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While Talon and Ace were talking Ace would feel a slight tap on his hip. When he looked down to find the source he would see Talon Jr. offering him a piece of paper. Not just any paper, it was a light blue piece of paper that was folded to form a card and was cut into the very crude shape of a heart. On the cover, scribbled in what seemed to be crayon, was a child’s rendition of the Spades family. When opened the card spilled a rivers worth of red glitter. After the glitter cleared the writing on the inside of the card was revealed, to anyone else it would look like plain chicken-scratch but Ace could make out that it said “To some very cool dads, love you lots”. Looking at the pile of glitter on the floor in amusement orange eyes looked back up at his parents “I’ll clean that up don’t worry.”
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FR staff: we’re gonna cycle in this brand new item for only 5 days and we’re gonna make it available only via one specific merchant who only sells 3 items every 1-2 hours and we’re not gonna make him sell the new item most of the time because it’s not like any of you nerds have lives or loved ones to take your time away from us, you’re probably sitting alone in the dark with a gallon of ice cream, crying over your dragons because you love them so much.

FR staff: oh yeah -  Happy Valentine’s Day!

After watching @eden-queen draw Marinette in the fashion show dress, I had to too aha. I told myself I wouldn’t get in too deep with ML but then I found @seiyakanie‘s art and writing and now im in so deep someone pls help me


I’m a  f a i l u r e  as a human and a vampire

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Ive been trying so hard not to send u an ask only because I dont wanna gush at u and u get annoyed at me LOL so Im going anon lol I love ALL your posts ;_; <3

OMG??? No, I love any and all validation. Thank you, sweetheart. :D

you know, it makes me really sad when luke girls are so quick to turn their backs on him and write him off as so many bad things for the sake of hate trends that happen way too often with my stardust boy like lukes made me pissed, annoyed, sad - whatever, i know he isnt perfect but thats just being human and even on the worst of luke days (which really rarely happen despite how many days ppl choose to hate on him) hes still my favorite boy in the world™ i have so much love in my heart for the amazing, soft, sweet, gentle giant that is luke hemmings and i just dont understand how anyone could have even an ounce of hate for him let alone ppl who are meant to stick by him even through the hard times