im getting worse at giffing sorry


stiles imagine / as requested

S: “i am so sorry. Im so stupid, life has been so crazy lately and i honestly..i dont know what im doing right now. Im not smart. I didnt mean to hurt you like that and you dont deserve to get hurt. Even worse not by me, i swore i wouldnt hurt you and thats just what i did. I am so sorry. please just… i cant live without you.”

y/n: “yeah i used to believe that. Now i dont.”

you started to walk away but stiles grabbed your arm to stop you. Tears were streaming down his face and he had the most sad expression in his eyes.

S: “that okay. I understand why you dont trust me. But i do promise you i will do whatever it takes. I will ask and ask. I will never stop trying to make you forgive me. I love you and i always will.”