im glad i got to play with you guys lol


Ok let me break this down. I got put into a game yesterday defending on Eichenwalde. 2 ppl on the defending team left so that’s where me and the soldier came in to fill it. I saw there were no healers which hey - im a mercy main no problem!

THE PAYLOAD WAS LITERALLY .55M (POINT. FIVE. FIVE ) on the goal like just RIGHT. THERE. We held this down for the last 7min of the game and won. You guys, it was one of the MOST STRESSFUL games I have ever played. 

No deaths, also got POTG lol i don’t know if i deserved it but glad to help this team out right at the very last minute. Like… i know this isn’t funny or something but damn was it a VERY CLOSE and very fun intense battle WHEW !