im going to continue it anyways but change it to him flying and make it about that

coding and chill → johnny

summary: you just wanted to get some coding for an app done but your boyfriend has something else in mind.
genre: college au, a lot of smut, a little bit of fluff
pairing: johnny x female reader
word count: 2.7k
warnings: mature content, strong language
author’s note: i wrote this because of a realistic dream that i had a while back and i wanted to share the experience with you all johnny stans. :)) english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if there are sentences that are constructed in an unusual way and i proofread this about three times to make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors so you could enjoy it better. anyway, i hope you like it and let me know what you think by sending me an ask or im me! ♡

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im tired anyway here’s some more time travel fic

Everything goes the way it does in the books, except that occasionally someone looks up and Neil isn’t there and the air smells a bit like burning, but then they blink and he’s right back in front of them. The Ravens switch divisions. Neil and the monsters go to Eden’s Twilight. Neil pays someone to knock him out. He hitchhikes back to Palmetto. He tells Andrew his half-truths and whole lies. They go on Kathy Ferdinand’s show. He fights Riko. Andrew offers Neil his protection.

It goes the same. Sometimes Neil travels in time and space, sometimes only in time. Usually to somewhere around Andrew, except he hates Andrew, so for the most part, Neil stays away, even when Andrew is an angry-looking kid, even when Andrew is a calm-looking adult.

Until one day, when he gets whisked into a bedroom in the middle of the night and the figure on the bed stirs.

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policeman!jihoon pt.2

a/n; special thanks to bff jupiter @chaeyolks for the pretty pretty moodboard once again,, also! this is a collab w @alliwannado-w1, her installment for woojin is coming up this weekend so do look forward to it^^

policeman!jihoon pt.1//policeman!woojin

warning: slight alcohol mention+slight violence, however characters are written when they are of adult age

“you’re illegal, why are you even a police officer?”

  • “you’re going to do undercover duty with y/n.”
  • “again?!”
  • “unless you want me to–”
  • “yes sir”
  • so here he was, groaning at his impeccable luck
  • he needed to get back at daniel for making him buy that drink LOL
  • “hello, im inspector park jihoon, please take care of me”
  • you looked up, being greeted by jihoon, in a light blue button down and ripped jeans
  • with that lanyard that has his name and picture??
  • usually staff id pics look like mugshots
  • but hey his pic deadass looks like a shot of those models for some fashion show
  • “hello, i’m sergeant y/l/n,” you smiled, sticking out your hand, “i hope we will work well together.”
  • at that moment jihoon fell for your brown eyes
  • and dimples when you smile
  • whatever he said about having zero interest in girls was thrown into the gutter
  • jihoon was tasked to shadow you for your duties for a month
  • he was pretty sure he was gonna get sacked for falling for his superior LOL
  • anyways
  • your first day of working with jihoon was nothing big, just typing out some reports
  • it was a little weird because an inspector from the violent crimes department in a street crimes(idk what its called pls forgive me) department? typing out reports of a lost puppy??
  • anyhow your female colleagues from the other departments will ever more often drop by your desk just to see jihoon
  • it was getting annoying how theyre actually paying more attention to jihoon
  • so you asked minhyun to dispatch you for more undercover duties LOL
  • “i thought you loved writing reports”
  • “not until the female sergeants from other departments come to my desk to see inspector park??”
  • “are you jealous?”
  • ngl you were but you arent gonna let it show
  • especially in front of minhyun
  • he would f l i p
  • “try having 3 colleagues flocking to your table every 2 hours to see your co-worker instead of talking to you, and also distracting you from doing work.”
  • “fine”
  • undercover was boring, you would normally drag sergeant!baejin along with you
  • but this time he wanted to stay in the office because he doesnt want to be the “third wheel”
  • you and jihoon would go to the same club everyday to do undercover duties
  • and the both of you manage to bust some sleazy dudes
  • since the whole thing was already under control the both of you soon don’t need to go to the club
  • and actually do night patrols
  • it was fun, because jihoon would entertain you by pulling funny faces and treat you to ice cream
  • contrary to your expectations, jihoon was actually quite nice to be around with
  • but then something in your mind went off about him
  •  you remembered the fuckboy senior that played with girls’ hearts in high school
  • it was jihoon
  • you were well aware that you were a position above him despite the 2 year age gap
  • but you couldn’t let yourself fall for someone who breaks hearts
  • so you decided to build a invisible wall of friendship to prevent yourself from falling for him
  • i mean how couldn’t you,, he was good looking, good at his work, and had a faint protective vibe which you liked
  • like whenever you were feeling only a little chilly at the cool breeze jihoon would not hesitate to drape his jacket over you
  • and also let you walk on the inside of the pavement
  • besides, minhyun would fall off his chair at the thought of his sister dating someone from the violent crimes department
  • but that didn’t stop you from having fun
  • the both of you would sit at swings and play at the slides
  • there was once jihoon was stuck at one of the slides and you had to help him LOL
  • but ended up pulling out one of his Stan Smiths and nearly called the fire brigade
  • day by day, the both of you got closer
  • and you told jihoon not to call you “sergeant hwang” bc that sounds rlly formal
  • one day the both of you were just talking about random stuff and you mentioned that you wanted to pick up martial arts
  • “i can teach you if you want!^^”
  • “really? what martial arts do you do?”
  • “i have a six-don black belt in taekwondo, i do teach little kids in my spare time as well”
  • so here you are, standing at the back of jihoon’s taekwondo class
  • you felt very over-aged learning taekwondo with a bunch of white-belt kids
  • but they were really good, and jihoon told the kids you were his assistant for the time being
  • yeah, assistant with a white belt
  • and just saying, jihoon looked rlly rlly hot in that taekwondo uniform
  • with slightly sweaty bangs and all
  • when he just stands aside for the kids to practice and adjusts his belt
  • bOI
  • ok moving on
  • you learnt some basic moves and jihoon barely needed to coach you to get them right
  • so all those years of fighting with minhyun was worthwhile
  • jihoon would shift you up to a yellow belt in two weeks because you were that good
  • so one day your eyes obviously wasn’t doing you good
  • you kept messing up the sequence throughout the lesson, maybe your condition wasn’t good
  • jihoon could see it and asked you to rest for a while
  • after the lesson ended, you took your street clothes and accidentally walked into the men’s changing room
  • and you walked into a topless jihoon
  • luckily, he was the only one inside
  • you could see his toned abs, and defined arms
  • not to mention that killer jawline
  • and in taekwondo pants????
  • jihoon noticed you staring slightly and then fumbled to find his taekwondo robe
  • and you noticed you were in the wrong changing room
  • “oh shit im so sorry i–i”
  • just as you were about to get out of the changing room jihoon blocked the door
  • without his robe
  • “y/n, did you enter the wrong changing room to see,,,”
  • “see?”
  • he pointed to his abs, “this?”
  • you could only laugh, “i would never do that, i can easily see them on the internet”
  • he raised his eyebrows, “so you watch porn?”
  • “no??” you rolled your eyes, offended, “do you think i’m that kind of person, inspector park?”
  • “n-no–”
  • “i’m sorry i’m not like those girls you played with back in high school, i’m not after your body–”
  • “you’re driving me crazy, y/n”
  • “what?”
  • “your eyes, your nose, your lips, drive me crazy.” jihoon stared right into your eyes, making you blush
  • “hey inspector park–”
  • “why don’t you call me ‘jihoon oppa’ anymore? is our relationship strictly work-related now?”
  • “i just…” you sighed how something small could escalate to something big like this, “i like you, jihoon-oppa”
  • you slightly cringed but you continued, 
  • “but we cant do this. minhyun will get mad, and there goes my job.”
  • “b-but–”
  • “sorry, inspector park, i’d have to go.”
  • you pushed jihoon aside weakly, then going out and into the ladies’ changing room
  • you felt hot tears trickling down your face, in reality, you just didn’t want your heart to be broken
  • the next day, you and jihoon went to work like a normal day
  • just, no patrolling and writing of reports the whole day
  • the office could sense a tension between the both of you, even your female colleagues stopped coming over
  • “hey y/n,” baejin stopped by your table and handed over a file, “you gotta go undercover again for that club, the perverts are striking again.”
  • “again?” you sighed, “okay i’ll go.”
  • “do you need me to go with you?” baejin leaned against your desk, “ you seem, off, today”
  • “i-”
  • “i will go with her, sergeant bae.” jihoon spoke, “it’s my last day here anyway.”
  • so fast, a month has passed, you thought.
  • “thanks inspector park. i’ll get going then.”
  • you skipped dinner, all you did was to write reports continuously throughout the day
  • until jihoon slammed your laptop shut, and stared straight into your eyes
  • “we need to go now, sergeant hwang.” his lips stretched into a straight line.
  • you unwillingly got up from your seat, as you shrugged on your coat and headed out to the carpark to wait for jihoon
  • the car ride was quiet, with you staring out of the window, not talking to jihoon
  • though it was jihoon’s last day, and you were sorry he had to spend his last day like that
  • you had to stop yourself 
  • though the club was playing upbeat music, all you could do was to stare into blank space
  • just then, some sleazy dude came up to you
  • “can i buy this pretty lady a drink?” he winked
  • “no thanks, im with someone else–”
  • “ey, that someone else can wait.”
  • “i really do have someone–”
  • “i said i will get you a drink alright?!” the man’s rogueish smile appeared, grabbing your wrist, “i know you’re here to do undercover duties, sergeant hwang–”
  • just then, a fist was sent flying to the man’s cheek, as he stumbled backwards
  • you saw an angry jihoon, his face was red with anger
  • “if you ever touch sergeant hwang again, you’ll end up in the hospital.” jihoon growled.
  • “wow, sergeant, i didn’t know you were into flowery pretty boys like–”
  • jihoon sent another punch across the man’s face, making him fall to the ground
  • you had to physically stop jihoon from hitting that sleazy dude, or it would’ve turned into a full fight
  • jihoon-oppa,” you held his arm, which weakened at your touch, “let’s stop, minhyun wouldn’t be happy if he saw this.”
  • jihoon scoffed, putting the dude in handcuffs
  • “you’re under arrest for sexual harrassment, you have a right to remain silent, unless with witness that will support your innocence.”
  • after that dude was thrown into jail, jihoon immediately hugged you
  • “are you okay?” he then took a step back to analyse your frame, “he didn’t hurt you, right? i was so–”
  • you then cut jihoon off with a kiss, shutting him up effectively.
  • jihoon kissed you back with more assertion, to make up for the time he didn’t get to talk to you throughout the day
  • “what was that, y/n?” jihoon smiled, ruffling your hair
  • “don’t tell minhyun about this”
  • boyfriend!jihoon in the police station is super sweet, leaving you a sandwich for breakfast, then dragging you out for lunch
  • minhyun soon found out about it, “i knew the both of you had something going on”
  • and jihoon wasn’t the asshole you expected him to be
  • he only had eyes for you, and it was really endearing
  • the both of you would go on night walks, and then sitting on the swing set, talking about random things
  • overall, the sweetest crime-busting couple in Gangnam Police Station
  • “I don’t know how you became a police officer, your looks are illegal, you’re my illegirl”

lowkey stole that from dimple by bts sorry im lame
i hope you guys enjoyed this as much as i liked writing this,,my request box is always open, so do send in requests!

Spinning Out Pt. 1

*gasp*  Hurting Lance?! On his birthday?! Who would do such a thing?!

warnings: self-harm, non descriptive for this chapter and most likely for all chapters in the future but please read with caution

If this were in Lance’s POV you could call it a character analysis.

           Keith doesn’t hate Lance; he never has.  They argue a lot, yes, and compete at everything that has the slightest possibility of having a winner, but Keith let’s Lance dictate the way they socialize with each other.  He starts the fights, baits Keith into everything petty, and in the rare moments they get along, Lance leads too.  Keith follows his cues, for fear of screwing up if he leads an interaction. If Lance wants to be rivals, Keith can fill that role pretty well.  Plus he’s sitting pretty with the higher score at present.

           It’s annoying sometimes, the way it makes peaceful interactions awkward.  Lance in general is annoying with all his convictions, buoyancy and over the top confidence.  He rubs Keith the wrong way, though so does everyone else after living with them for an extended period of time.  Keith has no desire to be any closer with Lance than he is.  He’s doing fine with no particularly strong relations outside Shiro, and stepping into new territory is an uncomfortable thought. Keith knows he’s prone to misreading and messing up, so he saves himself the embarrassment whenever he can.

           But he doesn’t hate Lance.  So when Allura calls a drill and Lance shows up in the hub shirtless and soapy-haired and Keith notices something alarming, it weighs on him.

           The left side of his torso, from below the pex to the hip bone is marked up.  The wounds are short lines, some raised and a little paler than the rest of his skin, others flat, a faded pink that Keith can only see by scanning closely.  They look to be a weird combination of a cut and a burn—with some bruising, because everything about Lance has to be extra—not something Keith has ever seen. And he’s seen a lot.  They obviously didn’t happen on accident; they’re systematic, deliberate.  That leaves Keith with two gut wrenching possibilities: that he’s been held down and tortured, or he’s done it to himself.

           Keith looks away. Lance is being himself, complaining about lack of personal time, and no one else seems to have noticed.  It’s just Keith, with his eye for details, who’s full of dread and empathy so he puts on a poker face and saves it for later. Making it obvious would be rude as hell and probably ruin any bit of security Lance has.

           Allura dismisses them all quickly, because Hunk is shifting for need of the toilet and Pidge is testily glaring at everyone while she holds a broken electronic up to her chest.

           Keith returns to his room.  Its late evening, and he’s not needed for anything so he opts to get as much sleep as he can while he can.  He’s restless though, thinking about Lance.  The scarring is personally familiar to him; he’s been clean of self-harm for months but his thighs still bare the faded remains of low nights on Earth, when he’d been so alone and couldn’t console himself without resorting to splitting his skin open.  

           Could Lance be fighting with those same urges?  Keith knows better than to think it unlikely.  They’re all under an unreal amount of stress; it wouldn’t be a surprising reaction.  Keith was able to stop when he had a goal in mind and people to reach it with.  When he became a part of something he could direct all his energy towards.  Moreover, he hadn’t had anything to lose when he was uprooted from home.  It hadn’t been hard for him to come to terms with not being able to go back.  Lance on the other hand has lost more than he’s gained.

           The more he analyzes, the more he realizes the injuries are too new and no one could have done it but Lance.  His chest aches for the guy.  Lance needs help.  Keith can’t keep what he’s figured out to himself, but he can’t go telling Shiro without Lance’s knowledge either.  That would just alienate and scare him.  Besides, if Shiro doesn’t understand he could end up making things worse for Lance by trying to help.

           Keith understands. As anxiety inducing as the prospect is, that means he has to talk to Lance.  He spends the better part of the night trying to figure out how to do that.

           He takes his chance at midday—or at least what everyone acknowledges as midday.  It’s kind of hard to tell what time it actually is when you’re flying through space.  Lance is alone in the kitchen, humming tunelessly over the lunch dishes.  They don’t have to be hand washed, but Lance has taken to doing it once a day.  He’s never said why, but Keith can guess.

           “Hey, uh, Lance? Can I talk to you?”  He cringes at his own voice, noticeably uncomfortable already.

           Lance looks over his shoulder, “Yeah but if you have a weird favor to ask me the answer is no.  Hunk might be more accommodating.”  He seems so content Keith almost thinks he imagined the scars.  This is not a boy who’s hurting.  He’s so nonchalant, almost domestic.

           Keith reminds himself that people put on acts, and that sometimes all it takes are a few weak moments anyway.

           “Nothing like that. It is really personal though, and you might freak out.”

           “Oh, Keith I’ve been waiting for you to confess to me for ages,” Lance gushes, with laughter on the edge of his voice.

           “I saw your chest yesterday,” Keith blurts.  He wanted to come at it with more tact than that but he needs to make Lance be serious.

           Lance blanches. “Well,” he stutters, failing to keep up his casual demeanor, “yeah?  I got pulled out of the shower but it’s no big deal.  Not like I have anything going on there that you don’t.”

           “I’m talking about the marks.”  Lance’s body language changes instantaneously.  He shuts down; his expression going flat while he draws his shoulders in and stands up straighter, angling toward the exit.

           “No,” he says lowly, “Shut up.  You don’t know what you saw.”

           Keith steels himself. He knew this wouldn’t be easy; he just needs to talk Lance through it as nonthreateningly as possible.

           “I do,” he affirms, kindly as he can, “and I know some things about what’s happening when a person feels like that is their only option.  I hate to see you so torn up and hiding so … I’m not staging an intervention or anything.  I’m just telling you that I’m on your side and hoping you’ll let me be there for you.”

           Lance rubs his collarbone, an absentminded nervous gesture.

           “Okay, thanks that—it means a lot.”  It’s not lost on Keith that he doesn’t really accept the offer of help.

           “The universe needs you,” Keith says, in case Lance needs a reminder, “We all do.”

           Lance gives him a firm nod of acknowledgment, “Help me finish up in here?”

           It’s like he’s making a compromise, telling Keith that he’s willing to give in a little without actually having to continue talking about it.  They clean up the remnants of lunch together in companionable silence.

           Keith isn’t sure if he’s doing the right thing here.  There might not be a right thing for the situation, but how can he live with knowing Lance isn’t well without knowing the full nature of the problem?  He has to make sure Lance is going to be alright, and he’s certainly not very qualified to do that but he may be the most qualified person available.



           Lance flicks him with a wet dish towel, “Race you to the training deck!”

           And he’s gone, turning on his heels and out the door before Keith can take a breath.  Keith rolls his eyes and follows at a sprint.

One Step Too Far

Originally posted by kcismyreligion

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of death, swearing… 

AN: I have been deserted by my writing muse for a long time, all of sudden though this afternoon she came flying back home so expect a few more post in the next few days… so many ideas to get down onto paper (well computer paper) 

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“You know Bellamy actually looks like his head might explode soon watching you here, acting like you don’t care”

Raven was smiling at the words she was saying, you however were not finding them funny in the slightest “why exactly would he look like that?”

Raven’s eyebrows rose “Oh come on Y/N you know exactly why. Don’t play dumb, it doesn’t work on me”

“Nope, I’m drawing a blank”

Raven just stared at you this time, because, of course, you knew exactly why Bellamy was staring at you like that, you just weren’t willing to in anyway acknowledge him. In fact, you were doing a very good job of completely ignoring the man behind you trying to burn his gaze into your back.

“Y/N you’re a terrible liar you know that?”

“I can’t deal with his anger Raven” you admitted. A small crack appeared in your emotional armour that was threatening to break apart any minute now. “I’m barely dealing with everything that’s happening around us right now. I don’t need to try and figure out his motives at the moment, I just can’t take that on as well”

Raven reached out to lace her fingers with your own. “No one understands what’s happening right now” she admitted eyes flicking over your shoulder to look at Bellamy once more. “Especially with him”

Downing the rest of the moonshine in your glass in a large gulp you slid off your stool giving Raven a small smile. “I can’t be here right now Raven. I’ll see you later”

“Alright” she paused “It will work out, won’t it?” she asked you “everything will work out?”

“I don’t know” the two of you stared at each other a wealth of emotion passing between you before you shrugged one shoulder and turned to leave.

You left Raven in the mess room stopping on your journey back out only for a moment when you reached where Murphy was sat with some other men deep in whispered conversation. A conversation you were fairly certain you didn’t want to know anything about. You bent over his shoulder to kiss his stubbled cheek.

“I’m going to bed John. See you tomorrow”

He turned his head towards you cupping your cheek in his hand, not at all happy about the shadows and darkness he could see in your eyes. “Alright darling” he glanced over to where Bellamy was sat eyes still narrowed and focused on you. “Are you sure I can’t kill him? Maim him? Just hurt him a little?”

That made you smile. “I told you the first time as much as I appreciate the offer I’d rather not have you in a jail cell as well. At the moment you’re one of the only people I love who aren’t behind jail cell bars”

He sighed “If you say so darling, if you change your mind though…”

“I’ll know who to come to”

With a final smile at John you left the mess room heading back to your room. You’d walked these corridors hundreds of times before, ever since the remains of the Ark had crashed to the ground and the delinquents had been taken back in by the so called civilised people.

It had been before though, before Wanheda, farm station and Chancellor Pike. It had been before he had… before you had lost him completely. Lost Bellamy to the poison of Pikes sermons.

Making a split-second decision you reversed directions and headed away from your room and instead towards the holding cells that had suddenly become very full

A guard was posted on the entrance and he stared suspiciously at you as you approached him.

“Let me through”

“Y/N I can’t, you’re not authorised to be in there… with them”

“Oh fuck off Jackson. You’re no more a guard than I am” he cringed at you words shuffling on his feet. “Let me through” when he continued to simply wriggle your eyes narrowed “NOW Jackson”

“Fine, fine. Only 5 minutes”

Jackson opened the door and you went through into the holding cells quickly finding where Lincoln was sat, head resting in his hands. Your father was sat next to him mirroring his pose quite successfully.

“Lincoln, dad” their heads snapped up to look at you.

“Y/N what are you doing in here?” Marcus demanded “It isn’t safe for you to be around us”

“It’s fine. Jackson is on the door and he won’t do anything”


“No dad. I’m fine” you insisted sitting down in front of the bars to their cell. It was Lincoln who tried next, his voice remarkably steady considering he looked like he’d been hit by a truck. Dried blood and bruising covering his skin.

“Y/N you can’t be here. You know the only reason you’re not behind these bars with us is Bellamy. Without that protection you’re only one step away from being locked up yourself”


“Y/N” Marcus moved this time coming over to the bars “Don’t you dare say that. Do you know how powerful we can be with you on the outside?”

“I don’t have any power dad” you let your forehead rest against the bars of the cells. “I’m watched constantly, followed most of the time wherever I go. There’s nothing I can do”

“You can talk to Bellamy get him…”

“NO!” you interrupted him instantly. “I can’t get through to him anymore. I don’t know if I want to after what he did”

“Y/N” it was Lincoln again his head reaching through the cell bars to squeeze your shoulder. “We need Bellamy back on our side”

“He won’t listen to me” you continued to insist “not anymore”

Your conversation was cut off by the door of the holding cells opening. You jumped up from the floor pressing your back against the bars, feeling Lincoln and your father standing close behind you.

“Y/N you shouldn’t be here”

Bellamy came into view and you tensed almost automatically. You did not want to be in this situation right now. With him in front of you.

“Why? Going to lock me up as well Blake?”

“Y/N” Marcus hissed from behind you as Bellamy continued to stand there an expression like a kicked puppy on his face.

“Or will you just shoot me? After all guns do tend to be your solution recently”

He visibly flinched this time, obviously unwilling to hear what he had done come from your mouth. “Y/N”

“I can’t be here anymore. Around you” turning away from him you quickly said goodbye to Lincoln and your father leaving the detention cell. Unfortunately you could still hear footsteps behind you. Meaning someone was definitely following you. See as two of the people had been in a cell that left only a single person it could be.

“You need to leave me alone Bellamy”

“I did this to protect us Y/N why can’t you see that”

“I’m so sorry that I can’t understand the slaughter of 300 people was done to protect me”

“The grounders don’t want to protect us Y/N”

You were biting your lip trying desperately to not snap. You did not want to have this conversation with Bellamy. Not now, not ever.

The emotional armour you’d constructed ever since life started to go to hell was definitely starting to crack. It was going to split and your rage, pain, sadness and despair were going to come flooding out. You could not have that breakdown in the corridor though. Speeding up you almost ran towards your rooms.

Bellamy followed you the whole way shadowing your every step. “Y/N will you please just talk to me?”

“About what Bellamy? What do you want to talk about? How you locked up my father and my friend? How your broke my heart into tiny little pieces? Or how you helped slaughter 300 innocent people here to protect us? Which one should we talk about first?”

You’d reached your rooms and pushed your way in Bellamy predictably following you.

“You know you’re not exactly blameless in all of this Y/N”

“Excuse me?”

He slammed the door shut behind him. “How long did it take exactly before you jumped into bed with Murphy?”

“Really?” how had you known that would eventually come up. “I’m friends with John. I’ve known him since we were children” you rubbed at your temples fighting against the massive headache that was building up. “He’s more like a brother to me. Which even if you did deserve an explanation doesn’t change what you did Bellamy!”

“Why can’t you see that I did this to protect you”

“Safe from what Bell? Can you not see that you killed an army here to protect us all?”

Bellamy took a few steps forwards grabbing onto your upper arms tightly. “This doesn’t have to be this way Y/N. Please don’t…”

You lifted your hand placing your fingers over his lips cutting off his words. “This will be this way Bellamy. I’m sorry but it’s already done”

“I love you Y/N”

The softly whispered words finished off your resistance. The armour cracked completely and grief poured out tempered with furious rage. “You love me!? You don’t get to fucking say that anymore Bellamy. You locked up my father. How did you think that was going to affect us? That I was just going to smile and accept it?”

“I don’t know” he admitted sadly. “I didn’t think…”

“Damn right you didn’t think” you yanked yourself out of his grasp. “Right now Bell I’m struggling every day to remain calm enough not to take that gun from your belt and put a bullet in Chancellor fucking Pike’s brain. It would be better for everyone”

“Y/N for fuck sake you can’t say that”

“I can say that Bell” you insisted “I can say that because I’ve not been brainwashed into suddenly believing our friends are going to try and kill us” you were shouting you realised. Trying to take a deep breath you forced down some of the anger. “You need to leave”


“Please Bell, just… leave”

“I’m not just giving up on us Y/N. No matter what you think everything I’ve done has been to keep you safe. I’m going to keep doing that”

You couldn’t answer that, couldn’t think of words to express even half of what you were feeling. Bellamy grabbed you once more kissing you roughly before leaving in a whirl of motion that left your head spinning, lips tingling and your heart pounding.

Completely confused and unknowing of what to do next your legs simply gave way, falling to the floor you felt tears coming to your eyes. You hadn’t cried yet, hadn’t cried since the world went to hell once more. It was coming now though, as sobs racked your body.

You stayed there huddled on the floor shaking with tears as all those emotions you’d locked away finally had their revenge and left you stuck there, held motionless and broken.

Washington D.C P2

Summary:  Who knew that a a trip to Washington D.C would be the beginning to everything unraveling.

Requested: No

Word Count:  2.3k+

Note: There will be a part three :))

Warning(s)?: Swearing (very lil), kidnapping (without realizing), 

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Part 1  Part 3

Washington D.C

“Hey are you okay?” MJ asks from beside you. It was currently 11pm and you haven’t spoken a word since you found that… thing in Peters bag. You attempted to catch up to him to ask questions but he was long gone by the time you left security. 

“Your quieter than usual” MJ says, glancing up from her laptop screen on her bed. I glanced up to her and smile, shaking my head. 

“No.. I mean yeah I’m fine it’s just-” You heard some commotion outside the door in the hallways. 

“I’m gonna go check something” You muttered, starring at the door. 

“Okay but remember it’s after curfew so don’t get caught homescout” That was her nickname for you. You just nodded your head, getting up and turning the door knob open. You stepped out while slipping on your jumper, the sleeves coming past your finger tips. You’ve always loved big jumpers.

“Hey Y/N!” You turn around to see Cindy and less run up to you, looking a little excited. You stare curiously at them, noticing their swimming attire. 

“We’re gonna go for a swim wanna join?” Liz asks politely. I slowly shake my head, politely declining the offer. 

“Isn’t it after curfew?” you ask. Cindy just squeals in excitement and rushes off, following the others. 

“Yeah but some rebellousness is good for the mind before a big debate” she replies with a smile. You smile back softly. 

“Thanks but no thanks” She frowns slightly then pats your shoulder, skipping past you and further down the hallway. You notice she stops again, talking to someone further down the hallway. Why were you so worried? You had a debate to prepare for tomorrow you should just calm down, take your mind off of things and have some fun!

“Actually give me a sec Liz and I’ll join you guys” You said with a smile. She turns around and smiles towards you, turning back around to continue speaking with the person wearing a hoodie. You quickly scurried back inside into your room and got changed, you offered MJ an invite but she said she was tired and wanted to get an early night. So you made sure to take the room key with you as you left for the pool. 

Once you were in your bikini you grabbed a towel from your bag, walking towards the front door. You open it quickly and step out, colliding with a… wall? There wasn’t a wall there last time.. and this one was.. warm? 

You glance up to see the brown eyes of Peter Parker, the once you have bumped into, yet again.

You stared at his flustered expression for a few seconds then began to laugh. He looked at you confused then began to smile.

“Three times in one day Parker for what do I owe the pleasure?” You tease in a horrible british accent causing the both of you to laugh. 

“You really gotta watch where your going” Peter says then his eyes suddenly widden at his statement. He was obviously expecting some harsh or snarky comment back but instead you smiled… and laughed.

“Well it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t right in front of the door… wait why were you in front of my door?” you ask curiously. You happened to notice his cheeks turn a faint pink and he ducked his head, causing the hoodie to slip further over his mop of curls. 

You reached out and pushed his hoodie back. 

“And why are you wearing a hoodie when it’s 93 degrees out? You robbing a bank or something?” You laugh. Peter laughed along with you nervously, though you didn’t pick up on his nervousness.

“I-im just heading out for a bit-” he was cut off by a beeping sound. He quickly reached for his phone and answered the call. He didn’t even bother glancing at you while he answered. Okay that was kind of… rude.

“Hey Ned! So where is the trac-” his eyes widen once he realises i’m still standing in front of him. 

“Uhhh the ughhhh the tracingular plural?” You looked at him totally confused. Triangular plural? That wasn’t even a thing. You shake your head and began to walk away, swinging your towel over your shoulder.

“Don’t be late tomorrow Parker!” You call out not bothering to glance back knowing that he has heard you. You began to make your way towards the pool where the others where. You placed your towel down on one of the chairs and walked over towards Liz who was sitting on the edge of the pool, you joined her and dipped your feet in. 

“Oh you made it!” She looks up to you and smiles pulling you in for a hug. You and Liz were friends as well so you laughed and wrapped your arms around her giggling along. 

“Watch out!” Flash yells as he jumps into the water close to you guys, causing a massive wave of water to soak both you and Liz. 

“I’m gonna kill you Flash!” you playfully yelled as you jumped into the water and swam over to him, tackling him in the water. The both of you laughed as you managed to put him under. You fist pumped the air and earned a cheer from everyone in the pool. 

All the while you guys were laughing and having fun, Peter Parker sat on the ledge watching you, wishing he could just stay for one night but he can’t. With one last glance at your face as you laughed he turned around and began to swing deep into the darkness.

Peter’s pov#

~few hours later

“Hey suit lady where are we?” I asked as I glanced around the massive compound that held a shitload of shipping containers.

“You are in the most secured facility on the eastern seaboard… the damage control deep storage vault” I raise my hands to my head in frustration. 

“No Seriously?!” I exclaim aloud, reading the letters ‘DCDS’ across the wall. Great.

I glance around frantically, looking for anyways for me to get possibly get out. I notice a part of the wall that opens and quickly make my way over there. With all my strength I try lifting from the ground, hoping the door will budge. Nothing.

I swing up to the middle and try again. Nothing. 

“The door will likely remain closed till morning’' 

’'Till morning?” I ask, sighing out of defeat I lazily kick the door in aggravation. 

Knowing I probably am going to be stuck here for a while I walk away from the door, I decide to make a hammock out of me webs and lie down, trying to come up with a plan. 

It honestly felt like forever and still I had nothing.

“Hey suit lady… I kind of feel bad for calling you suit lady you know? I should probably give you a name” I wonder aloud bored. I think for a minute before speaking again. 

“Like Y/N- wait no no no that’s t-t-hat’s weird” I say shaking my head, I could feel the warmth crawl up to my cheeks just from even thinking about calling the suit Y/N.

I get up from the 'hammock’ getting tired of it and slip on my back pack again, deciding to go exploring.

As I was swinging from side to side an idea popped into my head.

“What about… Karen?” I ask, god damn I was talking to the freaking suit and I haven’t even been here long!

“You can call me Karen if you’d like” Sweet. 

“Hey Karen what else can this suit do?” I ask, as I hang upside down reading my physics book. I hear the sound of wings?

I glanced to my side to see web like wings come out of the suits side. I gasp in surprise. 

“Woah” I say totally mind blown. This suit can also help me fly!

~20 minutes later

After reading a few chapters of the physics book I makes my way back over to my man made hammock. I begin to slightly rock, causing it to swing from side to side slightly. If I thought about it this is some really good down time. 

“Should I tell Y/N that I’m spiderman?” I ask aloud, just voicing my thoughts in a daze.

“Who’s Y/N?” Karen asks. Gosh Karen has the same amount of curiosity that Y/N does. 

“Who’s Y/N? Aha she’s the best.. she’s awesome.. she’s just a girl who goes to my school” I sigh dreamily. Just thinking about her brought a smile to my lips. 

“And I want to tell her you know? But it’s weird like.. 'Hey I’m spiderman!”’ I finish saying sighing in defeat. Who am I kidding, I have been pining over this girl since freshman year. I have no shot, in fact she hates me!

“What’s weird about that?” Karen asks, obviously not understanding. I close my eyes and sigh.

“I mean what if she was expecting someone like Tony stark and she see’s me? She’d be disappointed”. 

“Well if I was her, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all” I softly smiled from under my mask. 

“Thanks Karen, anyways how long have we’ve been in here?”

“37 minutes” WHAT?!!?

“37 MINUTES?!? I GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE” I yell rushing to my feet. I jump off the hammock and run over to the container box I came out of. Removing my jacket I began opening cages, looking for anything that could help get us out of here. 

“Woah” I say under my breath, holding up a replica of the glowy thingy that Ned has back in the hotel room. 

“That glowy thing is an explosive radioactive core” Karen states. My eyes widen and I stand up, dropping the 'glowy thingy’ to the ground. 

“Woah woah woah you mean we’ve been carrying around a bomb?!” Holy shit! Oh my god oh my god oh my go-

“It will require radiation to transform it into a reactive state” Karen speaks. I quickly reach for my phone and dial Ned’s number. I let it ring through and try again. 

“Come on Ned pick up pick up!” I shout. I pick up my back pack and jacket and swing back over to the doors. 

I climb up to the middle and glance over to my left to see a massive metal box.

“Karen you have to help me override that time lapse’' 

Y/N’S pov#

’'Where’s Peter?” I ask Ned as we make our way through security. We were all due to start competing in ten minutes where the hell is he? 

“Did he come back last night?” I ask when I didn’t get a response from him. 

“Last night how do you know-” He was cut off by the sound of his phone ringing. He quickly answers it and speaks into the phone.

“Hey Peter where are you?! The decathlon starts in ten minutes!” He says into the phone. I shake my head and put my backpack down onto the belt, letting it go through the check out. 

“Peter hey don’t worry it’s safe” I was beyond annoyed right now, in fact I was almost furious. I snatched the phone out of Ned’s hands and began to talk. 

“Peter what the hell is going on with you?” You ask incredulously into the phone, you could hear the sound of moving traffic and heavy breathing on the other line. 

“Y/N?” Peter asks shocked.

“Yes dumbass now where the hell are you?” you ask, this time sternly. 

“Look, look just pass the phone back to Ned I have to tell him some-” Peter began to frantically speak before you cut him off.

“No you don’t get to keep disappearing like this Peter it’s not fair on the team! I mean.. what’s going on with you your all over the place” You raised my voice but it began to soften at the end. I was almost sounding.. worried. 

“Look you have to tell Ned about the-!” he yells then lets out a grunt. What the hell was he doing and where the hell was he? 

“Glowy thing in his pocket?” I ask out. 

“Yes! Yes! Wait how do you know?… Doesn’t matter You have to tell him-” He stopped. It almost sounded like as if he was was jumping. 

“Miss please place the phone down in the box” I haven’t even realized I’ve been walking while screaming a Peter.

“It’s a bomb! The glowy thing is a bomb!” He yells and my eyes widen. 

“Peter…” I stopped and glanced to my side to see all of the other already inside.

“Ned’s already inside” I finish, glancing towards the double set of doors Ned must have walked through. 

“No! No listen to me you have to-’' 

’'Look it’s fine! It’s radioactive it won’t go off unless exposed to radiation just…” You paused. You couldn’t believe these words were about to come out of your mouth. 

“Just get here as quickly as you can in one piece okay?” you spoke into the phone quietly before hanging up. You gave the man the phone who slid into the box. You popped your hands into your jean pockets nervously and walked through the double set of doors. 

“Hey you okay?” MJ comes up to you and asks. You look to the side and put on a fake smile hiding your nerves. You could feel your heart beating a million miles per second. There was nothing you could do, and you know it wouldn’t go off in here and you didn’t want to cause a panic so you’d wait till after the decathlon is over and if Peter isn’t here by then you’d get the glowy thing off of Ned yourself.

Yeah, peachy”.


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A/N: Not sure how long this series is going to be but probably a minimum of three parts :))

Snowbaz Swimming AU

i know its been literal months but i got a few requests to continue so ive decided to revive this fic

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


Simon chapter again! (i think im going to alternate): simon’s first swim lesson with baz

Words: 1.1k 

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Silver Silence Part 9

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 2,044

Warnings: Swearing as always

NOTES: feedback is really appreciated, sorry it took a while and sorry it’s a lot of information.

“Miss (y/n), Mr. stark requests your presence in the conference room immediately.”

A voice jerked you out of a blissful slumber, one filled with fantasies of how tonight’s date would go with Bucky. You groaned and rolled over, peering at the red screaming numbers of the clock.

7:13 am

“Tell him I’m on my way.” You mumbled back to the AI, luckily though he caught it and left you at peace. Your voice sounded slightly scratchy and robotic, as if static was clouding the used to be clear audio that was your man made voice.

You lazily stumbled out of bed, throwing on the nearest clean- or semi clean- shirt and pants and made your way down to the conference room.

When you arrived, all the avengers stood like a pack of wolves around a table, pointing angrily at different areas on an electronic map. It wasn’t long until tony noticed you, and spoke up, earning the attention of all other heroes. “Morning sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning.” You replied, but your voice had gone almost completely robotic, causing your hand to shoot up to your throat in worry. Everyone’s eyes were wide and concerned; all except Tony’s who simply smirked.

“Ah, I was afraid this would happen.” He pulled a small box, almost resembling an altiode tin out of his pocket and opened it, taking out a small chip. “Not to worry, iv thought of everything, as usual.”

He walked up to you and without warning, turned your head, moved your hair, and plunged the small square behind your ear.

“I created this little port back here for upgrades, that way surgery isn’t always necessary.”

He stepped back and motioned you to try it out.

“Thanks tony.” You tried, and it was clear, yet it seemed all eyes were still wide on you. “What?” you asked.

And that’s when you heard it, it wasn’t your voice, it was Tony’s, clear as day.

“Please don’t tell me this was your intention, when you said you updated her software.” Steve mumbled.

“Tony! What happened, did you give me your voice!” you shrieked.

“Calm down, calm down. No, although I’m sure you’d love that.” He hurriedly tried to explain. “Think of someone else; think of their voice, their tone.”

“What do you mean think of someone else?!” you yelled in frustration, and your sure if anyone closed their eyes they would think tony was having an argument with himself. “Why?!”

“Think of someone else, someone’s voice, just try it.” He pleaded.

You furrowed your brows but then began thinking of the first person that popped into your head. Unfortunately between your worry and anger that person was still Tony, and you had to force your mind to navigate to another individual.

Your mind went straight to Bucky, you wanted to pretend it was because he was staring at you from across the room, eyes turned in concern, but you knew it was because he was always on your mind.

He was like malice on cheap wallpaper, he was always there and his presence, his thought, his being clung to your mind. You concentrated on his voice, its low hum, its warm vibrancy, and you found yourself captivated.

You mumbled and stuttered until actual words formed, and luckily not a robotic, or stark tone.

“I swear to god if you don’t fix this-“you stopped abruptly. Your voice, it was exactly how you imagined it. It was Bucky’s voice, crystal clear, so much so that a few members of the team looked back at Bucky to be sure he hadn’t said anything. His eyes were wide and his face was drawn into an almost awe struck expression

“There you go!” tony cheered.

“Now what! I want to sound like me!”  The tone of your voice was still low, and you had to remind yourself that Bucky wasn’t actually saying anything.

“Just think about your normal voice it’s not that hard.”

You huffed and forced your thoughts on your own voice.

“why did you make it this way in the first place.” You questioned, surprised to find your voice in its normal tone.

“You lost your powers.” He sighed, and then quickly continued as your eyes narrowed. “- which was a good thing for your health and all, but it made you pretty useless on the field.”

“I was never on the field anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah I know, but I had always planned you to be, you’re a smart kid, I want you to be with us out there.” He paused and fished a small remote device out of his pocket, “here, this will hopefully help with all the controls, the thinking part is more of a last result.”

You took the remote from his hands, and peered down at the light up touch screen.

“What could I even do with this on the field?”

“Your new vocal cords allow you to copy anyone’s voice that you hear. This will be perfect paired with a little hand to hand combat training from Natasha.” He glanced at the red head, who glared at him, then back to you with a smirk. “you can talk to an opponent, get his vocal frequency, take him out, then easily talk through his comms.”

He looked damn proud of himself, only causing Steve’s annoyed expression to deepen.

“and what if that ‘opponent’ is speaking a different language.” Steve interjected.

“Oh!” he grabbed the device from your hands, and fiddled around with it after typing in four different security codes. “There, speak.”

You felt like a dog but did anyway.

“Jo të bisedoni me mua si im një qen.” You covered a hand over your mouth.  (“dont talk to me like a dog”)

“Kjo eshre ajo qe gjuha!?” (what language is that?!)

you where sure that no one could understand you, so its not as if questions was effective, that is until tony looked down, seeming to be reading something.

“uhhh- Albanian.” Tony stated.

“Ndryshoje ate perseri!” (change it back!)
he again looked down at the screen. scanned it and began typing.

“better?” he asked
“god i hope so.” you responded.
He handed you the device again, then began to walk out the door. only then did you notice to translate audio controls he was using.

“We’ll use you on our next mission, try to practice with it from now until then.” He was followed by Steve, Natasha, Thor and Wanda.

You stood there, glancing towards Bucky then back down at the screen in your hands.


That night you spent almost 4 hours picking out the right outfit. You finally settled on professional looking white blouse and black slacks. It was hard to except comfort in wearing a dress, especially for how fragile your body used to be, instead you decided you’d slowly work up to that.

After doing your makeup and hair, you went down to the common room and found Bucky waiting patiently on the couch, his body lined in kaki pants, and a navy blue dress shirt. When his eyes locked on you, he stood.

“Y-you, I uh…” he stuttered, “You look amazing.” You blushed as he then rubbed the back of his neck and quickly grabbed his gray blazer from the back of the couch. “Are you ready?”

You nodded meekly.

It was a funny thing, being so nervous around him, you’d kissed him before, talked to him plenty, and he took an unusually fast likening to you. But still you felt butterflies in your tummy and simultaneously  felt those butterflies flap their wings of fire to cause it to churn.

Nervous, yes that’s what you still are. The whole way there, clinging to Bucky’s arm, and the entire time you waited to be seated.

And then, you weren’t.

You were flying on cloud 9, staring into pools of ocean and laughing with the sound of liquid gold that poured from his mouth.

“You really broke 6 bones while trying to play tennis?” he chuckled.

“Yeah well I was an hyper child.” You replied, but then he stopped for a moment, thinking.

“(y/n)?” he asked softly, peering over the candle light as you pressed a glass of wine to your lips.


“What happened before Tony found you.”

You coughed; choking on your drink and feeling some pour down your chin, but quickly wiped it before it could touch your blouse.

“Sorry, I’m just curious, you don’t have to-“

“No, no. it’s alright Bucky.” You cleared your throat. “Id start at just before they took me in but it probably wouldn’t make any sense.”

“Start were ever you’d like”

You smiled.

“When I was little my dad was always a little… worried, about me.” You gulped. “More so then most parents, but out of anything I think in a way.. He was scared of me.”

“Scared of you?” Bucky questioned.

“My mom died, when I was born. But the doctors never knew why. And I think in a way he blamed himself… but even more he blamed me.”

You took a deep breath and let it out through your mouth.

“As I grew up, he started to notice my frail state. I broke bones so often a hospital room became like a second home, and as such my father spiraled down into debt.”

“So he did the only think he could think of.” You looked up at Bucky, his expression hard and concerned. “He put me up for adoption.”

“How… how old where you?”

“Ten.” You smiled. “Ten, and id already broken every bone in my body at least once.”

“I was an active kid, I loved sports, I loved dares, but when I was put into that home, I was on lock down. A couple times even in a padded cell.”

The waiter came to pick up menus, asking about choices and smiling sweetly at you. But Bucky didn’t remove his eyes from your face, he was frozen.

“Did you ever….” He trailed,

“No. I never got adopted. I was there from 10 to 18 and not once was I even allowed to be interviewed.”

You gave a humorless laugh.

“Defective, that’s what they’d call me. So I felt I needed to prove to them, and my father I could live on my own.”

“So I left, an 18 year old with no money, family or friends, and I got a job.”

This time you laughed, you laughed in good heart and watched Bucky smile softly at the sound.

’Terry’s seafood.’ I always smelled like tuna and grease. But I found a little apartment, and I lived, I lived and I didn’t break a single bone for 2 years.”

“What happened?”

You shook your head.

“The third year wasn’t bad. Minor injuries., the 4th and 5th was just bad relationships and insomnia but the 6th … I was in car crash, broke so many bones I was in the hospital for months, and when I got out… I was so far in debt, so lost in the pile of rent, that I couldn’t get back up.”

The food finally arrived, but being so engaged in the conversation, neither of you began to eat.

“The whole year before Tony found me was hell. I lost my job, my home, everything. It was like a nightmare, because I finally saw my dad in myself. Not even I could deal with me. I was so much baggage; I couldn’t even live with myself.

“And… the blast?” Bucky wondered. But he had the most heartbroken look on his face. One that he got when he wanted to say something but couldn’t. And you knew him well enough to know that it was probably something to contour your inner turmoil.

“I broke my leg.” You wiped a hand down your face. “I broke my leg, and I had no house, no job, and a mountain of debt, I couldn’t go to the hospital, but I also couldn’t walk, which means I couldn’t find food. So I was angry, I was livid. Why me. Why did I have to carry around this burden of glass skin, and then… I just kind of lost it.”

You poked around your plate with your fork.

“I didn’t mean to do so much damage Bucky… I really didn’t.” you mumbled.

“Well I’m glad you did.” He chuckled.


“Well… because we met.”

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The tear between us: Part 1

A Voltron: Legendary Defenders FanFic 

Rating: PG-13

Relationship: Sven/Lance

Characters: Alternate Hunk, Alternate Keith, Alternate Pidge, Alternate Shiro (Sven), Alternate Lotor, Real Hunk, Keith, Pidge, Lance, Coran, Allura.


“no, but…we….found…we found him, keith. We found Lance” Sven just spoke out the sentence that will change the faith of both Sven Universe and Lance’s. He would have known that Slav theory of multi-universes existed and who knew that the man he continues to love can come back to him.  

In other words  where Sven wakes up to reveal that the reason he had saved Lance is because the Lance in his universe had died leaving him with a broken heart and regret. Lance later on has recurring dreams of the life that he had with Sven leaving Lance with confuse feelings and a longing to be Sven. Even though Sven and Lance live in both different universe this will not stop neither of them for reaching out to meet each other once again. 

Note: The alternate reality characters will be kinda base on the 80′s version and head canon from the fandom.


               In Sven’s Universe                

Sven has been hearing Slavs crazy theories about infinite realities and his nonsense about multi universes since the first day he had join the Gun of Gamara. He still remembers when Slav once demand to reschedule their attack on a Altean base just because Slav believed they were in the universe where their space ships got shot down. Like always everyone thought he was loon because of his crazy antics and behavior to any situation he is in. However, even before Slav can prove his beliefs where real when the paladins of Voltron came into their universes Sven believe him before that event. He wanted to believe that there was a universe where the Altean Empire did not exist, a life where people can control their life and have their own will but most of all, Sven wish for a world where Lance Mcclain was still alive.  In his universe Lance had died.

He describes it as the greatest pain imaginable to even remember how he had hurt Lance. He still replays the last memory he had of the Cuban man before his untimely death, a memory that all couples go threw but a memory that nobody wants to be there last. The argument. Slav new he took it too far, pushing Lance to a heated explosion. Lance was left hurt, broken and in tears knowing that the man that he had love and trusted had left him in a moment of need when he felt the weakest and most variable. He tries to avoid that memory as much as he can but his love for him was still strong.  The Cuban with the beautiful blue eyes like the sea and sun kissed skin was a man who deserved so much more in life had died.  

“In my calculation there is a .025 percent chance he will live but then there is the reality in which he is dead but his brain is still alive making him a zom- HOW ARE YOU SURE!? HE CAN WAKE UP AND BITE ME MAKING THE PERCENT CHANCE OF .0010-!!”  

Sven flutter his eyes hearing Slav yelling over their radio. Before he can acknowledge that they were in there ship a sharp pain went through his body making him grunt in pain. Holding his wound where he was hit he remembered what had happened. “Lance” he softly whispered looking for him even though his vison was blurry. About to call out again he feels a greater pain on top of his head. “Ouch!” He yelps in pain looking up and seeing that Slav just hit him what seems of a…broom? Before he processes the assault, he was waked in the head again “What the testnak!?” The hits where not helping him in anyway and didn’t appreciate at the timing of it either. “Head courters do you hear me! We are in the reality in which he is a zombie! I repeat-” Slav yells threw the radio while still managing to drive the ship and still hitting him. Props for Slav for being ambidextrous and all but Sven is not admiring his friend’s talent but rather is having a hard time at the moment for not killing him. Before Slav can have his finale hit he grabs the broom in midair and pull Slav in only to throw him across the ship. “I’m not dead!! I’m alive and have feelings, Slav!” Sven yelled as much as he can before his wound can stop him in mid-sentence making him lie down. God, it hurts! He thought to himself feeling as if he was goanna pass out from the pain. With a clearer vision he sees that he was in their small space ship that can only hold two pilots and hold a little bit of room in the back where they maintain their weapons and food. Fortunately, they didn’t bring much to their mission to the Atean Ship and had more room for himself to lay down in. Slav had put a soft object to support his head and covered him with their emergency blanket.  

“Oh well welcome back, friend! Glad you are not eating my brain or dead” Slav says calmly like he didn’t just earlier try to kill or hurt him with a broom. Slav gets up and touches his head as he was lightly wounded “not sure what throwing me would give you but I hope your satisfied as now in the future this pain could come back to me and make me have memory lost!” Slav scolds at his friend but then gasp and quickly throws out information of what if he is in the reality where he is now in a comma and is in his own head. Meanwhile Slav was having his mini panic attack and pulling apart the floor to find something that will “wake him up” Sven stairs at the roof of the ship re-thinking the account he just had. “My älsking…where is he?” Sven ask softly with warmth just with the remote thought of Lance. He managed to stop Slav from hurting himself with two colored wires that he got by opening the floor and cutting two wires that where connected to something in the ship. “ahh yes~” Slav pauses for a brief moment realizing what he was doing and put away the wire safely and reconnecting them to where they belong. He continues by saying “Well they got inside of their Lions and took away the comet from those Alteans leaving into that tear to their own dimension.”  

“You mean they left?” Sven gave a half smile as he softly scoffs sounding sad in his tone of voice. He couldn’t believe that he actually thought that they would stay and talk to lance. He wanted to know more information about that Lance as he resembles tremendously of the man he loved. He didn’t want to show he was sad but Slav caught the disappointment in Sven voice. They stayed in silent not sure how he could comfort his friend. He couldn’t imagine what Sven was going through. Imagine seeing someone you love so dearly after their timely death but it’s not them must be so heart breaking. “….Sven im sorry but-“ He was cut off mid-sentence as their radio beeped signaling that a message was coming threw to them. Slav gets back to his seat seeing that the ship was still flying to its proper coordinates and did not have a colligate with the Alteans or an asteroid when he was gone. He gave a quick sigh of relieved from taking him out of the situation he was in.  

“Pilot do you read me, we lost your connection. Please respond, pilot” One of the members of the Guns of Gamara was on the other line trying to guide them back to base safety without being detected by the Alteans. Due to what happened the Alteans are in the search for them not because they are part of the rebels but because of what Slav stooled. “Pilot due yo-hey what the heck are you doing?! Stop give me th- hey! SLAV YOUR DEAD ONCE YOU GET HERE!!” The erupted and angry voice can only come from one person who is hot headed and speak without thinking “DO YOU HEAR ME YOU SNEAKY WARM!”  

Ah yes…Keith.  

“Now now, Keith put the nice man back on air I was having a pleasant conversation with them” By pleasant Slav meant he was yelling about how multi-universes and the chance that Sven could be a zombie. Sven sucked on his teeth quickly making a Tsk noise thinking about how he should really talk to Slav about dialing down with his beliefs. “Wha- jus-look is Sven okay?!”  puzzled, Keath was ready to shoot right back at Slav but redirected himself. Keith was never the type to show his true emotions but when it came to Sven or his other team mates he cared deeply for them. Keith was usually more controlling to his emotions and friendlier but after Lance death he changed for the worse. Lance was his voice of reason and in a way he was his impulse control. Due to their opposite characteristics and Lance acceptance of others they got along quite well. Lance always tried to be-friend others and was trust worthy, always keeping an eye on others safety and feelings. Lance was a kind soul who cared for others as well as a brave noble man making him a natural leader….and a leader he was.  

“Im okay Keith just put some space ice on my wound and I’ll be walking in no time” Sven joke loudly to the radio as he was still in the ground. While he tried to make light of the situation Sven gathered his strength to get up and prop himself in the co-pilot seats. After he spoke he knew he had taken off weight in Keith’s back as a sigh of relief escape the other man was is on the other side of the radio. “Glad to have you back, Partner” Keith says as his voice change to a calmer and happier tone. Giggling lightly, Sven stares out into space. A moment of silent past until Sven spoke into the radio  



Sven pauses for a brief moment not sure how he can gather his shocking news to his friend. He closes his eyes and took a deep breath while still trying not to hurt himself.  Touching his wound looking down noticing his chest was wrapped and is covering his wound he continues.  

“When we arrive, I expect our team to be present I have shocking news that will change our life”

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Careful What You Wish For - Part 5

Warnings - Of course, more swearing. almost death. 

Words - 1,930

A/N - More action, better action. Also, Did you guys know that Aunt may and Tony Stark featured in a film together before? It’s called Only You, Marisa Tomei and Robert downy jr. If you’re in the UK, its on Netflix. Anywhere in the world…..i have no idea if its on netflix or not. so many people in it that i know . Marisa Tomei looked good in the dress and i swear one of the women is the lady from jumanji XD

~xoxo~ Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

She jumped, up and over the rotors of the helicopter, opening her arms and activating the web wings of her suit. She attached webs to the Helicopters stands and swung herself down and around, feet and legs braced to collide with the window; she went in, glass breaking and she slid right passed the elevator doors.

She stopped her momentum in time, shooting a web and catching the top of the elevator in time to stop it falling. Feet braced against the outside doors, Ned, Liz and Peter still inside the Elevator when she caught it; smiling at her victory before her feet broke the doors and she fell down with the elevator.

The elevator stopped, caught on rumble until she hit the floor, dislodging the rubble to cause the metal box to fall again. Breathing hard, Y/N lifted an arm and shot web to the ceiling, holding onto it as her feet braced once more against what was left of the elevator ceiling. She looked around, Seeing Liz, Ned and Peter all staring at her.

“Don’t worry, I got you, Everything’s fine.” Pushing the fear from her voice, she spoke to disguise herself and to calm her friends.

“Oh Yes! Yes!” Ned cheered, fist pumping but also moving the elevator with him.

“Yo yo, stop!”

“Oh i’m sorry.” Ned apologised. Y/N pulled on the web, bringing the elevator up to the next doors available, people already having pried them apart to save the people inside.

“Thank you for riding Spider-Girl elevator, Please get out. Now, go, go, go.” She ushered them Ned went first and then Liz timidly tried to rush to safety. Y/N looked to Peter who seemed too fearful to move, Ned and Liz both held out their hands to him but as he finally reached out to take them, the ceiling under Y/N’s feet broke and the elevator fell once more.

“No!” The petrifying feeling that gripped around her heart as she seemed to watch Peter fall in slow motion, his eyes filled with fear directed towards her. Y/N let her feet go from around the web and used more to grab Peter, one arm pulling him up and another sliding around his waist before she pushed them both against the side of the elevator shaft.

Safely encased between her and elevator shaft,Y/N dropped her head to Peter’s shoulder, breathing out in relief that she caught him in time. “S-Spider-Girl?”

She lifted her head and looked at Peter, giving him a breathy chuckle. “I think i told you specifically to stop falling for me.”

Peter smiled at her as she climbed to reach the web she’d left go of to save him. “Sorry, I just cant seem to help myself when you’re around.” He screamed at himself in his mind for saying that, making it sound so cocky as if he was the boy that got all the girls. It just came out before he could stop himself, Something about her just made him feel so at ease.

“Oh you’re too cute.” She breathed out, grabbing the web and swinging him over to the awaiting arms of his friends. “Is everyone okay!?” She said loudly, getting a few nods before she directed her eyes towards Peter. “Please stop giving me heart attacks. You’re too attractive to die.”

Peter smiled shyly, his glasses crooked on his nose as he fixed them. “Now’s your chance, Y/n, Kiss him.” she was sure she would have right there if her web hadn’t of given out and she hadn’t of fallen to bottom of the shaft, the last thing she heard from above was Flash asking if she really knew Peter and Y/N.

Y/N’s mother would have come to Washington to make sure her daughter was okay if she didn’t have a shift at the hospital that day. Instead, Aunt May fussed over the girl and even Midtown high seemed to be in manic for Spider-Girl. “‘okay, should we tell everyone?”

“No.” Y/N answered Neds question as he came running up.

“Should i tell everyone?”


“Should i tell peter.”

“Definitely not.”

“Girl, you are all he can talk this morning!” Ned gushed. “All he can say is how warm it felt when Spider-Girl saved him and held him safely against the elevator shaft. He’s totally in love with you. I am loving this! Come on, lets get to class, you need to hear him.”

“No, no, I’m not going to class.” Y/N continued to explain to Ned until finally she got to leave and go home, calling out in case her mother was home before putting on the mask. She asked Karen to help out finding the guys under the bridge found the guys and a few little secret school areas that she apparently leaves spider stuff for herself and successfully got information from a dude and left his hand webbed to the trunk of his car.

That’s how she found her on a ferry, using her drone to scan for a white pick up truck and staring down at a few enemies. Tony Stark called at the worst time and Y/N hurried to get rid of him as he praised her. Y/N ended the call hurriedly and snatched the keys from one guy, webbing another whilst giving out a few sassy comments. all in all everything was going well until …

The FBI showed up, right as she went to go after a guy they interrupted, giving the enemy time to change into his armour from the white van. Y/N did well, fighting her enemy with the large vulture wings whist dodging his gunshots of Chitauri energy only for him to get away while she was distracting with the now cut in half ferry.

“Oh my god, no what do i do…uhhh.” Rushing to think of something, Y/n said the first thing that came to her mind. “Karen, X ray the boat and the show me all the strongest points.” Karen did as asked and Y/N got to worked, webbing all the point Karen showed her to try and keep the boat from falling apart. using up almost all the webbing in her shooters to stop people from dying.

“Great job Y/N, you were 98 percent successful.”

“98 percent?” As someone yelled out a praise, the webs started breaking, losing their hold on the ferry and Y/N rushed to keep it together, shooting a stream of web in each direction she tried to use her strength to the pull the halves back together, it wasn’t working at well as she hoped. She could feel herself tearing apart, her arms straining so much she was sure they’d pop from their sockets at any moment.

Then it just stopped, the pain stopped and the ferry was being pushed back together but with no help from her. Then she saw him, well, It, Iron man…if he wasn’t even present this time. All she could do was watch Tony put the ferry back together and fly off, knowing he was as much as disappointed man as she was a disappointed girl.

She was sat on the edge of a building when he came flying over. “Previously on Y/N screws the pooch, i told you to stay away from this. instead, you hacked a multi billion dollar suit so you could sneak around behind my back doing the one thing, i told you not to do.”

“Is everyone okay?”

“No thanks to you.”

“Yeh, okay, don’t need to make feel like even more a failure! You’re not my father!” She shouted, “I tried to tell you about the weapons, the vulture! You didn’t listen, the one father aspect that you have!” Y/N hair fell in front of her eyes, the girl not even bothering to move it out of the way as she gripped her mask in her hands. “Are you even actually here right now?”

The shock of her day was met when Tony’s suit parted to reveal him. Y/N silenced, “I did listen, who do you think called the FBI. did you know that i was the only one to believe in you? Everyone else said i was crazy to recruit a fourteen year old.”

“I’m fifteen.”

“No this is the part where you zip it! alright the adult is talking.” Tony’s resolve faulted the moment Y/N flinched. He raised his voice and her whole body flinched and stepped away from him, Tony wasn’t an idiot, He knew why Y/N had no father. Better she had no father than have her biological one back. “What if somebody had died tonight? Different story right? cause that’s on you. And if you die, i think that’s on me. I don’t need that on my conscience.”

“I know, Im sorry.”

“Sorry doesnt cut it.” he told her harshly.

“I understand. I just, i wanted to be good enough.”

“And i wanted you to be better” There was silence until he spoke again to break her heart. “Okay its not working out, i’m gonna need the suit back.”

“for how long?” Y/N asked, fearful, forgetting that she wasn’t actually supposed to even be Spider-Girl.


“No, no, no, tony please. I need this suit.” she begged. “Without it i just- i’m nothing, i’m just little Y/N in Midtown.”

“If you’re nothing without this suit, then you shouldn’t have it. God i sound like my dad.”

“I dont have other clothes.”

“okay we’ll sort that out.” he found her some clothes, a large baggy T-shirt and trousers that barely even fit around her waist.

“Tony?” She called to him as he took the suit in his metal hand, he turned to her, looking over to see the tears. “You said you sound like your dad.” Y/N spoke, holding back the tears. “You sounded like a dad.” She smiled, letting one tear fall. “Your suit wasn’t meant for me anyway even though this is probably how it went before.” Tony was confused, but said nothing as he flew away.

Y/N didn’t go home, she went to Peters, walking into his apartment building looking like crap. Aunt may gasped when she opened the door and immediately called for Peter who did the same thing when he saw her. “Y/N? What happened?” He asked, walking over to her as she dropped onto his couch.

“I’m pretty sure i lost the internship, Pete.”

“What? How?” He dropped beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist to hug her tightly as she buried her face into the crook of his may in the kitchen preparing Y/N a hot chocolate.

“I messed up, and tony - he - i thought. I tried!” the flood gates opened and Y/N shook with the cries she left out into Peter’s neck, His shoulder glistening with salty tears but he didn’t care. The woman he loved needed him and he would always be there for her. “I tried so hard!”

“I know.” Peter told her “You always do just that.”

“Please stay with me.” she begged brokenly.

“As you wish.” Peter replied softly, dropping his forehead onto her shoulder and tightening his hold on her.

'I love you’

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Since we were four

right, this was a dream i had, i dont know why. i’m clearly not over 3b yet… it might be awful but i’m not a pro, im just trying to recreate my dream. i’ve changed some bits to fit in the timeline of the show, sort of? 

Warnings:smut, very long
words: 3226


Stiles had been acting really strange since he, Allison and Scott well died… we soon came to the conclusion that the nogitsune was trying to possess him he decided to put himself into Eichen for 3 days. His decision really hurt me because although I’m Scott’s little, twin sister, I’ve been in love with Stiles since we were four! I made the courageous decision unbeknownst to the pack to get a job in Eichen as a nurse for a week, Stiles’ nurse. My mother’s a nurse and I intend to be, I’ve grown up learning first aid and stuff so I got the job straight away. 

After being here two days I go to Stiles’ room to give him his medicine but he is not there. I brush it off and search the building- the bathroom, games room, council room. I start panicking but a sudden urge leads me to the basement. Nobody ever goes in the basement apparently but I find it unlocked. As I descend the stairs slowly careful not to trip I hear a crashing noise, so I hurry my footsteps.  There I find stiles reaching into a hole. 

“Stiles what are you doing?” I demand. He just chuckles and grabs my hand pulling me down on the floor next to him. 
“Calm down, I’m just researching I guess” he shrugs. 
“How did you get down here without a key? How did you even know this was here?” I throw questions at him curiously. 
“honestly I don’t know, it’s all about the nogitsune so I guess he wanted me to be here” he spaces out for a while until I place my hand on his knee, he looks at my hand then up to my face with tears in his eyes. I sigh and grasp the back of his head resting it on my chest. he lets a few tears soak my dress before he pulls away hesitantly, he lets his eyes wonder up and down before his lips crash into mine, I kiss back immediately afraid this would be our only kiss. We pull away slowly and I look down blushing not wanting to face the disgust on his face, he places his hand on my cheek stroking it. 
“Was that your first kiss?” he asks softly to which I nod ashamed. 
“Can I do it again?”He whispers timidly. I look up shocked and he smirks slightly. Then the next thing I know we’re making out, slowly and passionately at first then things escalate and get heated. We both move onto the old, dusty, grey couch. He starts unbuttoning my dress, when he reaches to just above my breasts; I grab his hands stopping him. He looks up at me questioningly, I exhale a shaky breath. I’m extremely nervous until he whispers

“it’s my first time too… we don’t have to do this, we can stop” and pecks my cheek. I shake my head violently, jumping onto his lap straddling him. his hands fly to my hips instantly. I fist his hair in my hands and whisper (hopefully) seductively in his ear “I want you to be my first” and nibble slightly at his ear. He gulps but nods continuing to unbutton my dress but gets impatient and tugs it open, the buttons flying everywhere but that’s a worry for another time. I proceed to remove his t-shirt and I’m extremely shocked and turned on at his washboard abs; who knew? pale, skinny Stiles Stilinski has abs! I run my hands along them devouring the sight. he blushes covering himself. I attempt to push his hands away but he sighs pushing me off his lap and tugging his shirt back on. 
“that’s exactly why I don’t take my shirt off! I don’t even know what I was thinking, your my best friends sister and why would you even like me anyway, I’m so stupid!” he yelled thrusting his hand into the wall, not even phasing him. 
“do you not want this?”I stutter offended. he turns to me. 
“of course I want this, you, us. I always have! but Scott-” I jumped to my tiptoes kissing him so he’ll shut up. I pull away standing back straight. he silently watches me. 
“I don’t care I want you, and you want me, don’t think about Scott. and I know you’re feeling self conscious, but seriously I only stared because I didn’t expect you to be so toned… I mean you’ve got the reputation of ‘pale, skinny, defenceless stiles’ but your nothing like that, probably why I’ve liked you since we were 4″ I chuckle but realise what I’ve revealed. I gasp but he just picks me up and drops me on the couch getting on top of me taking his t shirt off again along with both of our remaining clothes. he proceeds to kiss me while intertwining our hands above our heads. he lines himself up and pushes into me slowly. I whimper letting a few tears drip. h notices and goes to pull out but I stop him. he goes slowly and it starts to feel really good. he keeps it slow even though he and I both know we would like it faster, were savouring this moment. after a while we’re hitting our orgasms and he’s dropping onto my chest wrapping his arms around my waist, his face resting on my breasts. I stroke his damp hair while he rubs circles into my hip. Eventually he lifts himself up pulling out of me but stays hovering over me. I blush under his stare. 
“You look beautiful, even all sweaty and tired” and pecks my nose. He travels further down leaving marks on my neck but continues down to my stomach sucking and licking in a strip. I don’t even care that there will be bruises tomorrow. He comes back up pecking my swollen lips, collapsing next to me, pulling me flush against him and we both fall asleep. 

*a few days later* 

Yeah stiles isn’t stiles anymore. Which leads to right now were the nogitsune, Scott, Deaton, Lydia, peter, my mum and I are in our living room trying to find a way to help stiles. Everyone leaves to the kitchen to conjure up a plan while I stay with a Kanima venom paralyzed stiles with duct tape over his mouth. I can hear the conversation in the kitchen so I vaguely listen in. I start wrapping stiles’ stomach, moving to sit on his lap to get a good look at it, dabbing it with alcohol making him jump and wrapping it in gauze. I’m nearly finished when I catch the end of Deaton’s sentence. 
“I know it’s not a good idea, but if he doesn’t get even a little bit of pain, chaos or strife to feed on soon, stiles’ body will die and void will move onto a new host…” I sigh and look at the nogitsune. I start to slowly pull the tape off of his mouth. I place my finger over his mouth telling him to stay quiet. He smirks. 
“mmm, rebel huh?” I roll my eyes. 
“is what he said true?” he nods and chuckles and my expression. my mind is rolling with solutions but I do the first thing that comes to mind. I kiss him cupping his face, just when he’s about to slip his tongue in I pull away biting his lip. he looks up at me shocked but I shush him staring at his neck where I can see the ugly black running through his veins. 
“why did you do that?” he whispers, his hot breath fanning across my face. 
“because I love stiles, and if this keeps him alive a little bit longer, I’ll do anything i’ve lived so much pain i could write a book series about it” he raises his eyebrows and I nod leaving another peck on his lips, quickly putting the tape over his mouth again. I jump off of his lap pretending to put away the few utensils I used when I hear everyone coming back into the living room. 

I don’t remember much else that happened. until I wake up in a damp, cold alleyway. I look around and see Lydia pacing. I run over to her and she jumps only noticing I was here. a shadow comes over us and we look to the end of the tunnel seeing the nogitsune standing there, he starts walking closer but we move away. I feel my side burning and when I touch it I can feel blood. I sigh starting to feel lightheaded. I collapse onto the floor but tell Lydia to keep going. I’m swept off of my feet and taken outside. I’m rested against a large wall with vines going up it. I notice the pack arriving and I sigh happily until a big fight breaks out between them and the oni. the nogitsune stares, enjoying the scene unfold a few feet away from me hidden behind an old car. Stiles gets past and runs inside to get to Lydia. Allison kills one of the oni with an arrow and I see what’s about to happen next. the oni start fading away but I jump up, I don’t know what came over me but I run ignoring the pain and jump in front of Allison when an oni goes to stab her. it pierces my side but I don’t feel it much. I collapse again and when the pack go to reach for me they can’t, a sort of force fields surrounds me, yet the nogitsune walks straight through and picks me up walking away. he’s mumbling profanities and kissing my forehead. I’m taken to the woods, where Scott, Isaac, Lydia, Allison, stiles and I came to watch the stars one night after killing the Darach. it must be a memory in stiles’ mind so the nogitsune knows where to take me. he rests me gently against a big rock; I can see the stars and all of beacon hills from here. It’s truly beautiful. he bends down straddling my outspread legs. he rests his forehead against mine whispering to me. 
“I’m so sorry, I know I cause pain, chaos and strife but your different, I guess it’s because of how strong stiles’ feelings for you are I love you too…thank you for keeping me alive, but I am needed at your school. I’m going to meet up with your pack so when you die you won’t be alone” I start crying and cup his face. 
he leans in asking for my permission, I clutch the back of his head confirming and he kisses me. I start to feel drowsy and pull away laying down. he wipes a tear away before sauntering away. 

I lay there feeling cold and exposed. my shoes and bracelet are gone, I don’t know where. my makeup is no doubt smudged and my dress is torn at the bottom in various places and most of the top is missing due to my injuries. I try to remove what’s left of my jacket although it’s freezing to put pressure on my wounds. I can feel loads of little cuts up and down my legs and arms, and bruised dotted everywhere to.

After lying there for about an hour I start to give up hope until I hear two people screaming my name. my mum and the sheriff! I try to call out to them but my voice is raspy and cracking. I shout my loudest and they find me eventually. The sheriff picks me up trying not to hurt me but everywhere hurts. I clutch his shirt crying. he pecks my forehead speeding to a run, my mother a few feet in front of him. we reach a clearing and I see the squad car. my mum get’s in the back and he lays me down along the seats resting my head on my mum’s lap. The sheriff quickly hops in the front seat and speeding off to the hospital I presume. My mum rings Scott to tell them they found me and where we are going, when she’s finished she looks down at me. I attempt to smile, but get dizzy. I start closing my eyes, she panics cupping my cheeks and telling me to keep my eyes open. I try to talk. 
“St-stiles, tell stiles” I can’t finish my sentence, but she nods laughing a little bit, the sheriff looks in his mirror curiously. my mum looks up at him giggling. 
“she wants stiles. she wants me to tell him she loves him, but she’s going to tell him yourself aren’t you baby?” she looks down at me just as my eye lids are drooping she starts screaming trying to get me to wake up. I open my eyes slightly but close them again. 
“I love you mum” I gasp out. 
The car comes to a sudden stop and I hear the sheriffs’ door opening, slamming shut then I feel the breeze of my door being opened. I’m engulfed in the sheriffs’ arms again and he starts running towards the hospital entrance. I open my eyes slightly looking up at the sheriff. before I can think about it the words pour from my lips. “I love you too dad” and I’m enveloped in darkness. 

Stiles POV*
I pace nervously waiting for my dad and Melissa to come through the door with y/n. my eyes dart up to the entrance when they open and I hear them shouting for an emergency. I tear up immediately, quickly wiping them away. I see y/n curled up in my dads, her hand clutching his, her head resting carelessly against him. I nearly smile until he starts screaming. 
“please, help she’s not breathing, quick!” I go to run towards them but scott holds me back; I thrash violently in his grip but slump against him when she’s taken away on a gurney and into emergency surgery. The waiting room is filled with sobs, from my slumped position on Scott, I can tell he’s crying but is also shocked about my freak out, he knew we were friends obviously but my feelings are clear now. Lydia is rested against Allison’s shoulder and there both crying. Kira looks shocked and Isaac is fidgeting with his fingers trying not to cry. 

normal POV* 
All at once I get a rush of emotions and memories of what occurred several hours ago, but I also get a rush of pain. I sit up opening my eyes and gasping. I look around and my eyes zoom in on one cute brown eyed, dimple faced shocked boy. 
“Stiles” I whisper, but everyone can hear the pain in my voice. He jumps out of his chair quickly pushing gently on my shoulders. 
“lay back down, you’ll pull your stitches out” he chuckles, his eyes filling with tears. Isaac disappears and I assume he’s gone to tell my mum I’m awake. 
“h-how? the nogitsune…” I stutter out. 
“he’s gone!” Scott replies coming to my side to peck my forehead. I hear two squeals beside me and turn my head; I can tell my whole face brightens because they laugh. Lydia hugs me first then Allison. I look in the corner and see Kira sitting there, staring at the floor looking extremely awkward. I cough and her gaze lifts to mine. I smile invitingly and open my arms for a hug; she smiles brightly back and comes to give me a hug. Isaac comes back in with my mum and the sheriff, my mum runs to me hugging me, followed by Isaac and then the sheriff who pecks my forehead. I smile up at him. 
“thank you for breaking your own speeding law to get me here” I laugh making everyone laugh too. he grabs my hand squeezing it. 
“you called me dad” I blush squeezing it back. he goes to leave winking at stiles before leaving the room, I blush furiously. My mum leaves too. 
“you know you guys don’t have to stay here, I’m fine. go get some sleep, it’s still dark out.” I sigh. Isaac and Kira come to my side giving me hugs and saying they will leave then if I insist. the other four stay put resting in chairs; I roll my eyes but lift my arms up to yawn. I don’t notice my t shirt rising. Lydia gasps. I look down seeing my exposed stomach. 

Along with my two wounds, one on my left stomach area, the other along my rib are the possessive bruises Stiles left on my body. I blush trying to pull my shirt down but Scott stops me staring at them. 

“I know you didn’t get them during the fight or anything, who did that?” he growls. I nervously lock eyes with Stiles and he jumps up. 
“anyone want any water?” he stutters. Scott realises and jumps up pushing stiles against a wall. 
“you had sex with my little sister?” he growls angrily. 
“I’m like 10 minutes younger?! and it wasn’t like that, I love him, he’s your best friend look at what you’re doing right now” I hiss at him, swinging my legs over the side of bed and shuffling towards them. Scotts’ eyes are glowing red, and his claws are out. he steps back and I get in between them. suddenly he is pushed backwards and hits the opposite wall. Scott, Lydia and Allison all gasp. I look to my right looking in the mirror and my eyes are glowing purple. 
“we’ll get onto that later, but right now we need to deal with this, I’m in love with Stiles” I state confidently. Stiles grabs my hand intertwining them. Scott sees this and his wolfiness goes away, his eyes soften. 
“and you love her too don’t you?” he says to Stiles. I look up at him awaiting his answer, his height towering over me. 
“since we were four” stiles nods. this confuses the other three but makes me giggle. 
“fine, I guess if anyone would date my sister I’m ecstatic it’s you” they bro hug and everyone leaves, Lydia mumbling about how Stiles had game and a wink from Allison, except stiles. I wrap my arms around his neck while his wrap around my waist careful not to snag my stitches. 
“will you be mine?” stiles whispers. I press my lips to his momentarily. 
“I already am” but I get a sudden rush of pain through the wound on my rib. I lift my shirt pulling away they bandage. there all bloody but clear is Stiles’ name carved into my skin, it will definitely leave a scar. I blush looking up at him both shocked. he softly runs his fingers over it. 
“guess you’ll just have to stick with me forever then” he chuckles and lifts me bridal styles taking me to bed laying us both down and cuddling until we fall asleep. 

Scotts’ POV*
I go back into y/n room quietly. 
“y/n mum said you can leave when you’re ready-” I say but stop when I see y/n and Stiles asleep in her bed, his arm is strong around her, but gentle enough not to hurt her. He head is rested in his neck and they are holding hands. I know he’ll be good for her. 

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• Robbie doesnt know why she sits in the quinnjet all the time and he’s not sure he wants to but one day he passes by it on the plane and she’s just sitting there staring at the pilots seat, eventually Fitz comes by and notices him staring at her and her staring at the seat and his heart literally breaks because he knows and everyone else knows but Robbie and he knows its not his place to tell him so he doesnt (instead he tells him to ask her, Fitz knows she’ll tell him, for some reason she has no problem with it) 

• When Robbie does get the courage to go and ask her why she stares at it all day long, the look he sees in her eyes is heart breaking because he can see it all the pain but mostly the love behind it, she does tell him. she tells him why she sits and stares all day long.The man she loved died and this was the last place she saw him (he hates himself for a while after it because now he really wishes he didnt know, so he could keep believing she was just some vigilante who hates shield) 

•  After she tells him she starts coming out of the area more, one day Coulson almost fainted because he saw them smiling and laughing in the cargo bay next to Lola, she was telling him about how it could fly and how her hair looked like a fricking birds nest after, Robbie had never laughed so much thinking about it

• Jemma likes him, she doesnt know why maybe its because he saved them both or because she hasnt seen daisy smile like she has in a while and he’s the reason, so when she catches up to him at the base one day they start talking she starts to see why, they started talking about science (Robbie is smarter than he’d like to admit the only reason he didnt go to college was for Gabe, he totally would’ve been a giant nerd and no one can tell me otherwise) and when Daisy walks past the lab and sees them geeking out her heart literally swells 

• Mack has a giant bro crush on him, he saw the way he drove at the prison and he busted a fricking nut, one day Robbie catches him staring at the hell charger with such adoration that he lets him sit in (no way in hell was letting him drive it) he wouldnt even give him a ride to go see yoyo at one point because in Gabes words “he doesnt give people rides” 

•  the passenger seat of the charger is pretty much reserved for daisy, sometimes she hangs out inside like she did in the SUV in season one, at one point Robbie catches her inside asleep in the most uncomfortable position and he just shakes his head and puts the computer in the drivers seat and tells mack where she is (he doesnt want to leave her there, but he doesnt want to over step his bounds and y’know mans gotta keep up appearances) 

• one night the plane had landed and the back was open (like in the first episode when they watched the ship launch) Daisy was sitting on the hood of the car with her laptop and beer just watching horizon and Robbie has this habit of just appearing out of nowhere and scares the absolute crap out of her when she looks to her right and sees him sitting there with a beer and not saying a word

• we know that coulson said robbie was growing on him but its really May that likes him the most, they both have that brooding thing going on and they both noticed it the first time they met, one day at the base daisy walks into the kitchen to get food for her and mack and she literally walks into a pillar because she saw May and Robbie in the kitchen with matching grumpy cat mugs (they were drinking out of them and talking she even saw them laugh at her and sHE ALMOST DIED because 1. robbie was laughing 2. robbie had a really nice laugh 3. may was laughing 4. she just walked into brick and is 70% sure she just broke her nose) 

• when Daisy meets Gabe again she almost dies again because she doesnt know what he told Robbie about her leaving so she kinda just “yikes” and steers clear for a while until Robbie notices that everytime he’s with Gabe she pretty much ignores him (he says he’s not hurt by it but the first time it happens he’s looking under the hood with mack and Gabes inside the charger and Daisy literally takes one look and turns away, mack literally bursts out laughing at the offence Robbie took to it) after she  was going to walk away for the 60th time he looks down at Gabe to see he is giving her the biggest death glare (their first impression was terrible and she doesnt want to make it worse so they never had time to fix it) after seeing the look he locks them in a room together and makes them hash it out.

• that was his biggest fucking mistake and regrets every second of it because the second they came out of the room all buddy buddy and saw the mischievous look in their eyes he literally DIED

• He learns later on that Gabe stashed a photo album in the trunk of the charger specifically for this purpose (he had hope one day his brother would get laid and he could show them how much he lil baby wiener hadnt changed +dont make me get into the nsfw shit ill be here for 6 years) anyways he sees Daisy and Gabe in the kitchen in the base with the whole gang surrounding them (they hadnt been there at first but coulson got one good look at baby reyes and texted the whole squad) he goes over to see what their looking at bc hey we’re all friends here but the second he gets close enough they literally scatter, daisy and gabe are the only ones who own up to it bc they wanna tease him for the rest of his life (daisy even said that to him and he’s kinda glad because he’s hoping that means she’s gonna be in his life a lot longer)



Captain Underpants Fanfic: Melvin and Professor Poopypants. Ch1

A few days after their defeat by the two boys and Captain Underpants, the still shrunk Professor Poopypants seeks out Melvin and asks him for help getting back on his feet.

This sort of thing really didn’t belong on my other blog, so im just gonna stash it here.

I’m gonna try and change the title should i think of something more clever. so if you’ve got any ideas for that, then let me know.

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Touch: Part Two

       “Who the hell are you?” His words came out, almost inaudible.


Tony stark was the only relative bold enough to take you in, leaving you no option but to up and move to the infamous avengers compound facility. You were no more than waitress, surrounded by the likeness of enhanced humans and super soldiers - making you the outcast of the living quarters. Within just your first couple of weeks, you strike a sense of emotional attachment to none other than the man you had heard about in the media - the winter soldier. In a moment of weakness and yet a moment of clarity, you find yourself awakening to something you had never felt before - the moment you lips had touched Bucky Barnes.

Bucky x Reader

Notes: Tension, small fluff, cliffhanger??? tags are at the end, let me know what you think! :)

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10. - I Thought Takin' Drugs Just Aint You, Be You.


Even though I wasnt suppose to be working today I found myself riding around town and checking in on the number of business Rack and I co owned. Once I was satisfied that our sneaker stores in both Brooklyn and Manhattan were running smoothly, I found myself at our tattoo joint only to find it poppin with customers.

Needing to get my mind off the argument with Rack and the bomb sex with Kalea, I put my mind to work and started working on a few clients that were waiting around. Still as the day progressed and I drew up designs and tatted a number of bitches, my thoughts was still somewhere else.

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Around Seoul

Summary: You are finally visiting Taehyung in Seoul and he is excited to show you all his favorite spots.
Member: Taehyung x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,005 Words

I think that a day out with Taehyung would be absolutely perfect. The places mentioned in this scenario are real destinations around Seoul and I really hope to one day be able to see them. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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Taetae: Get dressed!

Me: What?

Taetae: Get dressed!!!!

Me: Tae its 8 in morning im half asleep

Taetae: G

Taetae: E

Taetae: T

Taetae: D

Taetae: R

Taetae: E

Taetae: S

Taetae: S

Taetae: E

Taetae: D

Taetae: !!!!!!

Me: Fine! Stop blowing up my phone! Im up!

Taetae: :)

Taetae: :)

Taetae: :*

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absence {c.h.}

Summary: The cliché story of you and Calum being best friends and having feelings for each other but are too scared to discuss said feelings which led to things getting messy (this is like…angsty…sort of)

Requested: no one ever requests anything *deep sigh*


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Chapter TwentyEight


Pushing Lani’s curly mane to the side, I leant down and kissed her bare shoulder before getting up off the bed. Stretching my arms outs, I groaned as a few bones cracked and sluggishly made my way over to the bathroom.

Though I was still tired, last night was one of the sleeps had in the past few days and it was all thanks to the fact I had my woman in my arms as well as being buried deep inside of her .

Quickly doing my business as I puffed on my morning cigarette, I flushed the toilet and headed to the basin where a mug instantly stared back at me in the mirror. Shaking my head at the bruised handprint that was visible on my cheek, I mentally coached myself not to get angry and instead put out my smoke and headed for the shower.

Lani was literally the only person on this planet who could put their hands on me and get away with it, though it didn’t mean I don’t think about handing her ass for it. Turning on the cold water as I rid my mind of the thoughts, I let out a small groan as the freezing cold water hit my body and soothed my tightened muscles.

Squeezing the body wash on the loafer, I mentally planned out my day as I washed over my body and rid myself of all the sweat and sex that lingered on me. Clenching my jaw as the water hit the scratch marks Lani left on my back, I hastily finished up my shower and wrapped a towel loosely around my waist as I stepped out.

Once again I made my way over to the basin and ran my hand over my growing beard that had started to look out of control. Not really in the mood for standing around for a hour to shave it all off, I quickly grabbed the clippers and trimmed it neatly until I looked more presentable and clean.

Splashing some water on my face to rid myself of the hair, I sprayed my deodorant and finished off with my cologne before making my way back into the main bedroom. Smirking while licking my lips at the sight of a naked Lani on top of the covers, I had to refrain myself from literally jumping on the bed and filling her up with in seconds.

Managing to some how control myself, I let out a groan as I shook my head and headed towards our over sized walk in wardrobe only to find my nigga LJ lounged out on the carpet sleeping. Shaking my head at the little fucker, I surprised myself as thoughts of missing his spotted self invaded my mind causing a mug to instantly form on my face.

“Im missing cats now? Fucks wrong with me?”, I muttered lowly to myself as I pulled out my boxers and slipped them on before tugging my legs into some black basketball short. Not bothering with a shirt, I proceeded to put my socks on and slipped my feet into my jordan slip ons before turning the lights off and heading out.

Heading straight for the bed, I sat on the edge and let my gaze roam over my womans body as I felt my dick instantly start to react. Running my fingers up her smooth thigh, over her round ass and up her spine, I couldnt help but grin as she broke out in goosebumps and slowly began waking up.

Turning her head so I could now see half of her face, I bit my lip in amusement as she tried to blow out air to push the curls that rested in front of her lips. Removing my hand from her spine, i used it to move her hair and watched as her eyes slowly fluttered opened as she stretched out her body across the bed.

“Morning”, She mumbled lowly in a sleepy tone causing me to just sit there and watch her intensly as I drank her in and refrained myself from grabbing her body and never letting her go. Was I obsessed with her? Shit that was something I asked myself everyday. Truth be told, I probably was. I studied her every move, reaction, word, behaviour and actions as if she was a rare gift.

I couldnt help it. I loved her so much that I continued to try and find more things to love about her but I was sure that after years of going at it I had fallen in love with every last bit of her, “Morning baby”, I finally muttered as I broke out of my trance and paid attention.

“Your doing it again”, She giggled against the pillow with closed eyes, “I cant help it”, I shrugged unapologetically as I knew she was talking about me doing nothing back watching her every move, “I dont understand why, Im nothing special”, She said lightly as she rolled over towards me so that she was now laying on her back, naked body in full view.

“Oh you have no idea how very wrong you are”, I heard myself reply huskily as I leant down and ran my tongue over her already perky nipple. Biting down, she let out a moan as I tugged it with my teeth before completely letting go and sitting back up. Frowning with a pout, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at the pleading look she was giving me, “You know Id want nothing more than to stay laid up inside you forever and ever but I cant let Zay fend for himself”, I grinned as I lent down and pecked her pink, pouty lips.

Pulling away the smile she wore soon faded into a frown and almost instantly she sat upright as tears formed in her eyes, “What’s wrong?”, I instantly asked not understanding the sudden mood change or sadness in her eyes.

“Your face Ty, look at your face”, She panicked as a tear fell before placing her hand on my cheek and running her fingers across it, “Look what I did”, She whispered as she shook her head with disgust.

“Dont worry baby, I got you back anyways. Taught yo ass a lesson, literally”, I mumbled the last bit lowly causing her tears to stop as she looked up at me confused before opening her eyes wide at realization. Turning around, she gasped at the large red hand prints on her ass before turning around with accusing eyes.

“What? You thought you was gonna get away with it?”, I chuckled as I shrugged and quickly stood up off the bed before she could attack, “Plus don’t even try to trip cause you was loving it last night”, I winked before dipping out the room just as she sent a pillow flying my way.

Chuckling at her saltness, I headed straight for Isaiahs room and broke out in a grin when I found him in a deep sleep with his legs and arm spread out while his mouth was wide open. Turning the light on in the room, I headed straight for his bed and climbed on so I could wake him up as he had overslept and needed to have breakfast.

Laying beside him, I kissed his cheek and ran my fingers through his growing curls, mentally reminding myself to take him to the barber so both him and I could get a haircut, “Little man”, I muttered lowly as I squeezed his chubby cheeks softly.

“Come on Zay”, I chuckled as I poked at his sides causing him to slowly start waking up as he tossed around in bed, “We gon’ hang out if you wake up now lil man”, I bribed him as I watched on with amusement as he slowly pried his eyes open and let out a small yawn.

“Daddy?”, He asked confused as I grinned and wrapped my arms around his tiny body and brought him on top of my chest, “Can you wake up so we can hang out?”, I asked him casually causing him to instantly start nodding his head sleepily and hide his face in my shoulder.

“Come on sleepy man”, I chuckled as I stood up and began carrying him back towards my bedroom. Sticking my head in, I made sure Lani wasn’t naked in full view, only to find her no longer on the bed.

“Lani, where you at baby?”, I called out as I stepped into the room, only to hear the shower on from the bathroom, “Having a shower”, She call out causing Zay to lift his head at the sound of his moms voice.

“Come on lil man, shes having a shower. How bout we go make some breakfast and surprise her?”, I asked him causing him to nod his head with excitement as I exited to the bedroom and made a quick stop to the spare bathroom for Isaiah to pee.

Once he had done his business, I helped him wash his hands and took him down to the kitchen where I got all the items needed to made three bowls of fruit loops. Seeing the cereal, I could have sworn that Zay looked at it than back at me with a ‘nigga are you serious’ face before going back and resting his face on my shoulder.

Laughing at his expression, I poured all our cereal and sat them on a tray before heading out to the back yard and towards the lounge chairs that were situated in front of the ocean.

Sitting the tray on the round wooden table in front of the chairs, I sat Zay next to me and brought the table closer to we could eat off it, “Daddy you go away again?”, Isaiah suddenly asked me as I sat his bowl in front of him and frowned at the question.

“Naw man, daddy just had some work he needed to do ight? I would never leave you or mommy for good”, I told him, not liking that my own son had doubts that I would be gone from his life, “I love you and mommy more than anything in this world, dont forget that little man”, I said as I felt the need to reassure him.

“Okay daddy, Zaya missed you”, He said speaking about himself in third person which caused me to look over at him with amusement. Leaning over I kissed the top of his head and handed him his spoon so he could start eating his fruit loops. Turning my attention to my own cereal, we began eating in sync as both our attention altered from our food and back out towards the view in front of us.

Though I never told anyone, the only reason I brought this mansion was because of the view. It always seemed to put my mind at ease whenever I came out here and just watched the water crash against the docks. Pulled out of my thoughts as the sound of the glass doors sliding open, I looked over my shoulder only to find Nalani making her way over in a casual outfit that she looked effortlessly flawless in.

Her now wet hair, hung low and wavy down her back and I mentally thanked god for this piece of heaven he for some reason blessed me with, “What are my two favourite people doing?”, She smiled as she got closer and made her way around the chairs so she could in between us.

“We made you breakfast mommy!”, Zay beamed as he stood up from his seat and carefully lifted up his moms bowl of cereal and handed it to her which she accepted with a massive smile on her face, “Awwww soggy fruit loops. Aren’t my boys the sweetest”, She chuckled as she leant over and kissed Zay on his cheek and then placed a kiss on my lips.

Sitting back in a comfortable silence, I was thankful for the peace and quiet and just enjoyed the presence of my family as we all devoured our cereal while we took in the sight of Miami beach. I of course was the first to finish, so I sat back on the lounge and turned my attention from to the view and onto the two people who meant the most to me.

“Lani?”, I called her name causing her to set her bowl down and look over at me with curious eyes, “What’s up baby?”, She said almost immediately as she leant over and rested her head on my shoulder.

“You mind if I take Isaiah out and have a boys day with him?”, I asked hesitantly not knowing how she would take it. Frowning she pulled away and looked up with a confused expression, “Ty of course you can. I dont know why you keep asking permission when he’s your son just as much as mine baby. You guys go out and have fun and Ill call the girls and chill with them”, She reassured me causing me to nod my head as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and kissed her head.

Though I really, really didnt want to be away from her for a second, I also thought it would be good idea to take Isaiah out and have a father son day as we had yet to have anything like that.

“That okay with you little man? Wanna spend the day with your pops?”, I hesitantly asked Isaiah as I kept my hold on Lani, feeling my anxiety build just at the thought of being away from her today. Noticing my hesitance and increased breathing, Lani rubbed my thigh and looked up at me with one of her soothing smiles.

“Ill be right here when you get back baby. You will be okay”, She assured me softly as she rested her head against my chest and hugged me,“Maybe you should come?”, I muttered lowly causing her to instantly shake her head.

“Ty, you will be fine baby. You need to spend some time with him, matter of fact why dont you ask Ace and J to go with you that way you’re a little more at ease”, She suggested making me feel better. Though I would still prefer it to be her coming with us, I knew I would be able to hang with the boys for a few hours without needing Lani.

“Yea okay thats a good idea”, I nodded as I rested my face in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent that always seemed to calm me like it was some sort of drug, “You finished eating sweety?”, I heard Lani ask Zay as I just stayed in my position with closed eyes.

“Yes all done”, I heard Zay beam from the other side of Lani before the sound of him standing up could be heard, “Daddy? You ok? Is daddy sleeping mommy?”, He asked as I felt him resting his head on my lap. 

“I dont know but I think we need to get daddy up so you guys can go get ready”, I heard her say lightly as she brought her hand up and ran her fingers through my curls, “Wake up daddy”, She whispered lowly in my ear causing me to smirk against her skin. Pulling away, I licked over my lips before closing the space between us so I could feel her lips on my own.

“Mmmm come on baby”, Lani mumbled into the kiss as I tried to slip my tongue in but she wasn’t tryna have any of that because Zay was still laying his head on my lap occupying himself as he traced the koi fish I had tattooed on the side of my calf.  

“Its a fish daddy”, He beamed as he looked up at us and back down to the colourful tattoo like it was the greatest thing on earth. Isaiah loved my tattoos, while we usually watched TV in bed, he would spend the entire time examining my chest pieces and sleeves. 

“Yea buddy its a fish”, I chuckled as ruffled his hair and watched as he studied the design, “ I get a fish like this to?”, He asked causing me to look over at Lani with an amused look, “Oh hell no, see what you started Ty?”, She frowned as she stood up while shaking her head and started placing the empty bowls back on the tray.

“What you talkin bout woman, I had all this ink before I even knew I had a kid”, I chuckled as I stood up and lifted Zay with me. Shaking her head, we followed behind her back into the house and into the kitchen, “No tattoos for Zay until his 30”, I heard her mumble lowly as she sat the tray next to the sink and began doing the dishes.

“You doing the most right now”, I said with amusement as I went and stood behind her with Zay still in my arms. Wrapping my arm around her waist, both Isaiah and I rested our heads on her back and relaxed our weight against her. 

Laughing light as she finished up the dishes, she turned the water off and used the dish towel to dry her hands. Turning around in my embrace, we re-lent our heads on her chest and felt her wrap her arms around us.

“Im gonna miss my two favourite men today”, She sighed as her grip got tighter causing me to let out my own sigh as I took in the moment with my family, “You guys better go and start getting ready”, She mumbled against my chest as Zay had his head laid on top of hers while he ran his tiny fingers through his moms hair.

Smiling at the scene, I let my hold on Lani go and kissed Isaiahs cheek as he sat up in my hold,  ”You wanna pick out what you wanna wear?”, I asked him causing him to grin, “Same as you daddy”, He said causing me to chuckle at the fact that he wanted to dress like me.

“Ight little man lets go get ready”, I muttered as I kissed Lani’s head one last time before heading back upstairs so I could get ready and then get my son into some matching clothes.

Entering our walk in closet for the second time today, Zay let out a squeal at the sight of LJ who was still laid out sleeping on the carpet. Chuckling at his excitement, I sat him on his feet and watched as he ran over and collapsed on the floor so he could lay down next to him. Isaiah swore up and down that not only was LJ his best friend but also his little brother, shit was hella cute even if that damn cat got on my nerves most of the time.

Leaving him to engage with our lazy ass kitten, I shuffled through my clothes until I found something suitable to wear. Slipping into some camo jeans, I added a printed black tee and some jordans and was impressed that it took me less than 10 minutes to get ready.

Heading to the mirror to check I looked alright and smirked at the sight before making my way over to Isaiah so I could get him ready and into a outfit that looked like mine. “Come on little man, your turn”, I muttered as I picked him off the floor and into my arms, “What bout Mason daddy?”, He pouted as he pointed down at LJ who was looking up at me like he was waiting to be picked up.

“Na bra, he staying here today”, I told him as I avoided the sad frown he made and began making my way out of my room and towards his. Pulling out my phone, I composed a quick msg to Brock, J and Ace letting them know the go for today and seeing if they wanted to come. Of course Brock had no choice in the matter, but within seconds J was messaging me back letting me know he was coming while Ace said he had plans with his woman.

Satisfied that I had at least one of my boys coming with me, I sat Isaiah on his unmade bed and headed over to his mini walk in that looked like a child’s shopping centre. Pulling out mini camo jeans, I paired it with a plain black tee and similar jordans. 

“Come on little man”, I muttered as I made my way back into Isaiahs bed room only to find him sitting there quietly as he patiently waited for me to come back. I swear we had to be blessed to have such a chilled out and good kid like him. Though he wasn’t a bad or anger kid like myself, he did however inherit the withdrawal and quiet side from me. Just like me, he prefered not to speak with people and keep to himself. 

Standing up on his bed without another word, he looked down at the clothes I brought in and then back over to my outfit. Grinning with approval he lifted his hands in the air so I could pull his pajama shirt off and exchange it for his black one. I continued on with the same process until he was now fully dressed in his new outfit and stood back to look him over.

“Yep you looking nearly as good as yo dad”, I chuckled causing him to grin as he stuck his hands out so I could carry him, “You getting too old for me to be carrying you everywhere”, I muttered as I kissed his cheek and continued to carry him out of the room, “I like when you carrying me daddy”, He said causing me to chuckle.

Just on clockwork I heard the front door opening and closing, followed by foot steps. Making my way down to the stairs, my gaze landed on Jeremiah and Jasmine walking in as they held hands, “How you get in?”, I muttered as I reached the bottom of the stairs and headed to the kitchen without saying hello.

“Nigga you gave me keys and hi to you to, rude ass”, J chuckled as he slapped a hand on my back and ruffled my hair knowing I hate it when people touch me, “Nigga dont even”, I mugged as I pushed him off him causing him to laugh even louder.

“Hey Ty, Hi babyboy, you lookin all fly”, Jas cooed as I side hugged her and let her take Zay from my arms so she could say hello to him, “We going?”, J asked as he headed to the fridge and pulled out two cartons of orange juice and handed one over to me.

Without answering we simultaneously opened the cartons and began drinking from it at the same time only to hear a round of lip smacking a few seconds later, “Really boys? Like was it that hard to just get glasses out?”, Lani sighed as she shook her head and came around the counter where she proceeded to snatch the cartons out of our grips.

“Doing be snatching shit”, I muttered just as J huffed, “Rude ass”. Shaking her head, Lani placed the orange juice back in the fridge before walking over and giving Jas a hug hello. Pulling away Lani looked at Zay before looking back at me while grinning, “Ahhh you look so adorable baby! Looking handsome like your daddy”, She gushed as she took Zay out of Jas’ arms and placed kissed all over his face.

Laughing as he wiggling in her embrace, I couldn’t help but grin lowly as I watched them interact. I know Lani always says she loves to just sit back and watch when Zay and I interact but she had no idea what it did to me when roles were in reversed and I watched them.

It was like my happiness and reason for living all put together whenever I watched on. Pulled out of my thoughts at the sound of another heavy set of footsteps, I looked over my shoulder only to see Brock entering the kitchen with LJ following close behind.

“How the fuck you get in?”, I muttered as he came over and dapped me and J, “Nigga you gave me keys”, He huffed as he proceeded to hug Jas and Lani before taking Zay from Lanis arms and throw him over his shoulder, something that Isaiah loved.

“Damn nigga who else you give your house keys out too?”, Jas laughed although there was a hint of seriousness behind her tone. Chuckling at the fact I was thinking the same thing, I simply shrugged my shoulders as I checked my rolex, “I’on but I need to get them locks changed”, I mumbled lowly only to have J throw an apple my way which I caught at the last minute.

“You aint changin shit nigga, now lets get going, I need to get this fro cut asap, its been attracting too many bitches”, He joked as he laughed only to quickly stop as Jas began mugging him, “Damn I was just playing”, He mumbled as he scratched the back of his head and walked over to her to give her a kiss.

“Ill meet y’all out by the car”, Brock announced as he handed Zay back over to Lani, kissed her head and made his way out, “Better keep them crusty lips off my woman”, I muttered under my breath as I made my way over to Lani just as J followed behind Brock and Jas went upstairs to mine and Lanis room.

“Dont talk to Brock like that”, Lani frowned as I wrapped my arm around her waist and pecked her pouted lips, “You know I was just playing”, I smirked as I quickly licked her lip causing her to laugh.

“You better get going baby, make sure you remember to feed Zay lunch okay”, She reminded me causing me to nod as I looked over at Isaiah and winked, “What you planning on doing today?”, I asked as I grabbed my phone and wallet and put them in my pocket as we headed to the front door.

“Jas and I are gonna lay in bed all day and have a supernatural marathon because you refuse to watch it with me”, She pouted as I just shook my head, “Thats cause we watched one episode and you wouldn’t stop screaming every second”, I smirked causing her to roll her eyes as she sucked her teeth.

“Uh because there was a freakin scarecrow that came alive and killed people”, She said in a ‘duh’ tone, this time causing me to roll my eyes at her antics, “Yea whatever woman, anyways just keep your phone close okay?”, I said as I needed her to make sure she picked up whenever I called.

“Relax baby, you will be fine”, She whispered as we got to the door. Standing on her tippy toes she gave Isaiah a kiss on the cheek before stepping closer and kissing me lips which instantly relaxed me, “Just make sure okay?”, I stressed as she pulled away and looked at me with worried eyes.

“Ill keep it on me at all times Ty”, She assured me causing me to let out a sigh. Kissing her lips one more time, I headed out the door and walked over to the black SUV that we were taking. Getting in the back with Isaiah, I strapped him in the toddler seat we had installed before sitting back and watched out the window as Lani waved while we pulled out of the driveway.

“Daddy we get haircuts?”, Zay asked, pulling me out of my thoughts which I was thankful for, “Yea little man and we gonna go and get more pictures for daddy”, I told him as I had plans to get some more ink done today.

Looking over with wide eyes, he grinned as he looked down at my exposed arms, “Me too daddy, me too”, He beamed causing us all to chuckle, “Yea he definitely your son nigga”, J laughed from the front seat as I nodded my head in agreement.


As soon as we pulled up to the strip a groan escaped all of our lips at the sight of a few paparazzi’s lurking around, “Man these niggas are everywhere”, I muttered lowly as I shook my head at the thought of having to deal with them today.

Parking out back and out of sight, Brock and myself got out of the car as we waited for Ty to unbuckle Isaiah and carry him out, “Bra the fuck yo hair looking like the niggas from jackson 5?”, Brock asked as he laughed obnoxiously loud while I just sucked my teeth.

“Chill with that, my lady loves it”, I shrugged as I placed my hands in my pockets while mugging him, “She tell you that? Cause if she did she lying”, He chuckled causing Ty to start laughing as he got out the car and eyed out my fro. 

“Man fuck yo both, I’m getting it cut anyways”, I huffed in a salty expression which only fueled their laughter even more. Shaking my head at their antics, we began walking around the block and towards the barber that we had been hitting up since youngins. Unfortunately as soon as we rounded the corner, the paps saw us and a good hand full raced over.

Brock immediately took his stance in front of us and being that he was a big, blulky mother fucker he did a good job at blocking most of their pictures. Ty on the other hand was doing a good job at ignoring them and instead kept his attention to Isaiah who was being carried in his arms and talking to him in a low voice.

Not being able to help, I grinned at the sight of them interacting. I swear they had to be twins and the fact that they had on matching outfits made shit look like they were identical, “Y’all are cute as shit”, I smirked knowing Ty hated being called cute with a passion.

“Paps or not nigga I will not hesitate to beat yo ass on this side walk”, He retorted almost instantly causing Brock and I too haunch over and laugh at his aggressive ass, “Bra a simple thank you would be nice”, I chuckled while shaking my head and pushing the door of the barber shop open.

“LENNYYYYYYYYY”, I hollered loudly as we burst through the door and were greeted with a bunch of all hood niggas and old niggas getting touch ups, playing chess and yelling at the re runs of the college basketball playing on TV.

“You tryna damage the last bit of hearing I have boy?”, Lenny’s ole grumpy ass huffed as he stood up from his chair and made his way over. Lenny was like the father we never had. Too many days and nights, us boys would spend in this very barber seeking out refugee and guidance from him.

We owed everything to him and the first thing we did when us boys got signed was finish off his payments on the shop as well as get this nigga a nice big old house. Len deserved it though, it was him who use to hide us in the back every time we was running for the cops and it was him who fed us when our good for nothing parents didnt.

“Come here you little shits”, He muttered in a gruff tone as he balanced on his thin legs and shuffled his way over to embrace us in a hug. Lenny was everything a old man looked like. Snow white hair, skinny limbs, old school swagger, permanent frown and a hard gruff voice that seemed to scare the kids. He blamed it on his chain smoking and the war for his shitty attitude, but even though he was a old cracky fuck he still seemed to attract people to him like the plague.

He was a wise nigga, told it straight and had no time for bullshit, “Why the fuck y’all ain’t been to stop by? Nigga holdin on by a thin line and can drop dead any minute”, He exaggerated as he embraced me in a hug and slapped my back.

“Nigga you like 130 and you still talking, you aint going no where soon”, Ty muttered causing Lenny to pull back and mug him as everyone stood in silence. Engaged in a death stare, both men held their own for a few minutes before they busted up in laughter followed by everyone else in the room.

Ty and Lenny were two niggas who were so alike that they bumped heads as if they were at war with one another and the constant digs at each other were a common thing. They hated to love each other but under it all, I knew that Lenny saw Ty as a son and would do anything for him and vise versa.

“Well fuck me sideways, I know this nigga aint fathered a kid”, Lenny muttered as he looked over at Zay who was too busy hugging Tyson to notice anything going on, “Nigga you aint got a TV?”, Ty huffed as he tapped Isaiahs thigh to get his attention while I walked over at took a seat in Fat Joe’s chair so he could hit me up.

“Growing it out bra?”, Joe laughed as he wrapped the sheet around my neck and grabbed his comb, “Yea cuh, cut it all off”, I chuckled as he nodded and turned my attention back over to Ty and Lenny. Finally getting Zay to loosen his grip from around Ty’s neck, Isaiah shyly looked over at the old man.

“Zay this old nigga is Grampa Lenny” Ty introduced causing Lenny to narrow his eyes at the mention of ‘old’, he hated being called old and we all knew it, “Shit I hate to admit it, but good looking kid you got here. Props to his mom, thats all her”, Lenny egged on only to mess with Tyson.

“Bra fuck you talkin bout, you know I been the sexiest nigga to walk through this joint”, Ty huffed as he waved him off and handed a reluctant Isaiah to Lenny who was cheesing at the kid,“Sexy? Young blood my crusty ass is sexier than yo big headed self”, Lenny replied as Zay looked back at Tyson with wet eyes, “Nigga stop showing off them musty ass teeth, you scaring ma kid”, Tyson grumbled, this time causing us all to hunch over and laugh. The banter between them never stops and was pure entertainment for the rest of us.  

“Now, now y’all better stop using all that language before I bring out my wooden spoon. Y’all know mama dont play”, We heard a sweet voice coming from the back room before the door opened only to reveal my number one lady, “Mama Lacy”, I beamed at the sight of Lenny’s wife and ride or die.

Just like Lenny, Lacy was the mother we never had. When Ty busted out of the mental institute and we broke free of our foster parents, it was Lenny and Lacy who took us all in, “JayJay, my handsome boy”, She cheesed as she came over with open arms. Signalling Joe to stop cutting, I stood up and immediately embraced her in a bear hug, before pulling away and kissing her cheek.

“How have you been baby? I miss my little rascals”, She beamed as she rubbed my cheek, “Miss you too mama, you know we been hella busy but Imma make sure we come around more often”, I promised which instantly made smile even harder. Though we didnt visit as much as we should lately, Lacy and Lenny never take it to heart as they knew we had a lot going on. I also made sure to call them weekly to check in and keep them updated.

“Now what do we have here?”, Lacy asked with wide eyes that lit up at the sight of Isaiah who was now back in Tysons arms. Though Lacy and Lenny knew all about Isaiah, they had yet to see the kid or attend his birthday party as they had been staying in New York for a few months looking after Lacy’s sick sister.

“Doesnt he look like a angel”, She gushed as she went over and kissed Tyson on the cheek before turning all her attention onto Isaiah, “Yea complete opposite of his dad”, Lenny muttered lowly although we all heard and started laughing.

“Oh will you two stop it, y’all are always going at it”, Lacy frowned before planting a smile on her face and picking Isaiah up, “You like cupcakes baby? Grandma Lacy just made a fresh new batch, lets go out back and get some?”, She asked Isaiah who looked over at Tyson for approval. Nodding his head in encouragement, Zay whispered a small yes and went through the doors and out back with mama Lacy.

“Now come on you big kid, let me straight up this mess you made of your hair”, Lenny huffed in disgust as he eyes out Tysons hair and gestured towards the seat beside the one I was sitting on. Ignoring his insult, Ty pulled out a cigarette and sat down on the chair beside me before offering Lenny one.

“Not while Lace is around, she will kick my ass”, Len huffed as he shook his head and picked up his clippers, “So tell me, how much trouble you boys been in lately?”, He asked as I watched Joe do his thing through the mirror.

“Man why you say it like we always in trouble?”, Ty frowned as he took a drag of the cigarette and eyed out Lenny, “Nigga cause Im the same person who hid you from the damn 5 0 all these years”, He retorted with a ‘duh’ tone which made us laugh as he was right.

“We been keeping out of trouble these day Len, we getting too old for all that reckless shit”, I quickly came to Ty’s defence only for Lenny to look over and give me a ‘nigga you lying’ look. Though Len knew that we were the worst type of kids back then, we never ever told him what we exactly got up to, even though I know he always had a idea.

It wasn’t because we didnt trust him, it was more because we would never want him to be an accessory to one of our crimes, just by knowing what had happened. Knowing he wasnt going to get any more information out of us he thankfully changed the subject, “Whats this I hear y’all got yoursleves some pretty little things?”

“Imma bring around my girl so y’all can meet her and y’all know Ty still with Lani”, I informed him as he knew perfectly well who Lani was as Tyson use to make her come with him everywhere back in the day. He also knew her because when she had left, Tyson was a mess and Lenny and Lacy were around to see what had become of him.

“Good to hear you got yo girl back”, Lenny said genuinely as he knew how much Lani meant to him, “As for you afroman, Im glad you finally decided to give someone a chance. Make sure you bring her around so I can steal her from you”, He chuckled as he wiggled his white eyebrows.

“Nigga you dreaming”, I chuckled as I shook my head lightly, “Ace got a girl?”, He asked as he squinted his eyes and concentrated on cutting Tysons hair, “Yea he got himself a tough one”, I muttered causing him to stop what he was doing and look over with a raised eyebrow.

“Damn he really got himself a girl? That nigga is a hoe, how he settled down?”,He asked confused causing all the boys in the shop to nod their head in agreement. Most these men had seen us grow up and had been around for years, if we had any type of family they would be them.

“She wearing the pants in the relationship, that skinny nigga aint gonna come outta pocket”, Ty muttered while smirking lowly as he spoke the truth. Briana was a tough girl and she was exactly what Adrian needed. Before anyone else could say anything, Lacey burst through the door holding Isaiahs hand who was stuffing his face with a cupcake. In Laceys other hand she held a tray that was filled with her famous choc chip cupcakes that everyone died for.

Feeling my mouth water at the sight, Lacey laughed as she noticed my expression and came over to give us boys one. As well as paying Lennys shop off we also went out a brought Lacey’s dream bakery for her, baking was her absolute life and she was amazing at it so it was only right. If there was woman that deserved it all it would be her.

“You boys make sure you bring your women and come by the house for dinner one night?”, She asked in a pleading tone that made me feel guilty for not being around much and judging by Tysons expression I knew he was feeling guilty as well.

“We’ll come round Sunday?”, Ty said as he put out his cigarette and picked up Isaiah and sat him in his lap, “Perfect, Ill make all your favourites”, She beamed as she took a seat opposite us and began telling us everything we missed in the last few months.

It wasn’t until two hours, four haircuts and a rundown on what’s happening in the hood, that we had finally finished and decided to start heading out. Once we said our goodbyes we headed back out to the car and once again avoided the increased mob of paparazzi.

“Yo Lenny did a good fuckin job with this cut bra”, Brock muttered as he looked over his hair in the window before hopping in the drivers seat, “Still look ugly as fuck”, Tyson muttered which sent Brock into a laughing fit, “Nigga look who’s talking with that big ass head of yours”, He chuckled as he wiped the corner of his eyes and started the car.

“I’on know what yall on about, my head aint even that big”, Ty huffed from the back seat as we pulled out of the car park and headed towards the tattoo joint which was owned by Sean, Lani’s former neighbour.

“What you thinking of getting?”, I asked as I scrolled through my phone and replied back to the msgs from Jasmine, “Zay’s name and I want a dinosaur on my rib”, He muttered causing me to narrow my eyes and look back at him with confusion, “I’on why you surprised, he always coming up with fucked up shit”, Brock chuckled as he pulled up to the joint that was thankfully only a few minutes away from Lenny’s barber shop.

Once again we waited for Ty to strap Isaiah out of his seat before making our way into the joint that seemed to be quiet thanks to it being wednesday midday, “Yo, good to see you niggas”, Sean appeared from the back room and came over to dap us.

Sean had become a friend of ours, of course that was after Tyson was over wanting to bash his face in for being friends Lani. Dapping him up, we followed behind him and headed out back to this private station. Once he had set up and Tyson told him what he wanted, I sat Zay in my lap and watched on beside Brock as Ty got tatted.

“Nigga really getting a dinosaur”, I muttered in disbelief as Sean pressed the stenciled dinosaur against Tysons ribs, “Nigga I fuckin like dinosaur’s ight?”, Ty mugged as I held onto my stomach and laughed at his salty expression.

“Lani know you getting it?”, Brock smirked causing Ty to look over with a frown, “Do I look like a little ass kid who needs to tell her everything?”, He asked causing us boys to look at each other before simultaneously saying, “Yes”.

 Sucking his teeth, he waved us off as Sean started up doing his thing and Isaiah watched on with wide, curious eyes, “Yo 100 bucks this kid gonna have his first ink before he hits 16”, I muttered as I watched on at how intrigued he was, “I dont think so man, not if you wanna see Lani start world war 3”, Ty shook his head and grinned at the thought.

“Im trying to knock Jas up”, I suddenly blurted out causing the sound of the tattoo gun to stop, as everyone froze and looked over at me, “What, a nigga cant have a kid?”, I chuckled hesitantly as I shrugged my shoulders.

“Damn bra it aint that, shit was just hella random”, Brock shrugged as he pulled out a pre rolled joint and lit it up. Shaking my head at his ass, I turned my attention back over to Ty as he hadn’t spoken a word and it was his opinion I wanted most, “You aint gonna say nothing?”, I asked him and watched as he eyed out Brocks joint.

“Why all of a sudden?”, He asked simply, not once removing his eyes from the blunt, “Nigga dont even think about it”, I muttered causing him to shake his head from his thoughts and turn his attention back to me, “And I'on, seeing you with Isaiah and Lani, got me thinking man. I guess I want a family of my own, you know?”, I confessed causing his usual frown to ease up as I knew he understood what I meant.

Family was something that Ty, Ace or I ever really had. Sure we had the subsitunes that we found along our rough upbringing, but it was totally different to actually having someone be  apart of you, “Shit man you know I support whatever you wanna do J, Jas is a good girl and if you think she the one you wanna be with for the rest of your life than shit make it happen”, He said genuinely causing me to sigh out in relief. That was all I needed to hear, it may not matter to other people but to me, Tysons approval mattered to me.

Grinning to myself slowly, I looked down at Isaiah who was still sitting in my lap but instead of watching Ty getting a tattoo, he had fallen asleep snuggled in my chest. It was that moment realization really hit, I want this. I wanted to have a kid with Jasmine.

Dalton's latest twitlonger:

In the first month of my departure from IM5 I’ve heard some crazy stories as to why I left the group. I realize an “official statement” was never released from IM5, so I feel the need to clear a few things up.

The vast majority of my 3 ½ years with the guys were amazing. We had good times, bad times, great times, and horrible times but always stuck together like brothers. Leaving them was one of the two hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make (the other was leaving my family, friends, and band mates in Texas when I was 14).

So, now you’re probably asking “Then why’d you leave?”

To give a little history, I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder when I was 9 years old. Luckily, I have incredible doctors and have been treated well for my disorder for years. Unfortunately, Last February, I had some problems dealing with my B-P and ended up being hospitalized in Dallas for awhile. During this time period the boys continued on with out me for a couple months while I recovered. (You’ll notice I’m not in any videos or pics with the guys from Feb through May in 2013)

It’s important to know that I don’t tell you this for attention or sympathy. It’s a part of who I am and I’m not ashamed or embarrassed of it.

Those few months were some pretty dark times. My medication was changed and I experienced some fairly serious side effects. The Abilify, for instance, made me extremely tired no matter how much I slept at night and made me gain an extra 25 pounds I wasn’t expecting. Honestly, I was just in a funk and couldn’t seem to get out of it.

During that period in my life, the boys were extremely supportive and I’ll always be grateful to them for helping me through that rough patch. However, I began to realize things were going to have to change if I wanted to truly get healthy.

I struggled for close to 9 months, wondering what the best answer was for me and my future, all the while communicating with management that I was considering moving on from IM5. The guys were made aware of my thoughts towards the end of last year. Again, both management and the guys were very supportive and their main concern was for my health and overall happiness.

As hard as this decision was for me, I know it was hard on the guys as well. There were days I thought I could keep going and days I didn’t want to get out of bed. So, I did what I’ve always done to help me get through tough times and started writing.

Finally, in the process of writing dozens of songs, I realized the music was taking me in a different direction. I also realized it wouldn’t be fair to the 5ers, the IM5 team and most importantly myself if I continued on with IM5.

Now… I’m excited for IM5 and their future. As a founding member of the group, I will always be there to support them. I also hope you welcome the newest member and show him the same love and respect you’ve shown to me for the past 3 years. Although I may not know him, I will consider him family as well and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

As for me, I’ve never been happier and I’m excited about the future. I’ve decided to record many of the songs I’ve written over the past few years. The album will tell a story. (I’ll leave it to the listeners to decide what the story line is about) I’ve reunited with my childhood friend and former band mate Hunter Lucas and we’ve reassembled our old band, Fly Away Hero. The album will be released late summer/early fall. In the mean time, we’ll being playing a bunch live shows and releasing a few new singles. So stay tuned.

I do hope this puts an end to all the rumors.

To the guys and the IM5 team,
I love you guys. If I’ve hurt you in anyway, I sincerely and publicly apologize.

To the 5ers,
Thank you for all your support over the years. You’re incredible and I’ll always love you and never forget you.

To the nobodies,
There aren’t words that can describe my feelings for y'all. You guys are my heart and my soul. You’re the reason I get out of bed and face the world everyday. You’re my friends and my love for you is infinite.

Dalton Rapattoni