im furious!

im honestly fucking furious right now

this is the third time i’ve come home to a ruined package sitting in an absurd fucking place, saturated and unreadable…

we have a parcel box, but whoever this fucking postie is, they keep dumping it beside the letterbox, or, as today, shoving it in the fucking box like so:

knowing full well it’s been pissing rain for WEEKS

and now the comic i waited ages to get… is glued shut the pages are too damaged to dry

and the fucking complaint line they give you at Australia Post? You can’t make complaints on it. There’s not even an option vaguely similar to it. 

They don’t want to hear about their substandard service

i am so tired and frustrated, and there’s fuck all i can do except wait to get a new comic

like… what the FUCK were they THINKING

if the box was full, the last like ten posties we’d had would beep the horn, if no one came out, you’d get a ‘come get it’ slip which meant your shit was safe but like… halfway across town

why is this fucker like this

can yall believe some fans are really out here spreading rumors about taylor and leaking stuff she trusted them with….. like no offense but taylor does everything she can for us and for you to go and betray her trust is the worst thing you could possibly do im FURIOUS

never let people forget that the main target of nazis are jews.

Lgbt people are targets, black people are targets, other poc are targets.

but their main targets are always Jews. don’t forget about us. Don’t forget that they’re targeting jews. 

because everyone seems to be doing so, and its not fair. We’re real people, being targeted. our death, our elimination, is being Claimed as a main goal publicly on television by these neo-nazis. 

You don’t get to leave us out of your solidarity posts about the victims and targets of these white supremacists. 

To do so is to perpetuate the very antisemitism that these people are spreading. To do so is to be complicit in these neo-nazis goals. 

I know most people making posts in solidarity with the targets of these people mean well, but you can’t leave out their main target, for any reason. 

Please, if you’re not jewish, reblog this. 

How to make Frozen on Broadway better
  • Give Elsa an undefinable disability
  • Make Hans a priest
  • Change Anna into a ethnic dancer
  • Have Olaf be several voices inside Elsa’s head
  • Get rid of the magic
  • Put it in France
  • Specifically at Notre Dame cathedral
  • Actually just put Hunchback on Broadway


okay full stop. fuck ryan getzlaf. fuck that. fuck it so much. at this point, there is no excuse, at all whatsoever, not that there would have been before. the use of homophobic slurs is unacceptable in any situation, for anyone, no matter who the fuck they are, how much they get paid, or how special they (and their fans) might think are.


I noticed some anon decided to tell their ‘opinion’ and go to my friend @ask-2p-lutzy-beilschmidt and tell them to 'be known as a 2p gerita blog’ instead(It’s actually a subtle way of telling someone to change their blog /blog’s name/blog’s purpose to me and fuck me if I’m wrong). This person then proceeded to ramble about their unasked opinion on the artist’s blog without considering the artist’s feelings after this unwanted opinion of theirs. Let me clarify something for you dear. Just because a blog contains a lot of shipping ,even from the start of their blogs’s creation, how do you have the nerve to tell them to change their blog because of that? You’re VERY rude. Her blog is NOT a 2p gerita blog’, a 2p gerita blog’ would be a blog that plays both muses of that ship and her muse is only 2p Germany which proves you wrong. If you don’t like the content just don’t follow but don’t go on and 'politely’ bitch about how their blog is all gerita with an unwanted opinion when the mun SPECIFIED she DOESN’T want asks and not considering the ARTIST’S FEELINGS when they’ll be reading that. She didn’t ask for no opinion so why come up there and simply make them cry? What do you want to achieve by this? The reason their ask blog is mostly GerIta is because I ENCOURAGED them to make that blog and I’m the SINGLE one who INTERACTS with them and even RPs with them aside of what we show on our blogs. To you,the muse have no plot but to us they already interacted by text and we discussed many things for them.  Just because you try to sugar-coat your words and try to be polite doesn’t mean that your words don’t have consequences.  You just made a sensible artist cry with unwanted bad criticism because you simply don’t enjoy their gerita content and how their blog contains so much of it. Yes ,that is bad criticism because you only point the flaws to someone’s work without a solution or a way for them to get better. You talk about them’ not drawing anything else but gerita’ but how can she not when there’s no other blog but me interacting with them? Of course there’s only gerita in there. Whenever another blog took the chance to interact with her she replied to them trying to make things as interactive as possible. And why are you so mad about the 'Luci’s property shirt joke’ ?. It was clearly something  we did for fun and laughs. Yes our muses ended up mating fast but look on the surroundings first.  Clearly the followers wanted us to make them do so  since they both gave us the omegaverse au with Lutz the alpha and Luci the omega and so we liked it too and did what our followers liked. And things moved fast because Lutz ALREADY had a crush on Luciano from the start of the blog  and Luci is literally a nymphomaniac who would sleep around with mostly anyone so things moved to sex fast but it is, once again, the followers who decided to make the whole twins pregnancy thing ,a decision fairly made by a poll. So please think things through before you speak. Yeah,maybe you don’t like how fast we do things and interactions, that’s fine. But to me there’s still a long way to make them  a consensual couple since Luciano’s heart is not yet open to Lutz. You don’t like how Lutz crushes on my muse? that’s fine too. But DON’T go and give unwanted 'opinions’ without a specified purpose or solution. What did you expected to receive from this opinion?Does it have a GOOD purpose ?How can you dare say that you support their blog after you just said all that? Imagine waking up one day and receiving unpleasant things like this. You wanted them to cry? You wanted them to feel bad about posting their art and the way they portray things? You wanted them to feel bad about loving 2p gerita so much? Well congratulations,you just did. You angered me too,I am sick of people like you. I don’t care if you don’t like some things about my blog,I didn’t ask for your opinion but if you’re going to give it anyway ,even without my consent , then at least make it constructive criticism not distructive criticism and at least make sure that the artist is not SENSIBLE or FEELING UNWELL at the moment they receive it. So when you don’t like something about another’s blog and can’t come with a solution or the 'opinion’ can be damaging to the artist’s feelings,I KINDLY suggest you to shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to yourself. I’d much like to say that i’m not the violent one but i’d lie.So if you have something more to ADD come to ME insteal will you ? We can either talk this like adults or argue like animals,it’s your choice.I’ll let you have a piece of my opinion as well and see how you like it