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What your father did to you, the choices I had to make.

(Happy Valentine's day)

A/n: new installment of one bad night series.

Warnings: smut, nsfw sexy sex, all of that.

Their lips hardly broke contact getting into the door. She pushed the jacket off of his shoulders fervently. He chuckled as he helped her take it off of him. He pulled off his own shirt and she stepped back looking at him in awe. He gave her a grin, she shook her head and pulled him back into kissing her. She could feel his hands finding their way up the back of her legs and under her skirt. He moaned into her mouth as he grabbed her ass. She yelped and bit his lip playfully. He grinned against her mouth. “I missed you so much.” He breathed as her hands splayed over his abdomen running over the muscles. He missed the feel of her warm soft hands running over his skin. They were smaller than his but held all of the power. He mewled against her touch as her hands wandered toward the cusp of his jeans.
“You missed me a lot I can feel it.” She said ghosting her lips over his tauntingly close causing him to chase her lips with his own. She smiled as he kissed her. She pulled away abruptly and took off her pretty, fuzzy, red sweater. She stood in front of him in a bright red bra with a heart in the middle right in between her breasts.

He raked his hands through his hair anxiously as she shimmied out of the skirt. The little bright red thong had a matching heart. He bit his lip at the sight of her. “Come to bed with me.” She purred. “Y/n you’re killing me.” He whined as he followed her. He watched her ass as she trotted to the bedroom. He carefully caressed the swell of her ass as she opened the door to her room. She turned and raised an eyebrow challenging him. He grinned. He loved the challenge. He waited until they were in her room to kick out of his shoes and jeans. She sat on the bed and watched him. The covers were rosy and pink this time. She changed everything for the holiday. He smiled at how romantic and sweet she was. He knelt down in front of her and pressed sweet kisses on her knees. “You are so sweet, and beautiful. I wish I couldve done more for you today. ” he kissed her upper thigh. She smiled. “Baby, I’m just happy you’re here.” She said as she ran her fingers through his hair. “Now come up here.” She said softly. He chuckled and continued to kiss her thighs before crawling up onto her bed. He hovered over her as she backed up more onto the bed. They kissed heatedly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He gripped her thighs firmly digging his fingers into them and letting out a soft groan. “I missed you so much.” He said against her lips before kissing down her jaw and toward her neck. She arched into him grinding her hips against his feeling how desperately hard he was. “I can tell.” She sighed lettling her hand trail down his hips and into his briefs. He gasped before biting her neck in response to her touch. She stroked him languidly as he sucked a deep mark in the crook of her neck. She loved the way his scruff felt against the soft peach like skin of her neck. It sent currents of desire rushing through her. She brushed her thumb over the tip of his cock causing him to twitch in her grasp. “Babydoll if you keep that up, I’ll cum in your hand.” He warned. So she did. She brushed it back and forth looking at him with feigned innocence. “Oh? Really?” She teased grinning at him from ear to ear. He scoffed at her before sitting up and turning her over. She let out a shriek as he ran his hands up the back of her thighs and up her bottom. He peeled the silk red thong down and she wiggled out of it. He leant over her and shoved her hair out of the way to whisper in her ear. “Do you always have to do the opposite of what I say?” He chuckled smoothing his hand over the swell of her ass. She sighed wistfully at his touch. “Sometimes.” She answered. At that he laughed and gave her ass a quick swat. “You’re perfect. ” he said before kissing her cheek. She could feel him shifting on her bed and in between her legs. She hiked up her ass to meet him arching seductively. He chuckled from behind her and planted a lingering kiss on her bottom. He kissed up to the small of her back and up her spine sending her nerves into a frenzy as his scruff brushed against her back. She groaned and pressed against him. He smiled and lined up with entrance. “Fuck ” she sighed. He kissed her shoulder and held her by her hip rocking slowly before picking up the rhythm. The room was abundant with noises of pleasure from both Y/n and Chris. If anyone came to her apartment theyd probably turn tail and leave with the sounds they were making. He slid his finger against her clit as he rocked back and forth causing her to yelp. She could feel the rush about to hit. Itd been so long since they’d been together she was fit to burst. Her walls fluttered around his cock as he deepened his thrusts. She managed to pant “yknow. It you keep this up I’ll cum.” She teased. He thrusted slowly back and forth deeper than before. “Still so sarcastic.” He grunted before speeding up. She cried out gripping the sheets. “Go on dollface, cum for me.” He said as he continued to thrust and rub harsh circles about her clit. She rolled her eyes in pleasure the. The sound of his voice. The sensations of his touch. The way he moved inside. That was it. She came in harsh angry waves. All of the pent up sexual energy pour out of her sending him into his own. He pulled out swiftly before cumming on her back with sharp strangled noises. As he finished he reached over to the rose gold box of tissues by her bed and cleaned her off before cleaning himself. He leaned down and pressed kisses in between her shoulders. He disposed of the tissue in the pink trash bin by her bed and fell to her side. She collapsed slowly, carefully folding her body and fighting her shaky legs. He wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her chuckling softly at her. “What?” She chirped. “Nothing. You’re just so cute and funny and sexy. Im glad I’m back.” “Im glad you’re back too, noodle. ” she said kissing his nose. “Happy Valentine’s day ” she said softly drawing shapes on his chest. “Happy Valentine’s day.” He answered kissing the top of her head.

So today my friend irl told me she loved me and i felt so blessed. I said something that impressed her and she was like “i like that” and i said “sweet” and then she said “i love you” and aaaa like she doesnt have the most cheerful personality so she doesnt say really nice things to people but she said she loved me and i was so happy i gave her a hug like “I LOVE YOU TOO” and my friends around me were blown away


HE SAID IT! SHE SAID IT! I literally thought Eurus was going to kill my baby molly hooper and when mols didnt pick up the phone, i was on the verge of tears! Im so glad she did and im over the moon that they said i love you to each other! Also that smile molly had when she came into 221b at the end tells me they more than made up 😏😂😊💕💕💕💕

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Q: When do you feel stressed? 

“I feel stressed because of work,but then again resting and not working is like a torture to me because you have time to think about things. I think I like being “crazy busy” better. After promoting for a long time,we had a year long hiatus. I had a lot of time to think about stuff. My personality is to constantly pick things about myself,I make myself tired from it. I couldn’t bear to go outside,I just …I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts in my mind,I wanted to sleep somehow. Whenever I talk about my problems to other celebrity colleagues they just say “ Well you’re SNSD” and when I talk to my seniors about it they tell me that this is the best part of my career which makes me feel as if I can’t tell someone how I feel comfortably .”

G dragon Scenario #31 “From hate to love there's just one step” REQUEST

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“We hated each other when we first met and I mean hated each other!!!” That’s how Ji yong always start to tell your love story… and no, he isn’t lying or exaggerating, you two really hated each other back then.

A few years ago…

Ji yong was originally a crush of one of your friends. 

They met thanks to a mutual friend at a party and he asked her for her phone. They talked for about a month and then, thanks of course to another party, they finally met again.

You were talking to her when he arrived to the place. Ji yong was good looking, and took all the attention as soon as he step inside.

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Your friend was totally freaking out as soon as she saw him walking towards her.

“Hi” he says.

“Im glad you came…” she said, smiling like a fool “… oh! right hahaha let me introduce you…” she points at you “… Y/N, Ji yong, Ji yong, Y/N”

“Hello” he was being polite. But you just can’t stand him “Hi” you said walking away.

You normally wouldn’t act like that, but you really don’t like him, especially because you were worried about your friend. She was the kind of girl who just can’t stop falling for guys who are assholes. So, when she fell for Ji yong, you immediately assumed he was also an asshole like the others.

“Sorry about that, I don’t know what’s wrong with her!” she says, smiling at Ji yong. She felt really embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, I’m used to that” he tried to comfort her. “Really?!”

“No” he says, laughing, and she laughed with him.

The party was great!. He get along well with everyone there, so he was having a really good time.

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At some point in the night, he was walking out the house with other guy, to the backyard.

And then he saw you, alone and watching your phone. 

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(Great!) he thought sarcastically.  “I’ll be right back, I need to make a call” he says to the guy. “Ok” he walked in the house.

When you saw him you completely ignored him, you just looked at him up and down.

He just bites his lip, he felt super awkward and angry. 

Ji yong had never met someone so rude in his life. He took out a cigarette, and he starts smoking.

When you saw him you rolled your eyes, and he saw you.

(Disgusting!) you thought, you hate the smell of cigarette.

By the look on your face, he already knew you hate that, so he purposely walks in your direction, exhaling the smoke close to you. “Do you mind?!” you said angrily, when he passed by.

Ji yong turned around and look at you “Mmm… no” he smiles, walking away.

“Asshole” you said in a whisper. But loud enough so he could hear. “Excuse me… what did you say?” he says, walking to you.

“That’s a terrible habit” you said, looking at your phone screen. 

“What?… this?” he says, raising his cigarette. “You will die”

He smiles “All of us will die someday”

You stopped looking at the screen, and look up at him.

“You really don’t like me, do you?” he says with a crooked smile on his face.

“No, no at all” you said honestly. For you he was the classic narcissist, an asshole who only plays with women.

He laughs. Nobody ever tried him like that before, he was so used to people kissing his ass all the time. “You are quick to judge, don’t you think?”

You rolled your eyes turning around and looking at your phone again.

(What’s wrong with her?!)

After that you just can’t stand each other, you two just can’t get along together.

The things between him and your friend didn’t work out, but unfortunately you have to see each other at parties and clubs, because now you share the same group of friends.

Your relationship, if we can called that a relationship, was getting worse every time, to the point where you would start fighting with him all the time.

One night you were fighting, like always, but the difference was that your friends already had enough “Get a fucking room, you two!!!!!” and that was it… all of them left, leaving you alone with him, against your will.

They locked you in that room with him.

(They have to be kidding me!!!) you thought angrily. And then you turned to see him. Ji yong was looking at the door with a frustrated look on his face.

“I can’t believe this…” you said, sighing “… are you happy now?!” you asked him. “WHAT?! Are you insane?! The last thing I wanted, is to spend the night with you”

You sighed again, not bothering to answer him.

“At least we can pretend…” he said after a long silence “… just for tonight” he looks at you and repeats “Just for tonight…” he says “… you can hate me later”. That makes you laugh.

“Wow! I can’t believe I make you smile” he was genuinely shocked.

You share gaze with him for a couple of seconds before you started laughing again.

After that, you spend the next few hours talking. And surprisingly nobody got murdered, actually, you enjoyed talking to him, and so does he.

“What was your first impression of me?” he asked you after a while. But you didn’t answer, you just stared at him. “What?” he says. 


“I want to know… I mean, I know you didn’t like me, but I want to know why”

You smiled “Because I thought you were an asshole…” you started to laugh “… my friend has the worst taste for men”

“So that was the reason?”


Ji yong started to laugh. “Why are you laughing?” you asked him, laughing too, even though, you literally had no idea why were you laughing. Maybe was because you were drunk by now.

“I was right…” he says, confusing you even more “… you are quick to judge”

You didn’t answer. You took another sip, actually the last one left, of your drink. 

“You didn’t even give me a chance, not even gave me the benefit of the doubt” he says, still laughing.

“Well… I am giving you a chance now” you smile at him, hitting him on his arm with your hand. 

“What?” you asked him. 

Ji yong was staring at you. And then, out of nowhere he leaned over, cupped your chin, and kissed you. 

The kiss he gave you was so passionate, and smooth at the same time. But then he stopped, again out of the blue. 

“I’m sorry, I didn…” you stopped him, pressing your lips against his. 

You placed your hands on his chest and you could feel Ji yong’s heartbeat. His lips move against yours urgently. The way his tongue explored the inside of your mouth, with so much passion is driving you crazy. Your breathing gets heavier, you needed some air so you push him a little. But he only gave you time to take a breath. Apparently he couldn’t get enough of your lips.

After that, you couldn’t deny your feelings for each other, and you became a couple.

Everyone was so shocked by that. They never believed it would work “I’ll give them a month to break up” that’s what they used to say. So imagine their reaction when Ji yong announces your compromise.

A few years later…

Ji yong took his son to the park, like every sunday. 

He really enjoys that time with him, since he can’t spend too much time with him because of his job. And also he likes to give you some time alone.

He is so in love with him, he is everything for him. He really likes to see him playing with other kids.

“What’s wrong?” Ji yong says as soon as he saw his son crying. 

“She poked me!” he says, pointing to a little girl, probably younger than him. He was four years old. “Oh! I’m sure it was an accident”

“No it wasn’t! She’s always hitting me… she hates me!” he cries out. “Son let me tell you something… if someone hates you, secretly they are admiring you. So they deserve your love and not your hate” Ji yong realized he was too young to understand that, so he simply said “Probably she likes you, but she wants to hide it”

(Like your mother)

“What?!” he was so shocked, and not in a good way. 

“I think she is really pretty… don’t you think?” Ji yong told his kid. 

“NO!… girls are gross” he was being so serious about it. 

Ji yong finds his reaction so cute.

“You are so young…” he lifts him and he puts him on his lap “… can you stay like this forever? so, daddy will never worry”

“Worry about what?” he asked, with all the innocence of a four year old.

“Nothing” Ji yong smiles, and gives him a little kiss on his forehead 

“Go to play now and if she hits you again, just give her a kiss and she will stop” 


“She would feel so confused by that, that she will never bother you again”

“Really?!” he asked excited.

“I promise” Ji yong winks at him.

Okay so I know I said that Eureka had pissed me off last episode, but after seeing her apologise to Val & Sasha she redeemed herself


I’m so glad they said she could come back for season 10 though.

She will slay that shit

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I think I accidentally came out as bi to my best friend yday (she already knows i like guys) bc she was looking at places on google maps and i said WAIT STOP ZOOM IN and then like a dumbo i said did that say gay village bc same i would so live there haha lol im gonna live there one day. Like my dumbo brain didnt even stop at the 'same' comment wooowwww but she didn't react, she acted normal so maybe she knew already bc I'm always saying how pretty girls are?? Idk im glad it wasnt a big deal tho

im glad you said that tbh and she was okay!! now you can be open w it

Arranged Marriage Part 2

Smut: Yes

Word count: 1681

A/N: I really hope you like. 

You needed to leave get somewhere far from the house, form him. You could still hear him calling your name

“Please, Y/n wait” he shouted again, you ran to the main hall and your mother was there

“Oh im glad you found him,” she said grabbing your arm and Zayn’s and headed to the ballroom, you couldnt do anything so you walked with your mother. 

When you got onto the stage, Zayn father was making his speech, you just kept your eyes on the ground, and not daring to look up, 

“…and i am pleased to announce that my son Zayn, and Y/f/n’s daughter Y/n are getting married” he said and everyone started clapping. 

you needed to put on a smile and fake it until you have a chance to leave. So you did it, you acted happy holding Zayn’s hand, with a smile on your face, but what you wished for at that moment is to be far away from everyone, you just needed to be alone. 

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Homecoming (Chanyeol Smut)

By Admin Lychee and Admin Goomba

We had just gotten back home from our last day of classes right before winter break when my phone started ringing. I immediately recognized the ringtone of my boyfriend, Chanyeol, but was confused. He was halfway across the world, and there was no way he could have time to call me with the different time zones and his busy schedule. I slid my phone out of my back pocket, sliding my thumb across the screen and balancing my phone in between my shoulder and my ear.

“Chanyeol?” I answered, sliding my bookbag off of my shoulders. My best friend, Nyla, looked at me from the kitchen, raising her eyebrows.

“Baobei!” His deep voice rang through my ears and I couldn’t help but smile.

“What time is it over there? I’m surprised to hear your voice.” I replied, beginning to walk towards the kitchen to get something to drink.

“It’s 4:00 here.”, he said, I could hear him smile. I looked at the clock and raised my eyebrow. The little hand on the analog clock rested on the 4.

“Uh…babe?”, I asked, hearing silence from the other line.

“Yes?”, he responded.

“Where are you?”

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PLL: Maya’s HUGE Relevancy to PLL! The Maya Connection: Mary Drake, Bucks County, the Dilaurentis Family & More

Since maya is going to become relevant again in some way in season 7… Im totally excited about maya’s relevancy coming back, because it would make so much sense! the things we still dont know about her! her death is also very relevant to PLL and should not be dismissed and I think the writers know that.

Now that we know theres a MARY DRAKE running around, jessicas twin, let’s look back on how Maya has alot of relevancy/connections to what we know now!:

credit to whoever made this pic***

Remember this note? the 3 names on the bottom right? MOM, BETHANY, MAYA?

Now that we know MARY DRAKE, could this be the “MOM” ? even back in this ep when ali was on trial, maya is relevant on this note, so it only makes sense that she will be relevant in season 7, and Im glad marlene said so. Now another thing on this note next to the 3 names: it says “MURDERERS OR MURDERS?” Could be referring to the the 3 names mom, bethany, maya. hmm mary drake how are you connected with these 2?

I think this is quite crucial to Mary Drake, she could VERY WELL have connections to both bethany and maya.

WHAT IF’S: heck maya could be a daughter of mary drake, and of course couldve had an affair with bethanys father, or maya IS INDEED BETHANY! which many theorist have theorized on, bethanys backstory could tie in with maya in many ways. Either way, maya is still relevant to the story.

We dont know much about mayas parents nor have we seen them. Some interesting and brief things about maya to refresh your minds on:

*she moved into the dilaurentis home in the pilot, i still think this is eerily significant. maya started off asking emily alot of questions about about alison and about emily and her friends. (that is a basic pll red flag!) now lets think about this again now that we know what we know. maya just happens to move into this house, what were the dilaurentis family doing then, what was mary doing, cece, did they know maya, was maya their excuse for them to move back into the house once the body was found etc.

Was maya planted by alison or someone to get close emily? right when maya moves in, bam alis body is found or so now we know bethanys body? almosts seems like a set up, then jason strolls in  etc.

*her mom plays the cello, we know maya was taking music classes, so a connection with that would be all the classical A related music were always hearing but could be a stretch…

* her parents met at a “no nukes” rally during college (Berkeley) i believe, and they got matching sharpy/tatoos for wedding rings. ( for some reason maya always struck me as someone who was adopted, is it just me? 0_o)

*this isnt much but ill add it in anyways who knows. in the pilot, maya claimed she had a bf 3000 miles a way, so that kinda tells me that may be somewhere in europe, now maya couldve/probably was lieing about that. if she wasn’t , makes you wonder if shes been to europe and where in europe.

*we all know she pretty much lied about being allergic to seafood and that it makes her break out in hives, since she ordered calamari. writers mistake? who knows

*we know the parallels between ali’s body being found in the pilot, to mayas body being found in emilys back yard. 

* even in an interview Bianca(MAYA) she said herself she didnt know at the time whether maya was in the body bag or someone else. so makes you wonder could someone else have been in that body bag, just like alison was not in that body bag in the pilot. emilys mom did say “they think its maya” so we all know its frustrating when we dont get to see whos in the damn body bag.

BUCKS COUNTY connections:

* remember back in season 3, when toby got a carpenter job in Bucks County which turned out to be a cover up job because he was working with A/team? we all know mona was taking orders from someone, maybe cece or mary at the time or both or uber A

*maya said her parents owned a house in Bucks County.

*Emily went there to look for toby and she saw Red Coat there. she asked the construction worker guy where toby was, and the guy knew emilys name and he cudnt explain how he knew her name. were they constructing parts of the dollhouse? toby knew about it? did toby give the order for them to start building parts of the dollhouse?

*The Dollhouse was located in Tyler State Park, which is in Bucks County.

just a few things to remember as we head into season 7! maybe something will click, maybe a clue we missed with maya that can tie her into the current events? maybe it could be a minor thing as to why mar said theres more to maya.

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