im getting lost in my life

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i know you arent an,advice page but i did something really fucking stupid and now,ive lost my best friend and boyfriend, or ex i guess now. everything kinda feels really pointless and i want to die. i was getting better but im back here because of myself. i fucked up. i dont know what to do. i have no one.

Hey, it’s okay. Everyone makes mistakes, trust me. I’ve done some really fucking stupid shit but life will continue to go on. Unless you’ve murdered someone, the mistake hasn’t changed anything permanently. Not truly. Wounds can heal, bridges can be mended. If whatever you did hurt them really bad, maybe just give it time. Sometimes people just need time to get over their anger. If it was unforgivable, then try to remember that they’re not the only people in the world. 

There are 8 billion people on this planet, you will make more friends and have more boyfriends. Sometimes we do shitty things and we don’t know why. I’ve done things I will never forgive myself for, believe me. But you need to keep going, let that  shame fuel you to never do it again. I don’t think of you any less. Whether it was cheating or lying or anything short of murder, you can still change. Mistakes are learning experiences and you just need to use them to better yourself. It hurts right now, but it won’t always. Time gives perspective. You’ve gotten better before you can do it again. Just focus on getting through the day.

If you’re worried about getting bad again try going to therapy. I know when I finished with therapy for the first time I thought I was home free. But shit happened, I dropped out of school again and everything was so dark so I went back. At first it felt like giving up, as though admitting I needed therapy again was taking a step back, but it’s not. Sometimes you need extra help and there’s no shame in that. Even if you’re totally mentally sound, sometimes it’s good to just have someone you can talk to about anything and not be judged.

Please don’t give up Anon. You’re not a lost cause, you just made a mistake. Maybe they’ll get over their anger, maybe they won’t. But either way you still have your whole life ahead of you. Think of all the cool things you haven’t done yet. I know one of the things that kept me going was the desire to write. I want to write stories that touch people the way Harry Potter touched me. If I had killed myself that will never happen. Nothing is permanent in this world except death, your sadness isn’t permanent, their anger isn’t permanent. Maybe ten years down the road when you’ve all grown up more you’ll be able to be friends again, hell maybe less. But if you kill yourself you’ll never know.

Keep fighting. Here’s a hotline directory for suicide hotlines in the US. And here is for international. You’ve beaten this down before, you can do it again. I believe in you.

(I know this isn’t usual drarrytexts stuff but if you think I’m going to ignore someone in need then you’ve got another thing coming. I’ll tag it with d’s advice so it can blacklisted in case anyone needs to talk in the future and you just want regular drarry content.)


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kayla im so happy for u!!!! how did u get this new outlook on life? i dont have really good confidence and it reflects on relationships/dating :/

hi babe! well I’d love to help if i can. the change started when i chose to believe in myself. i decided to change the things i wanted different (i hated my job so I got a new one, i wasn’t happy with my appearance so i lost weight). now that i have a job i care about i carry myself differently. now that i like what i see i carry myself differently. me carrying myself differently attracts a whole new energy. i can literally feel this energy. people from my past come up to me and tell me how bright and happy i look. this isn’t because im skinnier its because i like me more. when you like yourself you want things for yourself, when you want things for yourself you get them. it’s that easy. all it took was believing in myself. 

the first thing i told myself was: if someone was as mean to u as you are to yourself, would you still be friends with them? i didn’t want to be friends with her anymore. 


  • Shownu: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you've lost throughout your life.
  • Hyungwon: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back.
  • Wonho: Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thanks for finding this!
  • I.M: My will to live! I haven't seen this in 12 years!
  • Minhyuk: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!
  • Jooheon: Mental stability, my old friend!
  • Shownu: ...Guys, could you lighten up a little?

I’m sitting on the floor and crying my eyes off. I feel so alone, does anyone even realise my struggle is real? that i’m in so much mental pain, standing on the edge of the cliff. Thinking about jumping, ending it all.
Not a medication or therapy can make me better. I hug my mom and say nothing, I can’t hurt her again, I just want to be with her a little longer.
I’m so scared, so physically and mentally exhausted. I sit under the shower because my legs are too weak for standing.
I’m so full of bad thoughts, full of anxiety and pain. I let part of it out with the blood, but it’s not helping. I’m trapped and so lost.

And again this writing will just fade away, get lost between other messages. And it will mean nothing


This old telephone pole has been outside of the home I grew up in, even before my time.
Its seen its share of missing people, lost pets, garage sales, advertisements for just about everything you can think of.
It makes me think of summer.
Though I feel terrible for all of the lost children and animals that never get found, I still love looking at it.
Some people return to take their signs down but most leave them to fall apart in the rain.
The nails and screws go up higher than I can reach with my camera.

I guess I just wanted to take photos of this old telephone pole tonight because I have a feeling it’ll need to be replaced soon. Its something Ive been looking at all my life.

Im feeling super nostalgic tonight in case you couldnt tell lol

Sometimes it’s not about things being perfect all the time, sometimes it’s not about being happy all the time, sometimes it’s about getting on with things, and putting one foot in front of the other. And I just hope when you do that, when you make mistakes, when you go through terrible things…I hope you don’t see yourself as damaged. Because that is not what happens when you experienced life. You are not damaged because you have scars or because you have ghosts. Taylor Swift

thoughts while watching haikyuu
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> "wait i didn't read the subtitles i was busy looking at his face"<p/><b></b> "PAUSE THE FUCK UP I NEED SCREENSHOTS OF THIS"<p/><b></b> "are they going to lose"<p/><b></b> "of course they're not going to lose they're the main characters"<p/><b></b> "shit"<p/><b></b> "THEY LOST"<p/><b><b></b> *is ready to say rude stuff about the opposing team but a flashback suddenly plays*</b><p/><b></b> "they're so canon"<p/><b></b> "get away from him he has a boyfriend"<p/><b></b> "HOW THE FUCK CAN ANYONE HATE HIM HE'S THE BEST PERSON EVER"<p/><b><b></b> *sweats nervously while watching a tournament*</b><p/><b></b> "they look cute"<p/><b></b> "STOP TALKING AND FUCKING PLAY THE GAME"<p/><b></b> "I'm going to join a volleyball team this year"<p/><b></b> "i think they're going to win"<p/><b></b> "just kiss already"<p/><b></b> "HAHA LOSERS THEY LOST"<p/><b></b> "huh just because he's short doesn't mean he can't play WHADDYA THINK NOW BITCH"<p/><b></b> "do the quick already im tired of waiting"<p/><b></b> "omg he said his name"<p/><b></b> "my life is ruined"<p/></p><p/></p>

ppl rly lost their shit over my andreil hc so here is neil w twitter

  • when allison, dan, and renee first makes neil a twitter he ? doesnt get ? it?
  • “why would i put stuff abt my life on the internet for strangers to read”
  • “ur friends can see it too neil”
  • “im w u guys all the time tho”
  • they ask what he wants his bio to say and he says idk smthg about exy
  • they make his bio “something about exy”
  • neil can’t figure out how to change it for a week and no one will help him
  • but allison follows a bunch of exy players for him and one day he goes on there when he’s bored in class
  • and bc he’s Neil Josten Human Trashcan he starts replying to ppl
  • like this girl might be court but she clearly does not know what she’s talking abt i better tell her
  • he already has a reputation and this just makes it worse
  • kevin puts him on google alert and reads the articles about his twitter fights every day w his daily vodka shot mug
  • “neil u cant just insult pro exy players”
  • so by the time neil makes his “Andrew is my boyfriend.” tweet he has tons of followers
    • a lot of them dont even like exy they are just here for the daily shade
  • the next day, this former Raven who’s now Court tweets about how exy should be a family sport and how the players needs to return to traditional values
  • neil doesnt follow this idiot but so many ppl @ him that he notices anyway
    • (allison has to give him a lesson on what subtweeting is)
  • and man neil josten is not abt to just leave this alone
  • pls
  • “idk i don’t like to take advice from strikers who havent managed to score in their last three games :/”
    • (neil is an emoticon purist he makes own from characters on the keyboard psh who needs emojis)
  • andrew hates it
  • he cant spend five minutes w neil w/out him replying to 40 ppl’s tweets
  • one day they’re on the roof and he. just. takes neil’s phone
  • and throws it off 
  • neil is so Offended
  • “andrew what r my enemies gonna think when i cant reply until i get a new phone tmrw?”
    • “r u trying to make me look weak andrew”
  • he literally leaves the roof
  • andrew takes six deep breaths and downloads twitter so neil can use his phone
  • dan and matt start printing out neil’s most epic clapbacks and taping them around the lounge
  • one of neil’s arguments is trending at least once a week

Happy CNY!

;__; hope this year going to be bless for you all guys!

i getting more anxious than before,life being hard for me ,i lost my job this year so im dying where i should get money for pay bill and stuff (i had 4 cat to feed)so im opened donation button on my tumblr blog via paypal ;__;; sorry for this since anxious make me hard to drawing stuff .

Have two little choi with mc !

Please help me get my life together!

Hello followers and non followers do I have a story for you

The name’s Madison but you can call Me Maddie Im a 20 year old lesbian who is so mentally ill that it has been effecting me physically Ive lost almost 20 pounds in over a month as well as having little to know appetiteI’ve been very emotionally unstable recently,Feverish off and on,I have a suspicion i may have schizophrenia, And i’ve been having problems i’ve been watching im concerned about and not too sure what too do  ive been getting with chest pains and once a week sometimes two weeks my heart feels like its struggling and i cant do anything for a few seconds??? its terrifying and of course my heart racing feeling its going to beat out my chest when im just sitting around

somewhat came out to my mother a few months ago but really she looked at my private information on my phone when i was going through some serious lesbophobia and trying to get some advice with friends shes been off and on about accepting me that night i had told her even though i already knew that she knew she made me feel like something was wrong with me and I had some sort of demon and PCOS

The money I’ve made I’ve gotten through my job gifts through holidays and some help from other people have been taken by my parents as well

The point is I really need some money If any of you have a couple of extra bucks to share I would be soooo Greatful! It will go to: 1. Putting aside savings for emergencys 2. Giving proper care to my dog (Who needs medicine to prevent heart worms and his rabies shot soon) 3. A laptop so i can draw away from home 4. Getting some money aside for driving lessons (I’ve been too mentally ill and let my parents walk over me for too long its hard to get a job when i have to rely on them i had to sob to my mom to take my dog who was bitten to the vet and tell her to please take me to the doctors for a week when i was sick) That’s what im starting with for now im trying not too overwhelm myself My mom put me through three anxiety attacks in almost 2 weeks i called my brother up telling him i was not doing well and he rescued me about two weeks ago today which i am so greatful I will immediately follow you!

I really need help and made these examples today to show my improvement and what i can do

Heres a simple but cute sketch which will be 5$ or lower Depending on how complex the character (I’ll leave out the guidelines at the face and put more effort)

Colored and cute 9$

Detailed sketch 6$ (Again i’ll put more work in it I most these examples in several hours today)

Lineart 8$ added characters 2$ each

Colored 10$ shaded 12$

Background an extra 2$ (Old example)

Memes 4$

Im not the best with humans,Backgrounds,and Inanimate objects but I will do my best! Thank you so much for listening and if you cant help me out please spread the word! To those who are willing to help me out I can’t thank you enough

To those willing to help me out please give me time to get it done my anxiety has been through the roof lately and I really want to make sure you’re all happy with all i make for you in return!

Thank you so much!

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(( sorry for the modpost but ive seen a lot of interesting tags on my ask about michael in the bathroom and i want to say, depending on someone to help u in life isnt bad, and even living for them doesnt make u lesser, it can just be an unhealthy thing. its something ive personally dealt with a lot and it has ruined a lot of friendships for me. it doesnt always make u toxic but putting that much pressure on someone can have negative impacts on them. learning to thrive in your own is currently something i am trying to still work out as relying on others is a lot easier than relying on ,,, well ,,, just yourself! idk thats the point i was trying to get across, live for you, not for someone else, since it is your life!))


parte 2.


  • lost in a world that doesn’t exist
  • i’m fine, don’t ask again
  • she was like the moon, part of her was always hidden away
  • idk what im doing, god, please, save my soul
  • i love when people say that life is beautiful, i laugh so loud, cause its not true

  • do not have sex, bc if you have sex you will get pregnant and will die 
  • i need money, not feelings
  • i love myself, in case i die
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • i got 94 problems but I’m gonna take a nap and ignore them all 

  • the world is full of good people, if you can’t find one, be one
  • pls understand that you’re still young, and the universe is endless, and somehow, everything will be okay
  • there’s no freedom like the freedom that comes from accepting yourself.
  • when you can’t find love, make it
  • your life is a blank canvas, and you can choose any color you want


  • músicas depressivas podem se encaixar perfeitamente enquanto você stalkeia esta conta
  • tudo se acumula e já não tenho mais voz para gritar
  • as coisas melhoram, o tempo resolve tudo
  • se tudo dependesse de sorte eu tava fodida
  • eu sei português, só não uso
  • as melhores coisas da vida são chocolate, pizza e (insira algo do seu gosto)
  • juro que já tentei sair daqui e ir fazer algo produtivo,,, mentira, daqui não saio daqui ninguém me tira 
  • tem pão velho aqui não
  • eu queria assim q deus tivesse piedade
  • to triste nao to feliz vou chorar ja chorei bastante ja
  • conta abastecida a meme 
  • eu que nem fumo queria um cigarette
  • nao pede sdv q nao quero responder na grosseria 
  • garota feia ganhando
  • vários assuntos pendentes, algumas magoas, lyrics.


  • você sempre será a melhor parte de mim @/
  • sem você é apenas um dia nublado @/
  • a bruxa da minha amiga @/
  • bandida, emo e minha amiga @/
  • there is no one like @/, she is one of my best, it’s like my sister, nobody knows me like her 
  • you’re my favorite part of me, with you standing next to me, i’ve got nothing to fear. @/
  • without you, without you laugh, without your eyes, im nothing @/
  • your voice is my favorite song @/

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Okay so I’ve given it a lot of thought and realized that I most likely won’t write a lost lance fic myself BUT I have decided to let people write for Lost Lance AU

BUT Please: 

  • ASK ME FIRST (I’ll say yes I just wanna know) 
  • credit me

  • explain that it is only BASED ON the Lost Lance au and is not like ‘offical tm.’ lmao

  • and send me a link because I WANNA READ/SHARE IT !!!!
This au is very special to me. But I’ve been feeling a lot of unnecessary pressure and If i don’t write for this au i’d love it if someone wanted too not only for me but for everyone who craves a lost lance fic
ALSO I want to actually work on this other story that i’ve been neglecting for like two months which is called “Heaven is a place on earth” over on my ao3 which you should read if you’re about that angsty au life lmfao (sorry that’s cringey but I gotta get that plug lol)

My plans for the next few weeks (on this blog) is to work on commissions then finish the human healing pod animatic & finally focus on the lost lance au (and a bit on the fallen angel au^^ which is what i’m calling that ^^^

I appreciate all of you this is really extra and Love ya as always, keep it spicy

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((Let's pick on lil J whaddup)) Jeremy is plant boi. He has vines and stuff all over his house and flowers growing in his hair and its v v cute BUT in the winter and at night he kinda,,,, shuts down. He doesn't even get tired like at night he'll just sit with his eyes open and he looks a lil lost and a lil dead inside (he just kinda stares off into the void until sunrise) (1/?)

In the winter he gets really, really sick and all his little hair flowers wilt and he gets very very pale and everyone gets very very concerned and Gavin like tries to hug him or smthg and he’s freezing cold so they bring him to a fire place and it doesn’t help at all and jerum just sits and stares with a dead look out the window and frost slowly covers him 

And they bring Jeremy to rye’s house and Rye is like !!!! is he dead and they’re like no not YET and so Ryan spends Winter (And possibly christmas, if you’re into that) trying to bring jeremy back as frost covers his whole body and his heart rate slows a bunch and all the flowers on his head die and then when spring rolls around and ryan is crying on the floor because he thinks he’s lost Jeremy 

The sun comes out (I imagine the winter in Minecraft being brutal and stuffs) and the frost melts off jeremy and he coughs back to life and he gets kinda confused like “ryan? Ryan are you okay??” and ryan loses his shit because he thought jeremy was dead and within a couple days Jeremy’s flowers are back and he’s back in his house watering his plants like ‘hello my lovelies <3" and everyone is happy because the small plant boi is back 


Reaction to You Getting Lost Easily. . .

Anonymous said: could you do a got7 reaction to you getting lost easily? thanks!

Reaction to You Getting Lost Easily…

A/N this is so me. it took me four years to figure out the system of where classes are in my high school, and i just got this year… and im graduating… i tell ya, my life is a mess because of this flaw

Kai ~


He would find this insanely frustrating. Like, he would love to take you out places like the amusement park or the mall, but he would be fretting the whole time of where you were at every moment. So it would kind of defeat the purpose, because he would be like a fierce mama bear watching over his cub after it first steps out of the den. There would be zero fun for JB. Like, the moment you’re out of his sight when you’re out in public, he’s having a panic attack within 0.5 seconds, and everyone around can tell and would be highly concerned for his blood pressure. When you did get lost (on those rare moments when JB wouldn’t be holding your hand or would take his eyes off you because of something the other members are doing that needs scolding), he would assemble all the members together, go over what you were wearing, and then have them fan out to find you. This would be a Got7 version of S.W.A.T and you best believe that in seconds you are found by either Jinyoung, Jackson, Mark or JB himself. As soon as you are found, JB would go into scolding mode, telling you how dangerous it is to wander off on your own, especially when you’re already so bad with directions. Nevertheless, he would pull you into a tight embrace, whispering to you how worried he was. The day would then proceed with JB having a firm protective grip on your hand.

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Jackson would just think of this as an everyday routine. Like, Jinyoung would tap his shoulder and be like, “I think we lost Y/N.” And Jackson would just look around and be like, “Ah, time to find Y/N. She honestly lasted longer than I thought today.” He would just assume that you had seen something in a store’s window and had gotten distracted. When this first happened when you guys started dating, Jackson would have been a worried hysterical mess. But this has happened so many times by now, that Jackson just thinks of it as a daily chore, not giving it much thought anymore. This attitude kind of rubbed off on the other members as well, so whenever you all go out, they all place bets on the longest you’re going to go before getting lost. When he found you, he would hug you close and ask how your adventure was. However, there are times when Jackson is more worried than others. It would usually be unfamiliar places, like you just visited a new aquarium and you got lost, his heart would beat a little faster and he would be more concerned, or at night as well. Or if you were to call him and tell him you’re lost. That would be when he panics the most, because he would be stuck at practice which means he’s not near you to protect you, and he would keep you on the phone until you figured out where you were again, and even then, he would keep the call going for an extra five minutes to be sure you’re not going to get lost again.

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Jinyoung would find this amusing and cute. He would think it’s funny how scatter-brained you could be, but also find it cute how, after he would find you, you would be flustered. When he realized he had lost you, he wold use logic and simply call you if you hadn’t called him already. He would then ask where you were, making you describe what stores are around you. He would then tell you to stand by the front of the closest store and keep an eye out for him while he heads back towards where you had wandered off. Once he found you, he would smirk at you and pull you into a hug, patting the top of your head. “If you really wanted to go somewhere else you could have told me Y/N.” He would tease you. He would then proceed to hold your hand in a tight grip making sure to help you weave through the crowds without getting separated again. He would never complain to you about your habit of getting lost easily, he knew it was just a part of you that came with everything else that he loved about you. And he didn’t really care on way of another, he actually kind of adored this part of you too, making every outing you two had an interesting adventure.

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He would be very concerned about you getting so lost easily. Every time you would tell him that you’re out, or about to go out, he would ask you to tell him where you’re going, and to call him if you need him or get lost. He would do this only because he’s very worried about you getting hurt or scared. He would be very uneasy about you going out by yourself, but he knew that you are grown and can for the most part, take care of yourself, but it would just be that need to take care of you and protect you that would make him take precautions with you going out on your own.This would sometimes lead to small arguments about him being too overbearing or over protective, and in his defense he would say that if you weren’t so clumsy or easily lost then he wouldn’t need to. But by the end of the day you two would make up, knowing that your actions towards one another was just you two showing your care for one another, and the argument would be long forgotten.

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Poor Youngjae would get so worried and panicky whenever he lost you. His mind would jump to the worst case scenario, like you getting jumped, or kidnapped, or killed or caught up in some kind of trouble. His poor little heart would not stop beating like a hummingbirds until you were safe in his arms without injury. He would blame himself whenever you got lost, believing that he didn’t look out for you correctly, or he should have been holding your hand at that time. Once he found you, he would apologize repeatedly while looking over your body and turning you in circles, making sure there was no harm inflicted upon you while you were gone. Then, like the others, for the rest of your outing he would hold your hand tightly and keep a close eye on you, making sure that you two don’t get separated again and he doesn’t need to go through that panic again. But the funny thing is, this occurs so often that one would think you two would get used to it and had a solid plan for when you get lost, considering you two get separated about four times a week. 

Youngjae: “Oh noooooo, I’ve lost her again!”

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BamBam would be so done with your hide-and-go-seek games. Like Youngjae, this would happen often because you both loved to go out and go clothes shopping, so it would be more often than not that you would get lost. The moment he realized he was talking to himself and the spot next to him that you were supposed to be occupying is empty a long and heavy sigh would escape his lips as he make a u-turn and retraced his steps looking for you. He would find you standing there looking utterly lost and confused as you turned around in your spot quietly saying his name. All anger and annoyance that he was building up within him would vanish as he saw how small and vulnerable you looked, like a kid lost in an airport. Then his sympathy would vanish as well when he remembered that instead you were a grown ass girl in a mall, not a four year old in an airport, and you were on a date with your boyfriend, and not leaving the country with your parents. He would call your name, and then once again his anger and annoyance that was growing once more would, for the second time, vanish when he say your face light up and fill with relief and love as your eyes landed on him. He wouldn’t be able to help himself and would open his arms and once you were in his strong protective arms he would hug you tightly whispering, “Ahhh Y/N, you’re gonna be the death of me~ but you’re too cute~” Basically he would be a mess of emotions ranging from pure love to the feeling of a disappointed mother getting who just wants to slap some sense into her child. 

Y/N (you’re Youngjae): “I’m sorry BamBam~”

BamBam: “No. Stop it. I’m trying to be mad at you.”

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He would find this really hilarious. He would always tease you about your habit of getting lost. You need to go to the bathroom? “You sure you can make it there on your own?” He would tease. You say you’re going to bed? “You know where the bedroom is? Down the hall to the right? Very last door.” He would direct you with a smirk. This would be something that the members would catch onto as well, and would pick fun at you too. However, Yugyeom wouldn’t let them go as far as he does, wanting to make sure you never truly feel bad about yourself. However, much like Mark, he would be really concerned if you went out alone, and would make you promise to call him whenever you got to your destination, wanting to make sure you’re safe and okay.

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Drunk Robert forgets to use his inside voice and talks way too close to people’s ears, and Drunk Rosalind gets awfully cocky and annoys the hell out of Comstock.


Wu: Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life

Nya: It would be nice to get my sense of purpose back

Lloyd: Oh wow my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this,

Jay: my will to live! i haven’t seen this in 15 years!

Cole: I knew I lost that potential somewhere!

Kai:  Mental stability, my old friend!

Wu: Guys, could you lighten up a little

What Am I To You?

everyone, I’m a paladin, But so dumb

i should’ve just told you, what i lost

was a photo of home

now its gone, gone forever

but i guess, that doesn’t matter when i just, just had all of you there


I just had all of you there with me, my friends,

if you’re even my friends…

Not singing:
is this what you want? this is what im missing, the TRUTH!

Singing: what am i to you?

am I a joke,a friend or your paladin?

what am I to you?

do you look down on me ‘cause I’m worthless ?

do you think that i won’t understand?

That your all missing earth like I am

When I lost it worst time i’d ever had,

even worse when the two of you would get mad, for how I acted…

ohhhh ,you, a-a-a-a are my best friends in the universe

you a-a-a-a-a are my best friends in the universe

that’s ri-i-i-i-i-ght,im talkin 'bout all of you guys ,

Even you, Keith

But you punish me for the pain I cannot help

what am i to you?

am i a joke a friend, or your paladin

what am i to you?

do you look down on me cause i’m worthless?

do you think that i don’t understand?

That your all missing earth like I am

I’ll forget that i lost a piece of my home

i’ll remember my moms hugs that were over far too soon

ohhhh, you a-a-a-a-are my best friends in the universe,

you a-a-a-a-are my best friends in the universe,

and thats ri-i-i-i-ight, im talkin 'bout all of you guys,
Even you Keith

So I’ll pretend it doesn’t hurt to be so far away

make no mistake being away from home makes my heart break.

  • shy shy shy boyyy
  • tries to be cool around you
  • but really his heart is about to beat out of his chest
  • doesn’t really know how to vocally express his feeling towards you
  • but his actions really say a lot
  • like he’ll steal glances
  • he would stand near you in a crowd
  • if y’all in a bus together and ur standing while he’s sitting down
  • he would coolly give up his seat
  • and by that i mean he would get up and shuffle out of the way so u can sit down lol not cool at all but he’s a nice kid okay
  • can barely hold your hand
  • and when he does, he can barely look at you
  • but his ears get red
  • but thats just in the beginning!!
  • after a while, romancing becomes easier
  • he puts a lot of thought in the gifts he gives you 
  • likes to put his arm around you while walking or while sitting
  • really anytime he has the opportunity to wrap his hand around your shoulders, he will
  • lets go to the time before y’all are even dating
  • so your friend group and his friend group at close
  • and so whenever the two friend groups are together, he gets really excited
  • but he tries so hard to not make it obvious
  • but like he is very obvious bc he would always look at you
  • and would always try to stand near you
  • also will give you napkins while eating
  • and get you your refill when you run out of ur drink
  • when someone tells a joke, he’ll look at you bc he likes it when u laugh 
  • im emo y’all
  • there was a time all y’all went to the amusement park
  • and you tried this outdoor maze
  • but the maze was halloween themed so a lot of things would pop up out of nowhere
  • anyway you got lost and got separated from the group
  • guanlin being the person he is decided tO LOOK FOR YOU MY HEART
  • and when he finds you, he won’t let go of your hand until you two get out of the maze
  • like this is life or death for him lol
  • he’s not really into matching outfits
  • but coordinating outfits are cool
  • he loves it when you act cute or if you unintentionally act cute
  • he just finds you cute all the time
  • and he gets shy whenever you do something cute like his ears would get red and he can barely look at you bc ur so gosh darnit cute
  • and he’s so happy just to be around you
  • even just spending days off watching friends on netflix would give him so much joy
  • laying his head on ur lap
  • falling asleep on ur lap
  • like u are someone who takes away his stress and he’s thankful for that