members.

That he dent care about music.


You call him racist. (he never showed any racist intent)

Sexist.( 21st century girl is a song by BTS and is definitely all about making the ladies feel like they are amazing)

Homophobic … anything just to try and damage him.

But that just proves how powerful he and BTS are becoming.

People hating so much just shows that they see him as a threat to their own groups, to their own oppas.

Is he a threat? Yes, probably yes. 

Probably because he is achieving his dreams one by one. Because he keeps fighting to go forward.

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Does he want to be a threat? No. I genuinely believe he does not. Its just that being a threat comes with getting fame.

He works for his music, writes for his music, dances for his music, produces and does so much more

He has to stay strong for his members, carry his members as their leader and has to keep a face for the public to not use him as a reason to drag down the other 6 members with him.

I have heard people say: ‘Stop calling Rap Monster smart. He is not.’

Ok so heres the thing. I will not bring up his IQ or his grades in school cause that, most people know. You know sure I agree with the haters. Namjoon is not smart. No, he is actually intelligent.

After all, its one thing to be great at school and have good grades but its another thing to be interested in the world that surrounds us and to always educate, think, and question. Namjoon does all that and morse and shows a general passion for learning and making mistakes and working hard to make sure he learns from them. His Vlives are so entertaining as not only do they show his playful side, one that is fully open for ARMYs but is also so passionate.

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He genuinely wants to communicate with his fans, speaking english, answering questions, discussing topics with them and most importantly he genuinely seems to want to help everyone. He genuinely wants to give advice and wants to help anyone through their own journey of self-discovery. Thats why he opens his heart to us. He welcomes our and his own questions with open arms because he shows us that he too, is going through all the crazy emotions we go through. He too finds interesting discoveries every day, that to him are crucial, even if they seem insignificant to others.

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Most importantly though, he writes his lyrics. I cannot stress enough how important that is. Im not hating those who don’t, maybe sometimes people aren’t even allowed to do so by their companies. But Kim Namjoon does. He writes. He puts the pen on paper, his fingers on the keyboard and tells us his stories. His truths. His visions. He lets us into his mind and that resonates with people from all over the world. 

After all, this allows people to read the lyrics or hear the song and say I too felt this way. I understand him or I want to understand him. This makes people say,actually, he understands us too, or at least he too tries. He is not an idol that simply learns to perform a song bought. He is an idol, a musician that works to create and master his performance and that perhaps is one of the biggest reasons why BTS is becoming so big.

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People respect artistry in a time when more and more buy their songs. Its one thing to buy a song and make it ones own even, but when none works on it but a producer or two from far away, the song and performance might be phenomenal, but for me it will not give that extra spark of actually being close to the artist and the fact that Namjoon (Suga, Hoseok too <and now the other members are pitching in more and more>) is definitely an enormous reason to why they are so, so loved.

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Kim Namjoon is an artist, a leader, a human and that is what makes him so special.

So please, to the ARMYs that always alienate Namjoon, I beg you please, love him too. He deserves nothing less than the universe. BTS would not be BTS without him. BTS is 7 members. Not 6 and one random man.  or 5 or how many you think BTS is. It is 7.Let’s unite to show our Ryan loving cutie leadermon!

Thank you for reading!

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anonymous asked:

hey got any tips on studying hard? i have a NAPLAN (National Assessment Program / Literacy And Numeracy) course in may coming up and i fear that i might not pass in order to go into 10th grade (am in 9th grade)

I did learn that when you are at a Library, studying and homework is 10x more fun. 
-believe you will pass the exam
-find out if you are a visual, oral, etc type of learner
-write notes down and review them later
-Cornell notes are fun (’: try them with different colored pens/pencils/highlighters
-quiz yourself
-try to connect the lesson/questions to something you enjoy!
-don’t listen to music when studying, and find an app in your computer to block out fun websites


Fellpril day 11!

Ok so like.. im on my compooter and like Im bored…. and i have a ‘job’… GRABS PEN. ok um… yeai made two versions bc i was testing shading and uh… it was my first time not using black ;;w;;. BUT HERE YOU GO, SCI X FELL BC IT CUTE
Fell sans- @underfell
Science sans- ???? (i litterally searched Science sans to find him… no luck XD)
(jaket… ik im so good at spelling)

anonymous asked:

Could you show us some of your art techniques or tell us about how you found your style? Your style is very inspiring :0

aaaaa idk how to explain techniques im sorry ; o ;; i have some videos on my youtube if that helps 

as for finding my style its mostly influenced by shows i watch/artists i look up to, if that makes sense? picking up coloring tricks/styles i like as i go along

it’s also generally a lot of playing around with brushes and all. hell i used to use the pen tool for everything and you cant even tell from my style rn that i used to color like this 2014 and below

idk generally just mess around a lot ; ; im not very good at explaining sorry if this isnt super helpful :0

Looking for a cute lil pen pal

Hello! I’m Brooke! I’m 16 soon to be 17 year old gal living in a small town in Canada looking for a lovely pen pal that I can talk to and send little letters to every so often!

I’m in love with any type of music (Beyoncé, the 1975, lorde etc) except country (Shania twain is my only exception). Im more into indie alternative, and recently obsessed with my boi chance the rapper.

I don’t watch much tv, but when I do, skam , riverdale, and survivor are my go to’s. I additionally low key love anime, it’s just hard for me to find the right one.

I love art, bullet journaling, journaling in general, the messy heads magazines, watching YouTube, plants, traveling, bike rides, crystals, dance (been doing it for 14 years) and discussing about social justice issues. Additionally, I absolutely love learning about other people, their experiences, cultures, and places around the world. I’m obsessed with Paris, it’s a dream to visit there. It’s a dream to visit any place in Europe tbh.

- Ages 16-19
- lives anywhere around the world
- We don’t have to talk to each other every single day. I’m not picky.
- Someone who is patient, understanding, and supportive (I’m busy with school and other activities, but I will try my darnedest to be free to talk and be open!)
- I would love to exchange letters, doodles, photos, plants, tea, stickers, or anything that interests you!

Tumblr: adventuriing
Instagram: brookeewhelann

okay but why have i never heard anything abt a jackbitty catfish au okay just look @ this [[[[this got long again @ fandom im sorry]]]] ( @asexualwhiskey )

  • so in a universe where Jack didn’t have a breakdown and got drafted (first!!! fight me @ everyone!!!!) to the NHL instead of going to Samwell, and Bitty went to Samwell for hockey and was still great friends with every1 on the hockey team
  • okay so lets say bitty is a *rolls dice* junior so he’s like 22 and its spring semester
  • anyway so bitty didn’t even want to create a dating profile on whatever dating website ransom and holster were recommending so imagine his suprise when he gets an email that He’s Found a Match!^tm
  • he immediately confronts rans and holster and they don’t even apologize they’re like “bits you haven’t had a successful date in a couple years we’re trying to help” and bits is just like “u know I’m perfectly happy being single u guys really don’t need to do this” and rans and holster are just Iike “give him a chance ok just try”
  • so bitty reluctantly is like “ok uk what whatever sure okay okay” and messages the guy
  • sidenote: bitty’s un is ‘hockeynpies15’ and jacks is 'jacqueslzpuck1’ bc he’s a loser
    • sidenote sidenote: jack got transferred to the falconers in bitty’s freshman year (from idk *spins wheel* the pens and still plays with tater and tater is the first person he comes out to and a year later tater convinces him to get a dating profile on the DL so that “zimmboni can find nice boy who won’t spill secret” and jack went along w it bc tater is a large russian man
    • he chooses to change his profile name to jack moore bc moore is his mom’s maiden name (im making this up as i go can you tell)
  • anyway
  • so bitty messages him and they start talking and they actually find that they get along really well and have a lot in common and eventually they exchange phone numbers and start texting all the time and bitty is tweeting abt “this boy” and his followers are like “um babe have u like, seen his face” and bits is lik e “no is that a problem”
  • so rans and holster (who tbh thought this was a better idea when they were drunk) send an email to nev and max about bitty and jacqueslzpuck1 because they’re kinda worried for him bc bitty is obv falling fast and they’re not sure if this guy is legit????
  • anyway bitty is PISSED when they do this bc like. “for ONE his name is jack. yes, i know his last name, its MOORE and he told me he lives in BOSTON and SECOND he has a dinosaur of a phone that doesn’t have a camera and his laptop doesn’t have a camera and he wouldn’t even know how to work one if he TRIED”
  • so nev and max are called in (and lbr they would get along /so well/ with ransom and holster like you know they would all go out and get drunk 2gether its great

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ID #10263

Name: Elle
Age: 24
Country: Australia

I used to have a few pen pals a few years ago and im keen to get back into some snail mail. Im also fine with online chatting if you prefer!

I work as a chef and i am highly passionate about food and cooking. I am a cat lover and i always find time to read a book.

I thoroughly enjoy in depth conversations about anything but i would love to talk about each others culture, day to day life, beliefs, traditions etc.

When i am not at work i am reading, cooking, watching tv series, or going for a walk to enjoy nature.

I love learning new things and getting to know people and i look forward to hearing from you soon!

Preferences: No gender or country preferences but 20+ years old only please

hey real talk?? im like really super tired of people shitting on people’s art just for copy and pasting something and maybe flipping it or transforming it or editing it or just leaving it alone by itself like fuck man im a lazy fuckin person if im gonna draw somethin and theres an easy shortcut to getting my point across you best know im not gonna draw every little fuckin detail over and over and over again

like holy hell y’all are acting like artists are somehow worth LESS if they dont do every little thing by themselves like if they use a reference or copy and paste a detail or a thing they’ve drawn before because it’d be easier to but newsflash asshole!!! shortcuts are fine!!! like if youre driving somewhere every day and it takes you 30mins to get there and you find a new path to get there that takes like 20 minutes less then you bet your ass that youre gonna take it!! let people draw what they want and in the manner they want to draw it holy hell

if youre gonna complain about an artists work then you go on ahead pick up a pen or a tablet or whatever the fuck and do it yourself for fucks sake stop giving artists shit for every dumb little thing like that

I’m strained and tired. All this hard work all for nothing. Working and working my ass off all for nothing. I have no friends, no life and nothing to do. I’ve tried too many times to make things right but all I do is get rejected. I’m fed up. I always let everyone down. Everyone. “It’s time to go” I think to myself. “I need to go from this awful place I call home.” I picked up my pen and began writing my note. It read, “don’t worry. Your life is okay now. I am gone, continue with your life. Don’t find me and don’t try and contact me because I’m gone now. Im at peace now.”
—  @poetpastry