im getting lamer

get to know me!!!!!!!

if you want to know more about me. i swear im interesting af !!!!!!!! hHaha thanks  mel aka jeon dumpling aka @lushguk and @bubblegumochi for tagging me. i would love to get know you better :’)

rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

1. nickname: qis (kiss or cheese wtv is cute)

2. gender: female

3. star sign: pieces

4. height: tall enough (no, I’m actually 5’1 fml)

5. time: 2.22pm

6. birthday: 3rd march

7. favourite band(s): bts, day6, got7, exo, winner, blackpink, nct 127, nct u, seventeen, k.a.r.d, monsta x, block b, mamamoo, urban zakapa,  / the vamp, maroon 5, coldplay, teh script, one republic, dnce

8. favourite solo artist: dean, one, crush, iu, taeyeon, eric nam, zion,t

9. song stuck in my head: gettin’ by - One (jfc this song is so chill and i love it I’m SO IN LOVE

10. last movie watched: okja aka i cried so fucking hard doNT TOUCH ME

11. last show watched: stranger (a prosecutor/thriller show)

12. when did i create my blog: april 2016

13. what do i post: fics and sometimes art iF IM FEELIN IT

14. last thing i googled: how to draw school of sardines

15. do you have other blogs: @dulcetdaisies which is my main aestehtic/body painting blog !!!!!!!

16. do you get asks: mhm :) and i would really love to thank those who send me asks:))

17. why did you choose your url: originally, i was trashytaetae but i wasn’t feeling it and it was timE FOR CHANGE - and summertae is birthed (also because its always summer in sg huehue)

18. following: 259

19. followers: i shall keep it a secret shhshhhshhsh

20. favourite colours: teal, royal purple, navy, bubblegum pink & sunset orange

21. average hours of sleep: 4 or 5 hrs LMAO

22. lucky number: 5

23. instruments: piano (yo since 4 y/o)

24. what am i wearing: MY SCHOOL UNIFORM HAHA

25. how many blankets i sleep with: i sleep with only one comforter because i sleep in an air-conditioned room and i always wear a long sleeve to sleep

26. dream job: a curator (just because its a stable job and something I’ve always been interested in) if its out of great ambition, i would want to be a makeup artist :))))

27. dream trip: it would be nice to go back to oxford, cambridge and basically the country sides of uk again :’( other than that, i would love to go to south korea, sapporo japan & hungary

28. favourite food: PASTA FEED ME PASTA ANY PASTA

29. nationality: singaporean

30. favourite song now: hi hello - day6

i shall tag some fellow blogs, friendos and blogs i would love love to get to know better :)))) 
tagging @impossiblewriter @prettymochi @lostmytae @jjeonguk @hipsterminseok @taepott @maytae @socialily @kthyunngg @coconutheadkook okay im lost