im glad you reminded me of this

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ok but like... imagine tyler having a crush on a youtuber with a bunch of fanboys and subconsciously holding onto them at a meetup like 'this is mine im glad youre a fan of hers but this is MINE' and the reader being all ???? but totally being ok with it cause its tyler and tyler is (๑♡3♡๑)

I really like this (and I know you sent this in forever ago, sorry), and I love it because it reminds me of when Taylor Swift was sexually assaulted during a photo session and stayed quiet about it for awhile before coming out and talking about it.
If you’re unfamiliar, she was taking a picture with a few fans, and the man beside her put his hand on her behind and just kept it there. For several seconds during the picture. And Taylor, very understandably, froze up.
I really have so much respect for guys who take it upon themselves to look out for women who aren’t as able to protect themselves, especially when they’re in a potentially dangerous situation.
• Please imagine Ty just sitting close to you or putting his arm across the back of your chair, keeping his body as a shield between you and a offensive fans

• whispering “you okay? This okay?” Every few minutes under his breath.

I love it, bc it’s such a Tyler thing to care about other people ♡♡♡

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I always feel like your art reminds me of Studio Ghibli's concept artd. Like not in the looks, but the feeling is the same?? I think that's what I'm trying to say??? It's all really nice to look at, it's gorgeous haha!! I really love it!!!!

s-s-studio ghibli… STUDIO GHIBLI…. 

t-thank you I’m… I’m glad it gives off a vibe like that,,,,????? w-what–

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So I really love your band au??? Like, it reminds me of when I was in highschool because I was a chorus girl and the band room was right next to where the chorus was and for some reason there was always this mini feud between the two? So imagine chorus!mc and band!rfa engaged in the feud between each other and one day they realize "OH NO. I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP"

IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE MY BAND AU :33 i like it too heheheh

i was in band and chorus and i totally remember, like, thinking everyone in chorus was an annoying jerk LMFAO!!!!

i feel like i can picture Yoosung getting a crush on MC, then before band class starts he tells everyone about MC and he’s like “oh and she’s in chrorus” and then Seven screams DUDE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING and Zen is like ARE YOU CRAZY and jumin and jaehee roll their eyes and jJumin is like good luck with that and even V is like ok Yoosung idk about this one scoob

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did i ever tell you that whenever im in public and i hear bruises or white lies i tense up and get all these stupid goosebumps over the fact they remind of your story oculus a lot? its sight and yknow followig you awhile now i pick up this and that not much but i just really hope your doing well like honestly make the best of your situations <3

Aw man thanks ! I'miss really glad you enjoy my writings ahhh. That makes me so happy. And don’t worry ! I’m doing so so much better now than I was at first. A lot of good things happened in the past couple weeks. I got new makeup, tried on a face mask!, got flirted with by a cute waitress, and now me and gals are about to go out and have a good night on the town!

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YEAH I gotta agree i love how you make characters look Buff, it's . It's a good reminder of why I'm a lesbian. Kan and Jade look So Good, they all look so good? And the bandaids on fingers! I love that it's. Relatable, my fingers don't go a day w/o bleeding! So it makes me super happy to see that , esp on Rose? I relate a lot to her so it's. Great

thank u anon im glad u love my self projections i also hate love rose with all my heart

shes good

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Omg your HC for mafia AU: Yoosung they were awesome! They remind me so much of Sakunosuke Oda from Bungo stray dogs, if you havent watched it I suggest u do! Cant wait for more on the mafia AU Im alredy so exited!

Oh!! I hadn’t made the connection! Though. BSD is more of my friend @goddamnitdazai ‘s territory! The only character from that I really care about is Ranpo (AKA ‘Chappy Cappy’ to me lolol) so that’s all I pay attention to ^^ I’m so glad you like it though thank you so much!!

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dear person i had a crush on

dear person i had a crush on,

you were beautiful god so beautiful.

you reminded me of the sun, so bright, so beautiful, you glowed. You smiled and it lit everything and everybody around you up.

You were funny, loud, and unafraid of what others thought. And it scared me how much i was ensnared you.

But love fades, as it always does, you still burned, as steady and bright as the sun. And some part of me may always love you, not like i used to. Im glad we’re friends, im glad we talk. You’re beautiful and loving and to be just friends, is definitely enough.

send me dear person prompts !

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wtf was that one ask??? that was rude. i love your blog, and lazytown in general has helped me a TON with both my ADHD and my depression, as it has provided something positive to remind myself of and it has helped me find an outlet to let my energy out. plus sportacus is a great role model. thanks a bunch for this blog!

////im so glad it helps you! lazytown helps me a lot too ^_^ im so happy this blog is actually helping people <3 <3 <3 

one of (about a million) good things about ‘Ezra in New Hope’ AU: Luke getting some lightsaber training beyond, y’know, ‘trust the Force and you probably wont die maybe’

im just glad sw fandom is so big because i would never draw anything remotely reminding a Millenium Falcon interior but google Has it, thank you sw fandom

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What ever happened to that contest your book was in?

oh that best of 2016 thingy or whatever? i actually won it thanks to you guys!! sorry i didnt make a post about it, i completely spaced!! thank you to everyone who voted for brontide!!

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Let me guess you are a spoiled white girl from a first world country. You try to act like you can speak for minorities that you don't belong to in order to make urself feel like a better than you actually are. But at the end of the day you're just a sad little creature who relies on bringing down other for liking things that don't affect you in any way. I'm glad people like you exist because they remind me that, despite making mistake, at least i'm not THAT pathetic

que carajo you think im white im PERUVIAN and also im middle class, not to mention these “things” (killing stalking) you speak of are affecting me actually, im genderfluid and i fluctuate to being a guy a lot, and when i feel like one and feel attracted to other guys, how do you, an uncultured disgusting waste of scum, think a manhwa about murder, kidnapping, and the FETISHIZING OF GAY SEX will affect me, a mentally ill gdfluid man who can get violently impulsive due to psychosis and other disorders?

im glad people like you exist because when i see them i think well at least im not an utterly repulsive pieza de mierda no?

ok seeing that post reminded me of posts saying not to complain if zaryas straight cause yadda yadda

honest to god name ONE SINGLE ripped as fuck fictional positively represented butch lesbian. k then compare that to how many ripped As fuck fictional positively represented straight women you could name.

i mean im glad zarya exists but fucking come ON im tired of ppl pulling the “you should be glad she just exists whether or not she’s gay” like hhhhidvkdvihigigiifjsgisgisihsih I WANT BUTCH LESBIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls stop silencing gay women talking about their fucking representation

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hey there! this discourse has been triggering me majorly so i was initially apprehensive about following bc i was worried that even the tags might like. Remind me this is happening but. every time i see you on my dash i feel, safer? like maybe that its okay, and that im okay, and that people want me here? so i guess i just wanted to thank you for that, youre doing good work

I’m really glad!! 😺

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I never wanted her to save me. I just wanted her to be there when I needed to breathe. I can take care of myself. I just liked to have someone to be there to remind me that life isn't all that bad. But she left and now I'm stuck here drowning with no hope for a calm sky to look up at while I slowly sink. However, Im glad she left. I didn't want her me see me drown. She might have clutched onto me and I would have brought her down with me. I hope she never faces what I have fought.

I love this. ya know, some people….They’re like an ocean. They look calm. Promise you they’d never hurt you. So you jump in. With no precautions. They slowly drown you. And then they slam you against the rocks and you’re left just completely destroyed. But once you’re back on the shore, it’s nice to finally breathe again. But you’re still broken. Tired. Cold. In pain and lost. But all of these things happen for a reason. Next time you jump into the ocean, take it slow. Maybe it won’t hurt as bad. ily dude💖💖

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god this blog FREAKIN OWNS!!! I was expecting just your fav hxh fanart or whatever but so many good, long, thought-provoking reblogs too that im unable to stop myself from reading, that get into so many elements i'm so fascinated by, and you like such a huge range of styles and flavors of fanart as well, rather than the usual 'cool stuff', very befitting of hxh itself. this blog is reminding me all the reasons i adore this series and how i should really get to reading the manga!!

I’m really glad you like it!! I adore all those thought-provoking posts, and I really wanted to have them all in one place. They’re such good reads that imo are pretty important to understanding the story and characters (especially with the erroneous and/or intentionally altered English translations). I’ve got about 200 posts in the queue right now and that’s just the start!

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Hey I absolutely love your librarians playlists (especially the Jassandra on!) If you're still adding I think riptide by Vance joy and colours by Halsey both remind me of jassandra 😊 Keep up the great work 👌

Thanks so much! Im glad you love the playlists! I gotta say, I wasnt convinced by Riptide until “This cowboy was running from himself….” Like….was this written ABOUT them? Lol. Thank you for your suggestions!