im giving her credit

I know this is an nct blog but bear with me for a sec

Not to be bitter but why is eunhyuk aka lee hyukjae of super junior not counted among SM’s best rappers? Eunhyuk was SM’s original rapper along with Shindong (unless someone in DBSK rapped, in which case i apologize for not knowing) and yet i still see yall say that SM doesnt have good rappers? Yeah maybe he’s not a hip hop artist or whatever but you cant deny that he has talent? And yall are overlooking it???

Like have none of yall seen “Dear. TWO”? Hyuckjae poured his fucking heart out, talking about his difficulties as an idol with key lyrics such as “I, listening to words like ‘Don’t become trash, become a lie’ am also fake” and “The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me?”

I know this is late as he’s currently serving military duty, but it needs to be said. I’ll link “Dear. TWO” when i get off mobile.

Ya’ll really trying hard to give Crocodile Trump credit for Asexual Raphael when she didn’t even write him as asexual and the only reason asexuality came up is because a fan asked her a twitter question and she said that it was her “headcanon”. She’s the fucking author, she doesn’t need to have fucking headcanon, especially when it’s something as big as someone’s sexuality. That’s like writing a character who doesn’t have a love interest and never talks about their sexuality in a series and then after you write the series, you say that you headcanoned them as a lesbian. Uh no.

i know im like. setting myself up for failure because netflix has no idea what they’re doing with elektra & im 100% giving them too much credit but if her arc this season is about a woc regaining her autonomy after being brainwashed & choosing (again!) to be a good person……………….i might……………forgive them for daredevil s2

Lemme get this straight

Crystal asked to break her contract and leave. Im going to give Jeff some credit he probably doesnt deserve, but for the sake of argument Im going to assume she said she didnt want to return later, hence her big dramatic death.

However, during that same season, Daniel asked to leave, and asked specifically not to be killed off, so he could return.

I dont like it, but Im ok with it. If Crystal didnt want an option to return. Im saddened but ok with killing her off if that was for story purposes, because you cant just have half of Beacon Hills move overseas. That would be ridiculous.

However, if Jeff knew since 3A that BOTH were leaving, why bother having Allisaac? I mean, if Isaac had stayed, he would have been dealing with the death of his first love/romance (I never felt it was love between them as much as attraction and curiosity), alongside his Alpha. The parallel dynamics between Scott and Isaac could have been really interesting, I guess. I guess we could have had Isaac backsliding badly, lashing out, lost, etc. But Isaac also had the McCalls, and apparently for no reason he had Chris Argent (who showed more kindness to Isaac, who actually was sometimes a threat to Allison than he EVER did to Scott, who was never a threat to her).

But Davis knew Daniel was leaving, so there was zero point in kinda-sorta-half-assed putting them together.

Why did Isaac and Chris get to have some discussion of their pain, but Scott only got a montage-no-lines hug?

Jeff claims that until Crystal came to him, Scallison was end-game. So why not go with that? I know, it would have been even harder on Scott- but imagine the richness and depth of that story line. If Allison had remained Scotts anchor, and now in S-4, True Alpha Scott was having real trouble (not just one scene in ONE episode) maintaining his human form.

Imagine Scott and Chris finally bonding over their love for Allison.Imagine Mama McCall making that great speech about finding love again because Scotts love had died. Imagine him trying to re-anchor himself in the midst of all this. Imagine that hug between Chris and Scott instead of Chris and Isaac. It honestly never made sense to me that he would accept unstable Isaac over compassionate hero Scott. Imagine that relationship based on Chris knowing for certain that Scott loved Allison unconditionally and unwaveringly, not based on the fact that Allison and him hooked up that one time.

I like 3B a lot. Enough to return for S4. But I’m filled with anger right now, because Jeff sent Scott chasing Kira for no real reason, and he set up Allisaac AND Scisaac knowing both were doomed, and then treating both as incidental. Isaac and Allison never fell deeply in love. They hooked up. Once. While he was half possessed and without any words or romance leading up to the scene even. He gave us SO MUCH Scisaac it was beautiful, then had Isaac leave to Paris with Chris without so much as a goodbye to Scott. How can Chris leave without a hug for Scott? How can Isaac bail on his ‘family’. Melissas been feeding him, Scotts been protecting him, they shared their home with him. But he just… left?

I’m really angry over this treatment of the story line. Posey was, as usual, denied the juiciest parts of the story. But so was Holland. She got to cry the moment of Allisons death and then NOTHING. No crying on her mom, or Stiles for that matter. No crying on Scott, when both of them loved Allison best. WHY Jeff. WHY? Why have Kira acting like she had to be on eggshells around Scott and Stiles about Allisons death and everything that happened, but not around Lydia, who lost her best friend AND had to deal with being kidnapped, used, etc?

Jeff fixed a lot of the issues that needed fixing in 3B, but I suspect someone read the comments and explained to him in small clear words what we were angry about. But then after sitting next to him and making him fix shit they stopped holding his hand, convinced he understood, but no, he still doesn’t get it.

Not at all.

As good as Sokolov’s comment on Emily drinking from silver cups was generally about many similar social issues, I must admit I am not that happy that people take a swing at Emily for being Empress so much. 

She did not become Empress just like that, she became Empress too young and had to bear a burden she wasn’t ready for before she even understood the weight of it. And we do learn that Emily really never wanted the throne, she ran away from it - literally and figuratively, climbing the roofs at night and locking herself up in the safe room for moment of peace with Wyman. 

So while yes, arguably she did drink from silver cups (in every sense) it was a role she was forced to take. It was a role she had to take after traumatizing circumstances of watching her mother die, having her father taken in chains as she is kidnapped and given from one frightening stranger to another so that she can be used as a pawn in a game. She was raised to take this role and she was raised into it from people that unconditionally loved her to people that hated her but needed her for their goals. And Emily never had a say in whether she should drink from silver cups.

So while her reign has issues (and I think Meagan is the only rightful critic on this), that is not something that should be put entirely on her, not in the way Karnaca and Serkonos’s problems should be put on the shoulders of Luca Abele. And for what is worth Emily with good guidance can become a much better Empress than anyone gives her credit for. 

Just gonna murder your souls with a little clip of RYDELLINGTON SNUGGLING NOSES AND MAYBE KISSING oh forget that IS KISSING

tip to try to see the kiss pause the fast forward when ell goes to snuggle noses with Rydel he gives her this look and yeah IM DEAD