im giving it a try




Damn, I am so sorry to the people (especially younger teens) on tumblr who think they might be asexual but are coming into themselves in the midst of all this discourse…. I know that when I started identifying as ace and tried to be open about it, I was met with suspicion, opposition, and even blatant anger in “real life”/offline (still am), yet the Tumblr community still made me feel welcome and helped me discover myself.

I feel like that kind of a space doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s sad and potentially damaging.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re trying to figure yourself out, keep going. It will be okay. Believe it or not, tumblr doesn’t mimic the outside world! I have never been excluded IRL by LGBT+ clubs at school, at the library, etc. And there are a lot more friendly, understanding people in the world than it seems.



also don’t you find it funny how when Henry finds the Boris Room he doesn’t react to it right away until he walks in the room… maybe he didn’t see it right away :) …. or maybe its just simple game mechanics but i used it to my advantage sue me…

okay so the first thing i wanna address is people saying the changes were made bc of mercys who hide when they have rez-

because of course they do! they dont want to take a chance of dying with it when theyll need it the most!
like… reapers hide when they have ult so they can flank around and drop behind the enemy team so they can use death blossom and they do this so their ult isnt ruined by people spotting them and running or killing them
ive seen reinhardts hiding behind doors waiting for the enemy team to push in so they can shatter them
junkrats hide themselves away in little cubbies when using their ult so they wont be killed/people wont know for sure where the tires coming from

its called being smart and effective when using your ult,
so yeah, of course a mercy is gonna hang back out of sight when they have rez during a crucial moment in the battle while her team is dying- its not like her ult does any damage. its literally resurrecting her dead teammates.
whats the point of them being in the middle of the fight and taking a chance of dying with rez in overtime, a move that could very well cost their team the game ??

why is hiding when you have your ult okay for like every hero in the game but mercy??


……yeah they had me with the fuckin long hair

also decided im gonna give the other, lighter blue hellsite a try, even though i have no clue how to use it and i am afraid >>> find me on twitter