im going to drown in my tears for a bit

Exo Reaction to you taking selfies with another male idol

mymisstina said:

Hello! can you do an EXO reaction about seeing their gf taking a selfie with another male idol?Thanks!

Xiumin: Yeah, mhmm no, that boy needs to go. It’s time to take him out.  

You: Luhan honey, are you jealous?

Luhan: No! I’m not mad at all! I am totally fine with you taking selfies with him!

Kris: Oh no…not him again… what to do… what to do…

Suho: Stop. You need to be at least two feet away from her.

Lay: I’m still your fav right?

Baekhyun: *to Tao* Im just gonna rest my head for a bit and drown myself in tears.

Chen: It’s okay because she’s still my girlfriend.

Chanyeol: Oh no no no…

Chanyeol: Hey guys! I think this picture would be better with me in between you guys :D

D.O: No arm around my girlfriend

Tao: Ha Ha Ha. Step away before I go all martial arts on you.

Kai: does this while waiting for you to finish

Sehun: *gif*