im gettin the feels

guess what

i love a lot of things.

lemme give u guys a short list of what im lovin rn:

  • trans/nonbinary lesbians (u are amazing!!!)
  • trans/nonbinary people with “obscure” identities (u rock keep bein u!!!!)
  • a-spec people (heck yeah!! u deserve happiness!!)
  • a-spec people who are a-spec because of trauma (your trauma doesn’t make you any less valid.)
  • trans/nonbinary people who haven’t figured out their identities yet (ya’ll are still valid no matter how long it takes!!!)
  • trans/nonbinary people who use neo-pronouns (u are super rad >:3c)
  • and much much more!!!

get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite musical artists ↠  banks

“the first album was kind of like this diary that someone discovered, and i was kind of forced to read it in front of people. this album for me is more kind of like, a journal i left open and i’m like, ‘i dare you to read it.’”


Another headshot commission for Atori, this time of their charr Sharoh! 

anonymous asked:

Miss India is super cute! But I mean, like, not puppy-dog cute (unless that's okay) but like pretty-cute, ya feel? Is that okay? Oh gosh Im gettin all flustered now jeebus

“Thanks.” -IG

a trio i never see??

Now that the last Wynonna ep has been out for a bit I can blab about it;

I legit love the wayhaught scene where Waverly brings Nichole lunch, and it’s slow-mo with music and smiles and??? I honestly feel like they really captured what ‘seeing your crush’ / ‘seeing your gf after a long time’ feels like

anonymous asked:

hey, Jess! I'm trying to write smut and need a playlist. Do you have any songs you write to? (Sorry if this is awkward ^.^)

OH GOSH HELLO ANON HAHA I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this!  No this isn’t awkward at all because I do, in fact, have playlists for this kind of thing.  HOWEVER, my advice would just be to find songs that you think have a sexy beat?  I DON’T KNOW IF THAT MAKES SENSE, but I’m so hesitant to share my own playlists because everyone’s music tastes are so different.  And I know some people like writing to instrumentals better than music with lyrics.  Now I’m rambling, but above all else, good luck with the writing endeavors!

Three songs from my playlist though are:

  1. Pony by Ginuwine
  2. Sexual healing the Kygo Remix (actually anything by Kygo)
  3. Hands up by the Black Eyed Peas

ah so im probably gonna take a break from commissions for a little bit !! Ive been getting a lot of work from school unfortunately ;-( buT i appreciate everyone whos asked and ill make sure to say when im free again !!