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Bucky, can you tell us about a time you had to force Steve to go to medical because he thinks he's pretty much invincible?

my favorite times is when steve is unconscious. or really punch drunk. because then i can just drag him into medical. and i dont really have to worry about brain damage because 1. he’s already an idiot and 2. healing factor.

( which is not to say that his healing factor is enough to keep him out of medical. it’s not. he still has to go in, no matter what he says. the only ones who get out of medical on the healing factor excuse are wade and logan. and that’s just because they’re too much of a pain to bother with. so steve still has to go to medical. )

you would think being raised by a nurse would teach him to respect medical. but no. 

he broke his hand–his whole damn hand, not just the fingers–punching a solid concrete wall a month ago. he wasnt aiming for the wall. (he claims.) he was aiming for a doombot, which dodged, and he hit the wall instead. it may have been the only doombot ever made with a survival instinct. if only steve could have borrowed that after clint shot the doombot’s head off.

since steve is steve, and he thinks erskine and howard injected him with adamantium instead of superjuice, he just kept fighting with his broken hand. and he kept forgetting it was broken. (and yelling swearwords over the comms every time he punched something with it. language, steve.) 

so afterwords, all of us knew he was injured–it was pretty hard to miss, what with the swearing and the swelling. if the universe was kind, or if steve was less stubborn, he would have accepted the inevitable and just gone to medical. obviously he did not do that. instead, he started doing the ‘im just fine my hands are always this weird looking bucky what are you talking about’ routine. i think he was just planning on setting the bones himself, though i really dont want to know how exactly he planned to do that. i was fixing to just grab him and haul him off. 

i guess he could see it in my expression, because he made a break for it, and tried to grab hold of tony as he was taking off. except tony didn’t see him coming, and the two of them only made it about twelve feet up before steve throwing off tony’s balance managed to crash them both. 

the iron man is pretty heavy. steve wound up under it. 

he broke his other hand.

after that he went to medical quietly.

(he was not quiet for long. theres no greater force of irritation than bedridden steve who can’t use his hands to do things. he gets bored and then i start really missing being cryofrozen)

my fav lil things abt v

- uses tape to hold his iPad under the top bunk bed
- how he differentiates himself in different occasions (when he sings he’s v, when he’s on variety shows he’s taehyung…etc)
- becomes easily attached to people, esp kids
- his need??? to touch jhope’s hair and stroke his ear
- serenading armys & jimin
- how he blows dandelions even tho he’s lost in a foreign country
- almost thought his life was over after up cutting his actual hair
- when he freaked out abt the undying appearance of his double eyelid
- blowing out the candles by himself
- how he hid under the bed during the hide n seek bomb
- enjoys strumming the guitar while singing in the middle of the night outside
- when he lost his phone and said “to anyone tht finds my phone i will give you all of my assets and status”
- sleeps w his eyes a lil opened
- being the official social butterfly of bangtan
- that thing he does in nmd when he flicks the glasses off his face and he goes from 0 to 100 real quick
- has a thing for feet
- his love and passion for trot music
- underrated thicc neck
- rly good @ trolling fans during fansigns (kept teasing a fan w chocolate mushrooms, kept pointing at the back of the fans then making a troll face when they turn around)
- looking like a bean when he sleeps curled up
- shoving 2 bottles of coke together w his smart method then giving tht smug look
- plays w his kermit plushies
- his morning raspy deep voice i cnt breathe
- living off of coke and hamburgers
- easily gives up (when jimin told him the broadcast was over and he just…left lmao fav)
- has so much love to give
- “k-i-m-t-a-e-h-y-u-n-g”
- will nvr stop talking abt 1verse
- that perverted face he made when jk told him he wasn’t wearing clothes
- the sneaky kind of smart lmao
- good at memorizing dance choreos
- how he curls up when he laughs
- how his eyebrows do the talking
- when he was doing jump rope and his shorts started falling but he persevered till the very end
- “hellOOoooOoo nice to meEEet youuUuuu! my name is V. you know? you know? you know? okay”

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i was taking screen caps from the ‘film by peter parker’ video that came out to make icons and i think this is my favorite one


I know I said I was going to bed, but I’m so pissed right now I can hardly see straight.

Don’t. Steal. People’s. Work.

Whether it’s a piece of writing, art, an edit, a video, whatever it is–don’t fucking claim it as your own. That’s an incredibly shitty thing to do. Not only does it draw attention away from the original creator, it discourages creators from sharing their work.

Someone stole–word for word–one of my written pieces and I am so incredibly fucking pissed. I’ve contacted them and am waiting for a response. I will fucking raise hell.

We do this for free. We make content for free. We want to share our work with everyone. We just want others to enjoy our work, too. So by taking away the thing we created, you’re basically saying that creator doesn’t matter. You’re sending creators the message that the thing we worked so hard on now doesn’t deserve the author’s recognition.

Shit like this is why creators are so paranoid. Please, it’s not hard to just fucking share the piece. Why do you have to steal it?

Anyway. Thanks for listening. Don’t steal others’ work.

I’m so hyped for the Anaheim Wings tour and I’m 99.9% sure that bts will stop by Disneyland because namjin needs to have a cute fluffy date eating flower ice cream

Artist Class

What kind of RPG Artist are you??

HP - How many years you’ve been actively drawing

ATK - Ability to draw from life/realism

SPATK - Ability to draw aesthetic/stylized

DEF - Ability to draw for long periods of time without cramping

SPDEF - Ability to draw many pieces without running out of fresh, new ideas

Speed - How fast you can draw

part 93684 of Saeran deserving love

***this post contains some spoilers for V route***

I’m currently only on day 8 of V route so I don’t exactly know the whole story but that won’t stop me from talking about Saeran.

I’ve made a post like this before but I’ll make it again (with a couple chat screenshots as visuals). 

Ray is as clearly not entirety devoted to the Mint Eye as he lets the world think. If he was truly devoted to “salvation” then he wouldn’t forget the elixir on multiple occasions. I’m assuming, (correct me if I’m wrong) that he can see that MC’s argument is valid and is slipping up on the treatments. This didn’t really seem like a problem before she showed up. 

Even comparing how he talked about Mint Eye on the first day vs now it seems his morals are being questioned as MC repeatedly tells him that his treatment is the wrong way to solve his problems. Ray clearly cares for MC, this can be seen throughout the route (I’m guessing it continues after day 8) and she is leaving an impression on him.

Ray’s personality is very impressionable. He is trapped with Rika because he is so blindly devoted to his “savior”. Now that Rika has been able to openly chat with Ray and MC together the option to address MC saving Ray herself is reoccurring. Though it is nice to try to help Ray, the idea is always immeadiatly shut down by Rika. He questioned Rika (”Will they?”) because he was starting to doubt the threat of the RFA then he is sucked back into his blind devotion. Rika is putting thoughts into his mind.

I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and it’s very clear that the RFA has nothing but good intentions. The way Rika describes its members is completely incorrect. RIKA IS BRAINWASHING RAY, obviously. 

As seen in previous routes, MC is able to help the RFA members through their difficulties. In each route she helps the current RFA member and I am very confident that she can do the same with Ray.

All in all, Ray or Saeran has every right to a route as V or Saeyoung or anyone for that matter. 

Although he isn’t perfect he is still able to be healed and released from the Mint Eye cult.