im glad she said this

quick sketchy of veronica because i love her so much and can relate to her a lot


What your father did to you, the choices I had to make.


Q: When do you feel stressed? 

“I feel stressed because of work,but then again resting and not working is like a torture to me because you have time to think about things. I think I like being “crazy busy” better. After promoting for a long time,we had a year long hiatus. I had a lot of time to think about stuff. My personality is to constantly pick things about myself,I make myself tired from it. I couldn’t bear to go outside,I just …I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts in my mind,I wanted to sleep somehow. Whenever I talk about my problems to other celebrity colleagues they just say “ Well you’re SNSD” and when I talk to my seniors about it they tell me that this is the best part of my career which makes me feel as if I can’t tell someone how I feel comfortably .”


HE SAID IT! SHE SAID IT! I literally thought Eurus was going to kill my baby molly hooper and when mols didnt pick up the phone, i was on the verge of tears! Im so glad she did and im over the moon that they said i love you to each other! Also that smile molly had when she came into 221b at the end tells me they more than made up 😏😂😊💕💕💕💕

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summary of real, angst eve: ‘i’m tired.’

i havent been getting nervous before crisis support shifts for the last few shifts. means im gaining confidence. its taken me 6 months to get to this point and it feels good. my psych said she was glad that someone like me is volunteering as a crisis supporter. i dont really understand what she meant by a person like me but im glad she said it

A gem and a vampire.


Pink was taking a stroll out at night enjoying the peaceful setting and cool air that made her relaxed. What she didn’t know was that a certain vampire was watching her. “Mm! Its so beautiful out at night on earth! Im so glad I rebelled against homeworld.” She said to herself as she kept walking.

R.I.P. The Bus

Guys im literally crying okay The Bus is gone…all those memories from season 1….

GONE our Skyeward training sessions…

FitzSimmons in the lab

Skyeward playing board games in their seats near the window….

and the team gathering in for a mission briefing ALL GONE…
also Bakshi im okay with but Simon did an amazing job!

And i think after Ward’s little confession you could see how hurt Skye was still and how she started tearing up and she said the “im still glad i shot you line” because she didnt want the team to see her like that or want Ward to see her “weak” and getting “personal”