im going to be giddy

me: man i havent read warriors cats in like… years…. smh i guess i just dont care for it now

*they announce warriors cats movie* 


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For one of the Drabbles on tra, it seems like they're dating or really like each other??? But the actual story itself says they don't??? Is it just different points of their relationship in a timeline? BUT I STILL LOVE THE SERIES ASSJDFDJDSNS oh and how many parts do you think tra will be???

yes!!!! in drabble #2, they are actually dating!!!!!!! i think i wrote that in the tags somewhere but i understand not everyone reads them!!!!!! i see drabble #1 as when they were just friends w benefits though :-) sorry this was unclear!!!!!!! and thank you so much!!!!! im happy ur enjoying it and it’ll probably be 10 parts???

Tunnel Vision (Part II)

A.N= I know it was meant to be posted an hour ago, but i wanted to write it over again because i felt like i could have done better! So this is the final piece, and i hope you guys enjoy! Please give me feedback and tell me if you want a part 3? :) ~K


**Kourtney’s P.O.V**

Coming out of my deep sleep, I heard a slight knocking on my front door downstairs. I sat up on the bed, listening intently for another loud knock. Please just go away so I can go back to sleep and not have to deal with my reality. Knocks were getting louder which made me jump to my feet to make my way down. Who could it be? Is there something wrong? I started to panic as I ran down to open the door. Looking through the peep hole I seen Harry. Oh god, I don’t want to see him right now, or do i? Opening the door he looked so miserable and stressed, because of me. “Hey” He whispered, looking at me intently. “Hi, come inside, you look freezing” He followed my path to the kitchen as I went to put the kettle on. Awkward silence started to build to the point where I couldn’t contain my laughter. “Whats so funny, love?” Harry chuckled as he took a seat on the kitchen stool. “Nothing, just hate awkward silences I guess” “I didn’t think that silence was awkward was it?” “Oh, maybe it was just me then” I turned around to look at him, to see him shivering in the seat. “Here let me get you a blanket, you look froze. “No really ill be fine!” “Harry you look as if there is icicles forming on the tip of your nose” He started to chuckle once again. I love to see him happy, not miserable. I was trying to stall the dreaded conversation about what happened earlier, but it was inevitable. “That should do the trick!” “Thanks love” I wrapped him with my cotton blanket, wrapping it around his shoulders, tucking it under his arms. I looked up to him to see his eyes gazing into mine, so attentively. Me? Well I could just stay like this forever, looking at him, closely. Taking in all of his features, his pale complexion, his facial hair that was just breaking through, his naturally curved lips. Man, I could just look at his lips all day, think about them, what it would be like to kiss them. Feeling myself looking at them I moved straight to his eyes, once again, an awkward silence was in the room. I felt his arms wrapping around my elbows, pulling he into him. His legs moved apart for me to stand in between them. Now the awkward silence wasn’t so awkward. My hands moved to his forearms, feeling his cold skin attach to my hands. His stare was so intimidating, but it felt right, being here with him like this. He slowly moved his head down to catch my lips to his. Slowly and tenderly at first, and then with a swift gradation of passion which made me fall more for him. When we moved into the kiss, his hands slowly worked their way up to my back, grabbing more of my upper body, pulling me closer than what I thought was possible. The edges of my body started to melt and I became part of him. He was sending wild nerves through my body that I never knew that I was capable of feeling. Only Kyan could that to me. But with harry, this was something else. Feeding back into my conscious mind, I suddenly realise that I was kissing him back. I suddenly let go of his lips, and pushed back out of his grip.

“Im sorry harry, I shouldn’t have done that” Wiping my mouth, looking down to the ground, in disbelief that I let this happen. “Hey, hey, it was me too, we both kissed. You shouldn’t be apologising” Harry got up from his chair, letting go of the blanket which he left draped over the chair. “Oh my god what am I doing?” I pushed my fingers through hair as I leaned on the island in front of me. I shouldn’t be messing with my own emotions, using other people. Its just not right. “Like im fighting with you over the fact that I might get back together with Kyan and here I am kissing you. I am just so confused right now. Its not fair on you, im sorry” Looking back at him, I clasped my hands together, then looking at my chipped nail polish. “Kourtney you shouldn’t be sorry, I don’t know why you keep apologising, because this whole thing is not your fault. You just need to see that you could be treated so much better than what he could ever treat you. You need someone to take you out to dinner, and not rush through it just so he could come home to watch the football match. You need someone to buy you flowers and do little sweet gestures to let you know that he thinks about you all day no matter what they are doing, you need someone to tell you how beautiful you look everyday even if you think you look as if you’ve been dragged through a forest.” He came up close to me and put his hand on my waist, turning me around to stare at him. “You need someone that will kiss you every five minutes, not because he feels like he has to, but because he loves the way you taste, and how your lips feel when you kiss. You need someone that loves your flaws even if you think they are embarrassing, You just need someone to treat you like a princess everyday, not the way that wanker treats you” I stood looking at him, taking in what he just said. This just made me fall even more for him, the way he knows what a girl wants and needs to make them feel special. I couldn’t put words into my mouth for a response, trying would make my voice crack with emotion, because I know that I am falling for him, slowly, and then all at once. “Kourtney I have seen the way he has treated you when you were together, and he does not treat you like that. And it breaks my heart to see you not happy, even when you think you are. You deserve much more than that” His hand moved up to my bicep, running his cold hands up and down, just making me feel in complete heaven. “If you were with me I would make you feel like a queen every single day, I would never let you fall even if you think your not. I would make you so happy that it would make everyone jealous” He chuckled to himself, quickly changing his facial expression once again. “I would love you 10 times more than that asshole ever could” I cant believe what I’m hearing right now, is he implying what I think he is? “Harry, I, I don’t know what to say” I looked back down to the ground, trying to assemble the words to put together in my head. “How long have you been feeling like this?” “Since that night, it was heartbreaking to see you go through such pain. Love is a painful thing, but with you, I helped you mend your heart. Becoming close to you since then has made me feel things, and when you walk into a room, I get butterflies. And I love the way you are so close with my mum and Gem, I know it sounds silly but I love the way you feel comfortable around them. I love the way you look so effortlessly beautiful when you think otherwise. I love the way you love, and I want you to love me like that.”  Harry I d-” He walked around to lift the blanket, folding it neatly. “I know that its a lot to take in, but I did want to tell you. I was just putting it off in my head I guess” I stood just staring at him. He is the reason why I am happy every single day. Just waking up, knowing im going to see him that day just makes me giddy, and knowing now that he feels the same way, it has really made up my mind as to who I want right now. I slowly walked over to him, removing the half folded blanket from his hands, throwing it on the island. I threw my arms around his neck, grasping the hair at the nape of it, and forcing his head to clash with mine. It didn’t take much forcing. Matching our lips together once again made me feel like I was in euphoria, like I was home.

**Harry’s P.O.V**

. “I know that its a lot to take in, but I did want to tell you. I was just putting it off in my head I guess” I cannot believe what I have just said. I mean ive always dreamed of the way to tell her since the moment I knew but I never expected it to happen like this. But im glad its out now, and now she knows. But I don’t want to make her confused, and make her think differently of me. I wish it didn’t go down the way it did earlier today, but she has to know the truth. If she gets back together with him I will be physically and emotionally heartbroken. She means the world to me and to see her go through so much with that arsehole really made me open my eyes about him. I couldn’t stand to look at her after what I said, I didn’t even know where to stand. So I walked over to where the blanket lay loosely on the stool, and I started to fold it. I wanted her to know and now she does. Oh god, I don’t know where we stand from here. She slowly made her way over to me, never taking her eyes off me. Looking up into her eyes, they looked different. She took the blanket from my hands, threw it on the island and faced back at me. She made her way to me, wrapping her arms around my neck, and her hands clutching my curls. She quickly forced my head down to hers, and I quickly reciprocated, wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her into me. This felt incredible, and right. Our kiss was getting heated, my tongue making entry into her mouth was sending shivers all over my body. I heard a slight moan coming from her lips, if I hear that again she would have made me cum in my trousers, but I knew that I had more respect for her. I know this is as far as it will go, so ill just fuck my hand later, replaying that noise in my head. I slowly stopped the kiss and looked into her eyes. “I don’t think I can take this any further” “What? Why?” “Because your confused, sad, you don’t know if you want this” “Harry I have wanted you ever since I met you, but I had other priorities in mind. I need this right now, you have no idea how long I have wanted this” Im in absolute disbelief! Am I hearing what I think she said? “You have?” “Yes Harry. This might not be the best situation that we are in right now, but I do know that right now, I want you, I need you” Her hands slowly grazing up my shirt that was half buttoned, tucking them underneath tracing my inked skin. I grabbed her jaw in my hands and pulled her lips to mine again, she didn’t have to say anything else. Lets just love the night.

**Kourtney’s P.O.V**

As we had entered my bedroom, most of our clothes had been removed, lying somewhere in my house. He pushed his hands up to unclasp my bra as my ffet hit the side of the bed. I quickly grasped his hands, stopping his tracks. “Do you mind if I, you know, keep my bra on?” I stammered as I looked at him, ashamed. “Why whats wrong?” “I just don’t like my chest, I would rather if I kept it on” “Hey, don’t worry, I just want you to feel comfortable tonight and have fun, I don’t want you to feel embarrassed” I smiled into him as he moved his hands down to my waist, massaging the skin just above my thong. “Lay down beautiful” He softly pushed me down onto the bed, making my hair spread across the linen, and my arms rested around my head My legs were lying over the bed where he was standing, but I moved them into myself, to make room for him. He looked at me intently, taking me into his memory. I was taking in what I was seeing. Harry, without his jeans on, man bun down, shirt buttoned down, hair looking sexy as always, I just needed him to touch me. “C’mere” I whispered, he then snickered at me and put his hands on my knees, making them spread for him. Giggling doing so, I moved my hands under his shirt and around his shoulders, slowly removing the item of clothing that was hiding the second best part of him. I think you will get where my number one favourite part his of him. He moulded into my body as his lips went straight to assault my neck with kisses, moving his way down to the top of my breasts, then working his way back up to my collarbones. My legs slowly wrapped around his waist naturally, trying to pull him in closer to my centre. I needed some sort of friction to maintain the heat coming from my core, because of him.

**Harry’s P.O.V**

Im in complete ecstasy right now, she feels amazing being this close to me, and I cant wait to be inside her, or taste her. Fuck I need to taste her. “I wanna go down on you baby girl, I bet you taste so good” She looked oddly confused about my statement, which made her face go red of embarrassment, so of course I had to illiterate. “Baby, have you ever been eaten out before?” She looked down at my chest and then back up to my eyes. “Well ive only ever been with Kyan, and it was all about him, so, no” She looked so humiliated even saying that out loud. Wait, she’s only ever been with him? And shes never been eaten out before? Wow, this is going to be a very good night indeed. “Baby girl, im going to show you what you were missing” I smirked at her while she giggled, like a nervous giggle I guess. Soon she will be screaming my name. I kissed her one last time, then I didn’t take time to make my way down to her thong. I quickly removed it, feeling how damp they were in my hands made my cock twitch. Looking down at her freshly shaved core, it made my mouth water. I spread her legs wider as I lowered myself between them. “God Kourtney, you are soaking, im glad I can have you all to myself” My mouth made its way to her swollen clit, giving it little kitten licks, slowly, teasing her. Her second moan of the night reappeared, damn, what is she not going to be like when I fuck the shit out of her. I started to drag my tongue over her clit with more pressure and a little quicker to help her get to where I want her to be. I then slowly began to eat her out, gathering all of her fresh juices onto my tongue, but making sure I did pay more attention to her clit, because with every lick, I had right where I wanted her. “You taste so sweet baby girl, I could eat you all day, so good” I moaned, licking the wetness that was dripping out of her hole with ease. She started to pant my name out while putting her fingers through my hair, pushing down on my head. I knew she was close. Her hips started to lift off of the bed, but I managed to use my hands to keep her down. Fuck this is so hot. “Aw, fuck Harry, im guna cum” Her girlish moans got my dick to ooze pre cum into my boxers. Her hips was gyrating quicker as I fucked her clit with my tongue, screaming for me to stop but I continued. I had to touch my dick for some kind of relief, but once I gave my dick one stroke, I came in my boxers, a lot of it. “Shit” I continued to ride out her high as I continued to massage my cock, making sure there that my high was reached. “Im sorry” “Why are you sorry Harry? Was I not meant to cum?” “No I wanted you to cum, not me” She looked down at my wet boxers, and back at me. “Already?” She smirked, looking at me with a snigger to her little sexy face. “Well I haven’t had sex in a very long time, and plus, its with you, so of course im guna jizz in my pants” We both laughed historically as i made my way up to sit on the bed again. God I love where this is headed.

**Kourtney’s P.O.V**

After we had a little giggle, he made his way back to me, kissing me deeply again. His tongue grazed gracefully into my mouth, massaging with mine to deepen the kiss. He made his way in between my legs again, lowering his crotch so his hard on was grinding on my wet centre. He started to move his lips slightly as we continued to kiss, helping to bring us on for round 2. “Do you have any condoms?” I disconnected our lips to ask, as his hips continued to manoeuvre over mine. “No I don’t actually, shit” He looked at the side table as I could see the thoughts flashing through his mind. “I think I might have some” “You do?” “Don’t act so surprised, I did use them with my fiancé you know?” I laughed so make light of the conversation, but that didn’t last because there was just pure sex in the room. I took one out of the box of 12 and put it on the night stand, and handed it to Harry. “That’s too small for me” “What do you mean they’re too small, they fit all sizes?” I looked up to harry to see a smirk on his face. “Oh haha” I mocked as he took off his boxer briefs, finally letting me have a look at him. Wow. He is big. Big big. “Problem?” Harry smirked once again as he caught me staring. “No, just admiring the view” I smiled as I watched him put on the condom. He was right, them condoms are far too small for him. “I hope you like yours, I know I certainly do” Once he had put on the condom he crawled his way up to me, with his hard erection hitting off his stomach. “Are you cold or anything?” Harry questioned as he placed another kiss on my lips. “No im good Harry, thank you” I kissed back as he moved down to my feet. He pulled my legs so I was on the edge of the bed with him, and he jerked himself off a few times before lining up to my entrance. “Are you ready?” “Fucking take me baby” As I said those words Harry’s tip massaged my clit and down to my core, gathering some juices so he could slide in with ease. He slowly pushed his cock inside of me, filling me up deliciously. A loud moan coming from Harry would make me cum right there, it was just amazing. “Oh fuck Harry” I screamed as he started to rock his shaft in and out of me, agonisingly slowly. He leaned down over me, grabbing my legs to swoop them around his waist, and his hands helped to move my core to his with effortlessness. He started to go faster the moment I started to moan his name in his ear. The slapping of skin on skin and moans where the only thing you could hear in the house, damn it I wouldn’t care if the neighbours could hear it. He filled me up so well, and the way he thrusts, its like he wants to make me cum first before him. Its different. “Are you okay babygirl?” “Yes” I pant as the pleasure was too much to bear. “Can I go harder with you baby? Can I take you harder? I would love to destroy your little tight cunt baby” Mumbling as he continues to ram into me. “Yes Harry, fuck” I yelled as he immediately started to slam his hips into mine, crashing into my walls with a lot more force, and small cries of pleasure started to leave Harry’s lips.

I continued to moan and scream loudly, which only encouraged him to slam harder into me, that just made me more wet than ever. “You come across like a innocent little girl but you’re a horny little lady, oh fuck I can make you bad babygirl” Harry whispered at he continued to ram inside of me. I slid out of me suddenly, and moved to lie on the bed, with his head resting on the bed frame. “C’mere baby, ride for me, fuck me so good baby” I came over and straddled his hips quickly. We were both eager to cum so quick, we just didn’t have time. I grabbed his dick, pumped it a few times and then pushed it through my slick hole. “Roll your hips, grind on me baby, ill do the rest” Sensing I was only new to this, he grabbed my hips and started to slam into my core through this angle. “Fuck baby, you like it like that don’t you? You bad girl” I started to grind my hips into his thrusts for a few seconds, and I started to notice his hips were getting sore, so he wasn’t moving as fast. I suddenly pressed my lips against his as I pressed hard on his pelvic bone, making him stop. “Baby let me ride you” I whispered as I started to bounce lightly while grinding on him, just like he asked me to do, but he liked to take control. I got this. Harry’s eyes started to roll back in his head, his nose scrunching up with intense pleasure, as he let his head fall back to the bed frame. I placed my hands on his knees as I grinded on his cock, letting him get a good view of his cock vanish and re-emerge from my centre. “Fuck baby, just like that, your little pussy fucks me so good. Fuck im gonna cum” I started to quickly stimulate my clit has he started to take over, thrusting with all of the strength he had left, just so we could reach our climaxes. My stomach was now flipping with the amount of pleasure, I started to shake above him. “C’mon babygirl cum for me, drench my cock so good for me, I want to feel you cum” He continued to thrust into me as he took over stimulating my clit as I sat back with my hands on his knees again, stretching my neck back, bringing me to my euphoria. When I came down from the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life, harry started to release his load inside of me, with loud grunts and his hands going straight to my breasts as he came hard. He stilled in me for about a minute to make sure we were both done. Panting like we had done the London marathon, I slowly took him out of me and lay down beside him, catching my breath. “Wow. That. Was. Amazing.” Harry stated as he looked over to me. “Yeah it was alright” I snickered, looking at him for his reaction. “Just alright?” I started to lightly laugh to myself with his reaction. “Ill show you that ill be the best you will ever have” He grabbed me around the legs, again pulling me close to him so he could wrap my legs around his waist once again, and he grabbed the rest of the packet of condoms. “Were guna need these all I think”    

I’m still not over how wonderful my relationship is… It’s so genuine… Absolutely stress free… Like putting on pajamas fresh out of the dryer. It feels effortless and so so cozy. He started wearing his retainers to bed and I know he’s a grown man but it makes him look like he’s 13 and causes him to speak with a little lisp. IT’S SO CUTE. He looks v smol.

OoOOOOooOh I’m so happy I get to kiss his sweet face every day. HE’S MY VERY NICE BB

things about an intj girl  (well me anyway)

1. im never gonna be the girl with the brightest smile

2. im never gonna be the girl that is always giddy or smiling

3. im probably not going to laugh at your jokes (if i am laughing, it is for some twisted reason you probably dont want to know)

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Kpopmeetsblackwomens blog makes me feel terrible. Like I'm so undesirable that I need validation from some random korean idol to make me feel beautiful. Just because some singer says he has interest in a black woman im not going to get all giddy because its not like he's referring to me. That blog is so so sad when I see it I feel sick. Then the owner labels it a no fetish zone. The blog is a fetish. The obsession over Asian guys is not a good look. Get some help. I'm not being funny.