im going crazy with lack of sleep

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Nickname: Malfoy; because im a World of Warcraft junky and that’s what I based my ton’s names on. Except recently. And I love Malfoys… >.>

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5'4

Time Right Now: 10:46 P.M

Last Thing I Googled: Schmidt and Prandtl number calculations for Mass Transfer; did engineering life though t_t

Favorite Bands: Super Junior, BTS, Avenged Sevenfold, Seether, The Beatles (there’s a ton more…and I mean a ton lol)

Favorite Solo Artist: Agust D is the first one to pop in my head but there’s quite a few I like

Song Stuck In Your Head: Shinhwa - Perfect Man

Last Movie I Watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, pretty sure I’ve watched something between now and when that came out but I cant remember

Last TV Show I Watched: Oh god…don’t laugh but I binge watched Stormhawks the other night #noregrets

When Did You Create Your Blog: I have no idea, a long time ago lol

What Kind of Stuff Do You Post: Kpop because I am kpop trash. More specifically super junior and BTS trash but I started a side blog for my other thingys.

When Did Your Blog Reach its Peak: I don’t think it has, granted I gained so many followers the past couple of weeks and I filled my dash up with amazingness but I don’t consider that a peak.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: @aslytherinengineer side blog I made last night, and slowly trying to get it going hopefully

Do You Get Asks Regularly: I get some here and there, but this week y'all went crazy with the tagging. I love it. I think this is my 6th tagged post I’ve done this week

Why Did You Chose Your URL: First it was xblackholesunx because I love the song black hole sun by Soundgarden but then I changed it to suju-bangtan since its my kpop blog and because super junior and bts have stolen my heart and soul.

Following: 1,083

Posts: 11,325

Hogwarts House: Slytherin 

Pokemon Team: Mystic

Favorite Colors: Any dark colors but I obsess over blue

Average Hours of Sleep: Sleep? What is sleep? Good days maybe 6 hours. Right now im lucky to be getting 30mins. Got to love having 2 projects to do and 4 tests to study for over spring break.

Lucky Numbers: 13, 88

Favorite Characters: Roronao Zoro, Eragon Shadeslayer, and Severus Snape

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Saints pullover thing and star wars pajama pants

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: One, but its not really a blanket, its a quilt my grandma made me out of all my old rock music shirts I didn’t wear anymore.

Dream Job: Marine Biologist with a concentration in sharks

Dream Trip: Anywhere honestly, I want to see the world one day. There is one place though. Its called Seal Island off the coast of  South Africa I believe and that’s where most Great White sharks are filmed breaching and I just need to see those beautiful creatures breach out of the water in person.

tagging: anyone who wants to have a go at it.


DUALTALE page 32-35

we are BACK :D three pages for you, and a reload of page 32 to remind you where we were. Today was crazy. I got home with my boyfriend after a six hour journey from germany at midnight, just to go shopping for bread and milk, and then wandering tescos at three am trying to find somewhere that would do gas top ups, because the house was freezing and heating-less. didnt get any sleep, but i promised you guys!  personally i love the last panel <.< 

im working on a full lst of dualtale links. so bear with the lack of navgaton for now.