im going to be a brooklyn hipster

shadowhunters characters: have they vaped?

clary: no. come on. of course not.

simon: im actually going to say yes on this, bc he’s a hipster living in Brooklyn? but he didn’t like it and he coughed a lot

jace: is this even a question. he vapes all the time

alec: jace has tried. it’s not gonna fly. he likes the scent tho

izzy: skater girl chic of course she has. her parents were disappointed but jace was proud

magnus: no and if u come into his apartment with a vape pen he’ll choke u with it

luke: this was a tough choice for me but I asked known luke expert @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter and she said no so there you have it folks

jocelyn: uhhh u can’t vape when u sleep all the time so no

valentine: absolutely and if u don’t agree u can block me