im going 2 bed soon tho

EDIT: Now closed! Thanks to everyone who reblogged.

whats up everybody its rhytikal and today we’re giving away free art because no one would buy it let’s do this shit

alright so since it’s the Cool and Funky Fresh Thing to give stuff away when you reach a milestone, that’s what we’re gonna do here today folks

except we’re gonna run it a lil differently. rather than entering a draw, every reblog this posts gets until lunch tomorrow (that’s 11 AM EST) will net you one (1) free doodle of the character your blog features!

they won’t be anything fancy just for my own sanity’s sake but they are Yours and u can do as u like w/ them. besides who doesn’t like free fanart

however, there are a few rules to this!

1. It’s gotta be a reblog, friends. Likes won’t net u nothin - mostly because I know there’s a few sideblog-users following me, and i’m not gonna know who the heck u are or who ur character is at a glance otherwise
2. if you’re a multimuse, please specify the character you’d like drawn in the reblog - else, i’ll probably go with the first one I see. References would be preferred to descriptions, but I’ll take either.
2.5. Same goes for mains just following me for funsies. I gotta know what I’m drawin for u folks
3. Don’t nag me. Do not ask when I will finish drawing your character. I will tag u when I finish drawing your character. Do not nitpick the free art you’re getting regarding it potentially being not colored/shaded/etc. I’m glad to make corrections if I made a really blatant mistake with something, but in any other case, you ask, and you’re off the list.
4. You don’t have to be following me, but if you’re an undertale blog, I encourage it! I like writing with new people. Hopefully you do as well! We’ll have a good time. > v o

… And that’s it! If you have any questions, let me know.