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Well I didn’t draw anything for a long time so I’m kinda bad now >.<

I tried drawing some of my OCs but they weren’t turning out so good so I just did a redraw of my 3rd drawing ever, I think? i dunno i miss drawing often

Oh yeah and this is the original

guess who got m&g tickets for ari’s concert ?!?!?!?!??!?!? h*ck!!!!! 

also since the other ariana pic i drew went everywhere and literally got to ari (as in she liked it, but a reposted no cred version) i put a rlly ugly watermark there sorry woops

Commission for @sophtopus​ and her lovely character Lucidia from her fanfic The Golden Quiche

“The Golden Quiche is a Post-Pacifist mystery drama that starts off with a supposedly simple custody case with The Magus Association. This prompted Frisk to form a partnership with Sans to find out the truth behind their circumstance. As time went by, they get dragged into the complexities of SOUL magic, secrets, and history. Nothing was what it seemed, and many a broken past gets unearthed.

In the midst of this chaos, Papyrus finds his way.

TLDR version: Anime is Real. Recommended for anyone who wants a lightnovel/anime style of storytelling.

if you would be interested to have a quick read and maybe leave some feedback to the author that would be awesome :)

So I finally got I new computer!! and obviously the first thing I had to draw with all the new brushes I could get was the love of my heart, Neil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

This is from @nekojitachan‘s Heartlines since I’ve been wanting to draw him with his wolves for a while (it describes them essentially like maned wolves which is rlly clever cus they look like a cross between foxes and wolves but are actually their own species which rlly cool)

anonymous asked:

Kirishima, Todoroki, Shinsou and Midoriya accidentally saw his shy crush put their love letter in his desk/bag bc they're too shy to confess directly & not brave enough to give it to him directly either. Headcanons of how they react? P.S. I love your gif & profile pic. Then again, I'm a fan of Midoriya so I approve ;)

(Okay! And, ah, thank you. I was wondering if it was too Midoriya-centered, but I’m very glad someone out there likes them!)


- Really confused when he sees his crush place a letter inside his desk/bag

- Quickly reaches for the note

- Gasps a bit as he reads the love note, then can’t believe his eyes

- Happy that they have mutual feelings, but wishes they directly came to him

- Feels bad that they had to go to the extent of writing a note and sneaking it inside his desk/bag

- As soon as possible, he reaches out to them and asks to speak to them privately

       - “Hey, crush/name. I have to admit, I saw you putting a love letter inside my desk/bag…But, please don’t be embarrassed. I think you’re super cute, too! Let’s go out sometime, okay?”


- Suspicious of the letter and his crush when he sees them

- After some time has passed, he cautiously opens/reads the letter

- Mulls over what crush has written and feels shocked yet euphoric

- Quietly and privately approaches his crush

      - “Crush/name…I saw you put this in my bag/desk. If what you wrote is true, I’m happy that the feelings are mutual. You know, you don’t have to be so shy around me.”

     - Intensely staring at crush as he talks, feeling very much in love


- Wonders what his crush is up to as they place a note in his desk/bag 

- When no one is looking, he quickly reads the note

- Initially, he’s confused and upset

     - Thinks it’s a prank or a joke 

     - Crumples letter up, not able to believe any of it

- Wants to avoid his crush, but the entire situation is really nagging him, so he quietly confronts them

     - “Crush/name, there was no reason for you to play a joke on me. This letter… I never expected you, of all people, to be a bully. Are you pranking me because you think I have a villainous Quirk? Really mature of you.”

- When he realizes that it was genuine, he feels bad and apologizes sincerely

     - Still can hardly believe that his crush likes him back

-Shyly admits his feelings


- Pretty confused and analyzes crush’s intentions when he sees them putting the note in his desk/bag

- Hesitantly opens up the letter

- Can’t control his blushing as he reads it

- He has some doubts, but he really wants to believe that the letter is true

- Admires his crush for writing a letter and keeps it

- Musters all of his courage to talk to his crush about the letter

     - “Hi… Crush/name, I’m sorry, but I saw…I saw you, um, putting a love letter in my desk/bag. I guess it was supposed to be a surprise…either way, it was quite a shock! I’m glad you like me…because, I like you, too!”