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what if we just stole NO cars and took the bus

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #17
  • <p> <b>Dan:</b> what are we baking today Phil?<p/><b>Phil:</b> um Dan?<p/><b>Dan:</b> what?<p/><b>Phil:</b> ...the recipe...<p/><b>Dan:</b> what about it?<p/><b>Phil:</b> itS nOT deliAH<p/></p>
28 Days of Sugar Art Challenge

Hey everyone! Join me for the month of February for a month full of shippy goodness. This includes both OCs and your favorite ships! Hoping you all get a good head start! I can’t wait to see what to see what you come up with! Fanfictions are okay too! And dont forget to tag it as #28DS 😘


1) Holding Hands
2) Sleeping
3) Hand kisses
4) In Kigurumis
5) Genderbent
6) Obliviousness
7) Size
8) Doing each others hair
9) Casual Clothes
10) Caught Fantasizing/Staring
11) In Costume/Cosplay
12) In a different art style
13) Changes
14) AU
15) Sick Day
16) Different decade
17) Selfie
18) Flowers and/or Chocolate
19) Oh sh*t im in love with that piece of trash sh*t
20) Failed Pick Up Lines
21) Make Out
22) I Almost Lost You
23) Date Night
24) Get Smutty or Get Fluffed
25) I See London…
26) Dominance
27) Wedding
28) Ship babies ship babies everywhere

Have fun!


oh boy i have people to tag for this… @outtacommission had some art i lowkey based this on @taylor-tut wanted a fic based on this a g e s ago so yeah uhh and @ambulancemcclain wanted one too and im sure loads of others do too..

There’s this thing, okay, and it’s called a cold.  You get a gross, snotty nose, a cough, some sneezing, minor discomfort.  That thing?  Yeah, it’s also called the common cold.  Emphasis on common.  People work through colds every winter and fall, maybe spring or even summer.  They come up, they happen, they go away.  Simple and easy.

Lance has had his fair share of colds.  He’d spend an hour too long swimming in the ocean outside his house, and the water would get too cold, and he’d end up just a little bit sick.  A minor inconvenience more than anything.  It’s completely and totally normal.

Now, Lance hasn’t gotten sick since he got to space.  None of the paladins have, except Hunk with motion sickness and stuff, but that’s not exactly ‘sick’.  It’s more of a bodily function at this point.  

Alas, all solitude must come to an end.  Okay, but in Lance’s defense, he was fine when he woke up.  No sweating, shivering, headache, migraine, none of that.  Sure, he was a tad bit congested, but it was just that.  A tad bit.  Less than a little.  

Yeah, well, as he said before, all solitude must come to an end.  

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Typical Pedophilia/Incest Shipper Post

Ok guys, I’m really sick of all the hate lately!!!! I. can’t BELIEVE how many people are angry over the sexualization of children/platonic family relations :(((( My ship is FICTIONAL, so I’m allowed to spread it all over the fandom tags where nonshippers/victims go!

I’m just so sick of getting bullied. Last night someone commented on my artwork and told me to pee my pants. The harrassment is getting so out of hand that I’m afraid to post my art, despite the alarming amount of people who do like my ship for some reason. We all have to band together against the evil antis ;-;

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Отсе тая стежечка (вірші Івана Франка)

…дівчина, що з мойого сердечка щастя унесла

hi! this is lazy and it took me too long, i know, but i hope you’ll enjoy this anyway :’D 


Undertale covers | song covers | Soundcloud

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Mori, I'm dying of thirst! Could you do some Holy Water when you have the time, please? No rush! Feel better soon!

Im not sick dont’ worry hun!! Im just insanely busy with work. I dont get to work on things and post them as much as Id like to. Ive actually been trying to see if im capable of doing a sketch dump with all my sloppy doodles I do for myself when i have a little bit of free time.

As it is, I’ll throw you a Holy Water because Ive been itching for some of it myself too haha!!!

It’s not even summer yet and I’m already missing Winter

i know this will be falling on deaf ears, but i need to say something. 

bulling people who ship shaladins is actually the dumbest shit. today i saw where someone got not only hate anons, but were called something stupidly transphobic. trying to bully people into not shipping something is so ridiculous??? these are cartoon characters??? its literally not that deep man.

 go ahead and ship what you want, just dont bully people for not shipping what you do. this anti thing is actually the most childish thing ever. 

this is an open letter to all those antis stalking the sheith and other shaladin tags, sending shaladin shippers hate. if youre going to send anyone hate, spam me. im sick of seeing people in the vld community get shat on for enjoying the series in their own way. 

if you want incentive, i hardcore ship sheith and shklance, dont like kl//ce and you can catch these damn hands.

new studyblr!

Hi :) i’m new to studyblr, and i’m starting uni (again) this year! after a few weeks of looking through the studyblr tag i thought i should join in! 

a little about me:

  • im colette
  • im studying childhood and youth studies
  • i had to drop out of uni after taking ill and then having to care for a sick relative. but i was ready to jump back in. (im not really - ahhh!)
  • im attending the open university which means this tumblr is going to be my check in point to keep me on track in the absence of daily physical classes.
  • starting this monday i’m going to be doing 100 days of productivity. (my main focus at the moment is getting ready for uni beginning and giving myself a refresher course in writing academic english!)
thanks for the inspo!

these are a handful of the blogs that have inspired me so far:

if anyone sees this and has recs of who to follow - please let me know! and any new studyblrs that might need extra encouragement like i do, hmu!


okay guys i need to fucking rant for second. im getting incredibly tired of people glamorizing drug abuse and making into something “beautiful”. this was me days before i overdosed, im sorry but do these pictures look cool? do you seriously want to look how i do in the second photo? i was so miserable and wanted to just die. i was doing 8 balls of coke, heroin, meth, crack, seriously anything you can think of, we were doing 8 balls of it a day. my hair started falling out due to the shock of all the drugs in my system. THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL, THIS IS NOT FUN,  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO ASPIRE TO. for me, i started off smoking weed when i was 15, by 16 i was doing molly and coke, by 17 i was taking bars all day everyday, by 18 i was smoking meth and by 19 i had done most every drug available. seriously guys this isnt me bragging this me trying to make everyone see THAT THIS IS A DEADLY DISEASE. I ALMOST DIED FROM THIS FUCKING DISEASE. i am absolutely DISGUSTED by instagram/tumblr users that glorify their drug use or glorify their unhealthy bodies since theyre “skinny”. i sometimes miss partying like this, i really do but then i realize that this has caused me the most pain in my life. i have done some horrible, disgusting, cruel, evil things to people while on drugs and i do miss some of those friends i had before. others on the other hand, im glad to see them go. if you couldnt handle maintaining contact with me while i was taking time to heal and better myself you are not my friend. honestly, if you have to question if were friends or not, we probably arent. im sorry for the long ramble but i am so sick and tired of seeing people who are so sick from drugs but just try to pass it off at “heroin chic” or whatever. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HEROIN CHIC. IF YOU ARE DOING HEROIN YOU ARE NOT CHIC, YOU ARE AN ADDICT AND NEED HELP. i dont care if people get pissed about this post because im so fucking tired of all this shit and it has taken me ALL the strength in this world not to tag people.

I have 84 days off heroin and meth and I will continue to work on myself and continue this path to enlightenment through meditation and connecting with other like minded individuals in this world.

sorry again, 

love u guys who support me <3

Re-imagine your legacy founder as a teen! Maybe even on prom night?

Well, Bunni isn’t a founder, but she’s like… The founder of my life, so…
This is probably a picture Thaddeus took on some old space station (after getting that sick tat) on one of their rebellious teen runaways.

I was tagged by @kismet-sims && i tag… anyone who wants to! i dunno who hasn’t.. im bad…


Because it is NOT a crossover/AU of the entire HIS DARK MATERIALS TRILOGY if the *ONLY* concept you are going to use are DAEMONS!


Like jfc I’m sick and tired of being misled by these tags. Stop tagging your non-hdm shit with the hdm tag, IT IS NOT HDM, IT IS ONLY DAEMONS IN YOUR OWN FANDOM!

Those books are so complex in its concepts and ideas and have so much world-building around it BEYOND DAEMONS, it’s SO MUCH MORE than daemons, why in GOD’S name do you think assigning daemons to your OTP on your fandom is a hdm crossover/au??!

Please tag accordingly.

Imagine you sneak out of the bunker to hunt vampires but then Sam and dean find out that you hunt.

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Hunting is in your family but your brothers don’t like it to let you hunt. You want to hunt with them really bad but every time you ask it, it is a no. They always say that you need more training or you are too young. You are 17 years old and you know that they were hunting at the age around 12. You trained every day and did the research for them. You know anything about monsters. And really about killing vampires

You like to kill those son of a bitches. Every night you sneak out to hunt those suckers without being busted by your brothers. You always waited when they go to sleep and then sneak out the bunker. Over the time you got a trick to sneak out quietly out of the bunker and it always worked.

It was the night to go to your next vampire hunt. You waited until the boys were sleeping and that took some time. After the time every light in the bunker was out and so could go. The trick was to get out your shoes and walk on your bare feet. You walked to the stairs until the light where switched on. You turned around and saw Sam and dean sitting in the library.

“and where are you going?” dean asked. He stood up to walk over to you. he looked you in the eyes. “hunting vampires again?”

You looked away from him. Try not to look in his eyes. “yes” you looked him in the eyes. “yes, I do hunt vampires. And why? Because you guys don’t let me hunt with you.” then you thought a little. “how did you know that I was hunting?”

“we have our ways.” Dean said and looked from you to Sam. “but first, why are you hunting them?” he asked you when he turned around to look you again in the eyes.

“I know anything about them and I want to hunt guys. I’m 17 and I want to be out of this bunker and not staying here to do research. I’m training every day to hunt just like you but you guys never let me hunt with you.” you almost yelled. You felt the anger  in you. you are angry but sad to. You looked dean in the eyes and you saw a little sadness in deans eyes.

Dean was just staring at you until Sam broke the silence. “we know that you want to hunt but we want you save. I know that dean don’t gonna like it but extra hands always works.” Sam said. Right away dean looked Sam in the eyes.

“okay, but you listen to us the whole time and I help you train with shooting.” Dean said after a minute of staring. A huge smile appeared on your face. you jumped around from happiness. “and a little test. how do you do it?” he asked.

with a big smile on your face. you told the whole story about it and how you kill it. dean and sam lister really good but there was nothing wrong about the information. after you where done with your story. dean smiled proud and say. “thats my girl.”

You hugged sam and dean. “thanks guys, im not gonna let you fall. Im always has your back.” You said.

“you better do”

A/N: i was going to write a new fic but that turned out to be a lot longer then expect so i had a little imagine. i hope you like it. im sorry if it is cracked up because im still sick. its get better but im not 100 % but now i can write.

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Im so fucking sick of getting misgendered at work by my customers AND my co workers like i literally have my pronouns on my name tag. Its not hard.

They lack respect in every single way because they have to “go out of their way”. This is definitely a simple request because it is who you are. They are trying to change that and it is so disrespectful. Stay strong. You’re amazing as is no matter what they say or don’t do for you. -Abby

*EDIT* I included quotation marks around “go out of their way” because this was meant to be what they probably think. It’s NOT really that hard and not a change of course imo, just their narrow minded view.


09.17.2017:  1/100 days of productivity - sick af (っ- ‸ – ς)

song of the day: 냄새나는 여자 - 10cm

I’ve been sick all this weekend, but I still managed to get my butt and do my bujo spread! I’m doing well in my classes so far and I’m very proud of myself. I also try not to be so hard on myself, especially with my studying. I’ve been going back and watching a lot of anime that I used to watch all the time and Ouran High School Host Club still gives me so many laughs! Tamaki is still my baby, I’m– ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ If you haven’t seen it, it’s good. (even though it’s old? not really old tbh but ya know!) But today has been somewhat a productive day, I’ve been resting but hey, productive for getting better! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 

This week’s bujo theme: Byun Baekhyun aka my husband

Baekhyun is literally the definition of beautiful like he’s my ult bias in exo (IM SORRY CHANNIE BUT HE COLLECTED ME DURING MONSTER BUT YOU’RE SECOND ULT BIAS IF THAT COUNT IMCRYING). He’s so adorable, dorky and quirky. I love him so much, omg. 


Worth It

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Characters: Y/n, Fred, George, Percy, Ginny, Ron

Pairing: No Pairing

Word count: 720

Warnings: Fluff, silliness, pranks, pissed Percy, cute fluffy stuff basically.

Summary: Fred and George know exactly what to do to make Y/n feel a little better.

A/N: This was a request from @bloodcat0 - Hello, could I ask for another Request if possible? Weasley SiblingsxLittleBabyBrother. The MR is like 3-4 years old & his Siblings has to take care of him & he is kind of sick with a kind of high fever, he gets scared really easy so they have to be really gentle & careful with him, he also injured himself a lot. His favorite siblings r the Twins and he kind of dislike Percy & Ginny. Its like fluff and a bit of sadness(?) I hope Im still allowed to ask for another request? Thank you & Im sorry.Umm, so this turned into pure fluff and I didn’t make it obvious that I don’t really like percy. Also didn’t do the getting scared thingy. I basically made it purely fluffy. I know I took a lot out of the request and everything, but I hope ur ok with that. Hope u don’t mind!! And hope u like it!

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“Come on, y/n. just…shush”.

Fred bounced y/n in his arms, trying to stop the crying.

He’d been sick for a few days now and he just didn’t seem to be getting any better.

Y/n had a fever, he’d vomited a few times and now he was just so tired.

Arthur had gone to work while Molly had gone out to buy some food and medicine, hoping it’d make y/n feel a little better.

But the twins knew that it’d be a few hours before their mum came back.

So they were stuck with watching y/n.

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10 day challenge for your ocs

Want to talk about your ocs but don’t know what to say? Tired of not getting any asks? Here’s 100 questions for you to answer for an oc over the course of 10 days! 


  1. Do they enjoy creepy stories? Would they listen to creepy pastas?
  2. What do they do when they’re sad? 
  3. What’s their drink of choice? Coffee? Tea? Alcohol? 
  4. Do they make their own ocs? Do they enjoy rping
  5. If given the chance, would they play petsite games?
  6. What kidna books do they like to read? Fantasy? Westerns? 
  7. Are they religious?
  8. Would they read/write fanfiction?
  9. Do they work out?
  10. How messy is their room?


  1. Do they like animals? 
  2. Would they go hiking for fun?
  3. On a scale of one to ten, how lazy are they? How motivated? 
  4. How good are they at fighting? 
  5. What foods do they like to eat?
  6. Do they like cleaning? Laundry? Dishes?
  7. What’s their job?
  8. What is their favorite name?
  9. What do their evenings look like?
  10. Can they swim? 


  1. Does your oc enjoy any sort of youtube videos? If so, which ones?
  2. What kinda movies does your oc like to watch, or would like to watch?
  3. Does your oc wear makeup?
  4. Does your oc do drugs?
  5. Do they smoke?
  6.  Are they empathetic?
  7. What’s their dnd alignment? 
  8. Do they think laws are important?
  9. Can they cook?
  10. Do they like drinking water?


  1. Do they journal?
  2. Who’s their best friend?
  3. What’s their happiest memory?
  4. What’s their saddest memory?
  5. Would they help a stranger?
  6. Do they have siblings?
  7. What’s their relationship with their family like? 
  8. Do they have a catch phrase?
  9. Do they get cold easy?
  10. Do they prefer cold weather or hot weather?


  1. Do they have a favorite mug?
  2. Are they mentally ill?
  3. Are they physically disabled?
  4. Do they have issues with self harm? 
  5. Do they get upset when people use the wrong form of your/you’re or there/their/they’re? 
  6. Do they like ice cream? What’s their favorite type?
  7. What’s their zodiac sign?
  8. What’s their theme song?
  9. What’s a song lyric that they relate to strongly? 
  10. Would they kill if they had to to save themself? 


  1. Do they have a sad backstory? 
  2. Do they have a significant other?
  3. Would/do they like anime?
  4. What’s a memory from their childhood?
  5. Can they dance?
  6. Can they play an instrument?
  7. What are they creped out by?
  8. Do they go to funhouses/scary houses?
  9. Do they ride roller coasters? 
  10. Would they play video games? If so, what video games? 


  1. How tall are they? How heavy? How muscly?
  2. Any tattoos/pieces they want/have?
  3. Do they eat a lot at meal times?
  4. Do they snack?
  5. What is their favorite music genre?
  6. Country music: Love it or loathe it?
  7. Do they prefer truth or dare?
  8. Quick, think fast! Do they catch or get ht with something?
  9. What’s their favorite thing to do on rainy days?
  10. Do they like people playing with their hair?


  1. What’s their love language? 
  2. Are they good at taking care of themselves?
  3. Do they mother hen other people? 
  4. How good are they at talking to strangers? 
  5. What’s their middle name?
  6. Tell a story from their teenage hood.
  7. Do they believe in magic?
  8. What about ghosts?
  9. Are they affectionate? 
  10. Did they have a vocolaid phase? 


  1. Have they ever seen someone die?
  2. How often do they cry?
  3. What’s their favorite place to shop?
  4. If given the chance, would they ride an elephant?
  5. Can they listen to sad music without crying? 
  6. Do they like holidays?
  7. Do they want kids? 
  8. Do they enjoy coloring?
  9. Trolly problem, who do they pick?
  10. Do they like memes, or would they? What kind of memes?


  1. How sensitive are they?
  2. How long do they hold grudge? 
  3. Do they change their underwear every day?
  4. Dogs or cats?
  5. Do they get sick easily? 
  6. Would they/do they have a tumblr? 
  7. Would they kill their worst enemy, given the chance? 
  8. Do they have any scars? How did they get them? 
  9. Are they often sarcastic?
  10. Finally, why did you make them? 
just.... i need another rant post about Good Game

-@discourse, hey, I know it’s not perfect, but for what it is, I’m freakin loving it.

-The second episode A Plot was obviously funky and I really wish they didn’t go there writing-wise. The title scared the heck out of me when I first read it. But that’s its own thing and I guess it’s a part of the Esports experience the writers wanted to tell so I’m not gonna shit on the show in general just for that. Upon re-watch I realized that the overall point is actually pretty okay, but I knew it was gonna piss people off. I wasn’t into it the first time but really liked it the second? idk. Take it or leave it. Just don’t give up hope because the next episode’s great. 

-I will say that Kamal still wins 0.5 redemption points for me at the end of 2. I get that it’s about him being the kid of the team but like if it’s going to keep going in this format of addressing one character’s baggage at a time then this was a bad example to start with. 

-B Plot, however, super rad.

-ok moving on

-you fuckers were right about the bong and i dont think thatll ever not be weird to watch

-I could’ve sworn to heck that Ashlex would’ve been endgame from hints in Episodes 1 and 2?? But now I have no idea??

-honestly boy thinks its a date and shows up in the Frenchiest hobo garb he’s got what a spiffy floof

-I’m still waiting on the inevitable Rylex roommate origin story. You can’t tell me they’re not going to give us these married idiots out of the void and expect we won’t want that sick fluffy backstory. They hired a young Ryland actor. Just. Give it to us.

-Can I…….protect Sam forever

-Honestly! If you’re doing that formulaic writing then episode 3 is how you do it! You introduce a bunch of assholes who hate each other and by the end your audience just wants to hug all of them! Let me hug Sam!!!!

-”I signed it from both of us” jesus christ are you hearing this

-Tinder guy