im going through stuff in my room and found it

also my mom thinks im crazy hoarder for buying all kinds of junk but she should take a step back and realize i
got it from her like over half of the stuff in our kitchen right now is probably expired and the house is a mess in all parts. unrelated but i had a dream my mom went all “i found weed in your room >:( i hate this fucking family” and i was “╮(╯▽╰)╭” but really i was fucking pissed at her for going through my shit the umpteenth time i was so angry i took a walk and walked so far i ended up about to hike a clean trail gradually leading to the mountains and i looked around and went

yeah and thats when the dream ended but i know theres an alternate universe me who is taking some spiritual badass hike right now and hell yeah man but also fuck you im stuck here lying down staring at my 3x2 inch screen of light typing up a meaningless blog post