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To Love or Not To Love // Pt. 1

Intro // Pt. 1 // 

Word Count: 3,127

Genre: Svt Mafia Au

Member: Mingyu

TW: Angst, Violence, there will be fluff eventually i promise. idk im bad at tw, let me know if i should add some in

It was finally your day off. You got to sleep in and wake up after the sun had risen. Waking up on your own time and without an alarm clock was the best feeling. You rolled out of bed and checked your phone and noticed your manager had texted you. You groaned a bit, but after opening the text you felt a little better. She simply needed you to pick up something at the shop real quick. You figured you would go and get your favorite drink as well, being there for a few minutes today wouldn’t be so bad. Besides, you wouldn’t work there if you hated it so much.

You quickly got dressed, happy that it wasn’t into your work clothes and grabbed your bag as you headed out the door. The weather was great, the perfect temperature; not too hot, not too cold. You smiled to yourself, a certain bounce in your step that isn’t usually there when you walk this path to work.

The small bell on the door tinkled when you pushed it open, and you waved at your friend working behind the counter. As expected, no customers were in the shop, like every other day, except Mr. well-dressed was in his usual seat. You looked for Mingyu but he was nowhere to be seen. You shrugged your shoulders and didn’t think much of it. He had probably just gotten caught up in something, he didn’t usually come at a consistent time.

You slipped into the back room and picked up the thing your manager had asked you to get, realizing that it was a small bonus from the few times you had worked extra. You smiled and slipped the check into your bag before returning to the front to order your drink. You had only taken a few step out of the back room when you were immediately overwhelmed. People were rushing in, dressed in all black and brandishing weapons. Your coworkers screamed as they were held at gunpoint. Behind you, you heard a chair scrape against the grown before clattering to the floor. Two dressed in black rushed towards you, while a few more rushed past you and towards Mr. Well-dressed. You tried to crane your neck to get a better look as to what they wanted from him so badly. There weren’t here to rob the store, or they would have already gone for the cash in the register. Before you knew it, the blinds were pulled and the doors locked. You, your coworkers and the few poor customers that had wandered in while you were in the back where dragged into the backroom. Your phones were taken and hands bound with zip ties. Two stayed behind with you and the rest, making sure you didn’t go anywhere let alone move from where you sat, while the rest disappeared down the hall. Mr.Well-dressed was nowhere to be seen. Where they here for him? Did the police know? Or had these people planned something so well that they managed to hid this from the outside world? You didn’t know, but you were surprisingly calm for such a terrifying experience. It was almost as if the fact you were being held at gunpoint hadn’t quite set in yet. To your left, a young woman stifled her sobs, and to your right, your friend and coworker sat pressed up against you, shaking slightly, but otherwise in tack.

One of the people dressed in black shifted their weight from foot to foot.

“Hey…weren’t we supposed to blindfold them too? Just in case?” a strong, deep voice questioned quietly. The shorter of the two let out a small gasp and nodded, quickly digging into his pocket and pulling out a few strips of cloth. You watched as the walked towards you and the others. You couldn’t move. You couldn’t escape. You were already as pressed up against the wall as possible, and your hands were tied behind your back. You could try to fight against them once they got close enough, but was it worth the risk of getting killed? You decided it was best to just sit still, maybe they would leave and you could figure out how to escape then… after all, zipties aren’t that hard to break free of. They were already dumb enough to forget to blindfold you and the rest of the hostages. It was possible.

You vision was gone know, you had to rely solely on sound now. You could sort of see out of the blindfold, but only down to the ground, so if someone stood right in front of you, you might be able to tell, but outside of that, you couldn’t see anything.

Suddenly shouting filled the halls. Had the police shown up? Everything had gotten significantly darker, you could tell, even though your eyes were covered. You heard the two “guards” say something to each other, then footsteps racing out of the room, the door slamming behind them. There was a moment of silence in the room, only faint shouts through the door could be heard.

“Are they gone?” You asked, barely whispering.

“Yah…they did a real shit job tying on these blindfolds.” your manager stated. You wiggled yourself around, pulling yourself off the wall and somehow contorting your body to curl up in a small enough ball you could pull your arms over your legs, bringing your hands in front of you. Good thing you had always worried about someone kidnapping you after work, otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to learn such helpful knowledge for circumstances like these. You pulled your blindfold down from your eyes, letting it hang limply around your neck, then examined the zip tie binding your hands. This was the easiest escape trick you had learned, as escaping goes. You braced yourself for the small moment of pain, puffed out your stomach, then quickly pulled your arms against it, popping the zip tie off with a small snap.  

“Whats going on?” the lady to your left questioned.

“I’ll be right back, I’m going to try and find a phone or something so i can call the police.” you spoke quietly as you pulled down everyone’s blindfolds.

“I can’t get off the zip ties yet, but i’ll come back as quickly as possible okay. Just stay quiet.”

You rushed over to the door as quietly and quickly as possible and opened it just a crack, looking around for other people. Everything was dark, the power went out. The usually lit, back hallway was now dark and eerie, filled with a dark, blue light. Shouting voices could be heard throughout the shop, some stifled behind walls, other loud and echoing through the hallway. You inched the door open more and slipped out, closing it behind you so that attention wasn’t drawn to the other hostages.

Slowly, you moved your way down the dark hallways, making your way towards the front of the shop, heading for the emergency button behind the counter. You heard voices coming towards you and panicked, quickly throwing yourself into the nearest door, which led to a small mop closet. You watched through the crack in the door as three, black clothed people fast walked down the hall and into the side room at the end, no doubt where they had taken Mr. Well-dressed. You waited for a minute before climbing out of the closet and making your way down the dark hallway, a little quicker than last time. All you had to do was round the corner and you would be in the front, only a few feet away from the panic button. You were almost there.

You finally made it to the corner and turned, not bothering to check and see if anyone was around the other side. As you took a step, a loud noise echoed through the small shop, making your ears ring. A gun had been fired. At who? By who? You had jumped at the loud noise, jumped right into the arms of one of the blacked clothed person who had caused all of this. Fear flooded your body as the person’s strong grip held your arm and didn’t let go as your thrashed around to try and break free. You paused for a second to look up into the person face, only to see there was no mask this time. In fact, you knew this face.

“Mingyu?” You asked in disbelief. His hand shoot up to his face.

“Shit, I forgot my mask.” he mumbled to himself.

“What? I…Mingyu what are you doing here?” you questioned in a whisper. Mingyu glanced around the empty hall, still holding on tightly to your wrist.

“If you go back to the room and stay there and act as if you’ve never saw me you’ll be safe.” he stated, pulling you along behind him.

“What the heck Mingyu?!” you called as he dragged you along, not bothering to whisper anymore.

“Mingyu! Where the heck are you?” A frustrated voice called down the hall. Mingyu froze for a second, then yanked you towards the direction of the room you had previously been held in.

“Go back to the room or you’ll be in some serious trouble.” Mingyu growled, much different from the usual kind and gentle Mingyu you knew from the shop. He rushed off down the hall where the voice had called for him, not looking back to check if you had headed back to the room. Now you may be stubborn, or just down right dumb, but you had no intentions of going back. You fought your curiosity to trail after Mingyu and see what was happening and instead set off to find a phone, or at least one of the panic buttons so you could inform the police. You were still shocked by how calmly you were handling the whole situation. For all you know, after that gun shot that had sounded, someone could be dead, but here you are still lurking around in the open trying to find a way to escape (or at least insure the safety of your fellow captives).

The shop really wasn’t that big, so it wasn’t hard to quickly make it back to the front of the store. If you could just make it to the panic button next to the register that would be enough. You peeked your head around the corner, and your breath caught in your throat. At least three hooded figure stood around the open tables that filled the front of the shop. Tables lay on their sides and chairs were scattered all over the place. The blinds being pulled over the large shop windows only made everything more eerie. The panic and terror that originally should have filled you was now flooding into your body, making your heartbeat to increase and sweat to form all over your body. It was quiet, only the murmur of voices from wherever Mingyu was and the footsteps caused by the hooded men in front of you as the mindlessly guarded the store. You asked yourself whether they were guarding to make sure no one came in, or not one left, but this thought soon vanished as there were more important things to happen. You could have sworn everyone in the room could hear your heart, pounding in your ears and making everything all that much more stressful.

All you had to do was cross the small stretch that was out in the open before you could hid behind the counter and crawl over to the panic button. One of the three guards was usually facing the counter, meaning they would totally see you, but they often switched, leaving a few seconds that you could use to your advantage. You could really feel the panic bubble up in you now, but you didn’t have time for that. Not only were you in danger, but your coworkers and customers, this was no time to get scared. You checked behind your shoulder to make sure Mingyu, or anyone for that fact, hadn’t started towards you. You turned your attention back to the three hooded figures and see if they had any sort of pattern. It didn’t take long to understand there was absolutely no pattern to the weird aimless wandering the three people did, and you were just going to have to hope for the best. You tried your best to keep your heart beat from making you deaf and made a mad, quiet, dash towards the counter.

Everything turned to slow motion. Just as you took your first two steps, you saw one of the hooded people turn around and look directly at you. You didn’t stop. You couldn’t stop. It was too late, you had to go for it. You ignored the person when everything finally clicked and they realized you shouldn’t be there in the dark. You wish the slow motion feeling would shake off but it didn’t. Each step felt as if time was slipping through your fingers. Three figures came pounding towards you as you reached out your hand to smash the small red button under the counter next to the register. Just as you managed to press the button in, a hand grabbed the back of your shirt and ripped you back. You were sent sprawling backwards and the breath was knocked out of you. You knew here was your death, a gun already being pointed at you, but it didn’t matter, because you hit the button, the police know now. The others will be safe.

“Those kids were supposed to be watching them!” the one pointing the gun at you growled to the other two.

“Did she just..?” the skinny boy on your right asked, looking over at the register.

“How did you escape?” the guy to the left demanded.

“I just left, and Mingyu didn’t stop me in the halls really so…” you stuttered, not sure what to do with yourself, or why you even answered in the first place.

“Jun, she knows Mingyu!” the skinny boy exclaimed.

“Don’t say my name idiot!” the guy, basically holding your life in his hands, spat. The two guards winced at Jun’s harsh tone and looked down at you. Your breath was finally coming back to you, but you didn’t feel any better than before.

“She knows who we are man, she’s seen Mingyu…” the guy on the left breathed.

“Are you going to do it?” he finally asked after a moment of silence.

“Boss said we can’t kill anyone.” said the guy on the right.

“Yah, but thanks to you Minghao she knows not only Mingyu but my name. Its our only choice.” Jun said.

You watched as the three of them bickered about your life and whether they should take it or not. The panic you had been working so hard to suppress was finally coming to you, and it was so intense you felt as if you were going to vomit at any moment. The three of them continued to bicker with each other, and you wondered if it was a good idea to try and escape. You mulled the idea over and over again in your head but the thought was giving you more anxiety then you already had and therefore making your brain turn to mush. Just when you thought you should try to inch away from the three guys, Jun turned his attention back to you. You froze, unsure of what to do under his strong, harsh gaze.

“We’ll just have to shot you, there is no other option. Boss will understand, I suppose.” Jun said, a bit of a sneer showing through his eyes, as his face was still covered by a mask.

“Please…please don’t!” you begged as he took a step closer to you. Minghao and the other guy behind Jun didn’t show any signs of stopping him. This was the end for you. At least you were able to hit panic alarm, so it wasn’t a complete waste risking your life. With each step Jun took towards you, you slowly inched back, although you knew it would be of no help. Jun’s fingers slowly moved over the gun, barely visible to you in the dark blue light that surrounded you, but you could still see it. You can still see your death coming towards you.

“Jun! What are you doing?” A voice practically yelled from across the room. Jun and the other two boys slowly turned around to see who was speaking. You didn’t dare move, you didn’t think you could move for that fact. Your legs had gone completely numb, along with your brain and basically the rest of your senses. It was as if your body has undergone so much stress it had simply shut down.

With just a few long strides the person who had called out to Jun crossed the room, and as he got closer, through the dim light you could make out the unmasked face to be no other the Mingyu. You didn’t know whether to be relieved or even more upset.

“Jun, the boss said not to kill anyone.” Mingyu said, walking between you and Jun, blocking you from the cruel gaze that never seemed to leave Jun’s eyes.

“Well, Mingyu if she hadn’t figured out who you were i wouldn’t have too!” Jun spat.

“If we kill her the police will get even more involved. We don’t need to deaths for them to find once we’re done here.”

“T-two?” you breathed, stress level going up even more, if that was even possible at this point.

“He has a point…” Minghao added. Jun let the gun fall to his side, pulling his gaze from Mingyu and resting it somewhere off to the side.

“What are we going to do with the girl then?” the only nameless person in the room questioned. There was a moment of silence. You prayed to every god you could think of and wished every wish possibly that by some miracle they would just let you go. It couldn’t be that easy though.

“I’ll take care of her.” Mingyu declared.

“You just said we can’t kill her.” Minghao said.

“Not like that, I’m going to take her home with us. We just can’t have her talking about us right? So I’ll just take her back with us.” Mingyu stated matter-of-factly.

“So you’re basically just going to kidnap her aren’t you?” Jun questioned. You had reached your peak of stress. Everything was too much. Before you knew what was happening the corner of your eyes started to fill with blackness before dizziness engulfed you and with a thump, you had passed out cold on the floor, oblivious to the mess that ragged on around you.

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"I cannot believe that Im picking lingerie for sister Bernadette!" Trixie with Jenny or Cynthia going bridesmaid shopping

“I cannot believe I am picking lingerie for Sister Bernadette,” Cynthia whispered to Trixie. 

“She’s not Sister Bernadette anymore, she’s Shelagh,” Trixie admonished a little louder than intended, causing Shelagh who had walked slightly ahead to look back at them in concern. 

“Sorry, I know we only came out to pick your bridesmaids dresses, but when you’ve been in a habit for 10 years you become a wee bit out of the loop with, erm, well, particular fashions.” Shelagh herself could hardly believe the words were coming out her mouth, she didn’t even want to know what Trixie and Cynthia were thinking. But Trixie simply took her buy the hand and practically dragged her deeper into the lingerie section of the shop. 

“Oh sweetie, don’t worry, we’ll help you find something perfectly appropriate for your wedding night,” Shelagh couldn’t help but smile at Trixie’s choice of words, “However, I highly doubt you will be wearing it for long, generally clothes aren’t required, absolutely Nun at all.” At that Shelagh turned the same shade of scarlet as the brassiere she had been holding. 

Aaand here we have painting #2! I tried to keep the shading a little simpler on this one and I actually think I like it better than the first one! The colors look a little wonky on this monitor (they look fine on my cintiq??), so I might adjust those a little bit before putting it up in my shop, but I think this is the one I’m going to use for my phone case! :3

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I dont know how to handle this situation. If this medication doesnt work out my mother will die in less than five years. I am torn between protecting my emotional health and spending time with her. Her hurtful words echo in my ears even when Im having a very good day in this safe new place. She thinks I dont value her opinion. She thinks Im going to hell, that my eyes will be opened once I meet God. Shes uncomfortable shopping with me now. She says she will never see me as her son.

Anon, I’ve been sitting on this reply for a while because frankly, it’s a really difficult question. Part of me wants to tell you to defend yourself first, but I think you and I both know that this situation is a little bit different. You may not have your mother for long, and sometimes it’s better to do what needs to be done even if it doesn’t feel very good for us. If you cut yourself off from your mother and she passes, you may regret it later in life. Please forgive me if I am wrong, but to me, it sounds as though she is only ignorant and this comes off as hate. I know it hurts a lot to be denied your identity by someone so close and important to you, but understand that this does not change who you are and what you stand for. You are not going to hell, you have no reason to be going to hell. You are her son, regardless of if she has the capacity to see it. If you have the strength inside of you (and it is okay if you do not) spend some time with her before she goes. You do not have to spend every single day with her, and try not to, but once in a while. If you still love her, set aside the pain just long enough to tell her this. Family can be so hurtful sometimes, and sometimes they really are not worth your time, but there are times when it is more important to say goodbye than to hold our tongues and carry that pain with us. I hope you find closure with your mother one day, and I hope that you find closure with yourself. Stay strong, I know it’s hard. 

- Micheal

his reaction to lingerie// brad imagine


a/n: im going to hell for this

You and your boyfriend brad have been living together recently which made your sex life a little more active as you’re together more often.  When you first moved in you and your friend went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and got some different pieces of lingerie to switch things up a bit with you and brad. You decided to surprise him when he comes home from the studio tonight. You put on you’re black lace thong along with your cheetah print bra lined with lace. You let your long brown curly hair fall down your back also applying some dark eye makeup to your face.

You heard the front door open and close signaling brad had just got home. “Babe where are you?” He said genuinely confused. “In the bedroom baby” you said trying to sound as sexual as you could. He raised his eyebrows and smirked to his self before heading upstairs to your shared bedroom. You were facing the mirror raking you fingers through your hair preparing for brad to open the door. Brad soon opening the door had a shocked expression that you could see through the mirror. “Holy shit baby you look so hot” you looked down with a giggle, not being the most confident no matter how many times you and brad had sex, you never have done anything slightly dominant in the bed room.

Brad approached you from behind running his fingers from your ass around to your waist rubbing circles above your underwear line. “Did my baby miss me while I was gone” he said in your ear with a raspy tone. “So much baby” you said peppering kisses from his jawline down to his neck. Your fingers reached underneath his flannel to feel his slightly toned torso, causing brad to grab the bottom of his shirt and throw it over his head. He brought your head to face him and crashed your lips together his tongue tracing the inside of your mouth. He always had that effect on you making your mind cloudy only caught up in the kiss losing the tiny bit of dominance you were trying to have. “nice try princess, but I’m calling the shots tonight. Even with you looking hot as ever” this caused you to laugh a little fumbling with his belt.

He threw his pants off and pushed them to the side with his shirt. You could see the prominent bulge formed in his boxers. You ran your fingers over his underwear palming him through his boxers. “Babeeee please don’t tease me right now” he whined. You trailed your hands just underneath the waistband of his underwear and then stopped and held him by the back. The look on his face was priceless, “oh I’m gonna get you for that” he said before pushing your back onto the soft bed. His crotch on top of your thong covered clit,making you want him even more. He sucked harshly at your collar bone making you let out a whimpering sound. And that was the start to a very good night in your newly shared home.

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Hello~ what do u think is winwin's ideal type appearance/ personality wise?? Thank you :)


Winwin ideal type (personality):
• smiles many many smiles
• quiet at first
• but loud and funny after a while
• sweet
• considerate
• lowkey food addict
• gets along with everyone
• optimist
• gets kinda jealous when winwin talks with another girl that ain’t her
• correction;; VERY JEALOUS
• but hides it
• shopaholic so y'all can go shopping together
• nicest person you’ll meet tbh
• prob plays an instrument

Winwin ideal type (appearance):
• has a very good sense of style
• like an oversized sweater w a skirt
• kinda a cute casual look
• but sporty
• loves to dance too
• so lots and lots of duets
• long hair
• straight or curly he doesn’t care
• sneakers
• especially converse

Ok so just to clarify, all these are from my perspective and my opinion. Like I might be completely wrong lmao. So this is 100% opinionated, I hope u liked it!!

HEY GUYS!!! a couple things

first off thank you for the donations ive received so far :’) im heading off to work in a little bit but ill start writing when i get home. and thank u also to the people who reblogged that post even if u didnt donare… your gentle words and tags worm my heart

full disclosure on the computer situation: i took the lenovo in to my local computer repair shop to get the hard drive extracted. they told me that theyre going to do some diagnostics on it and if the problem turns out to be something they can fix in-house, theyll do it for free. (i was also told that this is probably NOT the case and that its likely a hardware problem with the cpu/motherboard, either of which would be pricey to replace) itll be a few days before i know for sure. if you want to slow your roll on donations in that time thats totally understandable - ill keep yall posted as soon as i learn whether it needs replaced or not

some folks have also pointed out that i can get a better deal on a refurbished computer with similar specs so im going to do some shopping around - ill bump down the goal if i find one that looks promising

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HI HELLO can you maybe write something very very cute involving shopping with jimin??? thank u very much i love you and your blog a lot bye

yoooo gues who thought she did this already it was me

Shopping with Chim

Originally posted by jitamin

  • wow im at school rn everyone because i work five days this week and have four college level classes plus four more loading up the homework so this is the only time i can write oops
  • anyway this scenario list i thought i got to everyone save poor namjoon but apparently not so here we go cause this was requested
  • anyway i think chim would really like to go shopping like it’s something really chill and comfortable and it’s not like a high drama type date because i don’t think that would be his style like he would wanna be more chill and also don’t even tell me that he wouldn’t be all over shopping for clothes like have you seen this child he is like a fashion god or something im jealous
  • okay anyway
  • he would love to go clothes shopping but he doesn’t want to go to some crummy mall like what the heck?? it’s too generic and half the people there are sketch as hell and he doesn’t wanna get mugged or something (the malls here are so sketch wth)
  • he’s a little bit of an aristocrat when it comes to his clothing and he doesn’t tolerate anything sub par so he always takes you to the outlets because apparently better quality than malls but my friend just told me that’s probably not true
  • so i guess for this scenario we can pretend it is
  • but you always tease him tbh like always because he’s so particular about his fashion and his clothes and he always whines when you suggest the mall for clothes shopping
  • and then gets all pouty and buries his face in the crook of your shoulder and mopes until you promise to take him to the outlets
  • okay and chim is such a sweetie he would always want the other boys to come along with you two even though he gets a lil clingy he still wants the others to have fun as well, but namjoon and jin are the only ones that usually tag along, occasionally yoongi, because the others don’t have the attention span for the outlets tbh,,, like if there’s not a disney store or a food court than there is no reason to be going
  • like imagine the car though, like jin and namjoon in the front of the mom van, with you and jimin in the middle seat thing and yoongi in the back
  • and jimin like nobody will ever be able to convince me that jimin wouldn’t be a snuggle bun and he practically lays on top of you in the car,,, until jin tells him to get his seatbelt on
  • but jimin is like wait my love hold up and he instead decides to hold your hand and lean over every five seconds and try to kiss your face and he’s playing with your hair and yoongi just about throws up
  • and he likes serenades you too like he forces namjoon to turn on the freaking like sappy old people songs and he sings along so beautifully though and stares at you and you get all embarrassed and hide behind your hands and try to slap his hand or something to make him stop but he just sings louder
  • but then namjoon puts on some rap (not his mixtape, definitely not his mixtape) and he and yoongi jam out which gets jimin pouting and whining and trying to change the station because he doesn’t want rap, he wants to keep singing to you his love
  • jin finds this super romantic though and changes the station for the sake of “young love” or something
  • okay but for our purposes can we imagine it’s winter? so jimin is decked in like a huge, gray sweater and some skinny jeans and some doc martens too and he has this huge huge huge scarf wrapped around him, and he pulls it over his mouth and he looks like a lil fluffy marshmallow honestly it’s so precious and cute and he’s decked in layers so he kinda waddles sometimes
  • and the snowflakes are drifting down and they cover his hair and his lashes and his cheeks get all rosy red and you two can see your breath when either of you talk and it’s so pretty and you two always end up giggling about it honestly
  • he offers you his scarf the second you two step out of the car like he is so so worried about your health and he’s like “angel please be safe it’s cold and i don’t want you to get sick”
  • he totally kisses your nose and cheeks to warm you up like constantly…
  • okay but idk why but i think he would be such a shoe person you know how there are shoe people out there in the world you all know one don’t lie to me anyway
  • jimin is a shoe person so the first place you step in in the shoe store or one of them at least one of them
  • you think he would go for the boots or something but he runs to the heels and he like slips some on and you’re kinda like okay jimin,,,
  • and he’s giggling so excitedly and his face is all red but he’s beaming and he just kinda!! “i can finally be much taller than you!!”
  • okay but you wanna try on some shoes too right,,,
  • and you find a pair you really like and you;re gaping and jimin grabs them and he’s like “sit sit!” which you do and then he kneels and he slips the shoe on your foot like cinderella and then he smiles up at you all shy “do you like them…?”
  • wow i love jimin
  • anyway
  • he probably ends up with like seven boxes of shoes and you’re like babe plz we got you some last week
  • but then he sees some crocs and his eyes widen and you kinda oh my god jimin, jimin, back away but he’s walking closer
  • “taehyung would love these don’t you think??”
  • and you sigh in relief because you might have to banish him to the couch if he actually wore those shoes,,,
  • he pays for everything btw like i can see some of the others like yoongi and namjoon and jeongguk sharing the pay on a lot of things because it’s practical and now more and more people don’t like their boyfriend to pay for everything but jimin wouldn’t have it he would die if you paid for anything and you always feel a little guilty but then he tells you you can pay him back in snuggles and kisses and your undying love and affection tbh…
  • okay but he also really likes fashion stores like he’s just so!!
  • I think he would wanna low key match not like the big cheesy “that’s my boyfriend” shirt like those make me wanna gag and I don’t see jimin stooping that low tbh
  • but like he gets a long sleeved striped shirt and you might get something striped as well or maybe he gets some maroon jeans well your shirt might be an off shade of that!
  • but he loves trying crap on even if he doesn’t wanna buy it necessarily he wants to try things on and stare at himself in the mirror and pose always
  • he gets you to try everything on too and you’re kinda like “ahh I’m embarrassed!!” and he just pouts and mumbles something under his breath and he looks so disappointed and you kinda !! fine !!
  • whenever you try something on like, it could be the ugliest thing in the entire world and he would gape and stare and spend seventeen hours complimenting how good it looks on you and how you make that piece look ten times better than it did on the mannequin
  • and then he proceeds to buy every single thing you lay your eyes on even if it’s a fleeting glance he’s like let’s put it on my card!!
  • okay but like you finally get into it right and you’re smiling and laughing and maybe even posing a bit in front of the mirror and before you can react he whips out his phone and takes your picture and he’s like “oh this is good, i think the whole entire world should see it babe” and he just posts it right then and there
  • he doesn’t obviously
  • besides the view was A++
  • okay but there’s this real cute coffee shop right in the middle of the outlets and you two always go there
  • it has a lot of contemporary art on the walls and they’re always playing some indie/alternative music for sure and they’re always really crowded but neither of you mind because the atmosphere is so lively and warm and welcoming and jimin low key likes to talk to everyone just goes up to strangers “how’s your day going?” or “that shirt looks so good on you, where do you get it?” because he is literally an angel like he just wants to spread some happiness
  • that day you two run into a fan which isn’t uncommon and they’re always really chill and this one is so cute!! like he has these big glasses on his nose and a giant sweater and he’s sipping his tea and he catches sight of jimin and his eyes go big as saucers
  • and you kinda nudge jimin like go talk to this kid plz before he explodes from excitement so jimin goes over and drags you along!
  • and the kid is like “ahh you’re so much more stunning in real life!” and he smiles at you “and you too!!”
  • and you and jimin are just both blushing and the kid gets an autograph from jimin and he gets a hug from the both of you and he just kinda smiles at you again “hey thanks for always making jimin so happy, im speaking for a lot of fans but we really appreciate all you do and what an angel you are!!”
  • your heart just swells because dating jimin and being public about it definitely means that people are gonna lash out and it’s hard sometimes but this kid is such an angel!!
  • okay after that you guys hit more shops and jimin steals your drink okay and he drinks like all of it and he has whipped cream on his nose,,, you have to kiss it off if you catch my drift,,,
  • there’s a cute lil candy store and you two go in and it’s like all old fashioned and the cute lil lady running the counter asks if you’re married,,,
  • “yes, well I mean, in my head, I still gotta ask the question” and you get all red and swat at his arm
  • he gets candy for all the boys cause he is a sweetie and he gets extra for yoongi cause he likes yoongi who doesn’t like yoongi though
  • and it’s still snowing when you guys exit the store and h throws a snowball at you and then gets all upset at himself and he’s like !! and wraps his scarf around you and he’s like oh my god don’t get hypothermia plz
  • probably tries to chase some ducks cause outlets always have fountains around them and that means there are ducks and jimin wants to make sure they all had something to eat so he tries feeding them taffy and you just watch and record it all lmao you’re so supportive
  • oh also like right in the middle near this fountain, he kinda smirks “your lips look cold maybe i can warm them up”
  • and you’re like wtf jimin we are past this point in our relationship don’t pull that kind of sh- but he leans in and he kisses your lips so gently and they still taste like that peppermint coffee he was drinking
  • and he runs his hands through your hair and it’s so cheesy and romantic and the snow is falling so prettily
  • also need to mention that jimin carries every single bag that you guys have like he won’t let you carry anything cause he is a gentleman and he just carries everything without complaint, would probably try to carry you at some point and time because he’s scared you’re gonna fall and bust your butt or face open or something
  • anyway when it’s time to go you guys meet up with the others and jimin raves about how good you looked in everything, then shows the boys the pics, and then gets jealous when they agree that you look good im smh
  • anyway it would be really cheesy shopping with chim but super cute okay!!
Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival: Sakamaki Kanato (Sub scenario w/Reiji)

- Saint Nore Park -

Reiji: Thus, when you consider all of that together the first place to go to would be…

(It’s been about an hour since Reiji-san started explaining the surrounding area of this place)

(In a bad mood Kanato-kun eventually went off somewhere)

(I want to go look for him but Reiji-san hasn’t finished talking….)

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** i had free time today so i wrote this, i hope you enjoy it. thank you for reading**

You were rudely awakened by the sudden aching in your abdomen and lower back. Rolling over to check the time on your phone, 2:53 AM. UGH!I shouldn’t even be awake right now!” You muttered this quietly so you wouldn’t wake up Sehun. He was laid next to you, snuggled into you with an arm thrown over you. He looked peaceful so you refused to even wake him up to help you. Moving him slightly so you could climb out of bed and rush to the bathroom to check whether you had in fact started your period.

Groaning in pain louder than you had meant to, you started to raid the drawers, cupboards or anything that held the much needed pads/ tampons.”UGH, how could i forget to buy he simplist of things!” You Groaned even louder when another more intense type of pain come over you, it caused you to double over slightly clutching your abdomen. You heard the bathroom door opening, footsteps softly tapping towards you. Sehun reached behind you and began running the bath with hot water, to the temperature that you like as well as it being hot enough for it to soothe the aches. Once it had filled so far, Sehun turned off the tap and shuffled over to you. He sat you on the edge of the bath, stripped you of your pyjamas and laid you in the bath. “Baby, how do you feel now?” he spoke softly as he leaned to kiss you on your head as you laid further into steaming water.

Sehun, I don’t have any pads or tampons as well as painkillers” you whined into his shoulder. Period pains were the bane of your existence and they always hurt no matter what you do to loosen the ache. Wrapping your arms around your belly as an attempt to ease it, Sehun was sat facing you on the floor, with his arms resting on the side of the bath along with his head on his arms. You stared at him, admiring his beauty- this distracted you momentarily so you wouldn’t think about the aches.

Sehun stood up and walked out of the room but later returned with his wallet. “Baby I’m going to a 24 hour shop to get you your pads/ tampons or whatever you prefer and some junk food to help ease it, right? That is what you usually do, right?” Sehun was babbling, he usually did this when he was slightly distressed. what would you do without this angel, you will never know.

Sehunnie, either will do but in a medium size please and can we get ice cream as well?” you asked quietly breaking him from his babble.
I’ll be back as quick as I can honey” he walked towards you and kissed your forehead before dashing out of the flat, leaving you to soak away the aches.

Sehuns POV

Y/N moved next to me, she had been tossing and turning all night. This wasn’t like her at all, she usually wrapped herself around me with her head nestled onto my chest and her hand on my chest. I loved it. However, tonight she was fussy; not that I minded but never this fussy.

She reached over to check the time on her phone, I peeked over her shoulder silently so she didn’t know I was awake. It was 2:53 AM, damn it was early but why was she awake? She gently moved my arm, I forced it limp to keep my cover of being asleep. I was just curious to see what she way doing.
She headed into the bathroom grunting, groaning while clutching her abdomen and her back. I know exactly what this is and I know she needs me now even though she will try and hide it from me. Hence why she let me sleep instead of waking me up, silly Y/N. I chuckle a little before getting up until I hear another grunt and a loud thud. I rushed forward but let my feet move lightly so I don’t frighten her, I open the bathroom door to find Y/N on her knees doubled over. It was her period, we have been together for a while now, a little over a year and she was still shy. My beautiful shy Y/N.

I padded into the bathroom, running a hot bath for her, I know that this eases the aches a little bit and I know that she gets them bad. Feeling that it was hot enough to place her in, I helped her undress, placed her in the tub and sat next to the wall of the bath watching her closely. He bath seemed to ease it a little bit, she still clutched her belly.

Baby, how do you feel now?” I spoke softly so the small amount of tension doesn’t expand and implode on me. I kissed her forehead and she visibly relaxed. This action eased by distress a little bit but there was still that nibbling itch in my chest.  While I had travelled through my spiralling thoughts, I failed to notice that Y/N had moved her head to my shoulder and whined a little bit. I gave a small smile at her clinginess, it was her coping method towards the pain.

Sehun, I don’t have any pads or tampons as well as painkillers” she practically muttered this under her breath but I head it clearly, she needed me to go to shop and as much as I hate going out ridiculously early in the morning, I had to for Y/N. she always forgets this stuff, i had to make montly runs to the store, im practicall good friends with the man behind the counter.

Baby I’m going to a 24 hour shop to get you your pads/ tampons or whatever you prefer and some junk food to help ease it, right? That is what you usually do, right?” I babbled, I tend to babble a lot and she knew that, I could tell by the odd look she was giving me now. She looked up at me and spoke softer than she usually would. “Sehunnie, either will do but in a medium size please and can we get ice cream as well?” What was with my girlfriend and ice cream, it was her ‘go to’ food when she was on her period. It was always the same flavour as well, I sometimes wonder if she gets sick of it.
“I’ll be back as quick as I can honey” I promised her before kissing her forehead and dashing madly towards the 24 hour shop.

*returning back from shop*

Baby? I’m putting your ice cream in the fridge as well as the rest of your sweets in the cupboard and I have your stuff here” I was filling a lass with water so she can take her painkillers right away. Walking through to the bathroom, she’s still in the bath tub but barely awake. “Baby? Wake up, I have your painkillers and pads” I nudge her slightly and she jumps up, splashing water on me. She slowly takes the painkillers with the drink. She sighs as I pull her out of the tub so she can put her clean pyjamas on along with her necessity.

After I drained the tub, I pulled her back to bed and snugged into her. Y/N is more relaxed now and it running her hands through my hair, just as I like it.

Your POV

Sehun took such care of you last night even though you had attempted to not involve you. Actually making sure that he was actually asleep this time before moving to eat breakfast. The morning munchies have arrived, you didn’t mind because you remembered that Sehun had brought loads of different snacks in last night you planned to indulge in this fact and watch your favourite programs so that Sehun had a good sleep since you had woken him up last night.

Sitting down on the couch, you slouched with your legs up. It was basically your browsing position but with food and television. Engrossed into the program, the couch dipped and you felt a warm body lay against you, joining you on the indulgence of snacks.

Sehun was munching slowly as his eyes were on you, eyes filled with concern. You turned to him and told him that you were fine this morning and that you had taken pain killers for the remaining aches in your abdomen and back. Sehun continued to wrap himself around you, he kissed your belly gently before saying “I don’t how you do that every month” he huffed at this. I just laughed at how adorable he was being.

Sehun babe? Thank you for this morning, I know it was ridiculously early and you didn’t have to go out and buy all of this” The words flew out of your mouth as you continued to feel guilty about waking him up.
Y/N, we go through this every month and to be honest, I love helping you, taking care of you and so on. Oh and feeding you” he popped another small piece of chocolate in your mouth. He was right though, he loved to coddle you even though his ‘image’ concluded him to be a sexy (which he is) and overly confident (which he is). Sehun was a giant ball of fluff when it came to you, he was always been affectionate and passionate. It is a thing you admired about him because underneath the hard, cold exterior maknae of EXO was the wonderful, kind hearted man you called your boyfriend. He hugged you tighter and spent rest of the day just hanging around the flat, Sehun continued to coddle you but you enjoyed every second of it.

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What starbucks drink represents what type of doctor?

Oh gosh I love this.

Latte–Internal Medicine–The latte is the backbone of any coffee shop–fail to make a good latte and you fail everywhere! IM docs are often times the center of patient care in the adult world. The perfect mix of strong medicine with just enough mellowed milk poured in, IM docs are hard-working sweethearts ready to go to bat for their patients. 

Red Eye–Rads–Mostly because you’d need that much caffeine to stay awake in the dark all the time!! It’s also essential that radiologists always keep their eyes open to pick up on the tiny details on those CTs. 

Chai–Family medicine–Chai is a little bit of everything! A little sweet, a little spicy, a little creamy, a little tea, a little caffeine. Family med docs seem to have a hand in every pot doing a little derm, a little OB, a little psych, and a little chronic disease management all in one day! Chai seems like the perfect drink for these guys. 

Straight espresso (ideally injected right into a vein)–ER–This one seems pretty obvious to me! ER docs work crazy night shifts, and are generally the kind of adrenaline junkies that would drink their espresso just straight up. 

White chocolate mocha–OB–One part hard core caffeine, one part the sweetest white chocolate you can find, the white chocolate mocha is just like the mix of really crazy procedures they do in OB with the sweet adorable baby moments. 

Black coffee–Neurology–Neuro seems pretty simple on the outside but once you dive into the complexity of it you find a dozen layers underneath that “black box” of a brain. A good strong cup of black coffee is just like this–seemingly simple on the outside, but full of a dozen different flavors you might not have thought of the first time. 

Caramel Frappuccino–Anesthesia–Anesthesiologists are the docs coming to “chill” you out–which is probably why they always seem so “chill”. Caramel Frappuccinos also do double duty hitting dessert and coffee fix in one go–the way anesthesiologists always seem to manage to have time to do medicine and research!

Starbucks Canned Double Shot–Pathology–Mostly because I feel like it was intended to wake the dead. Haha. But more accurately pathologists are often the “neglected” medical specialty with most people feeling like they don’t usually see live patients so they’re not the same as most doctors–BUT they’re a super important part of the team and can really save your butt when you need help fast! Someone get me a read me the biopsy! QUICK! 

Cappuccinos–Surgery–A little bit finicky, the perfect cappuccino can take a lifetime to master. Surgeons, like cappuccinos demand perfection! But, they’re classic, strong, get the job done, and all with a fluffy coat of foam! Besides–pouring the perfect cappuccino with those little designs on top requires quite a precise hand!

Pumpkin Spice Latte–Psych. I mean–come on. The people who are so addicted to this coffee should see psychiatrists for some addiction counseling! 

Skinny Vanilla Latte–Dermatology–While appearing “fluffy” at first glance, dermatologists do everything from cancer to procedural work. Don’t judge this drink from the outside! 

Americano–Ortho–Just like the ortho docs muscling a bone back into place, an americano is just strong enough to wake you up in the morning. (Side note: The drink was named after American GIs who didn’t like the strong French espresso–I’ll let you draw your own conclusion about what that means about ortho docs??)

Hot chocolate–Pediatrics–Warm, comforting, sweet, and adored by children everywhere. 

Disclaimer: this post is OBVIOUSLY a joke. I intend no disrespect to any specialty by it!! It is all intended just to make you laugh and any stereotypes represented here don’t represent my view point on the specialties. 

Hello!!! Here is a cute selfie of me matching the sky to preface this but my name is Heather and my fat trans ass has never owned a binder! I identify as nonbinary and for years ive been using too-tight sports bras to squish everything in but its been getting very painful and itchy. Not being able to bind when i need to really puts a damper on my mental health. Dysphoria is a b*tch. Anyway as some of you know i am very poor and i cant even afford basic necessities in my house. My mother is in a wheelchair and has multiple sclerosis, both me and my brother are severely mentally ill and share a genetic bone condition with our mother in which our bones and joints deteriorate slowly over time, we dont own a vehicle and we live in a very very small rural town where public transportation doesnt exist. Our lives are just very rough. Recently i asked if anyone would donate so i could go grocery shopping and get my family to the end of the month since our food stamps had run out and so many lovely people came through and helped me and i was able to get more than a weeks worth of groceries AND my mothers adult pull ups, AND deodorant, AND some basic necessities etc. it was amazing and im so grateful. The power of human kindness is out of this world. ANYWAY i figured id explain our situation a little bit beforehand. I was wondering if anyone out there would be feeling generous and would like to put a couple bucks toward my Binder Fund! If a couple people just put in a dollar, 5, or 10, i could get enough money for a binder in no time!! Please dont donate if its too much for you, if youre under 18 and dont have parent/guardian permission or arent independent, or if it will put a severe dent in your account!! I love you all and im very very very grateful for your kindness. If you would like a thank you card from me to you and you feel comfortable giving me a P.O. box or address include it in your message when you paypal me! Or if youd like a shoutout/promo include your url!!

My paypal email is !

If you cant donate reblogging this would be greatly appreciated ❤️

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Jily for the who holds what meme!

who holds what:

  • The umbrella, when it rains - James would. Like, he would always insist and Lily let’s him, but he never holds it right and gets Lily wet anyway and Lily just laughs it off and dries them off with her wand
  • The popcorn at the cinema - Lily because James would be too busy freaking out about the concept of cinemas. 
  • The baby, when it cries - Either. It isn’t really a thing. Whoever wakes up first, or whoever has their hands free. I think that most nights, it doesn’t really matter because on nights after attacks or missions, they’d let Harry sleep between them in their beds. Some days, they don’t let Harry down, just carry him around everywhere (sometimes with James as Prongs, even). Sometimes, they’re both passed out right after  getting home from a long, heavy mission. Like, they’re asleep on the on the couch and Sirius or Remus or Peter is still there, from babysitting Harry and soothes him before placing him in Lily’s arms.
  • The ice cream cone, when they share - Lily always gets the ones in cups though and she holds it, because James always gets messy when it comes to ice cream. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter because they just give in to baby Harry crying for it.
  • The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - James because he’d be proud that he finally got to figure out how it works.
  • The basket, when they go shopping - They get a cart so that Harry can ride in it
  • The door, on dates - James because they like to go through the whole traditional routine when it comes to dates because they’ve missed it so much and they need as much “usual” as they can the further the world is going into war and that little bit of usual is all they hold onto because everything is so dangerous and unpredictable now that a cliche dinner date is heaven to them and they deserve that oh god im crying all i was asked about is who holds the door im weak
  • The other’s hand, most often - Lily. I think James would always have to live up to how everyone sees him as this leading figure and always has to keep strong. He always needs this brave face on, and he doesn’t fail to keep it on. But Lily is among the few, the others being the Marauders of course, who can tell when burden of other’s expectations of him is getting too much. Holding his hand doesn’t take that away, but it reminds him that he only has to keep this act for a few more moments, because they’re going home soon and with Lily, he never has to pretend. 
  • Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day- Both of them. But mostly, Sirius Black, trying not to cry.
  • The camera, when they take pictures together - Lily, because they’d use a the digital ones that James doesn’t know how to work because “James, sweetie, it’s nice that your pictures move and everything but wizarding cameras are huge and ancient and there is no way i’m bringing that to the park”

Over here we are supposed to get about 16 inches! 

Everyone seems to have a snow day, but I’m at the corset shop! We have a runway show at Mohgan Sun Bridal Expo on Sunday, and most of our merchandise is scheduled to deliver today. 

I’m really hoping its going to make it.  Its not looking too good. Oh well, I think Im going to try on some lingerie and hang out for a little bit longer.