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tag meme: name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms.

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What if Ross was talking to Barry about something and needed comfort, and Barry was listening to him and helping him through it and he tries to comfort Ross by rubbing circles in his back near the base of his wings but he doesn't know its a sensitive spot and Ross doesn't wanna say anything so he just sits there and tries so hard not to moan and his face is completely red

anon pLEASE thats so fucking funny im??? Barry notices hes quiet but when he looks down to look at him, hes suddenly has the one-eye thing happening and Ross is like practically vibrating in his seat omggg Barry tries to ask if hes okay and Ross can barely manage to choke out “I m  f i n e” before he awkwardly stands up and slowly excuses himself out of the room haha

Barry tells Arin what happened and Arin cant help but howl with laughter “Dude, you just teased the shit outta him and he couldnt fucking do anything to you what did you expect??” Barrys face is burning with slight embarrassment as he tries to put two n two together. His face just makes Arin laugh harder.

if you think that its quirky/cute/funny/acceptable to hate everyone who is cisgender/hetero instead of hating on transphobes/homophobes- 

you are fucking gross and a hypocritical bigot

NO ONE deserves to be demonized simply because of their gender/orientation. That is a basic human decency, not a fucking LGBT+ privilege